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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
May 7, 2009     Golden Valley News
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May 7, 2009
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May 7, 2009 Page 7 ACROSS 1 Split apart 5 Track circuit 8 Taj Mahal city 12 Phone number prefix 14 Reach 212 degrees E 15 Be sycophantic toward 16 A single time 17 Prompt 18 Semblances 20 Little bird's call 23 Despot 24 Pianist Dame Myra 25 Unknown man 28 A Gershwin 29 "The Old Bucket" 30 Boxer 32 Fastened a belt 34 Gambling game 35 NC school 36 Serf 37 "Ed Wood" Oscar winner Martin 40 Crib 41 Notion 42 Stop progressing 47 Bellow 48 Cinched 49 Venomous King Crossword 3 I 22 39 6 23 r 43 shower? 00III 26 : '7 30 ,5 ] snakes 29 Tex. neighbor 50 Biblical verb 11 Microbrewery 31 Compre- ending output hended 51 Building 13 --- d'Gtat 33 Lebanese block name 19 "Death in trees Venice" 34 Finocchio DOWN author 36 Lofty 1 U.K. fliers " 20 Actor 37 Old Italian 2 Historic McBride money period 21 34-Down, for 38 Commotions 3 Fresh one 39 Tide type 4 Trips the light 22 Jacob's 40 "Splish fantastic brother Splash" 5 Adore 23 Bus fare, activity 6 Lemony quaff sometimes 43 Potent stick 7 Ceased to 25 Louvered 44 Mr. Lincoln exist window 45 Playground 8 On the ship 26 October game 9 Talent show birthstone 46 Self prop 27 37-Down 10 Wedding replacer Trivia tes0000j 1. MOVIES: "The Sound of Music" features how many yon Trapp chil- dren ? 2. MUSIC: Which 1970s band released the hit "Smoke on the Water"? 3. PRESIDENTS: Who was the first U.S. president to be photographed? 4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What kind of creature would belong in tile order Chelonia? 5. GEOGRAPHY Tile ishmd of Grenada is closest to the coast of which South American country? 6. TELEVISION: Who was the long- time host of "'Soul Train"? 7. HISTORY: What was ml oast house used if)r? 8. LITERATURE: What was Ernest Hemingway's first novel? 9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: To which British queen was the Koh-i- noor diamond given? 10. GAMES: What card game is the older game of whist most akin to? Answers, l. Seven 2. Deep Purple 3. John Quincy Adams 4. Turtles, terrapins and tortoises 5, Venezuela 6. Don Cornelius 7. Drying hops used in making beer and ale 8. "The Sun Also Rises" (1926) 9. Queen Victoria 10. Bridge 20{)9 King Features Synd,, Inc. Maze nge \\;BUT TRUE By Samantha Weaver BY HENRY BOLTINOFF L i Illlll #,,- ,,r -,-t,o  T- _J tl Find at least-six derences in details between panels.. u i i i nl It was award-winning author Robert A. Heinlein, widely known as one of the Grand Masters of science fiction, who made the following sage observation: "Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men try- ing to find easier ways to do some- thing." - Have you ever heard of a claque? Probably not, since their effectiveness depends largely upon others not knowing they exist. A claque is a group of people who have been hired to make a show seem more successful by applauding the performers. In mcient China it was b61ieved that poison would cause anything made of silver to turn black I which explains why Chinese emperors used chopsticks made of the valuable met- . al. , Widely reported in the media this 1: year have been the 200th anniversary " of the births of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, but there's zmother  birthday that's gotten somewhat less press: This year Guinness turns 250. " In was in 1759 that Arthur Guinness started brewing his celebrated beer -- and got a remarkably good real-estate deal, too. He