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April 21, 2016     Golden Valley News
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April 21, 2016
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Page 8 Golden Valley News April 21, 2016 Thursday, April 7 - Mass began at 9 a.m. in the Chapel. Exercises and in- town shopping started at 10 a.m. At 2 p.m. everyone made their way to the Activity Room for an hour of bingo with Gary Riederer calling and Deb Lauf handing out prizes. Johnny Abraham came to visit morn, Edie Abraham. Kara Lund visited with Florence Miske. Ron and Connie Chaffee came to see mom, Phyllis Bailey. Elliot Lindbo from Belfield came to see people at the Manor. Friday, April 8 - Hair Time began at 8 a.m. with Judy Ridenhower and Mar- lene Muruato as our hair ladies. A few of our "regular" ladies had had perms this past week and didn't need to come so we finished earlier than expected. Tina Reiss from Dickinson came to see Fern Austby. Kay Wiman and Peter Todd Wilson visited with Dorothy Stolberg. Sharon Pederson from Rapid City came for a visit with Iola Schnell. Misty Davis came to spend time with Richard Efta. Saturday, April 9 - Exercises began promptly at 10 a.m. in the Activity Room with Loretta Wyckoffleading.At 6 p.m. the Grand March began with all the 2016 prom couples parading through the Activity Room. They all looked fabulous and happy. A few took pictures with family members who live at the Manor. It was a treat to see them kll dressed up. Sunday, April 10 - This was a quiet Sunday with only Cards and Game Time at 2:30 p an. for those interested in having some fun. Darry and Candy Austby visited with Fern Austby and Mert and Louie Schlautmann. Monday, April 11 - Reading with Sharon Die~ or Gary Riederer began at 2ip.m. in the Dining Room.Mary Valeu, Kay and Paul Finneman came to see Christine Finneman and they brought her two big bags of popcorn for treats. Ron and Connie Austby visited with Phyllis Bailey and Juanita Baird. Shown at last week's craft activity at the Manor are, from left, Jessica Savini, Fern Austby, Edie Abraham, Phyllis Bailey and Christine Finneman. (Courtesy Photo) Track (Continued from Page 1) ruato placed first in shot put with a third, 3,200 meter), Zack Lawrence throw of 29-08.00. Jenae Orluck (fourth, 1,600 meter; fourth, 3,200 placed first in the 1,600-meter run meter), Jared Wojahn (second, 3,200 with a time of 6:13.36. Abby Wil- meter) Brandon Schulte (seventh, helmi placed first in the 3200-meter 110 hurdles; sixth, 300 hurdles), run with a time of 13:13.07. The Grant Maychrzak (sixth, high jump), Beach varsity girls 4-by-800-meter Monica Barnhardt (eighth, 200 relay team came in first with runners meter), Andriana Malko (third, 800 Jenae Orluck, Brooklynn Zachmann, meter), Courtney Lund (eighth, long Taryn Hoffer and Abby Wilhelmi. jump), Mikayla Paul (fifth, shot put), Other individuals from Beach Sofia Muruato (fourth, discus). who placed at the track meet were: With 76 points, the Beach boys Brandon Miller (eighth, 100 meter), Varsity team got fourth out of 10 Samuel Clarke (eighth, 200 meter), teams. The girls beach varsity team Kobi Allen (seventh, 800 meter), earned 69 points altogether, earning Josiah Orluck (second, 1,600 meter; third place. Oil (Continued from Page 1) was a significant drop in oil and gas prices from 2014 to 2015. The NYMEX average price of oil declined 43 percent from $99.07 per barrel to $56.54 per barrel, while the NYMEX average natural gas price declined 28 percent dur- ing the same period. Price declines contributed to some changes in activities on BLM-man- aged lands. The number of total acres leased, competitively and non-com- petitively, declined to 810,000 in 2015 from 1.2 million the year before. Also, as a result of increased public interest, the Number of lease sale parcels protested increased in 2015 - from 321 to 630 - after five years of declines, but still well below the high of 1,475 parcels protested in 2009. Tuesday, April 12 - Exercises began decorations for the tables and gifts to our our day off by getting our bodies mov- volunteers. We also made flower can- Awards ing and our blood pumping at dies out of pretzels, candy melts, and (Continued from Page 1) the Activity Room with Deb Lauf lead- Easter colored M & Ms. We had nine 500 seasonal volunteers. ing our moves. At 2 p..m. Tom Horn very willing helpers and got done with He has overseen renovation of two foundation-owned hotels, which boast was entertaining us with his musical all the projects then