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March 24, 2016     Golden Valley News
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March 24, 2016
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March 24, 2016 Golden Valley News Page 3 Violence has no place in our pol- itics ... other than at Donald Trump rallies, apparently. Last week, a Trump supporter told a protester to "'go to Auschwitz" while making a Nazi salute. Another video showed a Trump supporter sucker punching a protester as the protestor was being escorted out of a Trump rally and said, again on camera, "next time we see him, we might have to kill him.'" (Trump is having his people look into whether he, Trump, will pay that man's legal fees after the man was mTested.) Further, charges were recently filed against Trump's cam- paign manager after he allegedly grabbed a female reporter's arm - causing extensive bruising - after she deigned to ask Trump a question. Understandably, many Republi- cans, including his fellow candi- dates, have denounced Trump and his campaign. There's Ted Cruz say- ing Trump's campaign "affirma- tively encourages violence." Marco Rubio saying he's "very concerned" somebody may be killed. And John Kasich saying he's "shocked" at the level of violence Trump inspires. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said the violence at Trump's rallies is "very concerning" and that candi- dates "have an obligation to do everything they can to prevent'" rio- Other Views Robert Haider Executive Director North Dakota Democratic -NPL lence at their rallies. Former Republican congressman and current political television host Joe Scarborough pointed out that Trump encouraged his support- ers to "knock the crap" out of pro- testers. There's Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney's chief strategist in 2012, saying Trump "'is inciting violence." There's Mitt Romney himself dis- missing Trump out of hand because of "[tlhe bullying, the greed, the showing off. the misogyny, the ab- surd third grade theatrics." And then there's Rep. Kevin Cramer. We recently learned that Kevin Cramer supports Donald Trump, and, in his skewed view, thinks that speaking out against this violence wilt only "serve to strengthen the standing of Donald Trump." We can disagree on many policy issues yet still agree that Donald Trump's vitriolic rallies and encour- agement of violence by his support- ers have led to situations where people are getting hurt - and Kevin Cramer's endorsement of that is shameful. North Dakotans deserve better than an elected official trying to shift blame for his preferred candidate's hateful comments while cozying up to him. We deserve elected officials who have the courage to stand up to extremism and hatred of any kind. We deserve elected officials who in- stead unite our state and country be- hind equality and fairness. We deserve elected officials who stand up for all North Dakotans. That's what the Dem-NPL candidates are seeking to accomplish. Instead, we see Kevin Cramer defending Donald Trump - a man who called Mexican immigrants "rapists;" who hesitated to disavow David Duke and the KKK when they offered their support of his cam- paign; who called women "tat pigs" and "disgusting animals," blamed debate questions on a woman's men- strual cycle: and who mocked a re- porter who is physically disabled. Donald Trump clearly does not have North Dakota values, yet Rep. Kevin Cramer looks forward to "'Republican leaders [helping] Don- ald Trump be a successful candi- date." North Dakotans deserve much better. No presidential primary for North Dakota this year North Dakota will not be having a presidential primary this year. Con- sequently, we will not be able to tip the scales in the battle for the Re- publican nomination. Primaries were created to kill bro- kered nominating conventions and the political machines that controlled politics in the late 1800s and into the 1900s. It was "power to the people" and "'people count" long before they became chants in today's rhetoric. The basic assumption of primar- ies was that the voters were wise enough to choose their party's can- didates. It is still regarded as a the- ory because it continues unproven and may well be destroyed in 2016. North Dakota tested that assump- tion six times. We had presidential primaries in six presidential years - 1912, 1916, 1920, 1924, 1928 and 1932 - and never demonstrated "power to the people" during this trial period. In 1912, Bob LaFollette won the North Dakota primary but W. H. Taft got the nomination; in 1916. LaFol- lette won the primary but Charley Hughes got the nomination; in 1920, Hiram Johnson won the primary but Warren Harding got the nomination. In 1924, Calvin Coolidge won the primary and did get the nomination; in 1928, Frank Lowden was the only Republican candidate to show up in North Dakota and Herbert Hoover got the nomination: in 1932, Joseph France won the primary and Hoover was renominated. In six Republican primaries, North Dakota voted for the winning candidate only once. With this sad record, we abandoned the primary business for several reasons. First, the lack of impact on presi- N.D. Matters By Lloyd Omdahl dential nominations was embarrass- ing. Of course, there were fewer pri- maries nationally in