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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
February 4, 2010     Golden Valley News
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February 4, 2010
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February 4, 2010 Page 7 I. ANIMAL ADJECTIVES: What is a group of dragons called? 2, TELEVISION: What was Norm's last name in the silcom series "Cheers"? 3. GEOGRAPHY: Lapland is a region of what country? 4. ARTS: An eisteddfod -- a festival of music, literature and performing ares -- is held in which country'? 5. ANATOMY: Where is the retina located? 6. HISTORY: Who was known as "The Iron Chancellor"? 7. U.S. STATES: The Catskill Moun- tains are located in which U.S. state? 8. FOOD & DRINK: What kind of plant does the flavo:ring saffron come from? 9. MOVIES: Who directed the movie "The Lost Weekend"? 10. ANIMAl, KINGDOM: What kind of creature does the Australian bandicoot mosl resemble? Answers 1. A weyr 2. Peterson 3. Finland 4. Wales 5. The eye 6. Otto yon Bismarck, Germany 7. New York 8. Crocus flower 9. Billy Wilder 10. A large rat ACROSS 1 Annie Lennox's, "No More '1 Love --' " 5 Shade provider 8 Grate 12 Ordinate counterpart 14 "Do -- others ..." 15 Labyrinth beast 16 Ollie's pal 17 Little, in Paris 18 Unisex top 20 PC peripheral 23 Folder contents 24 Angered 25 Stately dances 28"-- Miserables" 29 Pugilist 30 Discoverer's cry 32 Mosque tower 34 Culture medium 2 35 -- and crafts 36 SALT subject 3 37 Elk 4 40 Crucial 41 Mideast 5 airline 42 Member of 6 the clergy 7 King Crossword I 128 I 149 I 47 Skin opening 48 Eternally 49 Prepared to drive 5t3 Reuben bread 51 Impale DOWN 1 Sweet potato Kyoto 39 l 3 disciplinarian 8 Potential frat member 9 "Con 10 Celeb 11 Bridge, in Brest 13 Particular 19 Speak sloppily 20 Wire mea sure cummerbund 21 Utah city Sailors' org. 22 Lucy's Evaluated by partner eyeing 23 Repairs Jacob's 25 Bergen's brother dummy Baton Rouge Snerd sch. 26 Takeout Strict request 26 - 30 44 27 Phony 29 Homer's imp son 31 Sphere 33 Caught redhanded 34 Bottomless pits 36 Estate recipient 37 Sobbed 38 Lotion additive 39 Rid of rind 40 Patella site 43 Wall climber 44 Youngster 45 Historic time 46 CSA soldier R.F.D. by Mike Marland t... /-II nuNN'RABBrlrS'STr=AD !=-- WONDER /  H CoTANDIN" 'RC)tJND I-ZRE / V,aT /; r VqATIN' FOR tv,F_.. 5"TOP,D ._ Tt4AT " i "l GROUIDHOG!!  - Out on a Limb by Gary Kopervas ;7;- .,. CAt-t. OF THE W L-D ? :e 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Strange "-BUT_TR_UE HOCUS-F( )CUS By Samantha Weaver It was American writer Cullen Hightower who made the following sage observation: "'Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else's can short- en it." If you were asked to nmne the BY HENRY BOL'ri NO FF o i QJ northernmost of the United States, . J'm sure you'd have no trouble nam- ing Alaska. And you probably also know that alaska is the westenamost state of the tmion. ,You might be sur- prised, however, to lem'n that Alaska is also the eclslei"tllnb,vl state. Vep. Tile Aleutian Island chain crosses the International Dateline, placing a few of the islands in the Far East. Thanks to tim fact that their eyes are placed on the sides of their heads. rabbits can see behind themselves without turning their heads. - In the town ofArcadim CaliK. there is a law on the books that grants pea- cocks the legal right of way when crossing any street or driveway. Fhnd at least-six differences in details between panels. .