shared our week's a summer occupancy rate of 95 percent. His willingness to make hard choices abilities. Devotions with Pastor Ben news over coffee and yummy snacks for the benefit of the traveling public makes him an example of a tourism Baker were held at 6 pan. in the Chapel that Bethine put together. Deb Lauf also leader, according to the biography. of Angels. came to help out. North Dakota State Fair, Event of the Year. Wednesday, April 13 - Today started A few more odd quotes to port-The annual mid-summer event in Minot includes entertainment for all ages off with Resident Council at 10 a.m. It der: "With her marriage she got a new and continues to be, arguably, the largest event in North Dakota. It includes was Dorothy Stolberg's birthday. We name and a dress." "Show me a piano a carnival, full cafeteria, three buildings of commercial vendors, competitive had Crafts with Marlene and Bethine at falling down a mineshaft and I'll show events and static exhibits, as well as a celebration of North Dakota's agricul- 2 p.m. in the Activity Room. We had you A-fiat miner." "When a clock is ture. Attendance has increased by 100,000 in the last 15 years. two projects to complete today in prepa- hungry it goes back four seconds" "The ration for the Volunteer Tea coming up man who fell into an upholstery ma- next Tuesday. We painted flowers made chine is fully recovered." from recycled water bottles that will be Have a great week! M; jority at By Richard Volesky Editor/Reporter BELFIELD - Public opinion re- garding the proposed purchase of 30 acres of land for a new school seems favorable, Belfield School District Superintendent Wade Northrop says. A presentation was provided to the public on April 14 regarding the proposal. The land is located along Highway 10 west of Belfield. Attendance at the meeting, how- ever, wasn't extraordinary. About 25 people attended, said Northrop. Those attending were provided with a survey that asked if they agreed there was a need to purchase land, and if now was a good time to make the purchase. Northrop said 16 people took part in the survey. Fifteen were in favor of the purchase, while one was opposed. Based on that survey and one done many months ago, Northrop said he would recommend to the School Board that the purchase move forward. The land would cost $450,000. Northrop said that 85 to 90 percent of the money will be from oil and gas production tax money that the school district has been receiving. The remainder would come from the district's building fund. The actual construction of a new school could be years into the fu- ture, said Northrop. The decision to purchase the land may be made at the board's May meeting. Pieces of the Past Jane M. Cook April 14, 1966 - 50 years ago: Egg are a healthful budget-friendly food Plans now call for the raising of 2,400 pheasants in Golden Valley County tfiis year. One thousand four hundred birds will be raised by 4-H members, A couple of weeks ago, my daugh- ters and I were preparing food one af- ternoon for guests arriving the next day. I wrote a list of things to do. My older daughter enjoys eggs, so she wanted to compete the "hard cook 1 dozen eggs" item from my list. Although "hard-boiled" often is used to describe eggs used in egg salad, technically we should avoid boiling eggs'for appearance reasons. If boiled too long, eggs can develop a green halo around the yolk due to a chemical reaction between the sulfur in the egg white and iron in the yolk. The green-tinged eggs are not harmful, but they are most appealing to Dr. Seuss characters who like !'green eggs and ham." My daughter requested that we add .two more eggs to the pot so she could have a snack. She followed the "how to hard- cook eggs" directions perfectly. She placed the large eggs in a saucepan and covered them with an inch of water. Then she heated them over high heat to boiling. Next, she re- moved the pan from the burner and covered the pan. Then she allowed them to stand 12 minutes. Finally, she cooled them under cold, running water. Next, she took an "egg break." She peeled an egg, and we could see no green around the yolks. She put the remaining eggs back in the carton and refrigerated them. Eggs are a healthful and budget- friendly food. They provide 6 grams of high-quality protein per egg at less than 20 cents per egg, on average. Egg yolks provide the pigment lutein, which is especially good for our eyes. In fact, having enough lutein 'in our diet from eggs, corn and dark, leafy greens may help reduce our risk for age-related