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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
May 14, 1931     Golden Valley News
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May 14, 1931
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! i ! I ! I .I I I 111 t~e ~hark'$ eye and it beat a re- In each county annually by the1 ....... Miss Laurie. "Garments must hey- treat, Reset walked'to a hospital, state nursery, Applications for I .... ~---- er be fitted snugly when rayon is I / ,, _ Lendon --- It's 100 to 5 that ...... these plantings must be made a VII LJS, LJ~' !'i I' 1~. ~ :her ........ ,:he willed iL or not. wh!le andpuPresent ................ as the smooth fibers slip )'our next child wont be a twin year in advance by farmers thru ' ~',,~ r::ima ,red that it couldn't De u ~ +~-, ...... and you can take out an insur- mew county agents. Farmers wno , 3,:=:. ~h:Miy they decioed that "The question of shrinkage in Qh~.,:~ wish trees for planting in 1932 '-"~ ?V- =:" to settle the argu- eu uses som concern "h ante policy against it. For $25 ....... " .... : rayon cr _es ca e , slmuld apply before June 1 ~ ,~ b= experimentingThe tr b entl ]~$ preraium, l~ld six months prior " r.:::: ;:~ .... but can be con oiled y g Y The policeman's billy is t".-,~ best ~,~ ~ "~ ..... rtcr a b"ief struggle and llin fabric back into sha to the expectant birth, a policy .... " ................... pu g the pe, 49' 49 sample of a civic club. v,ss.,d tile girl ardently for several befoP ironin~ Excessive shrink- is issued paying $500 in the SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN IS NYE !'zgmen~s. Ti:en he released her. age does not occur unless the gay- event twins are born. Both The world is a neighborhood C}:, woll,'" said the girl, "'you did- ment has been washed in too hot children must live twenty-four P'on. H. T. Sset~, of Kidder ceun- now, and we can't .expect to have n% wm fairly[ My foot slipped, water 3r the fabrichas been hours. I mtaw : ~an I orpo~elt~ and p~osperlt:~ a~ the o:n:e a, ~ n ty, ass" ~ Nol partis'f o ....... -. "~, ::'y t~ ,~:: ." stretched before making the gar- b ~ tlme The ~}roblem l~u-~ a leader of the House in ti~e last le~.-" - . - ..:'2rs:.. menL ~huet t aotnh ! :~lLkd 7 ekl:nY ~ ideal for warm weatltt~- A Bishop had been speaking with I mlature was an Advance caller this O"a";en '~ailed downtown to see"~avnn o~mbinart with linen OIl " morni a d w had he leasulc Jonah ~omd have oeen a w ~ s O C)nno~ to tell her that her 1 the most unsat some feeling about the use of cos-I " ng' n e t p , .." . ' - , . . -hale h' . ...... ' ~ ", - ]' the ..................... who e makes . Men wHI like the extra qualiff of a membel m any leglsla~ure as hu band ~as locked up for being mf ctor fabrm since the laundry tactics by girls. The more expert- of dimng with him, thus renewing ~ " " " , s ", " I" a v . , . } 'a ... the fuller cut.., the attr'ae" Hve patterns of this easy-we, a~ ence I have of lipstick," he de- an old acquaintance hehaving he had a way of getting all the in- drunk. "Why didn't you bail himI methods of the two fibers are sotlve boys demand! YouOl fin/ ing underwear. Ribbed merc~; clared, warmly, "the more distaste- ' - side information ~" L'Bail him out Bedad ' - ' h been a member of the House when - out. man .... different. Linens are ironed wit '~the quality u~ throughout, g ized shirts . . . broadcloth al~ ful I find it.';--Fernie Free Pres.~. [the Advance man was chief clerk. [ ., ~ ....... v~r .,~^.