= . 1_ ,, who sU4dy suqh3j  :+ that there are 293 diffet:ent w' ,t ...... rna'e':|iarige for a dollar. ' In 2002, a research firm conducted a poll on Americans' beliefs about the existence of alien life in the universe. It seems that a whopping 68 percent of us feel that the U.S. government knows about alien life but refuses to publicize that knowledge. The Russian Space Agency has a full-Ilcdged space tourism program -- mad a popular one, at that. Despite the $20 million price tag, all the avail- able trips were frilly booked by (wealthy) civilians in 2009. 'Gu!ss!uJ s! JellOO s,0oo 9 eu06 s! esnoH ' '),ueJeg!p s! eseo!ns 17 Jep!M S! eeJJ. "g seSSel6 seq ulAI E, "lueJeJJ!p s! sseJG L :seoueJeg!O Just Like Cat00 & Pog00. LAFF- A ' DAY Racing News s UlTIRIA W o ,, a H TIClNITIO z WHY INDEED? Hidden in the above frame is a famous old saying. You can find it by reading every other letter as you go around the frame clockwise. The trick is finding the right first letter ,'JglS e Ot uoSet noA q3;!H. ;t!; lq6p eql u! .H, Oq, tll @u/JlS :aMsu'v A WORD BRIDGE x|xIxIxI I I 2 I 3 I  I 5 I 6 I 7 I  I 9 I IOlXIXIXIX :; 2010 King Fea!ureS Sytd , lc All rlghls reserved The bridge above contains 10 supporting Illustrated by David Coulson ] "AGE" WORDS,' Fred ....... the following words that end w=th "age. 3.  . i j 1. What,s a forest', ago? 3.What age is a bull in a china shop? I [2. What age does a car hate? 4. What age is an unplugged refrgeralor?l IT'S MAGIC! Use the numbers 8 through 17 to fill in this Magic Number Square. The numbers in each horizontal row, and vertical column, and even the four comer squares, must total 65. We've fill in six of the squares. The rest is up to you. Use the trial-and-error method-- and a good eraser! 'g 'It ';L 'ZL :oJ qno:l 'St 'St "g '0t :oJ p!qJ. 6t 'l,t '6 'g :o puooa !8 '#g 'or 'ct :MO] |SJ!5 :JaMSt/V 2 i t9 [6s] words. We give you the first letter of each word, plus plenty of hints. 1. To scold constantly. 2. Long lyric poems. 3. Worn in winter, 4. A scraping tool. 5. A pair of foot warmers. 6. A male turkey. 7. To exhort or impel to action. 8. Courage and bofdness in battle 9. To join together. 10. A strong desire 'ua, k 0L "PlaM 6 "OIA 8 eBfl Z "woL g 'xos " dseH t, "eed " 'sepQ g "SeN 'L :sasw - I / L - -. ". - l. . s s lii'IP.lil, llilllOli&[lllIa F Daytona International Speedway Race Information & Records Last Year's Winner: Kevin Harvick Qualifying Record: Bill Elliott 210.364 mph in 1987 Race Record: Buddy Baker 177.602 mph in 1980 Race Time: 8:00 pm ET, Feb. 6th Track Statistics & History Location: Daytona Beach, Fla. Banking/Turns: 31 degrees Distance: 2.5 miles Shape: Tri-Oval The Daytona Shootout began as the Busch I Clash and was a fifty-mite "all-out sprint." In its current format, it is made up of two seg- ments: a short 25-lap segment, followed by a ten-minute intermission. After the inter- mission, the race oondudes with a 50-lap segment in which each car must make a green flag pit stop. The race, like the Spnnt All-Star Challenge, carries no points for the winner but rather a large purse. This is supposed to encourage an all-out driving style not seen in regular-season races, where one serious mistake may hurt a driver's overall points standings. 