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Beach, North Dakota
January 25, 1934     Golden Valley News
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January 25, 1934
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/ JANUARY 25, 1934 Chevrolet Gives Passengers Ride Like a Glide of the new 1934 Chevrolet, ] cosnpl~e[y en~ in a.weathertlght housing; the coil sp~ngs and [ shock.ab0orber$ ride in a bath of oil. William E. Holler, Chevrolet's general males manager, as shown at The left holding a chart which snows tne.lnternat construction of the system. [ Tne radiator" of the new Car has added beauty through its graceful | ann sharply pointed design. Smgrtness hu been the theme in ! every line of this year's Chevrolet. springing, the wheels and spring mechanism are rigidly attached directly to the frame and there is no front axle. By relieving the front sprin~s of the task of carrying wheels and axle. therefore, it became possible to make the front springs as "'soft" as the rear springs. When ;the new Chevrolet strikes an irregularity in the road, both front and rear move up and down with the same frequency--there is no inclination on the part of the rear end of the car to leap into the air and throw the pammtlgers forward and upward. Chevrole~s "Knee-Action" has additional advantages Ill ~mtrlbuting to a comfort in riding never before thought .pg~dble in a motor car. There is a decided /mp~-v~ent in handling, steering, ~afew at high speeds and fire economy. In design, the front spring is a neat, compact and fllcient unit, as Mr. Holler points out in the above picture. The entire spring mechanism is attached rigidly to the frame. From this enclosed unit the wheels spring vertically at the ends of strong, steel hori.~onta [ aL~s. North Dakota ) ) ss. of Golden Valley ) officers for the delivery stamps and at the end must be treasurer to for their must be all money expended: ~arried. Moved l~y Klrkpatrlck and sec- onded .by Wos~ka that pursuant to Section 4227 C. L. 1913 wherein a person or corporation is" indebted to the County for personal property taxes due or delinquent, the county audHor is directed to turn over the warrants fo the county treasurer after the s~ me have bee~ /s~ued and the county treasurer shall note upon each warrant "Held for personal THE BEACH. N. D.. ADVANCE Board of County Commissioners mdt pursuant to adjournment with all members present, Pursuant to notice Joe Carlson, Richard Bagnell, Mary ]~rown, Peter Bartley and W. E. Pennay appeared before the Board in the matter of old age pension. Definite action uas postponed until later in the meeting An application was filed by School District No. 2 to have taxes abated on 2 acres located on the southeast corner of Lot 1 in Section 2, T. 140, R 104 for the years 1930-31-32-33 In the amounts of 52c, 38c, 30c and 33c was approved by the Board and by the Sentinel Butte Township Board, subject to the approval el t the State Tax Commissioner. Mathtas Decker appeared before ~the Board relative to payments due on land contract. Upon payment of interest and promise of further pay- freest within two weeks, an exten- sion of time was allowed on the balance. Upon motion by a, Vosepka and second by Klrkpatrick the follow- ing resolutions were adopted WHEREAS. It. appears to the Board of County Commissioners now here in regular meeting a~sembled that one J. M. Tart died on or about November 7th, 1933 and that he was at said time dependent upon Golden Valley County for support, and WHEREAS, It further appears to said Board that the said J. M Tarr was a~ the time of his death indebt- ed to Golden Valley County for ado vancements made to him by said County in a sum in excess of $400.00, and that the said J. M. Tart died. possessed of certain real and per- sonal property within said Golden Valley County, and a, VHE]~EAS, Time has elapsed to such