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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
February 26, 1931     Golden Valley News
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February 26, 1931
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NEWS AND ODDITIES OF - - the buildings .hen arrange the residents. a few are wi.ter visitants I foro attention hould be, s PROGXAM MAK[RS INT[R[ST[D seen only during[to the re'eLection of birds,, 7:~--T~=~ ] it will show tb~ 1)lace off to ~d-lspring and fall mieratiOn, sLates I out Mr Stevens in order tha~~ vantage. Remember tha~ the homer Mr. Stevens in the t)ulletin. " '. . ~. Mo.--S rea y t i~ to h~ve first place in the pie-I As a means of controlling injur-Imay render aas~stance m the li e 2e l tJ o nJf;ra: ]s lU/Jl llFDV hF! IPWTFill IU time unuc pnmam tore all other uildin are ious inse t small animals the[ tection of crops. Much ca1 secendary. The trees, shrubs sndlblrds are one of the chief agencies. [done thorugh the preservat~ har drought area of south- ct,ildren .4.7 grandchil en, 38 IlH0 lull ULLIUII// tl~'tW~t ~~M]sSuri' A farmer, scaling grea~-granacnildren, and 5 grea~- [ UL ] I|~ lllbL I IU]~IL b~UUIIU,.,~[!cwez"~to m~keare onlYit lookt itsdres~best,ti~ehe ~la,'e ~,l 1 thiSvalue.reasonTheytheYarearealsoOf ainestl-[ small great [ ditions,tractStree Ofplantingland in natura]and ne~ only means of getting to great-grandchildren willhelphim[ ~ The taller trees and .~hruhs should(mable ~ by a 1919 model roa~ister, celebrate. ] be used in the back-ground of the tsurce of pleasure wherever they[ provisions.- ~-ate tv Backer, asking if he could [FEAST WAS FOLLOWED BY COUNTY AGENT RUSSELL LED house and in the foreground of the]'~~ tr~e ~ couple of good cows fern Belgrade, Bulgaria -- By a I CH%R~IsNT~ fNR2~IRI~sl~c OF DISCUSSION" OF 'tHiS IM- other buildings. The smaller shrubs 193~:automobile license, the cost of decree issued by the prime min- [ r~axx.~.~T r~BLEM and flower~ used as a foreground I i .... --=-: ...... - ........................ ~hlch is $10.50. ister in Belgrade, families with ] to cover a ~art of the foundation. I ---- I nine r mre children in the [ 2"2~e frnt lawn shuld be ;~en and i L " . " " of SeatUe -- Butted in the stom- I ~utu~e:21be exempt from pay- i The mother and daughter ban- Twenty-six members of the Sad-free of trees, shrubs or flo~'er beds[ arge Reduchon m Pnce ~h during a rough and tumble g i quet aL the Methodist c'hurch oar- dle Butte Homem~k .... ~, ~. ...,~ except on the borders or in the l 1 " " ............ corners, he said. [ ~ight, Perle, J. Larkin, 45, a I ors last evening was a most de- . ...... ~wenc~oneummrsattencmaareg i J0hn Deere Tractors stage scene painter, died of a Melt)ourne, Australia--The new[lightful occasion. The evening ,- , - Many people do not start a lawn[ i Iravtm~ed skull here recently, game, "rooster chasing" came to a festivity began at slx o'clock ular meeting at the home of Mr. becauser plant oftrees'the shrUbSexpense,OrsaidflowerS,Mr.i He had struck J, E. Russell, head when seventy-five men and[the serving of a dinner-banquet by and Mrs. Martin Ueckert last Russell. The expense is not greatI ~who retaliated with a flyingwomen were herded to court by the ] the Men's club, the serving inter- Thursday afternoon. Following the when spread over a period of years. ~ i tackle, Larkln fell, unconscious Society for the Prevention of cruel-][ spersed by mirthful singing under business session County Agent Rus- If you first make a detail p!an [ ! Formerly sold for $1260, delivered price. Now sells for~/ but soon revived and was leftty to anim,als in Katoomba, Aus- ] the airection of Miss Mildred Wag- sell gave a talk, the topic of which alone in his room. Two hours tralia The 'game" is to chase the onhals was Beautif in then the plantings can be made[ ~. " F " " y g t he Home later he was found dead. rooster to pluck a featt~er. The l ollowmg the banquet a most en- Grounds." This topic was the fifth each year until the landscape ist ---- bird that was chased bY the seven" ] tertaining prgram was given un" lessen t be given n the Kitchen cmuleted'Following Mr.All the natlVeRussell,s