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February 11, 2016     Golden Valley News
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February 11, 2016
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.2 , February 11, 2016 Golden Valley News Page 3 Coughing related to smoking can contribute to hernias What is a hernia? The abdominal wall wraps around the center of your body, ex- tending from below the rib cage to the pelvis. This wall keeps intestines and other organs in the abdominal cavity. When tissue pushes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue, a hernia can occur. There are several types of her- nias related to the abdominal area, such as a hiatal hernia that develops near the upper part of the stomach or the umbilical hernia that develops near the belly button. Types of her- nias are generally named for their lo- cation. Hernias occur more often in men than women and can occur at any age, even in infants. What is an inguinal hernia? This type of hernia, which occurs in the part of the abdominal wall known as the inguinal canal, is the most commonly occurring type of hernia. It appears as a bulge in the groin or scrotum and is more com- mon in men because the inguinal canal is where a man's testicles must descend before birth. The internal in- guinal ring that is left may not seal properly. If so, a hernia can develop. What are symptoms of a her- nia? The primary symptom is a bulge in the area where the hernia is lo- cated. This bulge may form slowly Healthy Advice By Nicolas Hayes, D.O. N. D. Matters By Lloyd Omdahl over a period of weeks or months. Depending on the location, a bulge may not be noticeable until the her- nia is more advanced. Some people have pain, others don't. You might also notice swelling, a feeling of heaviness, tugging or burning. Synqptoms are likely to improve when you are not physically active or are lying down. What causes a hernia? Many factors can contribute to formation of a hernia. Inguinal her- nias. for instance, may be related to birth weaknesses while another ab- dominal hernia may be caused by factors related to aging. Poor lifestyle practices, such as frequent lifting or being overweight, also con- tribute to hernia development. What can I do to avoid getting a hernia? Risk factors that you have the power to change include maintaining a healthy weight, learning to lift properly and developing strong ab- dominal muscles with a proper diet and regular exercise. Avoid straining Why is Trump during urination or bowel move- "Trump is immodest, arrogant, ments. Don't smoke. Chronic cough- tirol-mouthed, money-obsessed, ing. generally associated with thrice-married, and until recently, smoking, is also a strong contributor, pro-choice. By any convention stan- Do hernias require a doctor's dards, evangelical Christians should care? despise him." If you have pain that is increasing That was the observation of blog- or severe, an obvious lump. or evi- ger Jonathan Merritt as he looked at dence of bowel blockage or urinary polls indicating a disproportionate symptoms, call your primary care number of evangelical Christians doctor for an evaluation. If you no- were flocking to Donald Trump's tice any signs of lumps or bulges in candidacy for the Republican nomi- your infant or child, make an ap- nation for president. pointment with your doctor or pedi- Many folks in the secular world atrician for evaluation. Sudden pain, share Men'itt's disbelief at the gap nausea, and vomiting are signs of a between what evangelical s preach strangulated hernia. Go to the near- and what Donald Trump practices. est emergency center because this As an evangelical Christian, i am condition requires immediate sur- more embarrassed than mystified. gery. Most of us who take our Christian What is the treatment? faith seriously acknowledge that we If the hernia is small and you are have a gap between belief and prac- not having pain, your doctor will tice. Our goal is to achieve a lifestyle recommend lifestyle adjustments beyond human frailties. That means you can make. If you are having pain we are always hypocrites to some de- and/or the hernia is advanced, hernia gree. But Trump evangelicals seem repair surgery is recommended, to revel in it, making secular politi- (Nicolas Hayes, D.O., is a gen- cal pundits grope for explanations. eral surgeon at Sanford Health In the first place, not all Republi- Dickinson Clinic. He graduated qan evangelical Christians are sup- from Idaho State University at porting Trump even though polls Pocatello and earned his medical indicate that a disproportionate