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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
March 13, 1941     Golden Valley News
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March 13, 1941
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GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS ltem the HousewifeJ buying mats and doiliesI If dirt becomes ground intowaxed e dining table remember ] floors moisten a cloth with turpen- y lose of rectangular shape ltine and rub well into floor until ~. ~ a wider space for silver lwax is removed, then wax and "~2~sses than oval or round|polish. ~-~'Arrange the doilies about a I e $ ~l~of an inch from the edge ofI A dry cloth is better for remov- / ~_~le. ling a pan or dish from the stove ~move a damp or wet one. from]than H .~b withChewingany drycleaninglgum , Kerosene w~',, :often boots and J! ~ub different ways on the [ shoes that have been hardened by L (v.~u. soon the gum will loosen I water. ~_it can be picked off. The fluid then removes the/ If in breaking eggs into a mix- --Z92~tains" ~ing bowl a bad one should acci- 1dentally be dropped in, a whole gns---~ Y Rooms--You can quickly [ cake may be spoiled. It is, there- :are t~e air in the living room by [ fore, wise to always break one egg - A i overnight a tables oonful "Y" "'; o " P / at a time into a cup before putting ppea~ ma in a bowl of water. ] it into the mixing bowl. ld fig * * * / cro g soda will keep the babv'- ll find! sweet. After steriiizin~ | aaS0 E .oA BURNS " 'eke in a little sda, ill'with / MOROLI N E eive ter and let stand until bot- urd~ used. [ WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY ~sIer / is usually better if allowed | Light for All .__~d overnight, giving the fla-| Those having lamps will pass :san~s ~ a chance to blend. I them on to others.--Plato. each Y-- You will be proud to wear this beautifully-designed patriotic This colorful, dignified, patriotic emblem is the most appro- priate pin you can wea today. This pin has been made available exdusivdy by Van Camp's. It is yours with 3 Van Camp's labels and one dime. Get your supply of Van products at your grocer's, today! Van Camp's Inc.i Dept. V, Box 144 ew York, N. Y; r NAME__ ADDRESS_ Seeking Truth ........ |possible means; and when you seeka.v .: youwm not lhave found truth, you need not gain ,,~Lury oy every i fear being defeated.--Epictetu~ You can see and taste the di erance in Califo nh N avel s_natund golden color, morn vitamins and w . minerals-- extras from all- year sunshine, fertile soils and scientific cars. every glassl Seed/ess, tender slicas sections for saladl and desserts! Perfect "'- mr lunch boxes and bedtime snaciml for"Sunkht" on the skin. This trade. of 14,000 coovera Srower amu youu pof, fruit, that is "Best for Juimce-and .z rr raer several dozen for economy.-"="" Phillip.r" THE PAPERS OF PRIVATE PURKEY Dear Ma-- Everything is about the same herd in camp, especially the weatheI which has been of two kinds all win. ter bad and worser and anybody who gets drafted this spring instead of in midwinter like I did is getting a great brake. My feet have taken so much abuse,they are unconscious, and don't beleve that stuff about this being a machine war as I have nev- er seen so much walking done in peace or war. From my experience I think I have been drafted in a bunions derby. Nothing makes the boys so sore up hear as when they get a paper and read about all them strikes !~~ and walkouts ~.~) around the coun- LP~J. ~.~ try. Every time I ~.. ~-~ - here about those .~ guys with nice ~7 warm jobs who go home every night to home-cooked chow and yet squawk about the hours and the pay it gives me a pain you know where. Beleve me if I was out of the army and had a job where I could quit every night and not saloot nobody I would mow down anybody who tried to sell me the*idea I was not get- ting a square dele. Well, I am getting used to spend- ing all my time in a uniform now but it is no cinch after being used to having three soots in different colors, one with patched pockets and one with cuffs on the pants all my life. Gee, ma, it would feel swell to get into a white shirt, striped neck- tie and Sunday soot once in a while. In the army you have to ware the same soot Sunday you wore all week. I can be transferred to a tank corpse if I want to but I don't know whether I would like it much. The work looks