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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
May 7, 1931     Golden Valley News
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May 7, 1931
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- - - _ _ Mrs. A. E. Bcheffe~r. Reporter l~n@ay school atte~danee l~ay 3 f0rty-five. A Mother's Day program will be held Friday afternoon at the Car- ~Fle school building. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schouboe ~d daughter. Mr. and-Mrs. Ouy ~url and children. Mr.-and Mrs.1 ~'~U. Hayden and sons, vernal ~heffer, Ola1ys Willson, "Mr. and and Mrs. A1fred Scneffer ~e~ue the talkies at Beach Saturduyeve- ninE. LeRoy Molme hauled a truck "~td of lumber from Baker Satur- day for Gene-Babcock. Mr. J. Davis, father of Mrs.-C R. Davis is reported quite ill. ~r. ]~,adley was called Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Lurid w~'e dinner guests of M~. and Mrs. Ge~ ~abco~k Sunday e~ening. ~tuth Mary, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph-~tark haS suf-I feted quite an attack of tonsolitist! t and was consulting w~t~ Dr. Bran-I I~ last Monday. ] A party was given a~ the GeoI Brtt~ard home SaTIIrda~ evening] In honor of Miss Konsak. Dancing and cards, and a fine super were the evenings amusements. Carlyle Sunshine society met on Wed1~lay afe~xnoon with Mrs. Tom Pratt. The usual bualness =.was eared for, foIlowed by election of officers. Mrs. I.~nd, presiders; Mrs. Kate Fulton, vice president; Mrs. Myra Sandersen, secretary; Mrs. Della Moline, treasurer. The mext meeting will be held With Mrs. Pete Hartse as hostess and their annuaI report will be printed next week. Mr. and Mrs. John Mazcinlak, were callers at the Tony Efta home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bushel of WI- baux were callers at the Roy O'Brien home Sunday. Mrs. O'Brien returned to Wlbaux with them. Mr, and Mrs. Gene Babcock and son were callers at Schef~er's home Thursday. Mr. CSbb]ns our genial N. P. de- pot agent returned from a trip to Tacoma, Wash.. Friday. Mr. Phal- en has gone down to Ollie to help out there during Mr. Howard's ill- hess, Rev. and Mrs. Brlggs and chll- &ten were guests at the Jerry Smeltzer home Friday afternoon. a~rroll Hudson and Nels Rhode were Beach visltors Saturday. Mrs. Tony Efta and daughter Anna are reported on the sick flat. Mrs. Leo Haigh returned Friday ~to her home in Seattle, Washing- ton. The base ball dance held at Car- lYie Saturday evening was well at tended and all report a good time. MUsic was by the Purple Derby& Miss Verna Seheffer closed her term at the Bowen school Friday tr eld a little picnic for the n at the school house on ~Am~ty. Plans were to go to the rl~er, but on account of the par- eats still working in the fields they we~ unable to go. Games and cmltests were held. each of the children receiving prizes. Thomas lsiaher and Marian Woodsend re~ eetved h~hest honors and prizes for sl~lUng. Several visitors pere ~eaent and a fine dinner was serv- ed, , ltd. and Mrs. Clair Harp and fairly motored to Beach Sunday spent the day at the William arp, home. Dale Burlingame of Beach spent the week end with his father J. A. ~urltngame at the Scheffer home The Pioneer Sewing club of Car- ].vie held its 5th meeting on Satur- day atfernoon, May 2nd. Eleven ~embers and one visitors was pres- et. The Ollie 4-H club extended the Carlyle club an invitation to meet with them on May 23. The ~lext meeting of the Pioneer club WIII be on May 28th. The Boys 4-H calf club of South Valley and Golva vicinity met Sat- la~lay evening at the Geo. Ham- mo~l home. The topic of the les- m~n was "Care of the cow after freshening." Mrs. Hammond served the boys a fine lunch as usual. The, ~te and place of the next meeting will be announced later. Mr. and Mrs Bert Covert of Ool- a were business visitors at the ~$eJaeffer home Wednesday. Golva and Carlyle played anoth- er ~me of ball Sunday afternoon Iowa, like mos~ agricultural stat- es, has a law providing for the test- ing of cattle for tuberculosis. It is a fair law, a just law, a common sense law, and a law intended to protect the health of the public. No one has a right to sell the product from any diseased animal and more especially the product of a diseaSed cow for that product is consumed largely in its raw state and very often by small children, Even if the farmer received no ben- efit himself in the testing of his CAMELS HIDIP Mrs. :Hay Drier, Reporter I'Mr~ -and- -Mx:~ Jack- -I~rdy-=and children from California and Mr, and Mrs. Louie Lardy and childrenI i from Glendive are visiting at the, home of Jack's and Louie's parents, !Mr. and Mrs. Mike M. Lardy. Bud Sheen from Morton" Minn t t has been visiting at his uncle and 'aunt's home, Mr. and Mrs. Ma~ Teacher. Clifford Vn Horn and Johnniel Honnold motored to town on Mon- day. Ray Brier and children and George Lardy motored to town on SET NEW MARK Tuedsay evening. I Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Houck and i children and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adams and children were Sunday visitors at the Clyde Myers home.Stanford scored its eighth suc. " cessive annual victory over the Cal- Mr. and Mrs. Bud Myers are the ltornia Bears, but a California proud parents of a beautiful nine lrackmau set a new National Inter- pound daughter born last Tuesday collegiate record. Kenneth Churchill at ~he J E. Middleton home intossed the spear 220 feet 9 inches Beach. Mother and baby are get- - " ting along fine. i tie set ttm former mark of 217 feet 7inches two weeks ago in a meet Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brier and,at Berkeaey a~ainst the Washing- children and Will and Russell~ ton Huskies ~He holds the Inter- Bro~n, Miss MyrtIe Amundsen. collegiate A. A. A. A record of 212 May and W~21iam Brown were feet 5 inches made last Year at guests ~o dinner Sunday a~ the Joc Cambridge. Downs home. } Mr. and Mrs. W, T. Brown were Mishap Helped Famous ~guests to dinner Sunday at the J. Hymn Win Popularity Brown home. Iv the St. Nicholas church at Mrs. Page Myers and baby have Oberndorf, near Salzburg, Austria, been sick with the flu. The nine months old, baby son of on Christmas eve in ]818, "Stills ,Nacht, IleH~e Nacht," was sung Mr. and Mrs. Clyde M3ers has been for fl~e first time. Ti~e curate, Jo- real sick with the flu. Dr. Lyons seph Mohr, had composed the text was called out to see him Thurs- nnd the teacher an,] organist, l~ranz day. At this time of writing he is' Xaver Gruber, the melody To the John D. Rockefeller, before starting his game on the ]inks atmuch imporvcd. ! fact that the little organ in Obern- Ormond Beach, Fla., reads a poem to the admiring crewel ,Whle.t~ had Mr. and. Mr.s Mat Teacher and i dorf was broken down is due the children accompanied by Mr. andwidespread popularity of the hymn. ga~ered to see him. ~::~.= __ -_-------:m---------------------~_ Mrs. Ray Zinsli and children at- The organ builder, Karl Manracher, tended ti~e ball game Sunday, east! of Fugen, tn Zi]lertal, had been IOWA'S "COW REBELLION" Indians Fear Lightning of Medora. ~ i sent for to make tl e ne(ess try "e- . No NavaJo Indian will ever Mr. and Mrs. Joe Downs and ~ pairs, tie beard tim air, "rod huh'mwd Walsh County Record: Mos make a campfire of wood from a Shirley motored to Beach on Sat-~ it in his w~tive country, where it Walsh county farmers,, especially tree ti~at has been struck by ligi~t, urday. They calledat the J. E became very popular in a sh,rt those Who are really making a suc- ning or that he thinks may have time. cess of the livestock business, will been, If such a fire is made by Middleton home. Will, Russell andMay Brow~ There wore f, mr bro:hers,-~v have a hard time understnding ti~e Irreverent white nmn, the In- and Misses Clara Peterson, M. name, Strafer, who went to 1h~ the ,Philosophy of those farmers dlau will retire to a distance'iAmundson motored to Beach Sun- big German markets every 3ear d0%T~ in Cedar county, Iowa, who where lie can neither feel the heat day A.M. selling products of tim Tvrelese started what is popularly known as nor smell the smoke, and will go the "cow rebellion~' last sleep in his blanket, fireless and Bud Myers and Mrs. Laurence home industr.v, and at the concerts supperless, rather than eat of food Kirkpatrick motored to Beach Fri- of Tyrolese songs they sang the ~repared on tim~ kind ~/ tree. The avaJo beileves that he comes within the Influence of the flame he will absorb some of the essence of the lightning which will sooner air which had thus become so pop- day to visit Mrs. Bud Myers and ular "back home." Tlms the mel- little daughter. Misses M. Amundsen, Clara Pc- ody was introduced to the North, terson, Mr. and Mrs. George Vanfrom whence It started around the Horn were guests to supper Sunday world.