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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
April 21, 2016     Golden Valley News
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April 21, 2016
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Page 6 Golden Valley News April 21, 2016 BY HOCUS-FOCUS HENRY BOLTINOFF Weekly : ! omer letter . you go amund the frame ~.nding by Linda Thistle , , , , , ,_:_:wnsend c nd lace Boys Varsity 100-Meter Dash: First place, Beac ; Se'o p First place. Brady Wegh, Mott/Re- Heart Ri\er: Third place. New Eng- gent; Second place. Shawn Schaef- land , Solution below IM_ .d U",I I ----. I I I I I t I IErkoetter, Wibaux Imn homs; Third Boys Varsity 4x800 Meter Relay: place, Zane Besler, tleart River First place, Bowman County; Sec- 9 2 i Boys Varsity 200-Meter Dash: ond place. Beach: Third place, New First place, Brady Wegh, Molt/Re- England gent; Second place, SamKludt, Het- Boys Varsity High Jump: First 3 2 (; {inger-Scranton; Third place. Zane place. Shawn Schaefferkoetter, i)esler tleart River Wibaux Longhorns: Second place, t3oys Varsity 400-Meter Dash: Ty Lockwitzer, Hettinger-Scranton: 7 1 First place. Cole Osendorf, Bowman Third place, Jacob Dix, Hettinger- ('.ounty: Second place, l)akotah Scranton }vlansfield, New England; Third Boys Varsity Pole Vault: First 4 3 8 i)lace. Brayden Miller. Bowman place, Corban Massey, Bowman County County: Second place, Mathew Carl- Boys va,'sity 8OO-Meter Run: son. Bowman County 8 1 Rnd atleastsix differences in details between panels. First place. Alex Madrigal, Bowman Boys Varsity Long Jump: First County: Second place, Ben Gonder, place. Shawn Schaefferkoetter, 1 5 Molt/Regent: Third place, Stew Wibaux Lon~zhorns; Second place, ('ook. Carter County Ek. 'Fate Lunde, Wibaux Longhorns: ! B(b,s Varsity 1600-Meter Run: Third place. Ta,mer Fix. Carte," 4 5 7 8eco,,d place,Josiah O'rluck. Beach; Boy, s Varsity Triple Jump: Brady 5 9 7 4 Third place, Stew Cook. Carter Wegh, Mott/Regent: Second place. County Ek. Sam Kludt. Hettinver-Scranton: Boys Varsity' 3200-Meter Run:Third place. Tanner'-Fix. Carter First place,Alex Bartholomay, Bow- County. Ek. man County; Second place, Jared B@s Varsity Shot Put: First place. Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way 6".;'x/?t%. x_l - \l g XVoiahn, Beach; Third place..tosiah Javden Krivoruchka, Heart River: that each row across, each column down and .,. Orluck. Beach Sc~cond place, Hunter Koepp,in, each small 9-box square contains all of the Boys Varsity ll0-Meter Hurdles: Mott/Regent: Third place, Andy First place, Bradv We oh, Mott/Regent: Hodell, l ieart Rive, numbers from one to nine. !"J ! !lanner Fix. Carter County, Ek.: Third Boys Varsity Discus Throw: First j)lace, Hunter Cr)st, Mott/Regent place," Hunter Koepplin, Mott/Re- Boys Varsity 30()-Meter Hurdles: ,ent: Second place,Dalton Schaefer, First place, Tanner Fix, Carter Mott/Regent: Third place. Denit County Ek.; Second place, Hunter Sorenson. New England ' .