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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
April 12, 1934     Golden Valley News
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April 12, 1934
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APRIL 12 1934 THE BEACH, N. D., ADVANCE :.7 7 i, i ! :~i? ( ; ~ ii i~ i ~!/iii PAGE SE~ m~z.o Vernies Steele of with Wibaux Tuesday. E. L. Angelmeyer during the past of the Payne houses, purchased. last: the news was Miss Donelda Brost was a dinner guest at the Win. Zable home Sun- day. Mrs. Jim Phillips and Mrs. Roy Amunrude were hostesses on Wed- nesday evening last when they en- tertained relatives and friends at the Dan Stockwell home, the occa- sion being the birthday anniversary of their mother, Mrs. Stockwell. Progressive whist fm-nished tho evenings entertainment and high Eprizes were received by Miss Marie ' ----7 Fou -teen lslondaForm New Marital Hodge-Podge i CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Cape Verde Archipelago -- F "IVANT' ADVERTISEMlb]NT RATES Fourteen Islands, ten of which are I . All )rders for advertising under this head must be accompanied II~ - Inhabited, make up the Cape Verde fCash. The rates are two cents a word with a minimum charge of ~6 archipelago. They lie about 300 I cents pet" insertion. No such advertisemenls phoned or mailed in will be miles west of the African continent, publiM~ed without prepayment unless the parry has an established All are of volcanic origin, i :~,:eo~,,~t }~ilh this office. The islands are swept almost con- stantly by swift winds, and botht the slopes of their lofty, extinct vol- t ! Wide range dust goggles, only 35 ~ TO TRADE 'canoes and the sea shore appear I coats at Oilbertson's Optical Of-I 2-:3fCL--~I bleuk and arid from the rail of anI i lice. ' 50-3t. IWILL TRADE 15x30 ~fll~cCormlek- approaching steamer. 1,ike Green- i ....... l Deering Tractor ~d 3-bottom .... plow for hol~e~ catrAe. Oscar ii!::!: ('ol'x~H, PitO~'EEDlX.- :Ridenhower.~l~ntinel Butte, N. ....... -=- Dak. If ~:~II oil March 5tlL ].9~14 :it g l}. 1/1. 31, presentbeill~" ~[%yo" .i[, (L ~ Iq~a!l, Aldermen ('o~k. l*iekinson, FOil SALE Ilalvov~nl, 2\lille. 'Phonu~soi~, %ViJod- [ nu!l. earth washed down front the moun- Minuh~> of r-=ular me,,tin~" held F?R ShLE---She}lanfll~-~iony, Young, talns, are the only spots which February 5th 1934, were read and 'gentle. Kenn(~/ Seheffer, Car- , I ,:1~11 I*ll tiy ~\111154 allll ~;'(*f)ll(]('(l I),~ might give the island group a right Cook were approved as read. lyle, Mont. 50~2t. to its appellation. The following bills against the --~" ('ily were ln'esented for eonsidera- FOR SALE---Once M~_ If the 14 islands could be on the ~i,,n: state of Rhode Island, only a few l)o,ld & Strulher.% deed to airl)ort ing corn plan~e~ood as new. H. nroperty, $75.00. Albert Dunn, deed L. Wenberg, l~ach, N.D. 48-3p rugged edges would extend over tile to airport property. $50.00. Alice borders of the diminutive New Eng- M, [~lawks deed IO ah'l)ort t)rOl)tU'lV, .. $90.00. tt, egist~u" of l)eeds recordi~g ' /-~ land state. SL Thlago, largest of fees, $9.75. Knight Pri~'ting Corn-t IW~'lfflmav~ i tha Oan~ Vor~t~n d,mliofltam tha tdtw l l)any, poll bo ks $1 60 Beach ] ~,~l~ll; .// --2-~-~--/----:-~*:---t ..... -~,~. ....... ~ !School District No." 3, deed to air-I" jr _. or..~os An.geies In area.. '.~n.e small- ~)OrtrPrtoperty. $.15A)0..Hernuln .Gee:-] LOST OR STRAYED --~ne black esr ,smna is so uny tnat ~t m meas- :;,dv~gce ~x~u~i~teoax'f f~e~:~Uand'~ea?,n- stud colt, about ~o-years-old, ured by square yards rather than J PUe~ fur'nished. $16.66. ~'Ienke I)rngt tail bobbed, wl~lt "~tar'in fo~- square miles I Company, fumigators, $3.90. VV C. ~ ......... ~ Ar ~ . . ..... " .... " . . . I .Hradlev; quarantine and fumigat'ioi~, ~ head. i~Ol;lIy p~. ~chrnltz, G}fl~ Tne arcmpelago torms a province I , ~, $8.00. c. H. 