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March 8, 2018     Golden Valley News
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March 8, 2018
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March 8, 2018 Golden Valley News Page 3 Courthouse News FARGO - For the first two Slow down. The faster you months of 2018, gas prices have drive the more fuel you use'. Every been running higher than the last 5 mph over 50 mph is like paying three years On average, motorists an additional 18 cents per gallon, are paying a quarter more than this according to the Department of En- time last year and 75 cents more ergy. than two years ago. Share work or school rides by While pump prices have dipped carpooling or consider public in recent weeks, this is not a trend transportation. consumers should expect to linger. Do not use your trunk for AAA forecasts the national gas storage. The heavier your car, the price average will be as much as more fuel it uses. $2.70 a gallon this spring - a price COmbindetrands':lf p6ssiblG Americans have not paid since park in a central spot and walk summer of 2015 when prices hit from place to place. $2.81. The average price for gas in AAA expects summer gas prices North Dakota generally tracks to be just as expensive as spring closely with the national average, prices, but with the potential that The following are cases closed in Southwest District Court in Billings County in February: False reports to law enforce- ment or other security officials: Bryan A. Altenberg, 35, Taylor" Driving while licehse privilege is suspended: Bryan A. Altenberg, 35, Taylor; Richard V. Hicks, 48, Fairfield Failure to tag deer immedi- ately: Jordan L. Delks, 29, Marion, Ind. ; Wesley Delks, 26, Rossville, Ind. Furbearing animals not taken/disturbed during closed "s~a~sSlh: Scan M. johnson,r 24, Belfield Use/possession of illegal snares: Scan M. Johnson, 24, Belfield "There is tremendous volatility they may not increase at such aThe following are cases closed in the oil and gasoline market quick rate. Heading into summer, a in Southwest District Court in caused by increasing demand, variety of factors including U.S. Golden Valley County in Febru- OPEC production cuts and high ex- gasoline supply-demand levels, do- ary: ports," said Gene LaDoucer, North mestic gasoline production rates, Unauthorized methods of tak- Dakota spokesman for AAA-The and global crude demand will help ing game birds and game ani- Auto Club Group, "This spring, better shape the summer forecast, mals: Kelby J. Jesz, 28, Fargo consumers may have to make deci- Since December, the crude oil Unlawful delivery to certain sions on where they can cut costs market has been on a volatile ride. persons: Christopher L. Buck, 42, to cover gas prices that are poten- West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Beach tially 40 cents more per gallon than crude prices hit a closing high of Simple assault: Christopher L. one year ago." $60/barrel in late December andBuck, 42, Beach " A new AAA survey found the continued to climb into 2018 up to Speeding: Jeremy C. Cole, 27, vast majority of consumers would $70/barrel, translating into expen- West Fargo; Anthony N. Rowley, change their driving habits or sive gas prices this winter. How- 31, (no city given); William P. lifestyle to offset higher gas prices, ever, when the financial markets Waltner, 38, Sidney, Mont.; Zbig- One in three mid-west consumers began to fluctuate in February, oil niew Godlewski, 57, Ewing, N.J.; say they would start making prices took a hit and have beenDuane J. Hille, 57, Polso, Mont.; changes at $2.75, while half say mostly trending cheaper- between Gary L. I~reiman, 57, Lindsay, $3.00 is their tipping point. $59 and $62 - and gas prices are Mont.; Eric J. Smeltzer, 44, Glen- Changes consumers in the mid- following suit. dive, Mont.; Daniel J. Winfield, 31, west said they would make include As crude prices bounce around, Helena, Mont. combining errands Qr trips (78%), U.S. crude production continues to Issuing check or draft without driving less (67%), reducing shop- soar. Production growth has been sufficient funds or credit: Davin ping or dining out (65%), delaying fueled by a sharp increase in the Wellever, 48, Wibaux, Mont. major purchases (48%)and driving number of active oil rigs in the Operator failed to provide more fuel-efficient vehicles (43%). U.S which currently total 799. child restraint device: Jennifer S. AAA does not expect the na- That figure is 197 more rigs than Steiner, 39, Sentinel Butte tional gas price to be reminiscent last year's count at this time.Operator failed to wear seat of 2011-2014, when motorists were Similar to the year-end crude belt: Joseph A. Walworth, 22, paying on average $3.47 a gallon, price spike, the production trend Beach While some states, like California, started at the end of 2017 whenFailure