2009 Chase for the Cup P_dy Poi.ts 1) Jimmie Johnson 6652 2) Mark Martin 6511 3) Jeff Gordon 6473 4) Kurt Busch 6446 5) Denny Hamlin 6335 6) Tony Stewart 6309 7) Greg Biffle 6292 8) Juan Montoya 6252 9) Ryan Newman '6175 10) Kasey Kahne 6128 11) Carl Edwards 6118 12) Bnan Vickers 5929 2009 Nationwide Series Dver Poi.ts 1) Kyle Busch 5682 2) Cad Edward 5472 3) Brad Keselowski 5364 4) Jason Leffler 4540 5) Mike Bliss 4075 6) Justin AIIgaier 4049 7) Steve Wallace 4007 8) Jason Keller 3960 9) Brendan Gaughan 3914 10) Michael Annatt 3598 Driver Start Finish Points/Bonus Lastyear, JimmieJohnsonbecamethefcstdrivertowfour Denny Hamlin 38 1 195/10 Jeff Burton 26 2 175/5 Kevin Harvick 6 3 170/5 Kurt Busch 12 4 16515 Jimmie Johnson 1 5 16015 Jeff Gordon 20 6 150/0 Carl Edward 24 7 14610 Kyle Busch 30 8 14715 Martin Truex Jr. 14 9 13810 A.J. AIImendinger13 10 13410 eomecue Cup S,. chmg/,mhim at  . He  Rid'rd 'y, Oae  ar, d teammate Jeff Gordon as the only ddves to win more than throe tles. After the race Jirnmie said, "I'd do som Ihat's ne,r been done in e spod, and love the sport like I do aed respect it like I do and tho groats, Petty, Eamhan:lt, Goron, to do someing  have cer done is so awesome." Johnson's e gave a record 12 overal cl to tssm mer Rick . Hendrids team took the top throe spats in the final standings. Mak Ma wound up wi his th mnnerp nish, while  was '/xl. Jilmla Johnson Born: Sept. 17, 1975 Sponsor: Lowe's Crew Chief: Chad Knaus Car: Chevrolet Biography: In 2002, Jimmie Johnson joined the Cup series. He became the first rookie in Cup history to ever lead the point standing. Johnson finished second in the 2004 Cup standings. In 2005, Johnson stayed in the top five in the points standings all year, but finished 5th in points after crashing in the midway point of the final race of the season. In 2006, Jimmie Johnson won his first Cup Championship with a stretch of top five finishes in the Chase for the Cup. In 2007, Johnson entered The Chase as the leader and became the first dri- ver to win ten times in a season since Jeff Gordon, who did it three consecutive years. Jimmie won his second straight championship with a 7th place finish in the final race. Last year, he entered The Chase in third place, but moved into first place by the fourth week and held off Cad Edwards to win his third consecutive Cup Championship. This year, Johnson again began the Chase in third place and moved into first after the fourth race. He became the first driver in NASCAR history to win four consecutive championships. Danica Patrick announced last week that she plans to compete this year in at least 12 races in the Ne Sedes. Patrick, who signed with JR Motorspotts, will make her stock car debut on Feb. 6 in the ARCA series race at Daytona. A week later, her car is entered in the Nationwide Series race on Feb. 13 at Daytona International Speedway, but JR Motorports will determine after the ARCA race whether she will drive Feb. 13. Regardless of whether or not she drives in the Nationwide Sedes at Daytona next week, she will tad in the Nationwide Series on Feb. 20 at the Auto Club Speedway. What was the biggest track on the 2009 NASCAR circuit? a) Pocono c) Talladega b) Daytona d) Sonoma "5u!aJp peads q6!q pue 6upeJ ep!-,(q-ep{s luesuoo sl! JOt Jelndod 8! NoeJl eqJ. "el!uJ 99" jo q16ual del e ql!M paJnseauJ ! 'etueqelv jo Jleq uJm, sea eLn u! paleool 'oeJ1 eq/ "e6epellel (o : Winter is still here! See us for all your vehicle winterizing needs. Belfield Auto Supply 505 6th St. NE. (701) 575-4228