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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
April 23, 2009     Golden Valley News
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April 23, 2009
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April 23, 2009 Page 7 Weekly SUDOKU by Linda Thistle 2 871 6 8 1 9 49 5 8 2 3 9 78 i 3 6 5 2 1 4 5 7 4 3 1 2 7 9 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small g-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine, . , ~- * Mc~lerate * * Challenging * * * H00 BOY! M A'S 80YZ Amber Waves WWW.MAMASBOYZ.COM r[[ll l y GRAFT MO.~ ~. Cl~lkl 5~i~LL 3~ HOPE IT'5 I~ HOLO H~ ~fflELL~ JOg~r LIKE HI(V],, ~ -/'HE. GII~t~. by Dave T. Phiops YOU KNOW, WHEN IT COMES TO ITCH-HIKING, YOU COULD BE A ,~./~TTLE MORE SELECTIVEh ACROSS 1 Friend 5 Egos' counterparts 8 Leading man? 12 Sax-plar/ing Simpson 13 Born 14 Arizona city 15 Greek war god 16 Somewhat sore, as a throat 18 Know-it-all, maybe 20 Desert waterway 21 Bound 23 Distant 24 Wrote hatltily 28 Philosopher Immanuel 31 Gorilla 32 Done in 34 Plaything 35 Cleanse 37 Ice-removing gadgets 39 Pitch King t 2 3 t2 15 t8 III 24 25 26 m __ .--.-,- 31 __ __ -..,... 35 lie 42 43 m ..-.--. ---.- 49 52 ...-*....*..-- w 55 Cm rd m 6 i ;) 10 11 .,,...,-. __ __ _ll 29 3O 34 54 Therefore 8 National and Cobb 55 Throw Railroad 33 -- a soul 56 Sullivan and Passenger (nobody) McMahon Corporation 36 Bother 57 Strong 9 Adorn repeatedly yearning 10 Wan 38 Saddlp knob 11 BLT topper 40 Edge DOWN 17 "Bow-wow!" 42 Hushed"Hey, make the big move. I x I s I n; q I s I o I I s I s I o I i I 41 Medal earner 1 Applaud 19 Informationyou!" LIBRA (September 23 to October [o]olu alslvJ'llsla H SI 42 Illinois city 43 Employ 22 Fuzzyfruit ~1~ Reverberate 22) Looking to blame someone for a I- lv13 13171el lvlulolsI 45 Mythological Secondhand 24 Witnessed Skilled ~i IAIIxlkllwIIlulnl::at..ll maidens Spice blend 25 Bookkeeper 46 South workplace problem could backfire if it ~ ~1~ 4gprepare~ of Indian (Abbr.) American turns out you've got the wrong "cul- 3 eggs, in a, cuisine 26 Makes good land prit.'" Best to germore facts before act- lN I I l VI -I [ S 1 31 a I v I waY 5 Sets up for as I~ew 47 Crones I x Iol v 51 Repast use 27 Tragic 48 Coin aperture ing on your assumptions. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem- ~ 52 "-- a Lady" 6 Last calendar condition 50 Young fellow might need to do a bit more investigat- ber 21) Patience might still be called , . ~ 53 Vegas intro Pg- 29 Neither mate ing before making a career move. You 'for until you're sure you finally have I, IHIoi_LlvluloIslslalulvI 7 Antitoxins 30 Pennington do best when you come armed with the the full stoO, that eluded you up till 1 In of the IVlSl3Jalalalnlvlsl1171 facts. A personal matter still needs now. A trusted associate could offer Chicago White Sex became the sac I lv]o] vlstol i I [nlHloI tending to. valuable guidance TAURUS (Apri120 toMay 20) YourSAGITTARIUS (November 22 to end-fastest reliever to notch 100 ,~ creativity plus your ~ood business December 21)Look into your recent career saves (187 games). Who was W i s h i n g ~ W e 1 1 the fastest'? THINGS WE sense once more combine to give you behavior to see if you could have MAGIC MAZE Q CUT WITH an important advantage in a difficult caused the coolness you might now be 2. How many of the 30 major-league ........ ~ ~ " v~)rkplace situation An ally proves his sensing from a loved one. If so, apolo- teams still play in the state where the 5 6 8 4 8 2 8 3 8 7 4 3 7 or her loyalty, gize and set thingsstraight, franchise started? P N T V R S A S N B I O E Z V" S Q R N K H E R B Y R W T GEMINl (May 21to June 20) Avoid CAPRICORN (December 22 to 3. Name the last Aubum quarterback~-~-~---~-~-~-~'~---~ mshing into something just because it Januaryl9) Easing up on your social before Kodi Burns in 2008 to run for H O F O C T S S R I W T O B R O L J E G E B E Y E W R U offers a break from your usual routine, activities allows you to focus more of 100-plus yards in a game. ~ ~ -~- --~ --~ ~ ~-- Take things a step at a time to be sure your energies onalong-neglected per- 4. Which NBA players won the reg- you're moving in the fight direction, sonal matter. You can get back into ular-season MVP award three consec- H F O E O B C R L A E R E R R P N K I T G D T T B E E Z CANCER (June 21 to July 22) party mode by the weekend, utiveyears? ~ -ff--5-ff---ff ~8---~ ('~ Bouncing back from a disappointing AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febrta- 5. Name the last player in Carolina T T O R M N F O O A E A D X V O S Q O "IF ST M L H T S incident isn't easy. but you should find ary 18) A dispute with a colleague can Hurricanes franchise history to have ~ ~ ~ -4- ~ 7- ~- I1 a welcome turn of events emerging, be resolved peacefully once you both four goals in an NHL game beforeT R N T T W R E O N R T H K I R A EIHIs R U U K G T T R Spend the weekend with someone spe- agree to be more flexible about the Eric Staal did it in 2009. ~ if- ~ ~ 6- -ff- cial. positions you've taken and allow for 6. When was the last time before RI, S E T O E K E I N S T T E C X G D]IIOI [C A C Y W Y U E LEO (July 23 to August 22) An more open-minded discussions. 2009 that the U.S. men won a gold 4 "2 5 4 2 5 2 6 4 5 7 5 6 incomplete project needs your atten- PISCES (February 19 to March 20) medal at the world tour-man bobsled I ! tion before someone else takes it Over Volunteering to take on added respon- V A L E R V S E S E D D D R E U U SISIR Q I T R P C C P and uses it to his or her advantage, sibilities could be a risky way to championships? There'll be lots of time for fun mad impress the powers-that-be. Do it only 7. Entering 2009, name the last HERE IS A PLEASANT LITTLE GAME that will give you a I lIE! g~al~ once you get it done. it" you're sure you won't be swept ' major that golfer Phil Mickelson won message every day. It's a numedcal puzzle designed to spell N O F L SIIW S J L W A S E P GO (August 23 to Septemberaway by the extra workload, without breaking par in the final out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract4.1fthenumberisless G H Z l P~JF O E O C A G R I 22) Doubts involving a potential BORN THIS WEEK: Your sense of round, than6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the up- career change need to be resolved self-awareness allows you to make Answers perlefl-handcornerandcheckoneofyourkey numtmrs, lefl Y X C A N V U S R B Q P N 1 L quickly so they don't get in the way bold moves with confidence. 1. Kazuhiro Sasaki of Seattle did it to rkjht. Then read the message the letters under the when you feel you're finally ready to 2009 King Features Syndicate. Inc. in 160 games, checked figures give you. 2. Twenty teams. M S P K R K J H F D E C B W C 3. Phil Gargis had 129 rushing yards versus Florida State in 1976. il| [lll[l~ll [tItl}! H E N RY #gLTIN O F1F ]Filld B timbal words ilt I1~ ~. ~ ~ m all dhl~l~om - ,4. Bill Russell (1961-63), Wilt I'!ll $~~ fOItl/atd, --, Up, dowit asd diagolily. Charnberhiin (196(5-68) and Larry ': ~ I #* Bird (1984.86). ~-~I Axe Cigar cutterPaper cutter Shear Bolt cutterClippers Saw Sickle franchise was located in Hartford. ~ ~ Broadsword Gouge ScissorsWire cutter test Oh,.., .... 