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March 21, 2013     Golden Valley News
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March 21, 2013
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Page 6 Golden Valley News March 21, 2013 on hi Week y ion continues The words in HeR 3047 are few but clear and the resolution has' emerged as the "handwriting on the wall" wRh no additional attempt necessary to read between the lines: The governance model of North. Dakota's University System has a good chance of being executed with "'the body" being resurrected with stronger legislative controls Administration of the state's higher education system has been under assault diaring the 63rd Leg- islative Assembly, which, appegred to believe something has to be done to "stop the bleeding." Months of talk about changes re- suited in three resolutions being heard, designed to put aside the model of a relatively independent" and powerful board, and justified by a belief that the board has not been doing a collectively accept- able job. The three proposed reso- lutions were HeR 3047, HCR 3042 and SCR 4028. The first wave of complaints concerned a sometimes hands-off chancellor and individual campus presidents seeking unchecked cam- pus control. Those and other con- cerns, including an international program and degree scandal, tu- ition-increase maneuvering and non-effective financial safeguards were considered painful and self- inflicted wounds The board's answer was to hire a "tough" new chancellor to resolve perceived and real concerns. The new leader, on the job less than, a year now, was chav.acCerized as a strong CEO who would be an ef- fective change agent. But he and the board now face more criticism from many in the legislature as well as some board members and institution presidents'- regarding the chancellor's governance actions and possibly violations of open- meeting laws., HeR 3047 has emerged as the leading substitute of a governance model. It received a 7-6 "'do pass" vote in committee. HeR 3042 was given a 9-4 "do not pass" recom- mendation in committee and SCR .4028 didn't receive a recommenda- tion in committee and was killed on the floor by a 13-34 vote. If HeR 3047 becomes law the constitutional authorities for system governance will be replaced by a Department of Higher Education, effective July 1,2015. The gover- nor will appoint the department di- rector (rather than a chancellor being selected by a board). The di- recto[ will be responsible for man- agement and operation of the system, within limitations to b.e de- termined. The director will also hire/fire institutional president's that will report to her/him. Processes re- main a bit muddied, but if the reso- lution passes it will be sent to voters in the 2014 general election. If approved by the electorate, the 64th Legislative Assembly will then have only a few months to work out the, details of which there are many. HeR 3042 would remove cur- rent constitutional language and seeks a generol election for a higher Legislative Review By John R. I rby The first wave of complaints con- cerned a sometimes hands-off chancel- lor ,and individual campus presidents seeking unchecked campus control would have consisted of the gover- nr (or a designee) as chairman; the superintendent of public instruc- tion; the agriculture commissioner; two governor appointees; three ap- pointees by the House majority leader; and three appointees by the Senate majority leader The council would have a]bpointed a chancellor as system chief executive officer and he/she would have appointed and removed (if necessary) system presidents. House Majority Leader A1 Carl- son, R-41; Fargo, introduced HeR 3047 in ,a joint-committee meeting. A vocal critic of higher-education system administration, Carlson said the resolution was not about retali- ation for "some of the things that have heen in the news," but about better governance. He and others have displayed frustration by con- tentiously referencing the board as "the fourth branch of government." "They believe the legislature does not have the authority to ad- dress anything (in higher educa- tion) except the funding," Carlson said. He said that premise was de- batable and added: "The legislature has the one important thing they (the board) need - and that's the money," Carlson justified a change, in part, by saying some presidents are in fear for their jobs because they have been told (by the chancellor) that they are "not qualified or in- subordinate." He said presidents have been told they are not sup- posed to speak at board meetings unless they are asked to speak. While the chancellor has re- cently received two group votes of "no confidence," Laura Glatt, vice chancellor for the system, repre- sented the board with testimony in opposition to the bill: "The board ... was