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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
March 2, 1944     Golden Valley News
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March 2, 1944
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/ GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS tery-Fortress Bombed by Allies; Nazis Talk i Benedictine abbey on Mount Cassino which was bombed by U. S. Flying Fortresses. This monastery, Was founded in 529 A. D., had been used as a fortress by enemy troops which were firing down on according to Allied explanations of the bombing. Leaflets were showered on the monastery a day the bombardment warning the monks and any Italian refugees there to leave. President Roosevelt said bombing and shelling of the ancient abbey was justified. Right: German prisoners taken in fight- river in Italy answer questions asked by United States intelligence officer. Pledges China Based Land, Air Offensive Washington, D. C. ARMY WIVES AND PROMOTIONS The extent to which army wives influence promotions, dictate mili- tary expediency and dominate the Released by Western NewspaDer Union. PRESIDENT WILL RUN; WHO WILL RI~N WITH HIM? WASHINGTON.--Mr. Wallace, the army always has been a matter of V.P., divulged no secret when he warm debate at army posts. said he thought Mr. Roosevelt in-! Inside the war department, there tended running for the fourth term. are two schools of thought. One ad- In t=uth, the President has been mits there is a certain amount of trotting a trial heat here the past petticoat influence; the other main- few weeks. By his actions, Mr. rains that the army is a man's army Roosevelt has let all his associates and that women have absolutely know his intentions, nothing to do with it. His conduct of the Democratic Those of the former school point National committee meeting partic- to the fact that Gem John Pershing, ularly informed all his party associ- when only a captain, married the ates in and out of congress in un- daughter of Senator Francis Warren mistakable terms that he expects to of Wyoming, then chairman of the head their ticket again. The reac- senate military affairs committee tion has been mixed, after which Pershing was jumped in rank and b~came a brigadier gen- To a considerable extent, his for- eral. Then, when Woodrow Wilson wardness has lessened criticism of faced senate controversy over who him and his policies by wayward should head an American Expedi- Democratic congressmen. The tionary force to France,'with many Southern bloc has been pushed into senators demanding Teddy Boose- the position of accepting the inevita- velt, Wilson selected Senator War- ble or openly breaking. Only one ren's son-in-law and thus quashed so far, Senator "Cotton Ed" Smith senate controversy. of South Carolina, has stuck openly The petticoat school also points to to his critical guns. the fact that Gen. Douglas MacAr- Some still talk of running Senator thur first married the beautiful Byrd as the opposition candidate in daughter of Edward T. Stotesbury, the South. Organizations working a J. P. Morgan partner, who re- for his candidacy exist in several i quested Secretary of War Weeks to southern states, advance MacArthur ~o the rank of But the great majority seems preo major general when most of his pared to swallow silently the Roose- West Point classmates were still ma- velt pill, and organize a real fight jars and colonels. on the vice presidency. They are Another example is Mrs. George determined to prevent the nomma- Patton Jr., wife of the pistol-packin' tion of Wallace or any North New general. Her coolness, poise and Dealing man. charm helped her hot-tempered bus- They .have not, however, settled band out of a good many peacetime upon a man of their own. While scrapes long before his unfortunate Speaker Rayburn is most frequently encounter with a sick soldier in mentioned in public, many would Sicily" prefer a more outspoken southern In the other school are those who opposition man like Byrd. to a host of high-ranking gen- Who Mr. Roosevelt wants, no one erals whose wives have had no po- knows. Mr. Wallace obviously is litical influence on their careers. waiting nervously for an invitation. General Marshall's first wife aspired Some high Democratic gossip, how- to be an opera singer, was sick for ever, suggests the President might a long time, finally died. General even choose a Republican runmng Eisenhower's wife is an unassuming mate (Willkie)in order to strength- lady who has kept in the back- en his candidacy, ggound. General Somervell, until Final choice, no doubt, will be recently, was a widower. made on the basis of what man will 'Warning' to Fliers' Wives. contribute most to the ticket polit- Now, however, comes a new argu- ically, tier in this controversy. General Thus the trial heat has somewhat "Ha " A i P rnold, chief of the army watered down to the President's op- air forces, has been put squarely on position within the party, but all the record by CoL Alfred L. Jewett, old coals still burn underneath. It commander of the air forces tech- has had little effect on the Repub- nical school at Guifport, Miss., as ! licans who are extremely confident recognizing that wives influence an These men are typical of the Chinese fighters trained by Lieut. Gen. Joseph StilwelL They were they will win more than those states officer's promotion. after they had scored a victory over the Japs and are sitting in u former Jap trench. Center now having Republican governors Colonel Jewett himself doesn't Stilwell as he walked up to tt Burma Jungle fighting line. Right: Lieut. Col. Newman Burns 26). make any bones about It. He says Arthur Draper (right), hold a flag found cat the body of a Jap. that an air force officer's "effieien. POLITICS INFLUENCE cy report" is affected by "activi- Crosses No Protection at Anzio To Boxers at War ~LL WASHINGTON ACTION ties by his wife." The "aetivi- Politics have guided the final con- ties" in this case refers to Joining siderations on the ~soldier vote bill. the Gulfport Field Women's club. Some of the administration senators Colonel Jewett last month sent out are acting as if they thought a great- a circular letter to all officers under er advantage might be gained by him, virtually ordering their wives dragging out the fight over methods to join the club. as long