signed a 9,000-year -- lease On the now-famous St. James's ,,,Qa,:,xeL.o:ery in Dublin, paying 45  -" "'--'N  Britisti-ounds per year tbr the privi- ' lege. - As summer -- and bathing-suit . season -- approaches, you might be interested to know that tt}e most popn- - lar type ol cosmetic surgery in the United States is liposuction. cz Most lizards are harmless reptiles [  but there are some that are known to be venomous. Rather than avoiding these rare creatures, however, there are some who seek them out for the ( very venom that makes them danger- ous. It seems that there's a component to the venom that causes blood pres- sure to drop in humans, which could save thousands of lives. ill ilii ii i JOlln, s! ;;el uo OOJl "9 "eoJ, Jeou poppe SJeO[.4 S $UOJO;J!p S! IJ!qS S,AO] "17 Ouo6 Sl |e  luoJehqp oJe SlOOqAA 'Z "6u!ss!uJ s! MoE] ' :soo'uoJeg!o Amber Waves ' DAD, I THINK WHEN I 1 I'VE CHANGED MY MIND I NOW WANT TO BE A GAME SHOW HOST. bv Dave I'. Phipps "OK, I'VE GOT ZT. FORGET 1 ALL THAT OTHER STUFF. / I'LL BE A SUPER HERO, J J/itt 11  i I 1 F 009 King Features Synd., tnc. II l I i 1.What has more feet in winter than in summer? Q- - 2,What fastidious animal /,-- h reminds you of a flower? " 3.Which is the strongest,  4 day of the week? 4.On which side of a pitcher is the handle? 5.How can you make a coat last? 'l!t lSOA pue sJesnoJ, eq, mle 'S ep!smo eql u 0 "p s4ep OIOOM) IRoM eJe lsoJ eq, lie esneceq 'Aepun S -8 "(UO!lepuep) UO!l /ipuep V " "puod 6u!iels V  :SJOPASuV uUl/.00 by Charles Barry Townsend A WORD BRIDGE! o O  H O N r g- P = '- XIXIXIXI I I z I a I  I s I  I 7 I e I g I ) IXlXlXlX FIND THE "MAGIC" NUMBER! What number can you add to each figure in our math expression to mak$ the statement correct? "$8 = 9 + 6 :uo!sseJdxe looJJoo eq, flu!6 'eJnfilJ qee .emnbs. II! s!ql "em6g qoee J,o .ql!J oq| Ol pue eAoqe .&, e eoeid :,aMsuv HERE'S A "HONEY" OF A PUZZLE! At right is a word square. You are challenged to find the four five-letter words that match the definitions below. All words used = must read the same both across and down. H 1. Looking very pale, 2. To look with favor upon. I 3. Hives (given). 4. TO single out. 5. What hives are. "slseN " Pel=l t "SaA!H 'e 'el!mS ' "ueqsv  :sosu V The bridge above contains 10 supporting words. We give you the first letter of each word, plus plenty of hints. 1. A long. narrow fish. 2. A metal fastener. 3. Found on computer screens. 4. Jazz musicians' talk. 5. Record of ship's progress. 6. A boy's best friend. 7. A colorful sign. 8. Often referred to as golden. 9. Eastern pocket bread. 10. Slang for wonderful "pe "0 L "ed 6 'O!PlO 8 "UOeN "L "mow 9 00"] ' 'OA[p 'p 'SUOOl " dseH  'rod " :sesuv Racing News 'H " I VE E S LAFF - A - DAY S f'-) Last Week's Race: Russ Friedman 400 Race Trivia "...And if you drag that stick along my fence Pro Racing Weekly Update May 8-r9, 2009 .. -__ . - ,, Through May 3, 2009 Kyle Busch Darlington Raceway Race Information & Records Last Year's Winner: Kyle Busch Qualifying Record: Ward Burton 173.797 - 1996 Race Record: Dale Earnhardt 139.958 - 1993 Race Time: 7:00 pm ET, May 9th Track Statistics & History Location: Dadington, S.C. Banking I Turns: 25 / 23 degrees Diatance: 1.366 miles Shape: Oval Harold Brasington knew what he was doing in 1949 when he started pushing dirt around an old peanut field. With every lap those graders and bulldozers completed, the Darlington Raceway came to life. Fifty nine years later the Dadington Raceway is a unique, somewhat egg-shaped oval with the nickname of "Too Tough To Tame." Today, the track,s specifications remain true to Mr. Brasington's vision, with the exception of a few