established by constitu- tional mandate in 1938 as a result of then Go,v. William Langer's po- litical interference with the instruc- tional staff and president of NDSU ... following that, the citizens of the state rejected having politics drive the policies of higher education and amended the constitution to create DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * * * a board that would take the politics out of higher education governance. The result wa~ the governance structure we have today. "" North Dakota's State Board of Higher Education represents one by Linda Thistle Solution on page 7 4 4 1 6 1 7 1 8 5 7 1 4 9 6 9 1 3 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. * Moderate ** Challenging *** HOG BOY! 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. This weekly puzzle is brought to you by: T&A Seeds Beach, ND " (701) 872-3248 N D h I prop increase by 13 percent Travelers to and within North nities as is the common misper- Dakota have more hotel options to ception," said North Dakota consider. From 2002 to 2012, 80 Tourism Director Sara Otto Cote- new hotels were built in Northman. ""While many of North Dakota, with slightly more than 50 Dakota's new hotel properties percent constructed in the last two opened inthe western part of the years alone, state, 11 hotel properties east of Forty-two new hotels have U.S. Highway 83 opened in 2012 been built in the state since 2011, or will open in 201,3. What this adding 3,500 rooms, and 39 prop- means for travelers, other than erties announced plans to add having an expanded selection to 3,678 rooms in 2013, according to choose from, is that supply is the North Dakota Tourism Divi-meeting de'and - and in some sion. cases now exceeding demand The A September 2012 Wall Street end result is that it's easier to find Journal article cited North Dakota an available hotel room and room as one of the top 10 U.S. markets rates may be decreasing." for hotel construction. While more hotel rooms are "Strong demand for hotel roomsavailable across North Dakota. has been experienced in communi- Otto Coleman s.till encourages ties statewide, not just in western travelers to plan ahead and book North Dakota's oil patch commu- rooms in advance of their travels. Not cowboy I was Hello, Hat Tips By Dean Meyer I enjoy reading It's one of the onl~ things I do that does not cause me to huff and puff and run out of wind. It's much easier than lacing I'm just not as up boots, pitching hay, or trying to bend a cow through the gate when cowboy as ] used to running ort frozen cow turds,be. Or used to think A book I read a few years ago was titled "Nothing Too Good for a I was. Cowboy". It is the second in a tril- ogy of books about ranching in couple of miles to where I could get British Columbia in the earlyat him with the pickup. 1900's. The saying has been around Now Spook didn't think this was for some time and I often think of it. going to be fun. I got off and picked Yesterday was one of those days. the calf up and was trying to throw Today is another, him on Spook. He was snorting and I went to check heifers at 3 a.m. running sideways. The cow was bel- and found a heifer that had popped a lering and the dogs were barking. It calf out in the cold Dakota wind and w/isn't a real smooth operation. I fi- gotten her back down hill. Well, it nelly got the calf kind of slid over wasn't really a hill. It waskind of a the saddle. And being a complete nest where I had removed a bale coward, I didn't know what to do feeder. The calf was freezing, but next. I know. I know. Areal cowboy alive. The cow needed some ass|s- would have crawled on and rode tance, but I was able to get her Spook out of there That doesn't rolled around to where she struggled have anything to do with me. to her feet. So I did the next best thing. I tried I took the calf in the house,to lead Spook, while holding the Shirley tubed it with electrolytes, calf. That worked about as well as it and it was fine. Till morning. That sounds. Spook didn't lead real good cow forgot she had calved and was- when you were in front of him. Let n't about to late this strange little alone, when you were along side of creature nurse So, as I'm working him holding a calf on his back. with this calf, getting it to suck my So, I did the next best thing. I fingers, and trying to hold a teat in tied the calf on. This is where you ,his mouth, my hands are freezing, say, "Don't try this at home!" It my nose running, eyes watering, went real well. For about ten yards. and back hurting, I'm thinking, Then the cow started bellering and "nothing too good for a cowboy" the calf bellered back and started to I'm just not as cowboy as I used try to kick loose from my saddle to be. Or used to think I was. strings. He succeeded. With his But springtime calving alwaysback legs. The front end