~ . ~ uo!io~; ~o:t" "g "lue~.p s! eu!ppeN"~ "1:~,~ s! ua~ :L :,s~aeaeltKl Crist, Mott/Regent: Third place. Boys Varsity Javelin Throw: First "J Moderate -*" Challenging Zane Besler. Heart River place,Cole Olson. Heart River: Sec- Idmul 9A M("I~I I1~ I=~1ff~.l I~ n.r'rslo~ !1:'1 rd'l.gAlleJ.,m,~, fl~,P..a+. ~nm~m~ll,,,rwn Boys Varsity 4x100 Meter Relav: ond place. Cole Osendorf, Bowman -k * HOO BOY! 6 9 S i: /- llz L I~ 8 -- Firstplace. BowmanCount',:Sec-County:TateLunde, WibauxLon~- 20,6KingFeaturesSynd.,Inc. ~ :1:1:::1::: ---,-, - --'" 0ndplace, Hettinger-gcranton:Third horns I- - Vi!i ii! i ii! i il !rlylaJ place Heart River Varsity Team Rankin s: First This weekly puzzle is brought to you by: First place. Mott/Regent: Second Bowman County: Third place, HeartI T~ a~c~:N~ place, New England; Third place,River Bowman County (Girls team results are to be pub- Boys Varsity 4x400 Meter Relay: lished next week.) mmL.~ ~{ I:1:1:11 II ,am " (701) 872-3248 z " ' - I JO/~Sux-/ ] 2. TELEVISION: Which TV char- - deter was knowm for the saying "Live Results for Wheat Commission -~ ----- tllfloal'lS AIHOeNI -- long and prosper"? 3. GENERA, L KNOWLEDGE: election announced Which of Santa s reindeer comes first, THEY LL DO IT EVERY TIME BY AL SCADUTO alphabetically speaking? Coumy and district elections for one appointed by the governor,r-~/~"--! " --*~i~'~ r,,~_,,/,/gl~ ~,tf'Z~,..-/~'O/V/.~'W#O/~Og/~'~ 4. MEASUREMENTS: What is !he ~the North Dakota Wheat Commis- County representatives elected to | ~. A I ~.lLil~.,,i~.:~_,.'~,.,,.~'~__ .,~ "~ / ~l:~/'t,,&'/~f~ t~.OH/'~...d~'~Ov~l time frame indicated m mrcadmn sion (NDWC) representatives intefm~s"i'ii20"IE~gr-e-T[gt~tbe16W(in- IrOYoL.(r ~~.I,.~k.6~Z'W ~'-~.~"$~- I I "Z~,41"OglO~Ol.'T~l~,/tWll..,~Y" .... ('* U{~_---'~ rhythm"? 'alOl#O , I HA, . ~ ~1 ~ I 2 V.. N I / {" ,..~"~,.~.~7"0,8~ } x ..... ~.~r~=r.n-~--m (' ,,..Og_,- t) 5 MATH How many sides does a Districts land 4 are complete told cumbents are noted with an asterisk [ U~,,% ~,,?tl,', ",~""*~"rz;,4 ~,~l~"~;;,~;',/~l I \~ul~,,) heptagon have? tx~oproducerswereelectedtoser~e *). ,-,,,,--,=- ~ ", \,~-.,~-,x~.~ ,- ..~rr.~ IAE~k";.;,.;.;~...,rw,'4~~.r/ I ~"-L'-,~_f'll 6. MUSIC: What was the Oscar-win- four-vear terms on the commission District l ~'~ %~ ~11~';~ I nin theme song of"The Poseidon board. Adams -Bruce Ha en, Reeder e. v ..... " Adventure"? Jim Bahm. New Salem. was Billings-LorenBock, Belfield* I,,~,/J'~-T. [ '~)".~/k [~'~":,//'~4~~~3~.~2~~. 7. COMICS: What company cre- elected to his second term on the Bowman- Myles Richard. Bow-I~/~"~'A~/~://ff ~ ~,~x~~ i~;~ "HUlHkI;HER ED: What Private uni- I gO ' l / | _4 ated "Avengers," "Spider-Man' and board and Philip Volk. York. was man elected to his lirst term on the board. Dram - William Flaget. Halliday* Bahm represents District 1, which Golden Valley - Rick Stovehmd, I -iIt''9-- versity's main campus is in South encompasses 13 counties in the Golva , I-'" "W Bend. Indiana? 9. ASTRONOMY: What was the southwestern part of the state. Volk Grant - Wes Frederick, Flasher*~ ~~, 3.~altJ~'~'''-- 7,~ ~.MUI~PI'I~I~c~a~IO ~-I~ first planet to be discovered using the will represent District 4, consisting Hettinger- Keith Witte. Regent .. ~'~ ~ telescope? of 7 counties in the north central part Mercer- Gary Knell. Hazen* 0fthe state. The terms begin on July Oliver - Patrick Doll, New 10. MEDICAL: What is the focus of oncology? 1. 2016. Salem* ~ Answers The commission consists of Sioux- Jamie Heid, Selfridge'. seven producer board members, six Slope - Farrell Lor~e, Amidon 1. Africa ,, Of whom are producer elected and Stark - Lee Gullickson. Taylor 2. Mr. Spock, "Star Trek 3. Blitzen 4. 