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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
April 1, 2010     Golden Valley News
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April 1, 2010
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April 1, 2010 Page 7 00Trivi-a 1. U.S. STATES: What is the state capital of Michigan? 2. LANGUAGE: What would "tur- bid&apos;" water look like? 3. AD SLOGANS: What company promoted its products with the slogan, "Nothin' says tovin" like something from the oven." 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the original of the internation- al distress signal "mayday" 5. MEI)ICAL TERMS: What is the common name for "epistaxis"? 6. SCIENCE: What is the chemical element symbol for tungsten? 7. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Farce Islands located? 8. MOVIES: In "'Star Wars," where did Luke Skywalker grow up'? 9. FOOD & DRINK: What other spice is similar in flavor to mace? 10. ttlSTORY: Whal type of gun was used to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln7 Answers 1. Lansing ' 2. Muddy orcloudy 3. Pillsbury 4. The French teml "m'aidez'" or "come (and) help me." 5. Nosebleed 6. W 7. Halfway between Scotland and Iceland 8. The planet Tatooine 9. Nutmeg 10. A derringer pistol f3 2010 King Featules Synd., Inc. 00-t:;:ean;ge BUT TRUE By Samantha Weaver - It was. 19th-century French author Pien'e-Jules Renard who made the following sage observation about his craft: "'Literature is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to people who have none." Gmnness, that notoriously clark and bitter Irish brew, contains fewer calories than skinl milk or orange juice. Stout for breakfast, anyone? o Lawmakers in Phoenix once saw fit to make it illegal to walk through a hotel lobby while wearirig spurs. It's hard to imagine what life was like before the widespread availability of refrigeration, isn't it'? Some people have decided to find out -- and you might be surprised at how mtmy. Although 99.5 percent of all house- holds in the tJnited States have a refrigerator, that still means that more than 1.5 million households are fridge-less. Swedish chemist and engineer Alfred Nobel famed inverltor of dynamite and originator of the Nobel P]fizes, could sak,-five-.-Inguages fhaently by the time hewas 17 years old, Finland llas more islands than any other country in the world. Those wl'lo study such things claim that the hair on people of European descent tends to whorl ill a counter- clockwise fashion, while on most Japanese people it whorls ill the oppo- site direction. ACROSS 1 Read quickly 5 The whole shebang 8 Eastern potentate 12 Author Morrison 13 Halloween shout 14 Easter emblem 15 Winged 16 Early bird? 17 Gilligan's home 18 Bicycle-seat style 20 Restaurant chain acronym 22 "Ditbert" or "Garfield" 26 Face-to-face exams 29 Cistern 30 Altar affirmative 31 Jackknife, for one 32 Crony 33 "Had more than a hunch 34 Female deer 35 Roscoe 36 Falafel holders 37 Meccas for shoppers 40 Break suddenly 41 Pearl's home 45 $50, in King Crossword __i 1 12 3 12 15 18 I 26 127 28 3I 34 37 45 146 5O 53 __I "Monopoly" 47 Sportage maker 49 Black-and- white treat 50 Lotion additive 51 Charged bit 52 Sensed 53 Proper bloke 54 Greek con- sonants 55 Admit, with "up" DOWN 1 Impale 2 Caffeine-rich nut 3 -- instant 4 Sainthood prerequisite 5 Perpend- icular to the keel 6 Journal 7 Sane 8 "Cats" inspirer 9 Typo 10 Ailing 11 Pumper- nickel alternative 19 Ph. bk. data 21 DDE predecessor 23 Ex of The Donald 24 Notion 25 "Hogan's Heroes" group 26 