'Wiley. Salary February. I va, N. D., for reward. of Portugal a~d Its governor general [ $-i0.00. Montana-Dakota Power ~.~ / " - Company. street Hgnts, $1il.55. J ~ : .jr is appointed by the Portuguese gov- ] Remembered in the United States as the woman who made the parsee Beach I~'ire Department, 18 men at [E STRAYED--Black gel~g, 2-year- ernment. He resides at Porto Prala | "moral turpitude" famous during her battle with immia'ration auth~rl , }Vhilpey Fire..20 n}}~E} ~tt.Tultle Fire, I old colt from r~v f$~m about flvt. , . ~L" ~ ~57.00 ~%lonTana*l~aKo[a I~O%v~r I ' ~ -- ---=~ on S.t..Th!ago,.a e!ty of about 85,000 [ t~ m2:r26,I~ady_~rera Hodge.f_ormerlyCoun.tess Cat]aeart. is ha~nl~ !co,np22y_, ligkt and [,.eat at Qrc, I weeks ago. N~f-R:-D: Wleka~ mnamtants, or wnom most are ne- s m .e r ~ ~rouo~e.,~ne n.a~ ~.~.umr~9 mvoree procecmnl~ ha,, v~., ,. M. I,. Loveu, salary rot Beach. ~" 49-~ groes--Chlea~,o Daily News I against ,--nr ~owiana /loaga onset), w~alt, hy shipowner r~ebr'uary. $12;,.01L . .Ed. KveetL hi- : "-~- . o ~ ~ " . - I I)OV on sev, er aria sl reels, $8 20. ,, ' . " . i M >ntana-Dak~ta Power Company ' ~ ' ' ! ....... ] lAght at I, ~2~N 1~o use $2.61 Art MISCELLANEOUS - iM,)gle, labor wer $7.20. Chas. *'~ Asbestos Was Found When T~-~ h' RTI TIIIT T IPDW !,a,,dt,labor' o~n ~eewer', $1.20. Dick Last Letters i~.~.R v~.,.. ~'~ Needed by the Country -~ltllLd k31Ul~l:Jl~l Ik~llLl [Ke~?,'a~drY'Li~'aU~o*,gna~'ate~'ueI $1210' iean Soldiers T;'Thef"~ .... wh-- civilization be~n A Chronicle of Beach High School Activities $~? 92.~ [ ...... Will Be Found Ewery~l~eek--~t-~ oua~ cu ~- I ~t g~s n~pvea ey wooK and second- SUNDAY ~ -i - - most to need It, asbestos was found, ~ ted by ~JVoo~[hull t'hat bills be allow- CHIC_A~[ERALD ^* ..... ~+~. ,~ eha XVnehln~tnn t':d tor-i ,-C ~ief ....... ol as rlead."~ Upon roll being called EXAMINER Al~ Pna~ n lrr,,,,,,,,,~ nu~ ~ w~ .......... ~ ~ Assistant [~dltor" ....................................................................................... ~onala '~;est {the rne~4$berS~ voted as fellows: Cook, _ ' "~ -'~" .... ~" ....... a , .... r-a hot m* --~~__L______~ l Haivorson timt ~l~e ~avor and Cit~' Up to April 1 corn-hog contracts ............ s of factories ~xUD~T GOVERNMENT , is too bad that the teachers fell itt;~-u,~[t~r~b,e [nstf~Icted~,t execute a mgned by North Dakota farmers in rock which would protect us from elected two of its members to rep- ' c. ,~l~5on', ~ Il b~l. I~ cal~e~ o - , g . . rows: C]bok), YES. Dickinson, YES. heat because it neither burns nor resent it in the student council. _. _ [ ~ Halvorsol% ]ql~S. Mlils. YES. Thomp- ;'? ' -- This council is to reeom-^-" *~-- ne ~enlor play "Grumpy" to be son rr:S. V~oodhull YES Motion meltS, uxe.u vz,e " i "1 ..... t'- , " . Wen ' dec area carrr@o. g April 20 has the followin Asbestos is used practically every- penaltms to be given for not getting cast g Moved by Dickinson and seconded where today. In our homes, we book reports in on time, not prepar- : Nick Wagner had been Zielsdorf and Reuben Amunrude in the damage suit while Mrs. Pmbert Alguire and Al-i land, Cape Verde (meaning Green Pacific Rain ibert Thompson received the low. AtI Cape) is a misnomer, The name Is the Federal Court at !midnight a delicious s'dpper Was derived from ~reeu seaweed, which is the first of a ser-iserved 'after which all dep~.rted for drifts Into the islands' bays from the to be tried in the their homes wishing Mrs. StockweH] Atlantic. The Interior valleys of many more happy birthdays. The the larger islands, made fertile by received a mes- guest of honor received many pret- that her bro- ty and useful gifts. The guests IVlrl Veto, Orr, a former were: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest. Ziels- of Wlbaux county had dorf, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Zielsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rice, Mr. and