those days so most nominations were still being negotiated in smoke-filled rooms. Second, the Great Depression was in full swing in the early '30s. State policymakers slashed budgets left and right to bring the cost of government down to disposable in- come. The anemic presidential pri- mary was an expendable fringe program for state and local govern- ments. In the 1932 elections, people voted to cut the salaries and travel al- lowances of county, state elected and judicial officials. One ballot measure reduced the assessed valuation of property from 75 percent to 50 per- cent. (It wasn't on the ballot but the Red River voluntarily dried up in Fargo.) Without state-sponsored primar- ies, parties were left to their own re- sources to get grass roots preferences for presidential candidates. At the present time, North Dakota Republicans are using a committee to nominate a slate of delegates to be ratified by the state convention. The Democrats use a system of propor- tional allocation that requires a re- Please support your local merchants SMALL BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY TOOLS FOR EFFICIENCY AN D G ROWTH March 30 9am-1 pm at the Comhnunity Learning & Technology Center in Beach, ND i-- :t~o m k',t (~.] __---_;:__---_,wk-t aq~'_m_-----~-:--- ( dr'=- I I I I [~ I i [e Kl-]l:e] i i iro]Jir&e li 15~.7~ ~e]lrA[e ]g ~ (:l:z~tcr t;~l-tl O HOW TO SHARE YOUR VIEWS We welcome letters to the editor concerning issues of area interest or regarding stories and editorials that have been published. Letters should be limited to 400 words. Guest columns or opinion-editorials longer in length are also welcome. A writer can have only one letter or column regarding the same subject published in a 30-day time period, unless the writer is responding to a new aspect of an issue that has been raised. Letters and columns are a way to encourage public discussion. Thank-you letters and invitations cannot be published as letters to the editor, but can be formatted as advertisements. Please include your name, address and phone number on your letter or column so that we can contact you. Your address and phone number will not be published. Golden Valley News/Billings County Pioneer, P.O. Box 156, Beach, N.D. 58621; nsurance nc. 110 Term Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance Fixed Annuities Index Annuities IRAs Long-Term Care Ins. Bruce Ross Central Ave. South, Beach, ND(701)872-4461 (office) (Across from Bank of the West) (701) 872-3075 (home) medial course in math to under- stand. To guide his choice of a candi- date, Congressman Kevin Cramer conducted an online straw survey. Responding to the survey. 4,740 par- ticipants gave Donald Trump 1,785, or 38 percent. Senator Ted Cruz ran second with 1,220, or 26 percent. In the 2012 presidential election. the Republican candidate got 188,000 votes. After making adjust- ments for independents and straying Democrats, the figure suggests that a minimum of 100,000 voters are regular Republicans. To keep Cramer's survey in per- spective, Trump's 1,785 votes could hardly be called a mandate when measured against the real Republi- can electorate of 100,000 or more. With such a small nnmber of sur- vey participants, it would take just a little manipulating or ballot box stuffing to taint the tally. Even "on- line" would bias results. So the sur- vey provides no worthwhile guidance for supporting any of the presidential candidates. Now back at square one, we could propose bringing the presiden- tial primary back but it would not be timely. We are now in the same budget-slashing mode that elimi- nated the primary 88 years ago. Van or Bus Service Billings County Golden Valley County Distance of 160 Miles CALL 701-872-3836 The Billings Count); Pioneer and Golden Valley News have shared advertisbzg, and have been sharing the news for some of their inside pages for about 40 ),ears. This means the coverage o/" your ad isn't limited to.just either county/Our primaO, coverage area is western Stark County and west to the Montana border It pavs to advertise/ To the editor: keep spending at the same level'? that has grown by 300% over the Attorney General Wayne Stene- Does he just not know? And what years'? Where is the conservative, hjem proved in his only debate (he about his vote in 1995 where he small government thinking'? I hope refuses to debate anymore) that he's voted to allow tax dollars to be used North Dakota wakes up and realizes no conservative, let alone a Republi- to pay for abortions'? His response at that we need to change directions. It's can. the debate was "Well, every one else time to vote for someone who will When asked if state spending was did." Well Mr. Stenehjem, how did stop growing government and give too much, not enough, or just right, the bill tail? And how about the brief the taxpayers real tax relief. It's ob- without hesitation he stated "just he wrote in support of Obamacare? vious Wayne Stenehjem is not that right." If that is so, Wayne must plan This was at the same time our state man. on raising taxes on all of us. In order was opposing it. (Maybe he was a Charles Tuttle to make up for the over spending of Democrat then). Common Sense North Dakota $1.8 billion, how does he expect to And how about the AG budget Minot Student looking for information