Probabit-ity 14 17 Z-II P4 25 1 3-7 ---- 33 42 43 44 49 52 55 27 Laugh-a- minute 28 Distaste 32 Cinderella's coach, really 33 Casual dis- missal 35 Coll. tran- script stat 36 Thickness 38 Cove 39 Bank trans- actions 42 Genealogy chart 43 Morays, e.g. 44 Deteriorates 45 Satchel 46 Hearty brew 48 Debtor's letters BY HOCUS-FOCUS HENRY BOLTINOFF 1 / , E 7 i , , ii i, illl Find at least six d,fferences 'm detads between panels '- ,9 " #- m,# . k7 i i lueJaJJ,!p s! uo!eseJdxe s,Ao 9 HoEIq S! )4oEd>loEq SflO cj LI!SS!U.I 9! eeJ.L 17 HOelq ! ),ELI ,Ue' "e UOelLIEO eq O "E "JelJOqS S! I10!), S' L :SeOUeJe!(] Ju.00 Like Cat00 & Docj00 by Da00, T. i I HUBERT By Dick Wingert '" i[ I 1 __ ":::-iiiTiir "Mind if I go out for lunch now, sir?" Racing News ) I1] ' 'p';" -" . 7/ 04[i!',i ' ,:  by Charl Tow -- =  u w A "STATE" < OF MIND 3. PUZZLE! , Let's take a i 5. (-----  ! trip around 6.87  the country. Below are IT'S MORNING and this little squirrel is still [ '  the mottos of hibernating When he wakes up, how many g. [ [ [ nine states. nuts will he have for breakfast? Your problem is to identif the name of each state, using these mottos, and LAuew mql pu!t no/, p!c] !; pelunoa e :Jesu then enter the state's name in the puzzle grid above. Have a nice trip! 1. The Empire State, FARMER BROWN STRIKES IT RICH! When he brought I g 2. The Golden State, ,f. ,. " a truckload of chickens and sheep to market, he noticed  I - 3. The Keystone State.  that, all together, they had 24 heads and 76 feet. If he l o "' was paid $3 per chicken and $10 per sheep, how much -*a,-, I g 4. The Great Lakes State. r 4. The Sunshine State. money did he make that day? I  6. The Prairie State. OZt$ to let, at e epew eq as 'am. s!q u! daeqs # l pue suoto!qo 0 aJOM oJaq UeMsuv J  7. The Sunflower State. 8. The Hoosier State. '-  9. The Bluegrass State.  If you solve this puzzle correctly, the dark-framed column in the grid will spell p,NOT--. "* out the name of the Badger State. q. NOT .... U!SU COS!/V%, SlI::]S IS, NOT .... UtUnl00 peJEJj.Jep eq Honlue4 "6 "eu!pul "8 sesue "Z 's!ou!tll '9 "eppol.4 " 'ueS!qoilR "# 16. NOT ..... 'euWsuued ' 'eIwogle 0 g ,o k e N ' , :saesuv HERE'S A KNOTTY PROBLEM! In this puzzle, all of the words get progressively longer, and they all start with NOT. Some hints are: 1. NOT (in place). 2. A brief record. 3. A V-shaped cut. 4. A whim. 5. Something remarkable. 6. Made known. Peg!iON 9 aiqeloN S uo!loN I qOlON g alaN 8 ION t :sJatsuv R.F.D. SiM...qOt37 6OTr-IER'5 J::: 2i-Oeon - $I'II"N' f ....... OUT -I'ERE! / t4FI4,-- T 11400 will N t' 21NI: _. by Mike Marland ontl,',61vD..le d'ive /'I4UD-ILO&OIN'. J-- ,   Out on a Limb by Gary Kopervas Ao00Y Dot00K a 9 g) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. I J ,,ro .ac,,g Wee,,,, April 2 - 3, 2010 Nashville Superspeedway Race Information & Records Last Year's Winner: Joey Logano / Qualifying Record: Kevin Harvick 159,678 - 2001 Race Record: Scott Wimmer 134.095 - 2008 Race Time: 3:30 pm ET, April 3rd Track Statistics & History Location: Lebanon, Tenn, Turns / Fror I Back: 140 / 90 / 6 Distance: 1.333 miles Shape: D-shaped Oval There is no Sprint Cup race this weekend, so we will be covering the Nashville 300 instead. The Nashville Superspeedway, built in 2001, currently hosts four major races: two Nationwide Series races, an Indy Racing League event, and a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race." Current permanent seating capacity is approximately 50,000, but could be expanded to seat 150,000. Nashville Superspeedway is the only track to Iost two Nationwide