as possible, rather than ae- He even went so far as to warn cepting a compromise solution. They that, "in the event that any officers' know Mr. Roosevelt has obtained wives do not wish to belong, it is de- more favorable publicity on this sired that their husbands so state in than o~ any other pending subject, a letter to the commanding officer, and therefore do not want to hurry such letter to be submitted prior to the final enactment, the fifth of the month following the Also Mr. Roosevelt's endorsement date the officer reported to the sta- of the civilian draft bill (Austin- tion for duty." Wadsworth), which seemed mysti- And then, apparently afraid tha~ fying to me at first in view of the his subordinates might not take the satisfactory manpower situation, hint in the none-too-subtle warning, can also be clearly recognized Colonel Jewett laid it right on the as a political move. The endorse- line by invoking the authority of Gen- of such a stringent action eral Arnold. (which congress will not take) will "Active participation in the work thus safely add to Mr. Roosevelt's of the Women's club is a matter in popularity among the soldiers and which higher authority, including the sailors who already have been chief of the air forces, is vitally in- drafted for military duty. terested," warned Colonel Jewett In short, if there is any Washing- bluntly. "And every officer in the ton news you do not understand air forces may expect to find his these days, the law of averages will efficiency report affected by the justify your interpretation of it as manner of participation in these politics. No other motive for doing activities by his wife," anything exists here in a campaign So there it is in black and white. year. CLEANLINESS NEXT James J. Walker presents the Ed- ward J. Nell Memorial awarded for OUR TAX PROBLEM TO GODLINESS an American field hospital. Its mercy role is plainly sym- 1943 by the boxing writers' associa- Praises for bravery are being Take it from Lieut. Col. Jimmy crosses on white backgrounds easily seen from ground tlon to 4,135 boxers, living and dead, heaped upon Mr. Willkie for daring Roosevelt, the President's son, the of these hospitals were bombed by Germans in the who answered the nation's call te to demand $16,000,000,000 more taxes first thing a fighting man thinks area south of Rome. This particular hospital is near Nettuno. arms. AI Buck, president of the box- --but not by taxmakers. Mr. Willkie about after a hard battle is a bath. nurses have been killed in attacks on such hospitals, ing association, receives the plaque. ~ced the President for having Jimmy, who distinguished himself failed to submit a program to raise with the marines in the South Pa- half that amount, but he himself cific, was recently telling friends Stops Doe; Baby Born byPhone TooBig failed to mention a single additional about some of his war experiences. way of raising the money. "We had a pretty tough time of The federal tax bill now is $43,000,- it on Guadalcanal, as everybody 000,000, state and local $11,000,000,- knows," Jimmy related. "After one 000. The national income is running of the first hard battles was over, around $153,000,000,000. Theoretical- some of us were taken aboard e ly it is therefore possi'ble for the navy ship. The first thing they of- government to take $16,000,000,000 fered us was a square meal. But more, as the country now has two-: we weren't hungry. We had man- thirds of what it earns left to live on. aged very well on our K rations. But it would require something What we all wanted was a bath. But like a 40 per cent withholding tax, I guess the soap and water sharp- meaning that the man earning $50 ened up our appetites, for we just about cleaned out the ship's larder a week would get only $30. afterwards." * The Truman committee quietly CAPITAL CHAFF called in James Landis, the Presi- dent's Lend.Lease commissioner in 4I.AMG (Allied Military Govern. meat) is facing a tough problem re. the Near East, who stomped back to Washington unannounced, corn- garding 300,000 tons of oranges and plaining the British were circum. 300,000 tons of lemons waiting to be venting him at every Lend-Lease ipicked in Sicily and southern Italy. turn. None of the testimony will be The fruit is ripe, but men can't be made public, and Landis will not spared from the front to pick it. Meanwhile, we are forced to ship resign. Apparently, he got the ac- 'some dried citrus into Italy. ! tton he wanted here. At least, he Deering eoos for Ms sister after he was delivered at Timothy ("Tiny") BaJskin, 6 feelI told the senators he would take back K American Zionists point out that and grandmother by telephone dlreetlons from Dr. 7K Inches, complaIns he's ,'just .sI Cairo an enlarged staff of experts Palestine has contributed more to tO the war effort than any other court. of Des Pinines, m. A blizzard isolated the country home civilian." He was rejected, sithoulll/ try in the Near East, including the he reduced from ~ to $12 poring[ who would enable him to meet bet- dawn. for the physician to get there. Charles was born and had his arches llfM. ] ter the shrewd British. manufacture of land mine& 5600 FOUR buttons, a wisp of soft striped cotton and a gay little duck parade--they all add up to make the nicest little play frock in town! Use [)its of yellow and brown scraps for the baby-duck appliques. The pinafore frock in- cludes sizes for 2-3-4 years. To obtain complete pattern for the Play Frock (Pattern No. 5600) applique' Baby Duck and tlnishing directions, send 16 cents in coin, your name and address and the pattern number. Send your order to: HOME NEEDLEWORK $30 South Wells St. Chicago. HOWOUmmm Whenever the Q~ntupletJ catch cold-- t~.e~ e hys~, thy~tm and backs a~rub~ Wlt~ Mus~erole. SO Mlmtelx)le must netps cmaz up local ~on m upper nronchfal traet, mak~ vrea~mngeasier, promptly relieves cough. lag and tight, sore, aching chest mutml~ due to colds. In 3 Streagth~*: Childrtm'e Mild, Regular. and Extra Siroag. i Self-Mastery He that would govern others, first should be The master of himself. ~Massinger, h If You suffer from hot flashes, weak, nervous, cranky feelings, are a bit blue at times--due to the functional "middle-age" period peculiar to women~try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. 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