talktrees [ iai $ " Newmarket, Out -- Motorists ty-five had a wing torn off, feath-] der the direction of Mrs. Evae Improvement project, and'shrubs be worked t~oi I075 dehvered here ~h:mldwh;: t~eyea~Yt ~o h;:rS~ l~Viath ~r~oz~:U~k~ide2Ut and a leg broken[ Pse~i~eSveaS t~o~at?iaS~e~iizMrS.LoRU:i1 thMl.beRU~i~IlnSt~e: h~ne lgSoutlalks landscap'ng to advantage, he said.;. Un ues zo " $ q t" nably ~he best ~our plow ~oz- on the market to 'old town b" law was enforced It [ responded Solos were s~ng by'was a pro ect t'hat has been much splendid hmch was served by Mrs. i i Ueekert and a general discussion ofI t day, especially at/~his low priee.~re farmers are buying the provides that "no vehicle shall be Bloomfield, N. &--More than [Mi~ Ceczle Coo~and Mms Virginiai neglected in North Dakota not on- current topics enjoyed. ] I Jchn Deere TractOr owing to~e fact that the Deere Tractor parked on the main street unless 1,200 applications have come to ~v~iner. instrumental numbers lv on the farm but in most of h . , t e ~a horse is attached" This old by-Sir Hubert Wflkins from per-[ were played by Miss Anne Houck towns. In the pioneer days, he 340 KIND~-- ! ~"burns the low gra[le fuel D~tillate. This means a savin:, 0f. .law is one of many unearthed l~v sons who want to go with him,and Mrs. Houck, and a reading was enid people were so overwhelmed 0~oer ~... ~he town clerk. ~ on his trip under Arctic ice in [given by Miss Elizabeth Russell. with the "get rich quick" idea that, LIVE IN NORTH DAKOTA i i from $1.50 to $3.0 a submarine '~h's summer" Sir [Than~s are als due' those in [ little attentin was paid t real' Abut 340 kinds f birds have ii A r~ ~ ELIA:i/ Be l ......... IIubert said ~Ae have had to|charge say, to a host of unnamed I homemaking. Consequently little been recorded in North Dakota. ac- i ~rnero~e T~eeke~erg,"_ eliminate those seeking to go ]willing workers for this most en-I or no planning was done in regard t cording to Prof. O. A. Stevens.'. .... ~ ....... u m only for adventure." [ joyable evening not soon to be for- [ to location of buildings or the' botanist at the Agricultural college. I go~ o ~1 ms.,~mra.x.y_ ecru: ---- i gotten. Tile honor guest was Mrs. [planting of trees and sh~'ubs. As a jill his Bulletin 241, Making use of~ p,~eu u~ a,vvv ~l~v~, ,,vet ~,uvv O Grimson of Ru b" N [ . ' ' -~ valnm~ .~ h~-- .......t .... Helena, Mont. -- TheMontana[ . g 3, o~th Da- zeSultbmldmgs have ~een placed. our birds. The ~n-'~ ........ hvm~ ~,d"'"a,. ~a'u,~n *rea,es~,,_,.~ house of representatives Frzday" re-[ kern. The men of the church ,111 Itoo close to the road or street.]birds are summergreater residents.part of ~AGENT. JOIIN DEERE LINE. ......... '. -.": commended for passage a bill des-Igire a father and son banquet The first important step said thelthese ~.=---- .....___ =_- ....... --- -" ............... spending from four to~ seven I ~mnu~crzp~s on sacrea suoJeets March 1 s ak " ' ignated to reduce the period of res- [ 8. , pe dr, zs to make a plan of the months of the year in the state. A h idence for filing divorce suits from ~a~illeStmer, ,_England.--Dr. Le.on- one year to three montl~s. Sup-[ i~. wn-~ ~ nas announcer tna~ porters of the measure asserted it[ .~aanea~e~me.n are ~mune to would increase the state's tourist Common corns, ~eacuse ~ne a~)sence travel, cause wealthy persons to buy l ~of hair thickens the skk~ Tile not- ~ed ~i~lfh" ~SpeclalisL also decla~'es ~hat colds prefer blondes. ~rtland, Ore. -- Mrs. Cath- ~erine McGrath, 71, bled to death when a chicken bone, caught in her throat, penetrated a blood vessel Birmingham. Ala.--The annual 10Ss to Birmingham through per- :~iitting large quantities of unburn- ~ed fuel to escape in smoke would ~over the city's annual half million dollar budget, it was pointed out by George Fertiz. chairman of the Cham~er of Commerce's smoke ~abatement committee, in outlining ~olans for the year's work. Seattle -- An evening of mer- ~rlment was changed to one of ~orrow for Mrs. Elmer Church when she felt her husband be- gin to slump as they were danc- ing in a ballroom. As she look- "er at him he slipped through her arms and fell dead. A heart attack caused his deah. tVIAKES PORK AT 5c PER LB. AND NETS A PROFIT Cavalier. N. D.. Feb. 24--Wh:,a~. bartcy and oa~s su!