Series races without hosting a Sprint Cup event. Through March 28, 2010 2010 Sprint Cup Series Drtver Points 1) Kevin Harvick 774 2) Matt Kenseth 773 3) Jimmie Johnson 760 4) Greg Biffle 750 5) Tony Stewart 685 6) Kurt Busch 677 7) Jeff Burton 677 8) Dale Eamhardt Jr. 621 9) Paul Menard 614 10) Kyle Busch 606 11) Jeff Gordon 603 12) Clint Bowyer 601 2010 Nationwide Series Dver Point= 1) Carl Edwards 670 2) Brad Keselowski 644 3) Justin AIIgaier 639 4) Kyle Busch 594 5) Kevin Harvick 569 6) Greg Biffle 563 7) Paul Menard 528 8) Steve Wallace 472 9) Mike Wallace 458 10) Brian Vickers 457 Greg Biffle Born: Dec. 23, 1969 Sponsor: U.S. Census Crew Chief: Greg Erwin Car:. Ford Biography: Grog Biflle joined de Busch ,ies m 2001 an won the Rookie of the Yea award while piddng up five wins and finishing fourth in points. He started com- pethlg in NASCAR's top circuit in 2003, and finished in 20th place in the final Cup Series points. Greg Biffle showed steady improvement in the 2004 season as he earned two wins en route to a 17 piece finish in the points standing. 2005 wes Bie's breal(ut sea- son. He finished the season tied with teammate Cad Edwards for second in the Cup , thirty- five points behind champion Tony Stewart. Bifne won the lJe.-breaker for second because of his six race vic- tories, the most of any driver in the Cup Sedes in the 2005 season. In 2006, Biffle won twice, at Dadingto Raceway and Homestead-Miami Speedway. In 2007, Biffle failed to qualify for the Chase for the Cup, but did earn one victoPj at bhe LifeLock 400. Despite going winless dunng the 26-race regular season in 2008, Biffle made the Chase for the Cup and won the flint two Chase raes. In 2009, Biflle qualified foe the Chess for 8e Cup for the second year  a row, but failed to record a win. Denny Hamlin will undergo reconstructive knee surgery next week rather an waiting until after the season. The Toyota driver tore his left antedor cruciata ligament in a January ; preseason pickup basketball game. The original plan was to delay surgery until after the season. Hamlin said on Saturday that the surgery hacl to be done regardless of whare he was in points, as his knee has buckled several times and caused him to sustain further damage. =We were doing further damage to the knee and to me it's not something ' that's worth suffering forever or hang ._ . Driver PoslUon Car Bake Kevin Harvick 1 29 Chevrolet Matt Kenseth 2 17 Ford Jimmie Johnson 3 48 Chevrolet Greg Biffle 4 16 Ford Tony Stewart 5 14 Chevrolet Kurt Busch 6 2 Dodge Jeff Burton 7 31 Chevrolet Dale Eamhardt Jr. 8 88 Chevrolet Paul Menard 9 98 Ford Kyle Busch 10 18 Toyota As of presstime today, the race at Martinsville Speedway had been postponed. After Wing for more than an hour to baffle increasingly wet weather conditions on Sunday, Nascar post- poned running the Goody's Fast Pain Relief 500 .until noon ET Monday. A steady rain descended on the track about an hour before the scheduled Sunday start time of 1:13 p.m. ET and did not let up. Officials called for the postponement of the race just before 2:30 p.m. Who was the first title winner under the new Chase for the Cup format? a) Jeff Gordon c) Kurt Busch b) Tony Stewart d) Matt Kenseth s01, doj. 1. pua 's do.L 01. 'su! M aalLI] pesseuJa pus 8u!oe qsnoH JOj. SAOJp qosn 8 ueq 't,00 u! pe.unooo s!q.I. "qosnt] gnH (o : T NAPA REAL DEALS! Champion Pressure Washer, $249.99 NAPA Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer $29.99 I I Vise-grip 10" Grooveneck Pliers $16.99 Belfield Auto Supply 505 6th St. NE (701) 575-4228 i