~ you couldn't pump him out." l a hotter iron and require handling madras shorn[ s ir ': m a rain Has ~,ou:s ,-~ ~,,~ though the price stays da~. I Mr. ,Swett is making a .k mtshl. . .- , ,,., .~ . ]while quite damp, both of which I 'IStOO tal~e Iot me ria~e: ~ou ,, hat make~ "Is your wife economical?" around t, his part of the state in the " ,, .': .: " ~" ". ~ "~.~,, Love is the emotion t , " "are unwise methods to use on ray- I i~,ta,,-,-* ~, c~ .... ~"- ~""^' .... ""-'"-n I solne~i:in~ slnaiter" sav l~ottls .~x.a oun~ ello~ ~ant to a some " "Sometimes, She had only twen- .... r~,,u v, ow,~tur ~ye ~ lvwecb,u I ,~ ," ~ ' "' ~ Y ~ " " " P y 011s." ty-six candles on her forthlethl~ we understand, it being said the's:ym" girl's board bill when hecan't pay __ ~nator would make a li~ely -am ia 1 ~ doe~ befo e: 1s OV~ll birthday cake last night."--Boston ~ " - - " Tire , st th'no dad s r h " TWO COLLEGE COWS i palgn this summer, altt:ough the l election is 18 mon:hs away Mr. I Sweet went south from here starting 50 church is [o make ~[lre he ha.~ some real small change, Transcript, MI~. A ~with newspaper~: "It says here that cooks are pitch de- Mrs. Noble: "If you go first, corated in France" Mr, A. "I dear. you'll wait for meon the sometimes feel like crowning the or'her shore, won't you?" Noble: one we vc got." -- Boston Tran- PERSONALS i suppose so. I never go anywhere script, _ ........ ,,__~, without having to wait for you." Billy Meek was iu town today on Noble: "I heard that you're en- hM way to Scranton. where he :s gaged to a few other men besides me," Sweet Thing: "Well. what of to ~ake on a :)ar~y weighing I40 it?" Noble: "Nettling, only I pounds ill a boxi~tg match. thought it might be ,a aped idea if Mr. and Mrs. S K. Eck of St. we all subscribed and bought you John. Washington, came in la:st a diamond engagemen; ring." week by car to make a vk~it with .......................... the Lundin a,ud Eck families Mr:. Kurious: "Wha~ make.~ you or- Eck will probably ~t)end ,he sum- der ice ceram for tire ffrs~ course mar at ?he old holllo, We enjoyed and soup for the last?' Victinl: ~ plea;tall{ call from i:cr ;rod Mrs "Well. rny stomach is lll)s~cI. SO I ,I. W Kremers ~oda,-. for at one eat the meal backwards. thne Mrs. Eek and our daughter. NaIL were areat Chulns at Bis- IIOUSEI[OLD lllNT5 marck. Itubbv ~on phone) : "Sorry honey, 1"11 be awhd busy at the office and can': be home rill late.'Wifey: "Can I depend on [hat?" "Would your father marriage, clear ? .... Not ther's around." D E P A R T M E N T * $ T O R I Her dearest friend: "I thought you and Bill were going to get a divorce?" Her: "'We are, but I want the custody of the ear. and I'm waiting until the final pay- inents Oll it are made so I wont have [o use any of my alimony Lc finish paying for it. They were in the midst of a Bill: "I thought you considered heated discussion He declared :i:a~ a man could kiss :~ girl whe- her just tile girl to make you an Oh: "I heard your party wz~s allideal wife." Jim: "I did. but I'm w,?t." Kay: "'Yeah. :lie :music got afraid she's getting ideas on how ::o hot that it started :lie aul:oni- re mallage a husl)alld from the :tic sprinkled s:,'stem."