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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
May 9, 1935     Golden Valley News
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May 9, 1935
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? : ( First Lnatal!ment of "Winter InThis Isle of The I IIIlll II I '1 VOLL'M E 4 m Jm "a Gri THE BEACH REVIE A, LL SET FOR COUNTY l fill]till Ill ,~ OFFICIAL PAPER OF GO[DEN VALLEY COUNTY AND THE CITY OF BEACH i i i ~ iii is=. i i i i ' ii i i i ,,t BEACH, GOI.d:)EN VA~ OOXINTY. NORTH D?OTA, THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1935 ii ii 1 ii ..... i i , ill ,,, ~ , ,,, , ~, ,,T T , ,m PLAYDAY HERE MAY Itl/ 81G DAY OF ENJOYMENT IS PLANNED . S. Circuit Court Reverses Langer Case J -- l~ll NEW TRIAL BEACH MADE FINEII Unique Sea-Ferry Seen in England ItMPORTANT ALLOT- SHOWING AT MUS- ::: ...... : ...... MENT COMMITTEE IS GRANTED Ic FESTIVAL SAT, MEETING FRI, A, M, BY COURT Students Trained-By Miss Meeting IsCalledToDiscuss Marian Fairchild Do Very Important Ii Very Well Questions Case Is Remanded To North ii --if. - Dakota U S District A large group of local high school A special meeting of the Golden Court students, together with their instruct- Valley County Wheat Production or, Miss Marian Fairchild. went to Control Association will be held at l[ Dickinson last weekend to participate Beach Friday, May 10, at 8:30 a. m. St. Paut, Minn., The United States in the annual music festiVal at that according to Frank D. Haigh, pres- circuit court of appeals, in a decision place. Although no brizes were ideal of the association. The corn- handed down here Tuesday, reversed awarded, it was universally conceal- mitteeemen who will attend are as the conviction of Win. Langer, former ed by all present that Beach high follows: F. D. tlaigh, A. M. Peter- gOVernor of North Dakota, and four made an excellent showing, one of son. IIenry Fcldhusen. Floyd Hobbs. 0Chefs charged with conspiracy ~o the very best, if not the best. E.R. Wentland. Clyde Myers, C. F. .~als-use federal relief funds. The five Friday evening Jayne Miller, Merle Polley, E. G. Sheen, Ed Eide. Oscar convicted in federal district Lovell, and Katherine Mor~n, ~vhth to go from Rigbury to the hotel on Clarin, O. G. Johnson. J. M. Still, of a mile--are transported on this Harry Halstead and E. D. Nelson. in Bismarck last J~tl~e 17: local high girls trio, ~dve with a 24 horse power engt=e case was remanded to the that -- Mr. Haigh states that this is tl:e most important meeting to be held iNSURANCE since, the association was organized in 1933. A great deal of pressure is~ Man~a Hers . being brought about by the various FUN[} PAYS 1500 boards of trade and commission firms to do away with the wheat control ~[[--- Committee Is Working Ha~ To Make It Big Event --II The PLAY DAY events will be held on Friday, May 17, on the High School Atl~etic Field, beginning ac 10 o'clock in :the morning. As preY- ieusly annoudced a parade of all school children in the county will start from the Liucoln Building a~ 9 o'clock and will continue through the streets of Beach and thence to the Athletic Field. The parade will be led by the Sentinel Butte schoot band and it is hoped that all children both rural and city will be present to take part in this affair. The Lions club is doing everything possible to make the day a success. It is fur~fishing a free movie in co- operation with the Bijou Theatre. This will begin at 12 o'clock a, nd will continue throughout the afternoon, Coffee, cream and sugar will be furnished to all who have brought a lunch basket with them. This will be prepared by the Home Economics Department. Under the direction of Miss tludson. The coffee will be Ribbons Will first, sec0nd and events of the day. The High School Athletic FIeT~ will be put in first elMS ~ndition by the Lions clUb, and everything possible done to make t~ day an enjoyable one for the children of the county. It is hoped that a large at- tends,nee of adults from all over the counW and from our city will be lu attendance. The committee of the Lions club in charge of the Playday are I. I. Grlndstuen, M. P. Lovgren, County Sup't Dietz, At Gilman. J. C. Rus- sell. and Roy Johnson, Marvin Tobias will have general charge of the Playday events. l!!l WOODWARD BROS, TO INSTALL DRUG DEPARTMENT SOON Menke Drug Is Moving To Golva This Week 'l. The Menke drug from Beach to Golva in the building cern. and Woodward add a drug department to their con feetionery store, as a result of the sale of the Wt~Jv:ard build~ng, oc- cupied by Menke's. to H. A. ThomP- son of Golva. The Woodward Brotlzers already have started to remodel their store and will put in a complete stock of drugs as soon as the building can be ]011t ill readiness and fixtures secured. The drug department will occupy the north side of the store, ,.:the ~harmacy in the back . The fountain will remain where booths will be installed the fountain. Miss I~ura have charge of the dru