April 2nd, at his home Mrs. Jess Smith, Mr. and Mrs. How- , Oregon. Funeral serv- ard Stockwell, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. from St. Agatha's Alguire, Mr. and Mrs. A1. Thbmp- ,~e:p~ w~'o Oregn" [ son Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ohnstad, . received three Mr'and Mrs R H Welsh Mr. and ribs ,and other injuries in Mrs Reuben' Amunrude, Mrs. Sig acCilent March 31st is still IPederson Miss Marie Zielsdorf, his bed. [Maurice ~liller, Roy Amunrude ano k~' Norton returned by bus I Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stockwell and morning from a visit of family. " vis reeks With relatives in Min- Russell Welsh was a Glendlve ",- ~a~ North Dakota g MO~sd~gerson, son of Mr. and ~anof Beach was transact I 7r on is ufferin~ in Wibaux Wednesday. Mrs. Frarr~Rc~r~on, . s Scammon was hostess I fror~-~=-badly sprained'~'rm~. alles Aid of the Christian f~r~. Otto Mueller retu~ed to the ~ntal church last Thursday: D'ickinson hospital this we~.k, where ~rt business sessio~.j~ she will receive more radium treat- president, Mrs ~d(non ment~ \ . Preslfled, Mrs. C. ~'Steele Mrg. Pat Coyne and Mrs.~ ~. u. " ~csn~on den~(mstrated Say'on were Beach visitorsI Tues- q lit m|,king../~ delicious dq~ evening. by th.~/hostes~ con- /Mrs/Burton Welsh was te s to ff~ble and pleas the ] [issi mary Society of C :ris- / tian~ Fun lamental cht fo day and C. J afte~ mot, Needlework xe )as- , with " tinge for several hours at the were a was the at L. who has geen week ill for past two weeks, Zane shows slight ~ment. Mrs. Thrarns wh~ is in caring for While wee.ks ago the past two weeks Attorney and Mrs. Thos. ',olton returned to their home in tt a smartly apponited (3. E. Keller enter- home on Wednesday color scheme of carried out in the small tables guests for the menu. Dur- five tables of in Play With Mrs. P. A. W. O. Schuett and Bixby receiving score G. Manning is able to after being confin- and the Glendive several Weeks. credit and collection the International at Aberdeen, S. D., to see his father Who has been con- Wagner hospital for ill With heart left for Aberdeen on Mr Hede St., to return an opera- hoe- meeting of the last Wednesday L. Collins was pre- miscellaneous shower. Jas. Lynn and Mrs. returned Wednes- Where they had court. Burton Welsh, son A. C. Samson were at the home Lloyd Callender, has returned after spend- in Richester an( she was em ~-~, Paul anl spent Suni homes. of Skaar who is at- High school. H. KUSske and were dinner home near the winter months Mrs. Geo. El- their ranch Carlson and Mary the latter's sis- hospital on occasion of the of Mrs. Mary was given by MOnday after- afforded enter- guests for several COnclusion a dain- by the hoste~. the recipient of Glasgow, the home of her Dan Stock- and Mr. and Were among the Party given home near evening, April 3. of ~lendlve her grand- C,E. White. Mrs. Anna Gordon departed Tues- day for her home in Sioux Falls,. S. Dak., after spending the winter with her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Stipek. Mrs. Albion Welsh and mother, Mrs. Anna Mingel were dinner guests at the home of Rev. and :Mrs. tester Norton, Monday. SUNSET SENTINEL Charlie Smith and Win, Ueckert were business visitors in Beach last Monday. Mrs. Wm. Holler was a guest of Mrs. Charlie Smith last Wednesday afternoon. Charlie Bohn from Sentinel Butte hauled a load of corn from the Win. Ueckert farm Wednesday after- !loon. Mr, Albert Ramsey was a Beach caller last Wednesday morning. Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Smith and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Ueckert and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Zinsli attended the '-:ar~~, and dancing party in Sentinel Bu;te last Thursday evening. Charlie Kramer is repairing and: erecting his windmill whiei~ has been on the grou t!;'~' winter. Mr. and Zook and family and sporting[ a edan which tBeY a Dickinson deer p~(rt of last week. ] Ira ~ake~is a house gue~_ at home Of hdlr sister, Mrs. ]~kidy de, for la fe~ weeks, i Mrs. ]Lake recuperating ~frofl~a~ ope~tion which she ~Lndel~nt 1~ the Facn hospital/~ douple~ mont]~s egg. Mr. ~ Mrs. F~ ~. sc~eli~g and famlly]w~re dinn~r guests/at the home~f-~r, and ~rs. Wm/Ueckert last gunday. \ -/'err re Mr. ~ Mrs. Alfred U~ecg turned ~umiay aftemQbn from a ~usiness ~riI~ to Bisma~, Velva and l~ot. 1~/George~hristensen ox Beac~r~o.m~&~ them on their trip to Velva last MondaY. Mr. Ira Lake and Volney Schmel- ing were callers at the Eddy Quaale home Sunday afternoon. Many in this vicinity have start- ed springs work. The tractors are all tuned up and ready to "renew the chase" around the fields after their long period of idleness. Mrs. Wm. Roesler has been ailing with a seige of flu the past week. Leonard Trester had a ulcerated tooth pulled last Friday which has been causing him much trouble and sickness for the past two months. Delton Schmeling was a caller at the Wm. Ueckert farm MondaY morning, via the saddle horse, tak- ing home with him a horse which F. F. Schmeling purchased from Mr. Ueckert. Charlie Kramer went to Beach NIonday afternoon and attended a grasshopper committee meeting in the court house. Sobus Sausker of M~xbass says he has grown Ceres wheat next to durum the past two years and that he has found the grasshoppers pre- fer the durum. Last year Ceres was] a~bett~r crop than either durum orl 'Marquis, he declares. l:,y Woodhull that nermissiou be gcanted Davis Etrothers ro erect oll have It in our kltchens In the shape ing lessons, et cetera. The qualifi- Mr. Andrew Bullivant (Grumpy), station on Highway No. 10. building of "hot handles" and It shields tho cations of the members of the coun- Howard Larson. r,, he Ioeated on Lot two (2) in Block twelve (12) known as Tract pipes of our furnaces. Sometimes cil are: They must have above 80 Mr. Ernest Heron, Reese Foster. A-37, Hunters First Addition to the It Is built Into the very walls of our averages and no incompletes in Ruddoek. Glenn Summers. ~'ity of Beach. according to their h011ses Lo make them fireproof, their studies on book reports. The Mr. Javis. Preston Neff. l,:'Ol,,.l'~'I:~l on oulver~s.fih' provi(lln~r:~ th.irthey,,'a ,:l)Utex-il~ When the earth's crust first hard- class who has bestowed this honor Mr. Isaac Wolfe, Robert Hanevold. i ,~-,' >,~.thm .arrh, d 2.!,~ved t~ (',,o]:. t]'t:l.[ t:,*. fo]l.,wh~g ened into rocks, millions and mll- on twoof its members should in re- Dr. Maclaren. MiLliam Moyer. Dl'Ol)o:~eo ordinan(.e I)e passed on its lions of years ago, some of the veins tllrn have its problems solved hon- KeblG Jerry Keohane. second and final reading, "'AN OR- tn the rock were filled with a stuff estly and justly. The members of'Merridew' Daniel ~p. D1NAN('E TO AMEND OH.I)INANCE ~[,~ THE CITY OlO t{tqA(2tnl. BEING called serpentine. It is thls ser- the council should be broadminded Dawson a maid. Helen Robertson. AN OI~.I')]NANC|] [.:STAFII~ISHIN(I above ' Virginia Bullivan~ Evelyn Thomp-, I,I('b:NS~NG OF PEt~:qON~ Dr)IN61 pontine which is the mother of as- clear-thinking individuals and ~ ttiJiAGs FOR PLI:MBING AND TIIE DON'Tt~M Bl.~| bestos, all they mus~ not let personal feel- son. 'IA'MHIN(~ W()RK ANI} I'R()VII). HEMO-~FREE, ~rove, ointra~ Mined from rock In Georgia and rags or grudges enter into their de- Mrs. Maclaren. Rutl~ Becklev.~ MAK1NG~N~; [~.[g(IUI.ATI()NSoF CONNE(~TIONS["()ll %V[TttTHE gets r~u[ts, l~l~)thes. It heals. It Canada. serpentine is ground ap into cisions. Often the students them- Susan. Dorothy Crosby. Sl.:WERS AND W'ATI.]II MAINS. absorbs. | It~f'as brough comfomi~ AND ltI':(II'I,AT1NG THt; MAN- rdief to thou~an~ It will do the same for 1~! soft white pull)y stuff which is very selves make harsher decisions than Better come and ~ee it! ~xi.:tt (~P' l)()lN(l Iq,l'Ml.'lN(; %VORK light and quite tough The pulp is a teacher. We believe that~hls'ex- [ N }I'II,I)IN~S WITHIN TttE CITY Never befor~has ItEMO-FREE been ()t;' Bi.;A('It AN[) PROVIDUNG for !