too confining and while I would like to get into a serv- iss that would be easier on my feet a tank aint my idea of no pleasure kar. A friend of mine was in the tanks and he says it is like going to war in a safe. A tank is like a taxi with no springs and with all the upholstering done by a scrap iron man. I guess I would be safer from stray bullets in a tank but I do not think I will sigff up unless I thumb a ride and see for myself how it is. Before a soldier joins a tank corpse the least the gov- ernment should do is give him m demonstrayshun. a How is the defense program com- ing on back home? I see where some Washington witnesses say the coun- try is short of planes, guns, tanks and everything. As the old gag goes, this is a fine time to tell me, heh, ma? * I wish the government wood turn the whole thing over to Henry Ford. He is the father of quantity produck- shun and the mother too, I guess. All you have to give him is a mon- key rench a few nuts and a gen- eral idea what the war needs and he will turn it out so fast that Uncle Sam will not only have enough planes, tanks and guns for 1941 and 1942 but will be giving previews of the 1943 moddells. DO not worry about me as my flew is a Little better and I am get- ting used to chilblains. After all I was lucky not to get send with them boys to New Fund|ind. Love, Oscar. APPEAL TO REASON Driver, driver, spare that hornl Particularly when You fear eight seconds of delay, Or, at the outside, TENI Italy seems to have developed to a high point the quick-detachable general. a a Add similes: as dull as ice hockey to a visitor from London. LAMENT IN BAD RHNME I do not know the reason, But the fact is When hubby looks at me he Tallm of taxes. --R. P. $ @ Money may be the root of all evil, says R. Roelofs Jr., but it is still the main basis of a good defense. SONG FROM THE SIDELINES I'm lost in admiration Of virile folks like these Who leap from snowy mounfaintops Upon a pair of skis; Who skate with zest on icy ponds And have a tibia cracked But 'll just stand upon my feet--- I like myself intact! --Frances M. Miller. Gene Tunney is now In service at Pensacola. Speaking .of de- fense, nobody ever knew more about it than Gone. SEWING RIGHT now's the time to get into a gay new print, or a suave black frock in flat crepe or thin wool, or a bright-colored spun rayon. Something slick and young and decidedly new-looking, that will be as smart this spring, for coatless days, as it is right now under your coat. Here's a perfect love of an afternoon frock--not too dressy for general wear--that will accent the curves and belittle the waistline of practically any figure. to GARDENS FOR DEFENSE THE home gardener has an im- portant place in our program of national defense, a much more important role than he played dur- ing the first World war. In the face of these facts, gar- deners are advised to do two things: Plan to devote increased space to vegetable gardening; and perfect plans for the 1941 garden so as to get the greatest possible yield from the available space. In stepping up yield from vege- table gardens of limited size, two major devices should be relied on, first, companion cropping--the planting of fast-growing crops like radishes, spinach, and lettuce be- tween rows of slower-growing vegetables like tomatoes, and cab- bage. The fast growers will be pulled and used before the other crops need the space. Second, succession cropping-- the repeated planting of major crops such as beans, sweet corn, radishes, carrots, beets, and let- tuce. Moderate-size, new plant- ings made at regular intervals during the early part of the season will provide a steady supply of fresh vegetables until the season's end. C~[~CLE ! This design (8867) is one of those gracefully simple basics that you'll want to make up in more i than one version. The deep V of the neckline is a perfect back- ground for jewels or a cluster of flowers, so that you can vary it endlessly with different accesso- ries. chart included. Pattern No. 8867 Is designed for sizes 14, 16, 18, 20; 40 and 42. Size 16 requires 4 yards of 39-inch material without nap. Mail your order today to: Pot H ake For Spring Bazaar By RUTH SPEARS THESE moody young ladies a'with their sun-tanned faces, gay bandannas and sparkling but- ton eyes will stand out among pot holders with less personality. Also, you can have fun making them. You won't need a stamping pat- tern. Just follow the directions in the sketch to change the faces from gloom to joy by easy stages. Baste the tan piece for the face to a cotton flannel interlining with a line of basting exactly through the center up and down and an- other crosswise through the cen- ter. The two pieces for the ban- danna lap one inch below the top of the up-and-down line. Their lower ends come one-half inch be- low the ends of the crosswise line. Stitch these in place. The one- inch buttons for the eyes are spaced two inches apart and the [FOR CUTTWfG BRCK,FROH~I~I~I~ ] IAHD IMTERLIN|~G-FACE ~ ~ I it5 TAPI -TURmOiL_ Bf'~ ~i~1 iREO ~l~O ~ r~/ ..