was tied brings new problems to light. I much better. So he's belier|rig and don't know how many years ago it hanging on the side of Spook and was, but I re'call this calving story kicking him in the belly.'Spook is My mind don't work real good bucking on the end of my reins.The backwards. Or forwards. I bought a cow is chasing both of us and the horse at the spring sale in Dick|n- dogs are chasingthe cow. I've got a son. Good-looking sorrel gelding., good grip on the reins and am taking Stood 15.3 and stout as could be. twenty-foot steps trying to keep a Name was "Spook". Thinking b~ick hold of Spook and ahead of the cow. on it, that should have been a clue. The calf is flopping all over Spook After Shirley got him warmed Up and he is bucking like he should be a little, I decided I would make at Vegas. After about a quarter mile, Spook my circle horse. Youknow, to or fifty yards, I'm pretty well ride down on the first quick circle in winded. I'm praying that the last the morning and lope through the saddle strings will break and free cows. It's about a ten or twelve mile this calf from this wreck. And I deal and with Spook, I didn't ever don't know if the Lord was listen- have to feel like I was using him too ing to me, or to the calf, but He did hard. take pity and let that last saddle He was always looking for some- string go. The calf must have went thing to be scared of. A rock. A twenty feet in the air. grouse. A calf. It didn't make too And when he landed he forgot he much difference to him. If he could- was crippled. He took off on out of n't find anything to scare him, he there with that hamstrung leg just a would spook away from his tail. bouncing along The old cow was Spook wasn't fussy, on the trot. Spook was looking One morning I spotted a cowpretty proud of what he had done. ,back east. Back east was tough to The dogs were happy with the part get to. On a horse. And impossible they had played. I smoked a clue- with anything but a horse. So ] kick rette and wondered when I had got- Spook in a long trot and headed back ten so out of shape. But all in all, it there. The cow was on a side hill worked out. I got the cow and calf back in there a couple miles. When I out of there. And I learned a valu- got there I found the trouble. She able lesson had calved in the past couple days Don't buy no horses named and a coyote had hamstrung her calf. "Spook". I suppose when she ~vas gone to , I've got to go. Shirley is gone water. And now she was gaunted up and I've got a heifer started. Wind from not leaving and the calf was chill -24. Nothing too good for a getting all her attention, cowboy I looked the situation over and Later, decided I had topack that calf out a Dean rl iiil l i l l i i i i i IIIi III i l l l i iii I I I I education commissioner. The com- of the most streamlined and coordi- S U p p O , H U N T E RS , n~issioner would appoint and re- nated structures in the nation ... the "~ move (if necessary)institutional proposed model w6uld be the only your local me 2013 RIGHORN SHEEP' ELK | presidents. An .advisory council one of its kind in the nation IOOSI-PROCLAMATION SUMMARY | would consist of seven, nine or l l (and) the "ro"osed structure "is " I ,, v v The North Dakota Game and Fish Department announces I members' aperated bY the gver- untested =:; i:~ ~;~ "A~ i 2~' ~LILll 'd 1 i nor, with advice and consent of four ~. " . ...... the following summary of regulations and changes for the [ .... lne pumlc eeoate concerning 2013 Bighom Sheep, Elk and Moose hunting seasons. ] | from the majority and minority . higher education is highly potiti- ~,~~_ leader of the House, the majority cized. Confusion and turf-c0ntrol All licenses will be issued by a lottery procedure through the North Dakota Game | and minority leader of the Senate; ~; ,~ ~ ...... I and Fish Department (exception: one bighorn sheep license shall be auctioned| fights abound. If a resolution ad- , and one moose license and one elk license shall be raffled in accordance with and the president pro tempore of I ~-"~"~ ~t ll~ll' ~ I ttI~ ' SIN [ vances to a vote of the public, the T ?tr I ,T ~ ,~ guidelines set forth by the North Dakota Century Code). I ! the senate The governor would ap - n . - substance of the question might cer- ~, J.L1 ~= ~t=" All Applications are available from county auditors, license vendors and thel /.~i A I~ Department. The deadline for submitting applications to the Department's I point a member as chmrman, tainly be "structure vs. implementa- Mid-North merica Stock Fund ~ICPAX~ Bismarck office is March 27, 2013.. | SCR 4028 would have been re- tion" I SPECIES SEASON SEASON BAG LIMIT | ferred for a 2014 general election m'" omer'; worus, wnat is me prom ~ * Fund invests in companies participating in the I i / development I I , I uneMalemgnornbneep I I vote that would have allowed for a l~,,, .... ,.u~,~,.A~' P~'v'~-"-'~ --.