macular degeneration and cataracts as we get older. According to Purdue University researchers, you might want to add a hard-cooked egg to your vegetable salad. When you consume eggs with vegetables, your body may he better Prairie Fare By Julie Garden-Robinson Food and Nutrition Specialist NDSU Extension Service Please support your local merchants! able to use the natural pigments in the I figured we needed to stir the dye a vegetables, little more. If you have an 80-calorie egg for The next day, I removed the carton breakfast, you may not feel hungry as of brightly colored eggs from the re- quickly because of the protein and fat frigerator. The first egg I touched was the egg contains. Some research has stuck in the carton, so I twisted it a bit. shown that eggs may play a role in In doing so, I crushed the egg in my weight loss as part of an overall re- hand and the gooey white and yolk duced-calorie diet. flowed all over the counter and down Although old health advice told us the cupboard. to avoid eggs, nutrition experts now Yes, we had two cartons of eggs on agree that one egg per day is consid- opposite sides of the second shelf of ered fine for most people. Researchers the refrigerator: one cooked and one have shown that the cholesterol in raw. eggs does not increase the blood cho- We had uncolored cooked eggs for lesterol level in the body. the holiday and now we have colored However, before making any raw eggs for baking. We keep learn- major diet changes, be sure to consult ing lessons every day. Next time, we with your health-care provider. Along will the mark the carton "cooked." with an egg, have some whole-grain Although I didn't put the eggs in toast, fruit and yogurt to round out the dye, the blotchiness during dying your breakfast, should have been my visual clue. Egg yolks also provide choline, Commercial eggs typically are which is included among the B vita- washed before packing. This process mins. Choline plays a role in nerve, removes the natural "bloom" on muscle and kidney function, eggs, which functions to reduce As I was pondering the benefits of moisture loss and helps prevent bac- eggs, I didn't see where my daughter teria from entering the eggs through placed the egg carton in the fridge, the pores. My younger daughter was ready to Some egg packers treat eggs with a proceed with her task: coloring the light coating of edible mineral oil. The eggs for our holiday meal. eggs my younger daughter colored My older daughter said they were might have had a light coating of oil on the second shelf in the refrigerator, on them. so I opened the right-hand side of the Eggs are versatile ingredients that fridge, found the carton and placed it can be cooked, poached, scrambled, on the counter. My younger daughter used in omelets and added to a vari- prepared the cups of colored liquid to ety of cookedor baked dishes. dye the eggs. While she was busy col- Eggs have many functions in oring eggs, I worked on other food cooking and baking. For example, preparation, they help bind together ingredients I stepped over to admire her when you make meat loaf,or meat- progress as she moved the colored balls. They serve as leavening agents eggs from the cups back to the carton, in making cakes, and they help They looked a little blotchy to me, but thicken custards. Eggs also add nutri- that gave them an interesting pattern, tion and flavor to foods. FFA members, and other young people. Open house at the Golden Valley Manor will be Sunday, April 24. This will give the public its first opportunity to see the beautiful and spacious liv- ing quarters now available for those who have reached retirement age. April 25, 1991 - 25 years ago: The Rev. and Mrs. Terry J. Medina will be serving as ministers Of the Beach Evangelical Church. Mark Jandt, a former resident of Beach, has been accepted as a full-time police officer with the Pierre, S.D. Police Department. !: Put Your Money I Where Your House Zs! ~ocaiinde#enee~t E~,I~D streng~en Our ~us~nes~s a~ ~ ~mmunity yOi~r be5t, V~iie ~!td OHr ~C(~,or~;/ Western Cooperative CREDIT UNIDN WILLISTON I DICKINSON HEBRON t BEACH I GLEN ULUN I RAY VVVVVff.WCCU.ORG E-cigarette use among our teens has skyrocketed to 22%. That's no surprise. Tobacco companies want your kids as customers and spend billions targeting them with candy and fruit flavored e-cigarettes. It's time to fight back. Learn more at Brought to you by the North Dakota CentEr for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy and your local public health unit.