to register motor vehi- may see $4 gas, it will be tempo- daily U.S. crude production hit 10 cle: Joseph A. Walworth, 22, Beach rary. million barrels for the first time Driving while license privilege "Motorists will start to see gas since November 1970. This move is suspended: Joshua C. Shaw, 43, prices make a move higher in early surprised most market analysts Beach; Alan D. Stephen, 31, Pon- April when the swltchover to more who (Jill not expect the record to bei~: ch0 Springs, Colo: expensive summer-blend gasoline 4arekcn last year. Since January, do~ Failed to yield at iniersi~etion: ' ldcks m anddemand lnerea~s ~.iila ~ rr~st]c crude iSroductmn rates have:! Sharon Davis, 7~/TBeaCh': steadily grown In fact, according to the Energy Information Admin- istration, all U.S. crude production in February 2018 has remained above 10 million b/d, and the rate is likely to continue its ascent. warmer weather," added LaDoucer. "Consumers can expect prices to likely increase throughout April, May and into the start of summer." Fuel savings tips: According to the AAA Founda- tion for Traffic Safety's American Driving Survey, on average Amer- icans drive 32 miles a day and ~~ spend 51 minutes behind the 2o1 wheel. AAA offers a few ways to conserve fuel: ~ Villard, Dickinson, enten Lunches on Fridays March 9, 16, and 23 from 11am person with fish or $10 per person Menu includes cottage cheese, potato, sauerkraut pyrohy; deep fried or baked cod fish, vegetable, deviled eggs, dessert, and beverage. Pick- up takeout orders are available by calling 701- 482-1486 by 10:30am. Van or Bus Service Pysanky (Ukrainian egg decorating)class Billings County will be held March 17 from 9am- 3pro. Please Golden Valley County Distance of 160 Miles CALL: 701-872-3836 Our board meets at 9:30 a.m first Tuesday of each month at 701 S. Central Ave Beach. The public is invitedl i 2009 at the age of 86' In 2017, she bought new dining room furniture for ABBREVIATED NOTICE OF INTENT TO ADOPT AND AMEND ADMINISTRATIVE RULES relating to Pari-Mutuel Wagering Systems and the North Dakota Breeders' Fund North Dakota Racing Commlssmn will hold a public hearing to address proposed changes to the N.D. Admin. Code article 69.5-01-08 and 69.5- 01-09 ND Racing Commission Office 500 N. 9th Street (lower level) Bismarck, ND Tues April 3, 2018 9:00 a.m. A copy of the proposed rule and 'amendments may be printed from the North Dakota Racing Commission website, www. ndracinqcommission. com, or obtained by wdting the above address or calling (701) 328-4633. Written comments on the proposed rules may be sent to the above address by Friday, April 13, 2018. If you plan to attend the public hearing and will need special facilities or assistance relating to a disability, please contact the North Dakota Racing Commi~ at the above telephone number or address at least seven (7) days prior to the public hearing. Dated this 26th day of February, 2018. Gunner laCour, Director North Dakota Racing Commission the Napoleon Care Center, ! Connie had established a Charitable Gift Annuity through the North Dakota Community Foundation. annual income payments until she died and She received the remaining money now generates grant dollars for projects all across North Dakota every year. Her last gift will last forever. Call John tteinen of the North Dakota Community Foundation at 701-590-4614 fi)r a free, cot 'dentiaL no obligation conversation about the value of a Charitable Gift Annuity for yourself and your community. We have helped hundreds of North Dakotans create their own unique plan and improve the lives of fi4ture generations in North Dakota forever, NORTH DAKOTA COMMUNITY ~ F O U N DAT I ON-'---~ Considering guns, God and James Madison "No one can interfere in my God- given right to guns" is a refrain often heard in the heated rhetoric between weapon owners and regulation advo- cates. Being that God has been dragged into this cutting issue of American politics, this claim becomes both sec- ular and theological. Every time it is made, Founding Father James Madi- son rolls over in his habitat. He thinks he created the Second Amend- ment while God just looked on. To tell the truth, Madison didn't like the Amendments. Since the Con- stitution didn't give the national gov- ernment the power to regulate guns, he argued, the Bill of Rights was un- necessary. But he was pushed to the wall when several states, his own Virginia among them, made ratification of the U. S, Constitution conditional upon inclusion of a bill of rights. Since his Constitution was more important than his principles, he buckled. The Second Amendment is brief: "A well-regulated Militia, being nec- essary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." It should be obvious to that this was written with Lexington and Con- cord in mind when the ordinary folk of the land had to grab their own guns