share degree at the Kansas City (MoO is in his camp. Trump folks come University of Medicine and Bio- from the outer fringes of faith. Be- sciences- College of Osteopathic tween 35 and 40 per cent attend Medicine.) church only seldom, occasionally or Impressions magazine calls for submissions DICKINSON - The staff of Im- goal is to showcase the talents of in- tography). Regional high school stu- pressions, Dickinson State Univer- dividuals associated with DSU, as dents can win $50 for first place and sity's literary and art magazine, well as those of potential Blue $25 for secondplace in both writing encourages DSU students, alumni, Hawks. (poetry, fiction and nonfiction) and faculty and staff to submit original Faculty advisor, Dr. Peter Grimes art (two-dimensional art and photog- poetry, fiction or nonfiction work, said,"We hope to attract a wide range raphy). two-dimensional art and photography of submissions, as diversity of voices The deadline for submissions is for their upcoming edition, and perspectives always makes a lit- Monday. March 21. Writing and vi- This year, regional high school erary and arts magazine stronger." sual art may be submitted electroni- students are also welcome to submit Current DSU students are eligible cally using the form at their work. to win a $100 cash prize for first Impressions has been produced by place and a runner-up prize of $50 in For more information contact Peter DSU students, under the guidance of each category (poetry, fiction, non- Grimes at peter.grimes@dickinson- a faculty advisor, since 1989. Their fiction, two-dimensionalart andpho, never. One writer summarized it this way: "Lots of evangelicals - espe- cially Trump supporters - sin]ply aren't that religious." Evangelical support for Trump )nay be strong in the pews but not in the pulpits. With the exception of Jerry Falwell Jr, evangelical pastors ahnost unanimously reject his Bible- waving as political pandering. In a World magazine survey of 100 evangelical leaders, only one pastor named Trump as a first choice for president. License plate volume slowing turnaround time The North Dakota Department istered vehicle owners, compared weeks for delivery, so we encour- of Transportation (NDDOT) is re- with the usual process that age vehicle owners to renew their minding vehicle owners,to allow NDDOT has been doing for yearsregistration as soon as they receive up to 6 weeks for delivery of their which involves mailing out an en- their notice in the mail." The registration tabs and new license velope with registration and tabs NDDOT is renewing approxi- plates to be delivered through the enclosed, mately one million vehicles this mail or when renewing online. "The process to get vehicle year, with over 350,000 new sun- This is due to the issuance of the owners their plates and tabs is rise plates already distributed. new sunrise license plates, which going very well." said Mark Nel-Vehicle owners can obtain their began distribution in November. son, NDDOT deputy director fornew plates and tabs in several ways This is the first time in 23 years Driver and Vehicle Services. "Due - by going to any Motor Vehicle that such a large volume of vehicle to the volume of plates we are dis- branch office, renewing online, or plates are being mailed to all reg- tributing it is taking up to six mailing in their registration tbrnL Belfield Honor Roll Belfield School Honor Roll for second quarter: Highest Honors Allison Buckman 12 Breann Obritsch 12 Rachael Solberg t 2 Raven Walker 12 Colton Boltz 11 Caleb Chruszch 10 A Honor Roll Austin Buff 12 Abbie Jensen 12 Mara Obrigewitch 12 Sarah Davis 10 Garrett Kessel 10 Alexis Urias 10 McKenzie Buckman 9 Anton Krebs 9 Tyra Boltz 8 Jacob Hutzenbiler 8 Madalynn Redig 8 Kaylee Obrigewitch 7 B Honor Roll Branden Chruszch 12 Nathan Elefson 12 Wyatt Fulton 12 Kadyn Malkoswki 12 James Puphal 12 Dion Madler 11 Jenna Obrigewitch 11 Tristen Schuhrke 11 Tori Tooley 11 Katherine Hlibichuk 10 Leigha Johnson 10 Danyka Malkowski 10 Logan McMahen 10 Kathryn Presley 10 Joseph Richard 10 Krystal Tessierl0 Emily Hlebechuk 9 Tyler Kahl 9 Toby Wolf 9 Justin Hutzenbiler 8 Abby Kessel 8 Afton Shypkoski 8 Sierra Decker 7 Sienna Froehlich 7 Carlee Hutzenbeler 7 Tyler Kastrow 7 Jarrett Kessel 7 Xander Krump 7 Tehya Rubke 7 Morgan Wentz7 Please support your local merchants Help grant more wishes like Keaton's wish to be Santa with your gift on Giving Hearts Day! On February 11, visit ond choose Moke-A-Wish North Dokoto. MAI E' ISH. North Dakota Giving Hearts Day Impactglvebacicorg nsurance Inc. 110 Term Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance Fixed Annuities Index Annuities IRAs Long-Term Care Ins. Bruce Ross Central Ave. South, Beach, ND (701) 872-4461 (office) (Across from Bank of the West) (701) 872-3075 (home) Golden Valley Manor Foundation Benefit for Siding & Windows Spaghetti Supper & Pie/Craft Auction Sunday, February 14 5 - 7 p.m. Auction at 6 p.m. Free-will donation for the supper All donations of pies and crafts to be auctioned are gladly accepted, just bring them to the Manor. Sponsored by St. Paul's Lutheran Church and Golden Valley Manor. All checks should be made out to the Golden Valley Manor Foundation. the Eva ngelical's valentine? Many folks in the secular world share Merritt's disbelief at the gap between what evangelical s preach and what Donald Trump prac- tices, As an evan- gelical Christian, I am more embar- rassed than mysti- fied. Another explanation revolves around the anger of evangelical Christians over same-sex marriage, abortion, separation of church and state, and a host of other social is- sues. But the Bible expects more from Christians than anger. The Apostle Paul warned that the anger of man does not achieve the righteous- ness of God. But Paul notwithstanding, Chris- tians are angry, very angry, even though many of them believe that God controls all human activity. Ap- parently, the disgruntled don't like the way He is running things. So they are angry. To vent this anger, the Trump evangelicals are attracted to someone who will strike out against society and the secular government. With Trump, they can vent their anger by proxy without being exposed. To speculate further. Are Trump supporters the less-educated evan- gelicals frustrated in jobs that will not HOW TO SHARE YOUR VIEWS We welcome letters to the editor concerning issues of area interest or regarding stories and editorials that have been published. Letters should be limited to 400 words. Guest columns or opinion-editorials longer in length are also welcome. A writer can have only one letter or column regarding the same subject published in a 30-day time period, unless the writer is responding to a new aspect of an issue that has been raised. Letters and columns are a way to encourage public discussion. Thank-you letters and invitations cannot be published as letters to the editor, but can be formatted as advertisements. Please include your name, address and phone number on your letter or column so that we can contact you. Your address and phone number will not be published. Golden Valley News/Billings County Pioneer, P.O. Box 156, Beach, N.D. 58621; get them the American Dream? We don't have the data to answer this question. However, Stanley Greenberg, au- thor of America Ascendent, claims that Trump supporters have reason to be upset because the economic changes have left the public angry. The stone is true about the general frustration over illegal immigration and the idea of giving illegal immi- grants a short-cut to citizenship. And this is being aggravated by the pro- posal to absorb refugees from the Mideast. Is this a cutting issue with Trump evangelicals? Here again, we would have to as- sume that Trump evangelicals are more concerned about immigration than other Republicans. We have no facts so all we can do is theorize. A recent Gallup poll reported that race relations and terrorism are rated as the most pressing national prob- lems. In many parts of the evangeli- cal South, the Civil War is still being fought and latent racism still haunts Southern society. Racism has subsided in the South, but police shootings, protest marches, diversity conflicts and Oscar awards have all accentuated racial tensions, Is it possible that the Trump evangelicals are among those who feel most threatened by the economy, immigration, and race'? While political observers attribute evangelical Trump support to reli- gious beliefs, perhaps this support among peripheral evangelicals is based on secular considerations and has nothing to do with religion. After all, most evangelicals in America are as secular as everyone else. Van or Bus Service Billings County Golden Valley County Distance of 160 Miles CALL 701-872-3836 Don't let your freedom slip away. Protect it as if you were Theodore Roosevelt "Free speech, exercised both individually and through a free press, is a necessity in any country where people are themselves free." -- Theodore Roosevelt 1918 North Dakota, since statehood, has been well-served with strong and effective open meetings and open records laws. Tell the people who represent you in the legislature that you, and Theodore Roosevelt, like it that way.