- --' ,,,--- and production of oil and related Bighorn Sheep Bow Only Option Oct. 18- Nov. 7 ..... " ' " " ,.r I Bighorn Sheep Regular Season Oct. 25-Nov.7 " I councd of~regents. The council both? / industries of the resource rich Williston Basin/ I IEIk BOW Season (Unit El, E2) inept. 6- Sept. 29 I OneElkofthe I | 1 and type designated E k Regular Season (Un t El) Oct. 4 - Oct. 3 on license ';> ~ , *FACTORY DIRECT;= 1 " ND is the 2nd largest oil-producing state in the U.S. , u Elk Regular Season (Unit E2) Oct. 4-Dec. 31 Exception-Unit E, Regular ,rJJ / I [ "Any Elk" #censees restricted , " Top 25 holdings as of 9/28/2012* - '~ IEIk Regular Season (Unit E3, E4) ISept. 6-Dec. 31 [toanUerl .... Ikonlyduringl"~ ~-~,~" ~'~,,~ "~e~ ~...t~/~ ~/~ ~ ~{gOMPLETE |N'HOUSE ] I ~ Elk Regular Season (Unit E5) ]Sept. 6-Dec.31 I pNOiVn22of D~csffn" I~ Call Us N w! " ENGINEERING= / NationalOilweflVarcolnc..0ilStateslatllnc. C&JEnergyServicesinc, I IMoose Bow Season (All Units) ]Sept. 6-Sept 29 I /=. ask for John -- / 0asisPetreleum Agdumlnc. Kinder Morgan lnc. ~:~ I ~ ] Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. Valero Energy Corp. Phillips 66 !~ / f~ I Moose ReGular Season / ....... I One Moose of the type rL~~_ II l Hall|burton Company Dresser-Rand Group Inc. CF Industries Hotdings~c.,. / (Units Me, ~9, M10) , ucL 1 ] - Nov. J designated on license IrwI HUGE DISCDUNTS l WhtngPetroeumcorp MDU Resources Group nc 0NEOKInc. ~i: ~ I ~ IMoose Regular Season I ...... I IU I Williamscempanieslnc, SchlumbergerLtd.Floteklndustrieslnc ..... I ; I(units M5, Me) [NOV" 1~ -uec. ~ I I~ E~N EXISTING | Cameron International Corp. Ensco PIc. Tesoro Corp. I I NVIENTI'1RY m l , Continental Resources Inc. Trinity Industries Inc, Weatherford International Ltd. " I Hours of Hunting are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. , I l - Lufkin Industr~lp4;, _1 ! , , A P' ,NGB OOM U R II LEARN HOW YOU AN INVEST TODAY! I YOU can also apply for your Bighorn Sheep Elk or Moose ...... .~_'_ ~'.~,-2;,;.~. 2, I " I license via the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week ..... .%ur :e~, .... I I Ken Walz, CFS, ChFC Walz Financial Services making sure your application is in before the deadline. = ........ I ; Regularapplicationfeesapply l 701-222'0760 888-609-2371 I Securities aM investment advisoqsem~-s offere~h~-u~ I Visa, Discover and MasterCard accepted, with no servicechargeadded I I and a registered investment adviso~ Wa/z Financial Services is not affiliated with SagePoint Financial. lnc, or I , I registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor, I Total bighorn sheep licenses remained the same at 4. One license will be issued I LEARN HOW YOU CAN INVEST TODAY! Ken Walz, CFS, ChFC Walz Financial Services 701-222'0760 888-609-2371 in Unit BI/B2, one in Unit B3, one in Unit B4, and one (the WSF auction license) allows hunting in all units. Radio collared rams may not be taken in Unit B3. I Local ND Company $300 OFF! Because the Fund normally invests in common stocks d companies engaged in natu?al resources.related actMties in a limited geographical region, the Fund3 performance largely depends on the overali economic condition of that industry and geographical region, Additionally, diplomatic, political or economic developments in fo?eign countries could adversely ~mpact the Fund's investment in securities of foreign companies, The Fund is gold by prospectus only. An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks and charges and expenses of the Integrity" /Funds investment company carefully before investing The prospectus contains this and other information about the investment company. {~INIEGRITY VI, K!N.G j~ I I You may obtain a prospectus at no cost from your financial adwser or at w''Please read the prospectus ~,~teg~tv v~,~ D~st~i~mor LLC 1 Mah~ St N Minor, ND 58703 carefully`before investing,*The portfolio may or may not hold and is 800-276 ! 262, Membt*r: FtNRA not restricted to the companies listed above. I I Total moose licenses decreased from 143 to 111, in part due to a downward trend | in moose numbers across the state. Unit M4 will be closed in 2013 and | available licenses for Units M9 and M10 have been reduced. Unit M1C remains closed for 2013. | I " Total elk licenses c[ecreased from 301 to 261. Elk licenses in Units E3 and E4 have I l been further reduced due to the successful population reduction efforts by the I National Park Service in TRNP. Unit E1 has been expanded. I A complete 2013 bighorn sheep, elk, and moose hunting proclamation is available from the North Dakota I Game and Fish Department, 100 North Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND 58501-5095. (701) 328-6300. I- ~ll illli iil iil lili llii illii iiilil =,,=, =,~= i =,==,=illl iiili ~ illl ilii ii &