which iris hoped by the proprietors, will be roady by June 1. Mr. Menke is now Temovlng his stock and flxturos to Golva where he Will Olm~ a drug store in the Mad- Ison building. H. A. remodel -hi~ vacated and expects to . to open the care about their courtesy in taking cars to Dick- inson for the festival. Their servie- .Till es were deeply appreciated. __-- --ItII- HIGH PRE-Mandan Lutheran Circuit To Meet At Taylor Soon SEMIS "LISTEN TO ' "-- i Tile Mandan circuit o~ the United "oi,nu FRIOAY .springLUthera~z church will conduct its LEON meetiltg at Taylor, N. Dak., May 12, 13 and 14. The Sunday ses- --ll siDeS, Ma~y 12, will be devoted to the Three Act Playfiftieth anniversary of the TaylOr congregation. Pleases Large The topic for discussion, based en Crowd [I Tim. 4:1-8, "Apostacy versUs God- " tiness," will be presented by the ~[l i pastors of the circuit Monday morn- (From Golva NeWs) ing and continuing thru T esda~Y. Play "Listen To Leon", a 3- On Monday afternoon the Wpmens presented by the Golva Missionary Federation of the Mandan Friday night. May 3, drew a circuit will conduct its meetiz/g. It was very well pre- Rev. Anderson and two delegates each member of the cast per- in excellent style. Ralph iyet to be named will represent the local parish, and will go down on as Leon, acted his part es- Monday morning. well. tll[~ -- I ~Usical selections were delightful-I OR. WINTER A~ M. E. CHURCH ] Presented between acts by the Dr. Winter, v, visiting MinneapolisI 1 Theodora and Irene Maanum. of the play; pastor will bring two messages at thet present, A Summe~ Methodist church here next Sunday,/ a Mother's Day sermon at 11 a. m.' Summer Resort Hotel, ir and an evangelistic message at 7:30 New York. p, m. Special singing and instru- I~A lounge in the lzotel. Morn- mental music will feature ihe Mother's Day service. II~The same, that night. __ .......... ;~t~- same. the next morn- ELLINGER HONORED --If At the state conference of Congre- Darby ........ Alvin Fasching gational churches held at Fargo last Cushman .................. Glenna Doubles week. Rev. C. G. Ellinger of this I~rYon .............................. Ralph Sacobs city was selected as chairman of two~ Jamison . ~ ..... Ethel Ratsler important commRtees, the nominating .............................. Hugo KreitingeL committee and the committee on ev- Clarln ................................ Schaefer ._ .......................L~na The court in effect held that the presented at the trial was sufficient to demonstrate overt which in themselves would con- ~tltute substantive offenses. Whatever we ay think of the ethics or propriety of the practice tn~Ployed by appelants for political I~tlrposes," the court said. "it is not matter of concern to the federal :gt)Vernment Unless som~ lawful gee* ~ramental function was ob~ In other wprds, a conspiracy Plan to assess state employees was an act violative of any federal and hence, so far as the fed~ governmen~ is concerned, not N D TEACHERS program. This would again allow e i ! the farmers to bouild up another sur. II plus of wheat which would drive the price back to the 1932 base. $90,000 Is Paid To Teachers He also said that according to th~ ti-- ~1 average he Beach boys quartet, con- siS~,ing of ~El'nest Schmit, Mum'ice Herman ~Vojohn who is farming "Bismarck, N. D., May 9--Fifteen years has been about 120 els. At the time the wheat eoritrol Beckley, Tho~las Hudson and Elbert south of Beach is changing a part of hundred North Dakota teachers re- program was put into effect there Nelson sang "When Song Is Sweet." his farming operations to strip farm- ceived their salaries for March, to a The concluding number of the lesLie, ing to prevem wind erosion of his total of $90,000, out of the fund were 350 millions bushels surplus. The drouth of 1934 and the wheat al was a huge massed (:horus, with I soil The area consists o[ 108 ltcres turned over by the State Hail Insur- glee clubs from all towns participat-[on the south end of the farm. The ance department to the State Equal- control program together was re- inD. soil on this area is a rich silt loam ization fund for distribution among sponsible for reducing the total aur- as- plus by 200 million bushels. Had it No little credit ,for tile very fay- but much inclined to driftl:~g, rural schools needing financial it would have orable showing made by the BeachI singers is due to the efforts of MissI Twenty acres of the area" ha~ sistance. These teachers would not not been for the drouth drifted so badly that h~ aa*.~ usa to otherwise have received their March taken the wheat control asso"m~i~n~ Marian Fairchild, undey whose direc- abandon it for grain croppiug. It is .salaries. is the official report, whiet~ at least two more years to ]'educe the Lion they have been the past year planned to seed the abandoned area added: "these schools had absolutely surplus to the present totaL, farmer The school authorities also wish to in tl~e United States will be given a to sweet clover and alfalfa. It is ex- no other way of financing teachers' Mr. Haigh said that every thank Victor Thompson. A. J. Gil- I ~)e(qod th:~l, the Er.