~p]emented with a concentrate and alfalfa pasture produced pork for Eric Peter:~on Baekoo. for less than 5 cents per Pound last yesr. according to E. G l~arizek. Pem,bina county agent. It required Ig9 days to finish 61 hogs which averaged 204 pounds at ~uth St, Paul when marketed. The ~cost of the coarse feeds was figur- ~ed at $1.00 per hundredweight. The "total cost of the feed was approxi- mately $600 and the selling price 'of the hogs $1100. making a net profit of $500 above the cost of ~eed. Mr. Peterson states that the pigs ~ere weighed monthly and the cost Per hundred of gain varied from :3 1-2 cents Lo 6 cents. The latter lgure was reached during harvest ime when the concentrated feed ran short. A new supply was se- 'ctU'ed and the feed cost was reduc- eed to ~ 1-2 per pound of gain on ~the hogs in the sixth month, summer homes, and generally con- tribute to the purses of hotels and other business institutions. Kansas City, Kan.--Lawrence Battles, 20-year-old Negro on trial for theft of a $40 suit, waited through two days of the jury's deliberations. Suspense overcame him Friday. He plead- ed guilty, and was sentenced to a reformatory. The jury, dead- locked, was discharged. Chicago -- Male and female snores are the same. Dr. Donald A. Laird, of Colgate university, who has stayed awake many hours studying how other people sleep, is the authority for this information. Snoring, he said in an address, is a saxGphonic type of nome. no~ re- lated to vocal sounds and it is im- possible to distinguish between male and female snores. Dr. Laird, who is director of the Colgate sociology laboratory, also gave his audience formula for the best way to sleep. THERE'S HOPE IN A MOLE IF IT IS ADVERTISED for the L~dies who tack pretty fea- tures-here's balm for each unlove- lyhead: .~ ~nnrt British artist who's studied file creatures says women can all knock 'era dead! His name's Cecil Beaten: he tells her wha pines. "the secre~ of oeau- ty is stressing the lines. The long, narrow eyes of your own Inn Claire and Gloria Swanson's odd nose, with makeup accented seem won- drously fair. to even the orchestra rows. "If you have a wide mouth you need ne]ler deride it. a mole is a Jewel, sO" don t try to hide it." No lady need suffer or feel like a duffer because of a "scrambled- up man." For though she may doubt it. her cue is to flout it, ac- cording to this artistry fan. A man can grow rich by selling too soon. Deft put all your eggs in one basket. 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Mountain Time 8.I5 to 9.15 .... Pacific Time Over ~ta~ions WHAS, WSM, WSB, WMC, WAPI, WJDX, WSMB, KTH8, WTbIJ. KSTP, WEBC, WKY, WBAP, KPRC. WeAl. KOA. KSL, KTAR, KGO, KECA, KFSD.KGW,KOMO, KHQ, KFAB, First Prize, $25,000 Second Prize, 810,000 Third Prize, $5,000 For the five next best answers. $1,000 each For the five next best answers. $500 each For the 25 next best answers . $100 each Conditions Governing Contest: | Answers limited to 200 words. 2 Write on one side of the paper only. S No entries, accepted that bear a postmark later than midmght, March 4, 1931. 4 Contest open to everybody except employes and executives of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and their families. 5 In case of ties, the full amount of award will be paid to each of the tying parties. It is not necessary to buy a package of rettes in order to compete. Any store tha cigarettes will permit you to examine the package containing 20 cigarettes. All eommuni~ations must ~e addressed to Contest R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY, Winston-Salem, N. C. Judges: CHARLES DANA Gm~ Famous Illustrator Publisher of "'Life" / RoY W. HOWARD Chairman of the Srdpps Howard to /i l~.Y LONG President, Magazine Company, ~ and Editor AND STAFF open until MIDN (Winners will be announced so n as possible after contest closes) ;~ ex-hibite ~as this '~ing Up t ~rd also ~tball, ~. Work w~ ;~'iday, tom~ .~ Will clas /l_ high te~ i i|ie~d ~_2~ :(| so a rea: rI the Co~ on their last ch sea.son. STROI K. ng the eft mates wb him.