and fight the British. The Rev- olutionary War was over but the British might come back for an en- core so we better keep our guns. We can be pretty sure that James Madison was thinking of those one- shot muzzleloaders and not AR-15s, cannon, bazookas and other weapons of mass destruction now available at the local hardware store. For political cover, some modem weapon owners have aUeged that God gave them to right to guns, therefore what God has joined to- gether let no man tear asunder. That claim is a real conversation stopper because nobody wants to go against God. In a showdown, even the athe- ists will buckle. Blaming God for gunsis uncalled for. I've spent a lot of time in the New Testament and can't find a word about God or Jesus handing out guns. So where do we get the idea that guns are a right given to us by God. In my research, I found it hard to plow through all of those New Testa- ment verses about turning the other cheek, living in peace and loving our neighbors, including Samaritans, to find a verse in which God handed out guns. At most, He might have let us have guns to shoot pheasants (my fa- vorite sport) and other game to feed families but would He give us guns that could shoot a lot of school kids? The AR-15 is hardly a gun to de- fend our homes from marauders. If it is loaded, it is locked in some closet so the kids can't murder each other. By.the time we make three steps to- ward that closet, the marauder has ru- ined the bed, the wallpaper and everybody in the room. The president has proposed that we give 20 percent of the school teachers concealed weapons. 'We are already short of teachers so why bring them into a deadly gun fight. Let them die of old age. The mass murderer is not going to knock on the classroom door, loudly count to 10 and shout "ready or not, here I come." He is going to bound into the room with his AR-15 blazing while the teacher is still looking for her gun. When she finds it, the peashooter will be no match for an AR-15. I am afraid man and not God is to blame for this gun thing. And let Madison have some credit. Department of Health warns against consuming kratom BISMARCK - The North Dakota this outbreak, within 12 to 72 hours after exposure Department of Health (NDDoH) is re- Laboratory evidence and informa- to the bacteria, but can take as long porting North Dakota's first case of tion gathered during interviews with ill as 16 days. SymtYtom.s generally re- kratom-associated salmonella infection persons inch'.'cates that kratom, a plant solve without treatment in four to linked to a national outbreak, native to southeast Asia, is the likely seven days, but severe cases and "]'he individual consumed kratom source of this outbreak. There are no cases involving complications may purchased online. The NDDoH tested FDA-approved uses for kratom, but require hospitalization. Severe illness the remaining kratom provided by the people may use it as a dietary supple- is more likely to occur in infants, the individual and found the same strain of ment or as a recreational drug. Individ- elderly, and those with impaired im- salmonella. The NDDoH has been uals have reported consuming kratom mune systems. Please contact your working with the Centers for Disease in powder; pills, or tea. "The outbreak health care provider if you think you Control and Prevention (CDC), the investigation is ongoing," Laura Cron- may have become ill from consum- U.S. Food and Drug Administration quist, epidemiologistwiththeNDDoH, ing kratom. If you are diagnosed (FDA), and other state health depart- said. "Since investigators have not with salmonellosis, tell your health ments to investigate the multistate out- identified any common brands or sup- care provider about all products you break of salmonella infections pliers of s almonella-contaminated may be using.According to the FDA, associated withkratom kratom products, federal and state consumers should be aware that Forty cases from 27 states have health officials recommend that people some products may not list kratom been reported, including the case from do not consume kratom in any form." on the labeling. North Dakota. Of the 31 cases for Salmonellosis ( salmonella infec- For information about the uses and whom information is available, 14 have tion) can cause mild to severe illness, effects of kratom, please visit the FDA's been hospitalized. Cases range in age The most common symptoms in- website)To learn mote-about ~e out- from 6 to 67 years, with a median age clude diarrhea, abdominal pain, and break of salmonella infectioff~ ~ed to of 41. No deaths have been linked to fever. Symptoms typically begin kratom, please visit the CDC's website i ~? ~ ~?~i~i~i~ S Help us say GOODBYE to winter & our open use[ Meettheteam & help us celebrate 11 years in the community! Enjoy wine & . nature d'oeuvr.- T H U RS D AY, March 15 4- 7 pm )