6. It was 1959. by 1::i~ 7. The 2005 PGA Championship. --Rodriguez d 1. ANCIENT WORLD: Who was the ~__~_~_~_______._~ .AST YEAR THE H TTEST CHILI WON FO THE king of Troy during the Trojan War? 2. MEDICAL TERMS: What hap- t/~,~L,#ran~:~ o COOK-OFF, SO LET S JUST SAY THEY WON T BE pens during stemutation? "Use a pastry blender to mash up ~UEr.J' L" ~~'\ " ~/ ~-)! ABLE TO USEPLASTIC BOWLS THIS YEAR. 3. MOVIES: What movie featured eggs when you are making egg salad. the famous line, "It ain't gonna be no It works on the yolks, too. I mash Find at least six differences in details between panels. rematch"? By Samantha Weaver 4. LITERATURE: In which of mine separately."--I.F, in Tennessee if" " -~ Shakespeare's plays des the character " Old twels can haye new life in " It was Ludwig Wilhelm Erhard' [ 1 $ ~)'f;l"f~-'~ ~ i chancellor of West Germany in tire ..w of Titania appear? your kitchen. Just cut them into small 1960s, who made the following sage 5. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: If pieces and store in a box -- even a tis- observation: "A compromise is the art a standard quarter weighs .2 ounces, sue box would do. When you have a of dividing a cake in such a way that [ ?~ ~ ~ ! ~ how many quarters would it take to small spill or need to clean the coun- everyone ~elieves he has the biggest equal 1 pound? tertops, you can use one instead of a piece." o~ 6. SCIENCE: What geological paper towel. It will save you money, You think you're a chocolate ~- process formed the Gremd Canyon? because they can be washed and lover? In Spain in the I6th century, "~ 7. EXPLORERS: Who was the first reused. If the soiling is very bad. you people loved chocolate so much that it was not uncommon for royal fami- ~ ' European explorer to travel the length don't have to feel bad about throwing lies to give cocoa as part of their ofthe Mississippi River? it out or turning it into a workshop daughters'dowry. / ~'~'~ ~~'~" ' J/"~ ~ 8. ENTERTAINERS: In "The Gene towel instead. ~ i iI ~/ Autry Show," who was Autry's well- - Chiffon is a perennially fashion- JOllel s! ~loeq J!eqo 9 ;6u!ss!tu s! dtue-I -cj 'lep!M S! JassaJc] '~ pappe uaaq seq eBB ~ool~ l; )u!ss!tu s! ,,Z. auo g ]uaJabl!p s! aJnlo!d "L :saouaJag!a known comic sidekick? 9. TELEVISION: What was the name of the chimpanzee on "'The Bev- erly Hillbillies"? 10. MUSIC: What kind of instru- ment is a euphonium? Answers: 1. Priam 2. Involuntary sneeze 3. "Rocky" 4. "A MidSunnner Night's Dream" 5.80 6. Erosion 7. La Salle, in t682 8. Pat Buttrmn 9. Cousin Bessie 10. Brass instrument that resembles a small tuba 2Ct)9 King Features Synd,, Inc. "To freshen plastic flowers, mist with hairspray. Do not use this on silk flowers." -- L.C. in Texas Has this ever happened to you? You gather limbs or bush trimmings in a garbage can, and before lawn-waste pickup day, it rains, filling your can? Drill a series of holes in the bottom of your lawn and leaf cans, and the water will drain out. It also makes it easier to remove filled bags of leaves. Shine bathroom chrome with vine- gar. Use a dampened cloth to apply, let d~ and buffto a shine. able lightweight sheer fabric used in many beautiful gowns -- you your- self might have worn a chiffon dress to your prom. But you probably did- n't realize that the word "chiffon" is actually French for "'rag." If you've ever lived with another person, whether a sibling, a spouse or a roommate, it's almost certain that no matter how good the relationship, there was friction over sharing the bathroom. A few years ago those who study such things decided to conduct a survey to determine what the most annoying bathroom-related habits are. The result,s: The habit that atmoys people more than any other is failing to replace the roll of toilet paper when it runs out. Leaving blobs of toothpaste in the sink was a close second. R.ED. by Mike Marland Rt~' 8LEKGTER T~. THR~ Tt4E MDD, E~, B~R GO liE hIES ~EIN" a'~NE.? KINE~ HARD OFF. TO AVOID IT ,TI41Sqi/VlE OF: V R, t; 4D. .~'.o*%Ooo #o,~o.~,'~'oo oo..o o.%O.1~,.",o ~k=,oogo 0~, ~.:~.0.....o. :o~.:,