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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
May 4, 1950     Golden Valley News
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May 4, 1950
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PAGE TWO GOLDEIq VALLI Y NEWS. BEACH. N. D' -, THURSDAY, MAY 4, ; * I Falconor, Hr~-42, ave., 4.16 tenn. [the Extension Service. -[C L U B N O T E S! the heat of Hrs ~y!e D:uglas. [send a donation for the project. [THRLEN I With Y~llP J[ Amber Cane, 1915-42 ave., 1.99 T. ] t:ampers are Chosen Irom earn I lvlrs. Hathaway reported on the I Baton twirling and tap dancing, I Mrs. Clifford Wagner S*. ! _ " .... ~__ "-'---. ~.lSib. Millet, 1915-42, ave., 1.78 T./county on their records in some]BONNIE VIEW [county council meeting held re led by Mrs Ed Wosenka we ) "Let'~ c,,~l,~h,o+o,, "~ ~, I County Extension I I Sudan191S-42. ava. 1.45 . . . re, ........ ...... conservation activity. ] Lydia Feldmomn, Sec. cently. In order to get the lesson enjoyed by the members. On May'laneous topic, was presented by [ Agent ][Hog Mille/. 1915-28. ave.. 1.17 T.[ . , , , , |1 .he ........................ ram, ramny v, ut,ov~ ,o,lien ........ textile painting, the club in- 1~ , the. club will meet at Joan Mr.s Kenneth Abraham, wh~. J o I( The canes, millets and Sudan[ The easiest time to dehorn l 1950, a miscellaneous lesson, was vitea mrs. uen vnompson, a pro- i Schmitz. I the club met at the Marvil Net" B R M MI1 r Grass are normally seeded be- y . . le / "- t tvve:n May 25 and June 5, or/~o'~'tl'~'~ i=.. d,,rina.. ~, the first weeks! discussed when the club met at l.]ectl le ' ~eaoer mr the. Pleasant. Val-: * * * * * , son home The club voted to Cell' PLKWr MORE ) about a week later than corn./! ~ "~'~;" ~iw~ J theRobert Ridenhower hmne, ~ ~:mb, to thmr.meetmgub(The HAPPY VALLEY t tribute to the Crippled Children~ R OOUGHAGE CROPS I Sorghums should be planted at)iiii)i:iiui~ii):i;ihut nS!i derrd tHti! :gWb eZEresd.Hg ;! f 3,C1 t~a~ ~iii ~efil~:aCtm~iiiene~gn;e~en~Uff:t ~!~i!n~C~hT~:~rSe~a~i;i~ {Most of the acreage taken out] a rate of about 4-5 seeds per foot~ e ef wheat production in Golden]of row, Millet a,bout 20 pounas,I Valley County this year should]and Sudan about 25 pounds perlt[~.~g; .... g~ ...... ~th ....,~lcil meeting stressing the im-iLONE TREE 4-H CLUB Fischer home She led discus _ . --~ ....... range conditions permit, portance of National Home Dem- M~ss Donna Fulton, Sec. sions on communicable diseases, ~'ourmg r-orms~ ._J be shifted to roughage crops toI acre. !,,~a ............ u .......... , .... ' - provide an adequate livestockt A lot of publicity has been onstration Week, April 30-May 7, ! Perfect attendance was had at symptoms and care and showed Patrolman Hollis Dicta starte~. and what local m(hvldual clubs the meetmg held on April 17 ,:everal interesting films on'pouring forms for the baseme~,.~ feed supplv. I given the Grain Sorghums lately, i * * * * * " .... "" R~.,nel~ers anti farmers are ~specially the newer wtriety, !LIONS BOOST could do in observance. Wednes-[with 17 members, and 3 visilors health topics. Mrs. James Rath- of his new home, which he findin~ lher,nselves awfully short Norghum Results at the Dickin- i SWINE PROJECTS dav, May 17, members will meet! present. Mrs. Eddie Wosepka and bun was introduced as a new building on lots next to his prO" of rm~i*.ha~e now as grass has ' s,m ExI)eriment Statmn show ! In a program, designed to give at'the h'0me of Mrs John Bark-~ l).mm ~ Fulton gave a "report on >embei" by Mrs. Volney Sch- sent residence. Mr. Dietz. expe~ :not come alon~ as expected, i lhat the grain sorghum has never! t-tt members m Golden Valley land. the 4-H planning meeting, and melin~ club president The club his father to arrive here m a fe~, ~Sufficient acreage of roughage!3 ielded leo well. Either corn, County an opportunity to own a * * * * * the Foreign Youth Exchange ~;ill meet next at the Buster Fin- weeks and will take over the crops would in most cases supply oals or harley will produce more swine project, the Beach Lion's C. W.E. Program. The club agreed to ~ernan home. ' supervision of t~he structure. ]ives'd)ck with sufficient feed. For tho,~e o! you interested in ~urnin~T some of your acreage Jute roughagc, production, the Iollowinz ~i~ures on yields of some roughage crops obtained .from tim Great Plains Field Sta- *ion at Mandan, will be of in- lerest: (Yields in tons per acre). CORN yields based on field Rainbow, 1923-24, ave., 2,06 tons. N. W. Dent, 1923-42, ave., 1.75 T. Minn. 13, 1923.42, ave., 1.68 tons. Falconer, 1926.42, ave., 1.68, tons. Corn Silage Yields: Rainbow, 1926-42, ave., 5.72, tons. If. W. Dent, 1926.42, ave., 4.91 2'. i feed in an average season. 