an extent as to enable a el'ed- itor to apply for letters of admin- istration in co~qnection with said estate and no other persol~ e~titied to letters has applied therefore, Now Therefore, Be It t~.ESOLVED that the do petition as a creditor for l~tt*~,rs of administration in connection with the estate of said J. M, Tarr. de- ceased, and the States Attorney is hereby authorized and ordered tu tnke appropriate steps to secure the l)a~'men.t of advancements made by this County in SO far as ihe property of said deeedent may be applied thereto, and ti~at A.'J. )'Keefe, the Chairman of the /~oard ot' County Commissioners be and he hereby is authorized to sign petition for let- ters of administraiion on behalf of this County. %VHEREAS, On or about August 9. 1~33. pursuant to reso2ution of the Board of Coullly Commissioner,- tile sum of $71.76 was duly paid out of the County Roard Fund of Golden Valley County to A. E. Kastle,. as Clerk of tile District Court for and on behalf of land owners whose lands were condemned for use ill the improvement of Federal His'h* way No. 16, and WHEREAS, "It appears further that thereafter the State Highway Commission pursuant to law did send said fundsto the Clerk of Court and that he is therefore hold- ing double the amount necessary, Now Therefore, Be It RESOLVED that the said Clerk of the District Court be and he here- by is authorized and ordered to re- turn said sum of $71.76 so advanced by Golden Valley County back to the County Treasurer, and, that sum be made a part of the County Road Funds of this County. C. F. Polley appeared before the Board and made arrangements for a short time extension on payments due on his land contract, the Board in regard repayments due the Board in regad to payments due on his contract. Upon making a payment the Board extended the time on the balance due. 5:00 P. M. the Board adjourned to meet~at 9:00 A. M January 4, 1934. 9:00 A. M. January 4, 1934, the Board met purstiant to adjournment with all members present Dr, M W Lyons took the oath of office as Superintendent of the County Board of Health. Offices were checked and fees ac- counted for as follows Sheriff. $37~10; Cou~)ty J~dge, $6.50; Clerk t RESOLVED that each and all of lot t.;ourt $128.50; Register of Deeds, i the County Officers of Golden Val-]$173.80; Auditor, $19.15. ley County be and there hereby are] Pursuant to See 2169, C I~, 1913. ordered from this date to desist} the Board cancelled the fnllowing from transacting any and all bust- personal property taxes that cannot hess and transactions of each and oe collected: Floyd Archer, 1930. every kind and nature within their $2.50; Alfred Accart,.1932, $3.46; Olaf offices and within the Co~nty Court Akeson, 1932~$1.14; A. E, Crandall, .House of Golden Valley ~Jounty not 1928, $3.56; ~ P. Halstead, 1931. specifically or by implication by taw $7.17; Joe Huber 1930, $2.15; John made a part of the official duties T. Pierzina and wife, 1923, $3.06 W. pertaining to their several offices. E. Penna3~ 1930, $3.00; Steila Ty'retl 1T IS HEREBY ORDERED, That I930, $26..7; Arelene Taylor, 1932~ true and correct copies of this reso- $144; Dale Vaughn. 1929, $2,50; Ed Veright, 1930 $2.60; Prent tce Con- lution be forthwith prepared and ell, 1926, $13.47; Edw. Kreuger, be certified as true copies by the County Auditor above the seal of this 1923 $16.49; Mrs. S. N. Lebo 1932, County, and that the Board of $2.41"; Lawrence Zinsli, 1925, $20.99; County Con)missioners do forti~with Farmers Lone Tree Equity Co, 1926, Dr. V. G Morris, services Andrew Foisted .................. 18.30 Office Specialties CO., sup- plies ..................................... 3.34 John W. Wentland ~eage 8.33 L. J. Erickson, ~pgNtEl of Prisoners . ............ |. ~4"~ .......... 7.00 Beach Advance, I~bI'fshlng Com. meetings .f.i ................ 28.90 Durroughs Add. Mob. CO. Servicing Add, Mchs ......... 