To the editor: everything I can about your great send some products, crops, rocks, My name is Josiah Griffith and I state! I would appreciate any help leaves, bugs, or soil samples from am a student at Anselmo-Merna you can give me. North Dakota. Public School in Nebraska. Could your readers please sendPlease send letters or packages Our third grade class is research- information about your state? by April 26 to: ing states for our States Fair proj- I would also like to know about Josiah Griffith ect. Each of my classmates hasthe important landmarks in North 750 N.Conway Street picked a state and I have chosen Dakota. PO Box 68 North Dakota. I want to learn It would be helpful if you could Merna. NE 68856 Your vote' been stolen by a party of elites To the editor: half way into his interview in re- What the common man thinks mat- Finally a Republican spokesman sponse to the question,"Why bother ters not - unless they're ready to publicly confirms what has long been holding primaries'?" Curly answered: write that check. assumed to be their truth. Curly "That's a good question." The hosts Keep that in mind when you're at Haugland, former N.D. GOP chair, of the program laughed at the public the ballot box - or, rather, when and now national Republican Party display of arrogance, you're not allowed to vote for your committeeman, appeared on a CNBC To people who follow politics and choice for the Republican candidate political program to talk about party in particular the politics of the N.D. for president. Your vote has been rules that will allow the RNC to GOPandtheRNC, this answer was stolen by a party of el ites who do not choose any presidential candidate not surprising. They've long been betieve in democracy or a democratic they want, regardless of the result of known to use a "pay-to-play" model process. public primaries, and require their candidates, elected Ondine Baird Curly dropped the bomb about officials and party faithful fall in line. Bismarck 'Welcome to Leith' premiers on April 6 "Welcome to Leith," the film moved to be closer to the oil fields, Cobb and his followers ratchet up the that attracted a large audience at the but Cobb had other motives. Posting intinfidation tactics, disrupting City recent Fargo Film Festival. will have on racist online forums that he'd Council meetings, with shouts of its television broadcast debut on found the perfect place to start an all- "Sieg Hell" and posting residents' Prairie Public on Wednesday April 6, white enclave, Cobb implored other names and home addresses on racist at 7 p.m. and Sunday, April 24, at 1 white supremacists to move to Leith Web sites. But when he takes to pa- p.m. CT. and helped take over the town's gov- trolling the streets with a loaded rifle The film chronicles the attempted ernment, and shotgun, residents decide they takeover of Leith, N.D., by white su- But far from the prairies of North have had enough and proceed to take premacist Craig Cobb. As his behav- Dakota, Ryan Lenz, an investigator matters into their own hands. ior becomes more threatening, from Montgomery, Alabanm's South- Filmmakers Michael Beach tensions soar, and the residents des- ern Poverty Law Center, discovers Nichols and Christopher Walker perately look for ways to expel their Cobb's posts and informs Leith's wanted to tell the complete story of mnwanted neighbor.An unsettlingex- mayor, Ryan Schock. Schock, a the unfolding events in Leith, and ploration of what happens to demo- young rancher and family man who'd spent time with 'botfi 'ihe 'white su- cratic principles when they're pushed lived in Leith all his life. is stunned premacists and their neighbors. "'Part to the limit, the film asks: In a free so- by the news - and the ensuing media of what was so fascinating about the ciety, how do we deal with people firestorm. Cobb then invites the head story was that what Cobb and his fol- whose views we find abhorrent? of the largest neo-Nazi group in the lowers were attempting was com- Leith is home to 24 people, mostly U.S. to stage a town hall meeting, and pletely legal," said Nichols. "Chris farmers and ranchers living on a nearly 300 people show up. Soon and I were captivated by Cobb's mo- prairie backdrop of sky and wheat. In after, a family of fellow white su- tivations and the implications of his 2012, an outsider named Craig Cobb premacists fi'om Oregon moves in to plan for Leith and what that could moved in and started buying up prop- start fixing up Cobb's properties, mean for other small towns in Amer- erty. Residents initially welcomed the As the town struggles to fightica if people started following in his bearded stranger, figuring he'd against one man's extremist vision, footsteps." ('ongress shall makt' no |;l',~ ... at~Hdgin~ lhe freedom of speech, or of the press. A mettdme/~t ! U.S. (~o/rvlittttio~t Don't let your freedom slip away. Protect it as if you were Theodore Roosevelt. "Free speech, exercised both individually and through a free press, is a necessity in any country where people are themselves free." --- Theodore Roosevelt 1918 North Dakota, since statehood, has been well-served with strong and effective open meetings and open records laws. Tell the people who represent you in the legislature that you, and Theodore Roosevelt, like it that way.