4-~t CONSERVATION CAMP DATES An .fat)errant date for many Nortl~ Dakota 4-H members in- terested in soil, water and wild- life conservation has been an- nounced iby NDAC Extension Ser- vice. It is the annual 4-H con- servation camp to be held in the Turtle Mountains near Bottineau, June 7 to 11. The camp brings together club mem,bers from all points of the state, who have been active in the various con- servation programs sponsored by Club bought a registered Ct~ester White gilt to be given to a worthy 4-II club member. The 4-H member receiving the gilt this year is Larry Schulte, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Sehulte of Golva. Larry has been a mem- ber of the Golva Beef and Grain Club for three years. The swine project is set up on a revolving basis, so that two other 4&I members will each re- ceive one of the offspring of Lar- ry's sow, next year. The gilt was purchased from the purebred Chester White herd of 'Morris Douglas, Beach, North Dakota. and FUMI-FREEZ Your Furs with Schlampp's MR. M. C. BORGESON Will Be In Our Store Tuesday, May 9th To Pick Up Your Furs For Summer Storage and Repair. Beach, North Dakota Mrs. John Hollstein, Sec. I- April 13, the meeting was called to order by ttie club presi- ,,,r~< Gone llathaway, at NOTICE! ***** When you want to SELL your farm, see Barney Piesik. When you want to BUY a farm, see Barney Piesik. When you need a LOAN on your farm, See Barney Piesik. At his office, Beach, N. Dak. 19-~c vvvvvvvvvvvv THANK YOU FOLKS! I'm taking this means of thanking the folks of this community for the fine patronage accorded us during the past five years. We assure you it has been a pleasure. On May 1st, my partner, Ben Maus, will take over, and manage the KY Bar, and I hope you will con- tinue to give him your same fine consideration. Mr. Maus during the past week has made some additional improvements, and will at all times en- deavor to merit your patronage. THANK YOU AGAIN! TESCHER m A Iml m m qr See ,~nU new ~em; llbars d~--~ ~g OOW c~orm #he ~nders of ffdt ROADMASTE.q ~ ~ J~ eJff~ fouch of d/sffnc~on ffmt~# ~'o~n m a ~Panda~ LOW IN PRICE Think for a moment about GAS, the clean blue flame-2 how it makes life around the house more comfortable --happier--easier--healthier. You can't beat the clean blue flame for cool, clean, fully automatic cooking--silent refrigeration that lasts longer hot water service--automatic, ef- fortless heating. .~ .~ Can you think of any item in your family budget-s(/ HIGH in value--LOW in price ? Use GAS, the clean blue flame--and--enjoy the difference? SOME car makers say springs make the ride--and so we give every Buick four of the soft, gentle coil springs practically all cars use on front wheels only. Some say the drive is important-- how power is transmitted to the rear wheels. We agree--and use a torque-tube drive, that takes up all the thrust, freeing rear springs of driving pulsation. Some stress tlres--so you'll find low-pressure casings on every Buick, mounted on our own kind of Safety-Ride rims. Some play up shock absorbers- we make ours fast, soft and sure in action, to wash out all "after-bounce." Then there are frames--and ear weight- and engine mountings, which on Buick are a very special kind used nowhere else. r ey're all important--yet the plain truth is no one of these thlngs--or two or three--gives a ride you can truly call "unruffled." We feel it takes all of them-- springs, tires, shock absorbers, drive, engine mountings--care- fully and precisely brought into balance with each other. V lou can see why we think so in any Buick--SPECIAL, SUPER or ROADMASTER. You can feel it on cobblestones and car tracks, washboardy gravel and weather-pocked macadam, country lane and city street. You even feel it on boulevards, which grow still smoother when you travel them in a Buick--especially when it has Dynaflow Drive.* So we would like you to try a ride that is truly "unruffled." Free of harshness--undisturbed by jounce and jitter- level-- steady-going -- smooth. Just ask any Buick dealer for a chance to try out any Buick. You'll find it "the ride of a life- time"- and the buy of a lifetime too[ *Dvnaflow Drins is ~ wa Ro~s'nw~ op- Konal at ~tra cost. on 8m~ and ~ modd~ ,ro~& - IF&F FOBEF.B ON'T This rugged front end (I) sets the sty/e note, (2) saves on repair cods--verffcal bars are/n~v/d- ~mareplaoeoble, (3) avoids "locking ~,, kes parking and gora~n9 eader. Only Buick has and with it goes# HI~H~-COMPRE~ION Fireball valve-in.beod power in three engine~ (/~/ew F"263 mg/~ in SUPER modr4~k.) NEW-PATTERN STYLING, with MULTI.GUARD forefront, taper-through fimders, "dou/ge /xddd@~ tc~//ghts WIDE-ANGLE VISIBILITY. dora-up rood view bo@h forword and back . TRAJ~IC-HANDY IIZ~ over-a///eng~ for em/er park/rig and garag/ng, short rum/rig radius EKTI~-~flDE ~EAT$ between the ax/e~ SOFT BUICK RIDE, from a//-co/; sp~giag, Sa?e~.l~d~ r/m,/ow-premn II/m~, dde- ~'~adXlng WIDE ARRAY OF MODES wlth Body by FId~r. KeY ~o ~ v~Je~f Phone your B CK deaJe a demo:ts ralioa--Jlflrld Howl .. Tyro b HENRY J. TAYLOR. AeC. Nelwo~t., ever/At~da eve~ Phone 74 i Beach, .N. Dak. When better automobiles are built BUICK will build them i