--Detroit News. or later kill idm. In the mountains evening at the John Brown home. of the NavaJo country more than Jack Myers and Pearl and Mar- Little Wh~e--He-n-'aoes half the great pines are scarred by Jorie Myers attended the talkies in lightning, but no wood from them Beach Saturday evening "Hobo"and Bums Ride is used. ~ ...... Mr. and Mrs. John Brown and Harvard, Neb.--Thls is the story .... family were visitors Wednesday at of a little white hen that tired of Ray Brier's. the prosaic conventional chicken Old Hi~torleal Record~ Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Honnold:yard life of Harvard and kicked "and children were visitors last over a little gate and went *'hobo." According to Larned's "Seventy C~nturles," the oldest hlstorieal t~cords that have been found are ln~riptlons in the tombs of Egyp. tlan kings belonging to the first dy-]z, .da~jng ~ck t_o about 4,700 year~ B.C. Other hlsto~:ian's have cattle for tuberculosis, such test- ing ought to be compulsory. But the protection is as much Ior the farmer himself as for the eventual consumers of his products. This Is a Good Story Whether True or Not Berlin.---An animal story fit to make animal psychologists dance with Joy and animal iove~ in gen- eral weep with emotion, is that which bas become the topic of con- verasti~n of Adolf Schmldt. Mr. Schmidt and his pet shep- herd dog, Nora, were taking a typ- ically German walk, leisurely and systematically, along the shores of the Teltow canal, and the master was teaching Nora to retrieve. when suddenly a pigeon wearing a ted ring off lt~ foo~ fluttered down at the nose of the do~. Mr. Schmldt, thinking the bird was Injured. rap nearer and beheld a strange sight. Nora, instead of snapping at the pigeon, carefully lay down, rolled herself into a ball so that the head of the carrier pigeon was visible, and proceeded :o lick and deftly nuzzled the bird a~ost reassuringly. Then Mr. Schmldt saw the cause of the strange antics of the animal. A dark shadow flitted over the group nnd a pigeon hawk circled low and lower The dog growled. The pigeon buried its head deeper in the dog's flank, The hawk flew away. So did the pigeon and Nora calmly went back to retrieving. Closed Season Proposed to Protect Whales ~Va shh~gt on.--Wh ol ~,~ale slaugh- ter of whales for commercial purposes which Is killing off this the Ch-lyle diamond, which re- Cited in a score of 14 to 12 in fav- or of Golva. Thlswas a good game close all the way thru, twice during the game the score being a lee. Carlyle is picking up you see in more than one way, The writer of these items had the hy the United States on seals, the traced a recorded history of Baby- Ionia to a point before 4500 B. C. It Is believed that the sale of fro- mph to the Egyptians occurred while Hykos or "Shepherd kings" were rulers of Egypt, somewhere between 2000 and le00 B. C, though no definite date can be given. The period of the pharaohs extends from the time of Menes, the first king of united Egypt, who reigned possibly as early as 4770 B. (L down to the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great, In 331 B. O. wr iL Y"d'_, wet., It cannot be stated exactly under how much pressure men can work within a caisson. Pressure within a caisson used for subaqueoua workers must be increased by one atmosphere of 15 pounds per square inch for every ,q3~,~ feet that the caisson is submerged be- low the surface. Hence, at a depth of 100 feet a worker In a caisson must be subjected to a pressure of 60 pounds per square Inch. At the St. Louis bridge, where a pressure was employed equal to 4~ atmos- phereL out of 600 workmen 119 IF YOUR RADIATOR huge animal will cease if a bill pre- sented to the League of Nations Is passed, according to a report from the United States Department of State It is hoped that by institut- Ing a partially "closed" season on ~ Whales. similar to that instituted LEAKS, WE REPAIR IT lfl~s~are of meeting Mrs. Helga An-! number of the former will greatly Radiator. derson of Hedges, Mont., Saturday increase In the next few years. while in Beach. Mrs. Anderson ] "Robbing P~ter to Pay Paul" m~dd they were all well. They were ) n'mg "Fable has It," according to residentSLauranceOf OEieHartseabOUtleft ala:stYearMon_ago. Brewer:~ Dictionary of Phrase andS day, with a truck load of furniture Fable, that this phrase alludes to the fact that on December 17, 1550, fat: O. T. Davis. Donald VIrts ac- the Abbey church of St. Peter, This ~s the time of :/ear to companied him. looking for work Westminster, was advanced to the have your Radiator and Me- tor Block cleaned and flush- ed. Motor runs cooler and