24 hours i Wishing g Well 6. ' The Morning After" 7. Marvel 8. Notre Dame 9. Uranus 10. Cancer !6545765257863 S o T R AW O O , iE S R H 0 D A F R T B U N I I I I I I l. ln2014, theNationals Bryce Ioi IRI W tJ3./UW J.J Harper became the sixth player in i! 6 2 8 5 8 6 5 6 7 5 8 2 4 l by ..... Charles Barry major-league history to have at least I 50 homers and 30 steals through h,s :il C R E E K A Y T H 0 I E E A WORDBRIDGE age-21season. Namethreeoftheoth- " I i I-I I er five. i6 2 4 8 3 7 2 4 5 2 5 6 5 /'AN 2. Twice during the 1960s, two i(I S W N E E H A U C R 0 G pitchers won Cy Young Awards and I" r------- - ! v i iM%. faced each other inthe World Series in ii IHI v l C I N I r I olII the same year. Name either duo. 2 5 7 6 4 3 6 5 3 5 3 5 6 l" I ' I '-" I " I ' I I -'- I --it IN I I I I: 1 I I I I I" I .. 3. Ken Niumatalolo is the winnin- !! H 0 R N R W p N 0 l " wl.w INDEED? Hk:kl In the above trarne Is a I I I I I I I I I gest fgtbatl caeh in Navy histlY 47276 v.u w r,J I I I I I I I I I I =0 (68 entering 2016). Who is No. !7 6 7 4 3 6 3 6 ............. 29 The trick is fl " the t first letter X 2 3 q S 7 ~ m . . . il .,,. 4, How many consecutive winning S Y H D U S N S E 0 0 L F ------.,.~,.,m.:,~.-.,,,.~.-~...,...~.,,~. ~ ....................... .,..'Jm~ ,--,,,~.,~hvn,,,~P.n,,~,~" The'~ above oon~ 10supporting .seasons have the San Antonio Spurs i- ............ . words. We give you the flint letter of each had under head coach Gregg Popo- . . g word plUS plenty of hints vich,) 4 5 3 4 7 5 2 6 2 4 2 5 3 I ' - =,=,n," " I1 What is a forelWs age? 3. What age is a bull in a china shop? 1. TO q. 5. Wayne Gretzky holds the top I A U D R P C I F C E E K F ~,orecordsforfastest,,to5Ogoals,,m ................ ~" I ~ 4"Ascraping tool. a season (39 games ,+z games/, wno i m :2474707400404 I :--- . ..... '~ .? 5. A pair of foot warmem. Is tnn'a: rr's MAGIC! Lisp the numbers 8 through 17 to fill in this I h,, h~,,,I I~, 6. A mtde turkey. 6. Name the last male skier to win !iS G Y I O A U V D M E E N Magic Number Square. The numbers in each horizontal row ] !~]~,'r] ] ~"7. To exhort or impel to action, ely dM .... in ~ Wnrld C,,n aon~nn and vertical column, and even the four comer Scluarlm, mus; 12 1 I 1191 a. Ca~ufa~ and boldness in baffle, he'f'ar'~'N'n"l'~vnv'; H'en'ri~k Kri~stoffers*~ : HERE IS A PLEASANT LITrLE GAME that will give you a total 65. We've fill in six of the squares. The rest is up to you. I I~l I I~ 9. TO join together. 2: ;" ~," ;n';2 Use the trial-and-error method-- and a good erased I I I I III I 1251 10. A strong desire ~.,,., ~v. v. , ....... ': _._ =_ .,:_a_l, :: message every day" It's a numencal PUZZle"es gneut spe" .=.o, -,,.,, .,.=,,= -- =, :=-=,, .= .,, ,=,,,o, ,, E6s3 /. wno was me nrsi Alrlcan-Amer- ican golfer to get fult-tilne playing ii out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the ,.,, t privileges on the PGATour? !i number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less the Dy der[ racKenn Answers ! than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the up- l. OrlandoCepeda, Ken Griffey Jr., I (A HUNO ) ;I"glKINO FORV) II Alex Rodriguez, Andruw Jones and !i perlefl-handcornerandcheckoneofyourkey numbers, left l \ -rmKe. ) II II MikeTrout. I .. c.,,.,.._. II _. . " 2. Denny McLain and Bob Gibson, i! to right. Then read the message the letters under the I II "-- 1968; Mike Cuellar and Tom Seaver, ; checked figures give you. I Y4 " .-.__ g .N ..- 116 : r-, I 1969. i 2016 King Features Syndicate, lnc.AIIrightsreserved, I ) 11{ er=: ) ll-q Y,9" ) 3. George Welsh, with 55 wins 11_; (I -- 'i 11 Z.,A "&NI (1973-81). w2v,,,'-J a w II k ze- l I 4. Nineteen seasons. II