~11 I~HITE" ,d~l~ t ~ ~l STITCH I ~~---~ THIRE~D..,..-,r - r l ~ ~DRAW'AHEAI~r [ I ~ ~ ~ANO E~eROm4~R I I ~BV ~ la c~sscaerr ~ ;' I I ._v SC,C , H S I tops are one-fourth inch above the crosswise line of basting. The top of each mouth is 1~ inches below this crosswise line. NOTE: There are many other illustrated ideas for gifts and bazaar items in num- bers 2 and 4 of the series of 32-page book. lets which Mrs. Spears has prepared for our readers. She will mail copies to read* ers who will send name and address with 10c in coin for each booklet ordered. Just ~ddress: MRS. RUTH WYETH SPEARS Drawer I0 Bedford Hills New York Enclose 10 cents for each book ordered. ~ame ,...s.sss.o.s,...s....o.o.~s... Address ............................. Queer Oaths Three Indian women who were witnesses in a case at Port Arthur danced past the judge instead of taking the oath. This, according to their religion, bound them to speak the truth. If they then lied, they would incur the wrath of their ancestors. In British courts Moslems swear on the Koran, and Sikhs on the Bhagvad Gita, their equivalent of the Bible. When a Chinese takes the oath he raises a saucer above his head and smashes it to the floor, say- ing as the fragments fly: "If I tell a lie, may my soul be shat- tered, like that saucer, into a thou- sand fragments." USED DELCO ~=J~ ~d~ O_ |I-- UOHT PLANTS ~,~i,~lF 4~ ~ HEAVY DUTY 160 A. H. Farm Light Batteries 52 Volt. $89.50 Exchange. Six Year Guarnntee ELECTRIC MOTOR CO., Moorbead, Minis. BABY CHICKS BLUE RIBBON CHICKS, 194.l.producUpn. now hatching for immediate oenvery. ~lU~ Ribbon baby chicks have become the fao vorite of North Dakota poultry raisers be. cause they are blood-tested, U. S. approved quality chicks from the country's best poul- try farms. Heavy dual purpose quallt~ chicks of Barred White and Buff Plymouth Rocks, Single and Rose Comb Reds, Wyano duets, New Hampshires, Leghorns, and Orpingtons. Write for catalog and price. Blue Ribbon Hatchery, Mandan, N. D. Fardo Directory F'wst National Bank and Trust Co. Pargo, N. D. Assets over Eight Million Dollar. Member NOi~RgW[$T BANCORPORATION I Ng~0POLE IIOTEL'I Cylinder Regrinding AUTO BEPLACEM~NT PAIWI~ Genensl Mmehine and ]Boiler Work CRAIG BROS. N. ]P. Avenue - - ]Fargo, N. ]~ Deceptive First Sight Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance de. ceives many; the intelligence of few perceives what has been care. fully hidden in the recesses of the mind.--Phaedrus. Wretched Minds How wretched are the minds ol men, and how blind their under.~ standings .--Lucretius. Use MUSTEROLE for MoUmr--Give Your CHILD Tlds Same Expert Care ! At the first sign of the Dionne Quin- tuplets catching cold--their chests and throats are rubbed with Children's Mild Musterole--a product made to promptly relieve the DISTRESS of children's colds and resulting coughs. The Quints have always had the best of care, so mother--you may im assured of using just about the BEST ~[roduct made when you use Musterole. ORE than an ordinary "salve"-- warming, soothing Musterole helps break up local congestion. Also made in Regular and Extra Strength for those preferring a stronger product. HOTEL DACOTAH "E ery Cormopolit,,n Service" I BIB Completely Renovated GRAND FORKS, N. DAK. Scornful Silence Silence is the most perfect e=b pression of scorn.--George Ber- nard Shaw. THE SMOKE OF SLOWER-BURNING CAMELS GIVES YOU AND than the average of the 4 othex largest-selling cigsrettes tested --less than any of them--ac- cording to independent scien- tific tests of--the --smke itself. THE SU t-SURNII CIGARETTE FOR ME EVERY TIME. CAMELS SMOKE CDOLR, MILDER--. WITH PLENTY OF O~am/a~n Bo~" Joe Norris Master of the "Fireball" THE SMOKE'S |1 THE THING! THE S LOW E R- BURNING CIGARETTE