don't use as much oil. Come in and see what deposits we have taken out of some ra- diators. dignity of a cathedral by letters patent; but ten years later It was Joined to the diocese of London again and many of Its estates ap- propriated to the repairs of St. Paul's cathedral." The expression may have been a familiar one much earlier than that. ALL WORK GUARANTEED |, ,, O, tIugh and Ed. ~tark and Jim onnor left Monday for Illinois to work on the pipe line. Mrs. Art Moline attended the Woman's club of Ollle at the O. C. Keener home. A number of Carlyletes attended the talkies at Baker Friday night. Mrs, Reese Owens, Mrs. LeRoy IIarold Owens were at em m'm . A dance was held at the Nelson SChool house, Saturday evening by MI~. Lewie Larson and Mary Gor- The Goraionoski boys fur- and a general had by all present. Nelson, Mrs. Roy O'~-~n, Mrs. Ralph Stark and visited Mrs. Bob Sunday evening at the Ross John- stone home. Russell Brown was a visitor last Wednesday evening at the Down's home. Mr .and Mrs. Otis Wills motored to town on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Honnold and baby were visltors last Wed- nesday at the Honnold home. ADVANCE ADS OET RESULTS The hen-ran way from home, rode the rods of a freight train and arrived at Inland. nine miles from Harvard, where she attached her. self to a chicken colony of Mrs. Robert Seley. Trainmen who had watched her in her dash for free. dora pointed her out to Robert ~eley, ~r. Robert will feed her and when she's blg enough will sell her, the proceeds to go for the Imrchase of s season ticket for sehool basket- ball games. Hot Dogs" Pedigrm~ An ancient and honorable lineage Is claimed for the gastronomic tid- bit known In this country as the "hot-dog" and throughout the r~ mainder of the world as the frank- tufter. It dates back 125 years and,~ strange to may, it did not originate in Frankfurt at all but in Vienna. It was first made by Johann Lohner and his business is Still ID exist~me~. He eal.led his product - __ ~Y,.-- FOPJtgER BEACH FRF.ACHF~ i l~or pasture, rapid VISITS OLD FRIENDS culent nutritions forage Rev. A. R. Bosworth a former The plant must be able paStor of Congregational church rapidly from injury lnc was guest preacher at the Congle-'turing. Oats will be gational church last Sunday. His most dependable em many friends were delighted with ture. the splendid sermon he gave. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bosworth have many friends in Beach who were delight- ed to see them. Twelve years ago Rev. Bosworth WHEN IN left Beach and has since lived most of the time ar Unalaska. MINNEAP{ Wash. He and Mrs. Bosworth, on their way east, arrived here Sat- STOP AT urday morning to renew old ac- quaintances, and were the guests of friends until Wednesday, when they continued their way. Mr. Boa- worth said he noted many changes for the better in the city, but miss- ed many old timers of whom heI spoke in the highest praise for their enterprise and public spirit, and which spirit still seems, he said, to prevail here. --- I The newest Hotel in X rashington at BAD LANDS RED CEDAR FENCE POSTS Close to all business theatres, jobbers and ,, 250 ROC vWith Baths or Showers WHILE THEY LAST RA~ ES PER DAY '11 *4.00 Oppos'te Post Office )79]{ Close to alI l,eFots i ~. . ) A Re, ore ~'~h a Bath BEACH, N.D. One Dollar and a t~al[" New and Better I / We Trade-In Old Batteries I ii ,, . - FOR all we know, some Mongolian landowner, living miserably in a smoky felt tent. may ,be the richest man in the world . . . For standards of living are no~ based merely on wealth. They are ba~d rather on the way people use weaath. The reason why American standards are con- sidered highest in the world is because the great majority of Americans have at their command all the things necessary to a civilized and eul- lured mode of living. Any housewife in America, even of mo~ moderate means, can draw u~n ~he resources of all the world for her o~m private use! You may study and enjoy outright at very small expense, music . . . drarrm . . . ar~ in all ~ts iorms. You may review the smartest styles each day as ~hey appear in the pages of newspapers. You may select household furnLshings, modern conveniences, heat-units, refrigeration, food in luxurious and endless variety, cosmetics, dress-goods, automobiles, anything in fact ~hat is commonly looked upon ms part of the American ~ene . - . you may select ~these things leisurely and conveniently by merely studying the advertisements.