minor adjustments. It was the first superspeedway built with NASCAR racing in mind. There have been over 100 NASCAR Sprint Cup races since the track opened. Retired driver David Pearson teads all drivers with 10 victories. # 2009 Sprint Cup Series Ddver Pon 1) Jeff Gordon 1441 2) Kurt Busch 1431 3) Tony Stewart 1402 4) Denny Hamlin 1321 5) Kyle Busch 1314 6) Jimmie Johnson 1290 7) Jeff Burton 1257 8) Clint Bower 1212 9) Cad Edwards 1204 10) Ryan Newman 1198 11) Greg Biffle 1193 12) Matt Kenseth 1187 2009 Nationwide Series Dver Points 1) Kyle Busch 1414 2) Cad Edwards 1332 3) Jason Leffier 1216 4) Joey Logano 1213 5) Brad Keseiowski 1201 6) David Ragan 1139 7) Jason Keller 1063 8) Michael McDowell 1021 9) Scott Lagasse Jr. 998 10) Steve Wallace 967 Born: May 2, 1985 Sponsor: M&M's/Snickers Crew Chief: Steve Addington Car: Toyota ' Biography: Kyte Bosch joined  Moto on Feb. 4, 2003 and found success on the back almost immedi- atty. He won his first  Club of Arnedca raoe at Nashvie Speedway flora the pola poson, and fok lowed up wi a second win at Kentucky Speedway in 'e very sext colg. That same year he entersd seven NASCAR Busch Series, eaming a runner-up finish at Lowe's Motor Speedway in his flint start. In late 2004. Kyle Busch was selected by Henddck to replace racing veteran and two-me Cup chamip winner Teny Labonte in the famed No. 5 Kellogg's Chevrolet for 2005 and beyond. In 2005, Busch clinched  2005 Cup Rookie of e Year ltle before he ond of the sseson. He won his flint Cup raee at the Sony HD 500 at Califomia Speedway in September 2005. In 2006, Busch qualified for the Chase for the Cup. but slmgglad tu compete and finished the season in 10th place. In 2007, Busch competed in the Cup Championship and finished the season in 5th ptece. Bosch had e vk:todee klst year, but skuggled in the Chase for the Cup and finished the season in 10th place. Dodge ans to rema oived  NASCAR for e foreseeab despite last week's anrKJnoBmet that peret Gompeny  has fled for bankmpCy. The manufarer had i s for months, surviving on loans from e US government and had been given a deadline by the abaca admin to come up wi a rescdng plan. However, e company failed to me ffse demaxb ard ed for banN   New york. Desple at Me Accav, Ctwss drear of brand rn=k#ng and stegy for Dodge Mosports, sa they plan to remain involved in N/ ough their Dodge brand for now. Drtver Kyle Busch 14 1 19015 Tony Stewart 16 2 170/0 Jeff Burton 5 3 165/0 Ryan Newman 10 4 165/5 Mark Martin 7 5 155/0 Sam Homish Jr. 28 6 150/0 Jamie McMurray 27 7 146/0 Jeff Gordon 2 8 147/5 Casey Mears 41 9 138/0 Juan Montoya 29 10 13410 Start Finish Points/Bonus Kyte Busch celebrated his 24th birthday on Saturday by winning the Crown Royal Presents Russ Fdedman 400. He ran away from the field over the last 30 laps to claim his first victory at Richmond International Raceway. With the victory, Busch became the first ddver to win three times this season. He also became the second driver in NASCAR history to win on his birthday. Cale Yarboreugh did it twice. Tony Stewart finished second for the second time in three weeks. Jeff Burton was third. Denny Hamlin led the most laps at  track closest to his home, but a faulty pit stop cost Hamlin, who led 148 laps, a chance at winning. Belfield Auto Supply 505 6th St. NE (701) 575-4228 i i i Which driver co-owned the #48 Lowe's car along with Hendrick Motorsports in the 2002 season? a) Jimmie Johnson c) Terry Labonte b) Jerry Nadeau d) Jeff Gordon "uosuqo a!wuJ!r 'elewtueol s,uopJoo Xq ue^up s! leo 9t eql "uopJo O JJer (p : $2.99 i NAPA Carpet & Upholstery Foam Cleaner i i[ $25.49 Lawn & Garden Tractor Batteries