--Ala Ram- way her mother bosses !:er father." mer-Jammer, "But why did you buy a dach- shund for the children? .... So that :l:ey ca:: all i)e~ hinl at once Tenderfoot: "Did you read .abottt tile man who swallowed his tea- spoon?" Second: ;'No. what lisp- preven: our MAKE HONOR ROLL I if my me-I I Two cows owned by the North Dakota Agricultural college appear- ed on the annual honor list of the Holstein-Friesian association of America. according to word receiv- ed by Prof. J. R. Dice. head of the dairy husbandry department. The resting period ended December 31 1930. In Class. i. e.. cows milked two times a day, Nakota Plebe Home- ~tead Laura placed seventh in the senior two-year-old cla~ with a year record of 13.955.9 pounds of milk and 498.3 lmunds of butter- fat. In the same class Nakota Bess Ormsby Zero placed tenth with a year record of 13.382.7 pounds of milk and 450.7 pounds of butterfat. Nakota Bess placed sixth in a spe- cial class of ten months records for cows freshening within fourteen Waiter: "Mr BrOWn'S left his .-- - . ~ ~ Inontns by producing in ten months umbrella again, I beheve ne'al,~ 1363 leave his head :f itwere loose " ,~'. ":~ pounds of milk and 402.5 - ~ulmS of butterfat. Manager: "I dare say you're right. Both cows were first-calf heifers Mns. Albert Gihnan left hurriedly~ 9ened to him?" Tenderfoot: "He Monday noon for Medford. Wis- ~an'~ stir.' consm, l:aving received word of the very serious iltnes.s of her father. ~ "Married life isn't so bad." "Oh : heard lum say only yesterday he and made these records under nor- but Beach friends hope the shadow it's all right after you get to be a " " was going to Switzerlandfor hismaI conditions. They are decen- will pass h'om the home door. trusty." I lungs."--Pathfinder, dants of Madison Miss Ormsby, the original foundation cow of the The delapidated porcelain front History Lecturer: "Canany of college herd. of the Penney and Rice store en- W.A. Young sends us a picture, ~you tell me what makes the Tower trances have been replaced by per- taken in 1907. of the Overstad & By Helen lleck Leave sorrow arid dull care be- hind, all ye wile enter here. If the bristles are loose and fall- ing from your tooth brush, adver- tise, and sell at the earliest oppor- tunity. If the dish water becomes too ...... n ....a ..... u .,.. ~ ...... ._ i. . . of Piss leanv'' corpulent Lady: "'I ............. ~ ...... ,,..,,~ ~ ~,~ur~, ~-~ -,u,~u.m~ rioverson nardware store showing ..... , ..... " -'~ take some my-I R t/liCK sLrain a. ~: :L uecume.~ a.y.^a.._nces ....... ' _ .uon ~ snow, or u . ~ ADVANCE ADS GET ESULTS - ............ i" I ve t~ ~ - I [we rigs and reams at me CUrD anu... scorched Willie nearing, a~u a D ~ I ..... r .... seII.' " - oran-e el lemon "-eel If ..... i about a, ctozel: men on me ~alK .No, t o: gra~eu g " p l'ni3 IS ,% regular, not, summer I H-verson bet-~" the onl., one wd can ,- '-' *'-~ ~^wist that doesn't correct the scorched 4ay with skies unflecked by a single I ~'o nize T~e Rud- ~ene al~n~er '~ an: sorry,' sam ~,~ u~ y, , taste or odor, throw the water out cloud. The weather is lovely, but ~lg~ise" store w~~ ~heer where"bu~ you cannot have an appoln~: and heat a new batch. I the lack of rain is getting to be a John Brow-- now is and the store ment with me tl~i~ af~ern, oo, n_ z : - - i serious m~tter, some of the newllo^m t^ t~; east ::f the OverstC.~ have eighteen cavltles t nu'. Anai O~ ~~ While serving dinner, recently grain being reported as turning t u v "; _ ~._ ? .. o ~ he picked up his golf-bag ann went. ...... '-" -li-')-~ and dro" "'-I .......... store was usea oy ma~ ilrnl :or a out__Ju~~ler our ~egro lit~t](1 b Pt cu v" ye loW. the 9arome~er nas oeen[ l~,~hin,~r.r ,v~..~ha,,o $~ " ' ped a china platter on which was flopping all around the disc for the l ....... " ............ , .... .~--- -. ~ .... 1 reposing a plump, young roast tur- past week, but nothing in the wayI The Advance this week has a yd#ag:xc~S~ern2y)~pee~e~'60~:e~~,_ -----~--- - & key. SeveraI international distur- of moisture comes of the perforra-~great variety of adverFmements of- . _ _ _1 ~' 1~'~--~41 The ant an noul~ Victim I had lUSt banees were recorded, 1. e.: .e. fering many attractive bargains_ _ .:r.'~ __' . :"~---- --i'-'si humiliation of Africa the down- 'and opportunities for "OOd tradi"~ ,neara ma~ tne taales o, my w,e , OVE 14,~LL .............. 2 .... hrow of The Eliason hardware store is r,..t-'~m ~ ....... ~, .... ~'-~'1 church were giving a rummage~ .............. ~" breakln" u" ofoadly torn up at present in,~much Ii ..... f ....................... ,sale and I was hurrying home AR ITH M T I ( ul~ea,,~m,u ~, v s v as"h ld,_ ._,. "u " n t ,,c u,~ ~.uw~ w.u ~ ~.~,ways ~n, ' .... rs" ff )et ~ e o ~;ne~vlng has oeen ~or save m other alr oz ~rouse China. YEAH, and the eomt 1 e oit a})~ ne-- - " .... }the joband ready to help you outI . - Y . P ..... " : ruination of a porfectlv good Am-' u .w ~na up :0 ct-~e nx-!in a pin0h i Junge: "uaze aiamlssea. ~,~~ i L 5 q -; .....'~-neI " Cures :ire being ina~aneu, when al:l ' I er,can mn ". __ is fixed up Friend Eliason will have I ----=--~-------~---- ~~ L L 5 9 , ~ s I" 4 weeksto be introduced to his new sur-II. " ml A baby ,a~ youno as ;~ or . . ' ' + roundmgs can be wrapped ,m and ~aken out' till II1 '~~ $3.1 8 in the sunshine in his baby car- Those people who are strong for i ill ,-,,-,-, . . .. till riage The hood of the carriage mm nism r e ' ,Co u , a e present.d with a OUTW~-j~ can,be pushed back and Mso the:sr, ectacleill, of the work of that , 0 111, lhe _Place 1or well. III r$,.zs b~bys cap, so that ~he sun w i of people over in Spain. No otherilb -- 1 IIII shine directly on the baby's cheeks people oil the face of the earth He should be turned first on one~not even the unspeakable" rk"lll cookea square meats Illl { ~25 i side and then on the other ~ that, would i~t' guilty Of the destruction l]H [[]] ~ L L2 5 both cheeks ,will be exposed to the of church 1}roperty such as has! ][]I sun and ~et, the eyes kept away been" done by Communists" in Spaini [][ ~111~1~ t~ s,~ !~-- mmmem4m, I~P ]]1 t ~ ~ . 3.7 5 from the dh'ect rays. The hands, during the past week. It is not any',ll[ ILIIl~l. lllLa IIL[i/lllill IIII/ [[[t SAVING YOU tl !!i , 2,. t3 t~ the direct r ys f t "s . with 'iL~ who '~;ou d ctrag me III WE SERVE REAL COFFEE WITH REAL CREAM III L ( give brief .un batl~s indoors in down to the level of suet: distorted [[i III front of an open window, keeping minds and take from u: our hitch- m $ the l~by out of a draft, est and best ideals. |" ' ' = '11 Beach, North Dakota / If it isn't-a M'Cormick, Deering, it isn't a Farmall The McCormick-Deering Farm~ll tractor will help you reduce costs and will make living more enjoyable by getti~ ~,our work done Zaster with less labor. The ~ tr~ and all the equipment that can be used with it has bee~ ~roven with years of actual use in the field. There w~ more tha~" one hundred thousand Farmall tractors in U~ yea~/go ASK THE MAN VCHO O~N8 ONE ,/ We have one new nlne-foo~ one-way disc at a barga~ price and a 15-30 tractor completely overhauled, fitted witl~ new pistons and cylinder sleeves and all worn parta ~" placed, for $495.00. H. B. Lov~ll i Implement Co The M'Corm~k-Deermg hne SERVICE GOES WITH EVERY MACHINE WE SELI~ P