~)sion ('ontrol salm'ies." chance to vote yes or no as to wheth. man. Andrew Helm, Vtatt Johnson, Service of the Department of Agri- The proposed drastic step of clos- er the program is to continue after Glen Reichert, ReV. Ellinger, Luther lculn:re will assist with control meth- ing a large nmnber of schools was this year. The date set for the vote Barrows and I. I. Grindstuen fr ods for this area. averted by the action of the recent is May 25th. There is greater fieed On Morltlay of this week County legislature in ath)pting the suggestion for controlled acreage when the A~ent ID2ssell measured the 1)|tlanC.e of Insurance C~mmissioner Harold of the area off into 18 fields each of Hopton tlmt $1,038.000 of surplus, price is near $1.00 per bushel than which are sex reds wide. Six of th,~ funds ill the State Ha,il Iusurance when it is 30 cents. iih. fields will be duck-foot summer-fal- fund be immediately transferred to THANK YOU Iowed this season. Between each of the State Eqnalization Fund for the l ---~---It the summerfallowed fiehls will be use of rural schools or the state. The Trinity Lutheran church of two fields seeded to grain this year. Immediately a~ter the passage and]Sentinel Butte takes this means of Next year the summerfallow fields approval of tt/e hbt. which carries the I expressing its gratitude to the bus- will be seeded to wheat and the ad- emergency clause, Mr. ttopton issued liness men of Sentinel Butte and to a check 1o the state treasurer for the, fall amount of the transfer to b@t placed to the credit of the State~ joining field will be seeded to wheat the public in general for the coopers- in the stubble. Thus one-third of the tion and patronage shown them. Es- fields will be in snmmefallow each pecially do they wish to thank you year and two-thirds in grain. It is Equalization fund, which is admin'lfor the patronage in making the planned to have two fields ol~ graiu istered by the. State Superintendent l ~upper of May 4 such a great success. in between each field of summerfallOW of Schools. While half a million dol-] We thank you. Twenty farmers have already ~,a.ti;' lars of this fund will not be availableI ..... i;;I ....... application for similar assistance for a('ording to the law governing the.] the control of soil on abandoned State Equaliztion Fnnd, until afterI Auxiliary Elects New the oponng of the school year next[ Set Otficem For Year land. September 1500 teachers' salaries ~ ~il-- AUCTION SALE were paid out of this fund for March. The American Legion Auxiliary met the -!b on Tuesday evening at the home (ff Dan Wicks is ilotding un auctio:~lamuating to $90,000. according to records in the office of the State Msa. AI Gilman. The pogples for sale at the Vines Wicks farm four Superintendent of Schools. sale on annum Poppy Day are here miles south of Beacit this coming /ill and Ella Gasbo is general chairman Saturday, May 11, when a fine line Woman's Club Holds of sales. The Girl SCOUTS will help in of farm machiuery, household goods Interesting Meeting this work again as usual and other ~rticles will be offered ~or After regular business was trans- sale. It will begin at one o'clock ]~ --II-- acted, the annual election of officers the afternoon, with J. E. Trollope a.~ Mrs. John Keohane was hostess to took place, resulting as follows: auctioneer, the Beach "Womans ClUb Monday ev- President ...................... Mrs. B. Brunsvold .q~ enng. After the business meeting V. Pres.. ................... Mrs AI Schroeder The Past Matron's earl) entertained Mrs. ellis Donaldson gave an inter- 2nd V. Pres. Mrs. A H. Beckley yesterday afternoon at a 1:30 lunch" (,.sting play revue and two musical ...... ,~on for the present officers of tl~e numbers were rendered by Mrs. TreasSeC' ............................. ..................... Mrs.Mrs' FrankMike SchwagelDaVldSn local O. E. S. chapter, the affair Houck accompanied by Mrs. Elling- Historian ........................... Mrs. Ella Gasho taking place at the home of Ms. F~. er. Plans were completed for the ChaplMn ....................... Mrs, E. D. Evans A. Nyman. silver tea whch will be held in the Executive committee--Mrs. R. Arn- I~]l- hu.ll of St. John's churei~ next Satu~ old, Mrs. E. Nelson.~ Mrs. AI Gilman PROCLAMATION, day afternoon. Proceeds ,,'ill go for _,,,, books for the library. Mrs. Pericle NO. 476 wINS II- --~i~-___ gave an outline of the program for The week of May 13to the next year. Last Saturday Roy Noyes held the 18 has been designated The next meeting will he with trawing for the fine new car ra~iohe as Clean Uu ~eek for Mrs. Nana McGee, [s giving away, and No. 476 was -l[[;- ~r~wn as the wlbnlng n~imlier. How. the City of Beach, and SADDLE BU~EHOMEMAKERS ev'er, the holder of:thsf, ticket has - yet appeared and if they do all residents are The p, m. ,this --~Cio/Board