~ than $1.00 per robe. So take advm~lllle then broken up, cleaned and card. )eriment wiK have many good ef- HUGE POTATO CHOP [|'ICNAI/I'II~N FOH. ANY VIOLA- ~da of thenew low price: [ TIONS OF q'HE PROVISIONS ed llke wool for weaving Into cloth, fects. It will allow more respon. INDICATED FOR 1934 HEIIEOF." FULL SIZE TUBE - 0rdinfirily, fine wires are woven Into sibilities to res~ on the students i The above motton being seconded (C.O.D. OrdersS~) the cloth with the threads of as- I)y Voodhtll and on I)etng DtJ1; tO themselves instead of the instruct- Reports froln growers indicate vote by tho Mayor, lhe following: bestos, whlch, being rock crystal, or. Consequently this will tend to that the United States potao acre-Ivteson, YEs.Was had:Halvorson,Cook, Yi~S.yEs.Diekin-Mills, A~afidaetion guaranteeom~ withmda t~l, ....................................................... would otherwise be too brittle to be make them more dependable and age for harvest in the 1934 season Yl:S. Tl~on,pson. YES Woodimn HEMO LABORATORIES Motion declared ea rri,-d. ' {4.520 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles Caltf. lnrable, will encourage initiative. Won't it may be expected ~o total over 3,- was mowed by t:(alv,,rson aml 'Enclo~lisb0c for fullsizedouble~d) make an individual more honorable 400,000 acres or bout 7 percent more se.( nded by I)ieklnson that tL 1:3~ tube or HE MO-FREE, If not relie,a~d !4W /,~,voll he alH3olnted [n~:pector of i my ~/C Dac_a~ Have Jealousy Cure and-democratic, too? than the 3.184.000 acres llarves~ed in City Eleolion of April 2nd. 1!~3, AU Medical science has until recently It was once said that it is char- 1933. members re}toni AYE. NAVS. I~one t Name .'klc)t D,tl car'ricd. ................. ..... ..o, regarded jealousy as a defect of acter Lhat makes the man, and the This prospective acreage wit:h a Movutl a:H] ::~,eo;id, d ,, :HIjoHriL Address character that Is Incurable. Psy- character is always being shaped by yield of 110 bushels the average of ~m,th,~ carri~.d ........................... chologists have come to the conclu- daily thoughts and actions. We are recent years, would result in a Uni- .xt,,,,,t J. (; ~'>:.\IA, ~'. i[ wi]~F:v. 51ayor, City ............... State ..... ~ion, however, that Jealousy ts a dls- building day by day the character ted States crop of about 275,000.000 c'ltv Auditor .... ease, with the same general charac- tha~ will make or mar our happi- bushels. It would exceed the 1933 " - toristics as other diseases. Jeal= ness. crop by about 58.000 000 bushels. 'or .% ~ OlII)INA NCI,I TO A M|qND .% ~ ~ "*"'~--~ o~sy is a mixture of fear, envy and This English Council has our 18 percent, and the prectding 5- ou,,~('E of,, THV, cm'v Oto'i A, ,,o,,,,A,,,:, PROFFSSlON/I[ C/t I}S weakness. It is j ~st as aneontrol- ] whole-hearted approval, and we hero year production by abouL 20,000,000 .:,"'~ . , ; " ; ur ,v:~ ,,'o, I NI &Ill |~|ll%t I lable as love, which comes and goes ~.nd now wi.~h ib !odds of success and bushels, or six percent. Such a crop P|,|I|||ING AND ]'tll,] |,I('EN~- wtthont any conscious effort of wilL hope it wttl continue. Th'e follow- would be the larges~ produced zince J~; OF j'|.:u~o%~ |.~,~; I'Ll'%lltl%f~ %VOIII{ ,%%1) [,ilo- The only difference between lovo ing were the members elected to the 1928 when considerable quantities I iI|)IN(/ |IIGI~II,AT[ON~i |,'O|1 Till|,] ............ .o~*~...~b~ "~i A Iil SG t) I'" ('It ~ N b3('FiO~ ~ and Jealousy is that whereas love eouneiI: could not bP marketed oil aeeouilt liiT|l NE%VI,~EIN l~l) %%AT|qll Is Incurable, Jealousy can be treat- Olive Moyer. Enola Lassall, Do,,.- or low paces. ""''" "'" "'