45.60 Pursuant to Resolution passed at the Special Meeting held Dec, 21, 1933, the City of Beach bought, on contract, from Golden Valley Coun- ty, Lots and tracts as follows: Lots 11 and 12 Block 5; Lot 1 Block 10; Lots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 Block 11; Lots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 s 9 10 11 12 Block 13; Lots 9 and 10 l~)tock 12~ Lots 4 5 6 7 8 Block 16; Lot 6 Block 17; Lots 6 7} 9 10 Block 24 all in ~.Voodhull's ~Ir~s~ ~Id~ition to the City of Be~f / Lots 1 2 ~ 5/~7 8 9 l0 11 Block 1; Lots 1 2 3 4~3~6 7 8 9 10 12 BIocR 2; Lots 4 5 6 Block 6; A:lt Block 7; Lots 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Block 8; Lots 14 536 7 ~ 9 10 111 Blockg: oto 2 9 10 11 12 Dloek 10: Lots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ~ 9 10 11 12 Block tl; Lots 10 11 12 Block 12 all in Woodhull's Second Addition to the City of Beach. Lot 13 in Woodhull's Acreage, Beach Civil Township. The Board checked the Treasur- er's office and found as per the fol- lowing report: Ledger Wlalnnee From September 30 Tn JanualD, 1, I~1 Collections Payments Ledger Balance 9-30-33 .......... $106,417.95 October ........... 28.66638 19,714.26 November . ...... 16,082.17 31,30071 1)eeeruber .... 11,140.17 15288.51 Ledger Balance I 1~30-33 ....................... 96,003.19 $162.306.67 $162,30667 Trial Balnnee From Dec en~r :*At T~ Jdtnuar~ .~l 9:~ ql~leT:tions .. ~, ~ from D~30. l_ t o Jar~A,-~" 4/h ine ....... 2,131.99 Cash .................. 257.09 Checks ......... 714.40 (:ash items .... 1,895,66 School D i st ('. l.).'.~ ........... 19,238.84 Bank Dalanee . 76.029,29 $ 3~,1"35.13 $ 98,135.:18 (Signed) ELLA C. GASHO, County Treasurer, 5:00 P. M the Board adjourned to meet at 9:00 A. M. January 8. 1934 9:00 A. M. January 6, ]934. the Board of (~ounty Commissioners met pursual~t to adjournment wlth all members I)resent. A tax deed was issued to Joe & Mike Proclv to lots 1,2-3-4-5-6 ~n Block 3 Hunter's Second AdJitlon to the City of Beach, The following bills were audite~d, approved and ordered paid subject to personal property taxes due or delinquent: County Treasurer, stamps. " Postage, Freight, etc ..... $ 1,341.53 H. A. ~ry. road work 136-105 .................................. 1.80 J. L, Barkland, miles.go .... 7,40 Grace and L. H. Callender, assigned to county, right- of*way WV~ 9-143-105 .... 15.00 A M. ~toddard, justice fees 26.30 E. R Kennedy. medicine for poor ................................ 2.00 State Tuberculosis Sanitor- ium, care Clifford Coyle . 131,56 J. G. Peall, work and sup- piles for C. H ..................... 38.00 C E. Fuller mileage, in- specting cattle .................... 133,77 Texas Co., gas for tractor 45.31 Farmers & Merchants Bank, rent house on Lot 3, Block 3 Near's 1st Add ................. 12,00 Olaf Thorson. operating county grader ...................... 32.25 David M. Howle, operating All orders for advertising Cash. The rates are two cents a word cents per insertion. No such ~lvertlsements phOned pu'blished without prepayment unless ths party has account with this office. ~'~.~(I~ A. M January 2 1934 the ~oard vrf County Commis~ioner~ met ~ regular quarterly meeting with i~.ll\:rnembers present. - to the elec- for the follow- moved by Wosepka Kirkpatrl~k that as chairman of the following year. vote the fellow- Yes; Kirk- ried, Motion Office hours for the court house employees are set from 8:30 A. M. of the proceeding" to 12:00 Noon and from 1:00 P. M read and approved, to 5:00 P. M. issued to Oscar Upon motion by Wosepka and In second by Kirkpatrick the following 0 resolution was adopted: letter frOm the to fer Gem ,t the San- the It property taxes" if she. shall find that the Derson or temptation to corret,t copy of such resolutiml and whom warrant is payable owes the tile service of such resolution by cou,.y a-y persom~ property ~axes, copy on each and every County of- If no personal property taxes appear fleer 0fficing lri the Golden Valley against the person c;r corporation, County Court House. the county treasurer shall make no Earl Jones was appointed Janitor notation whatsoever Motion car- of the court house for 1934 a=nd sal- ary fixed at $6000 per mont2a. as WHEREAS. the Session Laws of that" all personal a lien on any the tax owner or tax It the county aud- and directed to or delinquent the tax as pro- chapter. and see- the fol- be adopted: RESOLVED that the county treas- urer be~ the lien eed lien of $200.00 To : collection same being to Golden Va] ley has made com- ll~ delinquents the face of such lien and 13, 1933, treasurer did, on order the sum .00 in full of said Now Therefore, Be It that the action of the d In ordering such compromise acceptance be and the same confirmed, and that the the County treasurer in such of $200.00 and said lien be and the confirmed and ap- Proved Upon motion and following ' R. L. Johnston was appointed assessor of the Third Commissioners DistriCt and Ralph Mosser for the First Commissioners District for the year 1934. .J.G. Peall appeared before the Bottrd relative to payments on con- tract. Mr. Peali offered to begin payment of $30.00 per month begin- nlng February 15, 1934, a~d'an ex- tension of time on the contract was granted. Bids were Opened from the Beach Review and the Beach Advance for the furnishing of 2800 Personal Property Tax Notices. Both .having the same bid, $24.50, lots were crest, the Beach Review won. and the Job awarded to them. Llo~'d Yates appeared before the Boars relative to payment due on his contract. Upon promise to make payment soon, the time on the con- tract was extended. Richard Moore and Ralph M0sser before the ~ard relative on contracts. Upon on or ex- Pursuant to notice Rose Halter- man, A. L Cunnlngham, ~ta Rouse and Joseph Ptekll~ appeared before the Board in the matter of Old Age Pensions. Definite action of the Board postponed until later In the meeting. 5:00 P. M. the Board adjourned to meet at 9:00 January 3 1934. January 3. 1934, 9:00' A, M. the SCRATCH thing for fol purposes, sis~. Advance WILL BUY In good condition, make, finish, style, and ,best price for all Address PIANO, Beach Advance. ~21 The Advance worlds for yolL submit application on behalf of the Board of County CommissiOners as governing board of the municipal- lties concerned, Seconded by Wosep- ks. Upon being put to vote motion was duly carried. Upon motion by Wosepka and second by Kirkpatrick. the follow- ing resolution was adopted: Resolu- tion : WttEI~EAS, It appears to the Board of County Con:tnlissioners now here in regula'r session assembled that there is now sufficient funds in the County Seed Grain Sinking Fund to pay ~ll o~ltstandfng indebt- edness and bonds due from said fund and to leave a balance of $473.12 in said fund after liquidafiSn of all such iodebtedness, Now There- fore. He ]t RESOLVED that said sum of $473.12 be. and tl~e same hereby is transferred from said County Seed Grain Sinking Fund to the County Salary Fund. Lots 7-8-9. Block 4 Woodhull's First Add was sold ~o ~he City of Peach for $45.00. Upon recommendation by the Com- missioner of Agriculture and Labor final action on the old a~e pension applications w~xs laid over until the Marelt meeting. 5:00 P M. the Bcmrd adjourned to meet at 9:00 A. 51. February 5. 1934 CHAS. CHRISTIANSEN, (Seal) Connty Auditor. NOTICE OF LEASING OF STATE & SCHOOL LANDS All unleased State and School lands in Golden Valley Oak, will be offered for public leasing to be Court House at County on 1934, All will be leased to the a term of one to five The first years rent plus leasing fee must be paid In i A to be offered will be on file with the Treasurer of said County for public inspection not less than two weeks before the day of leasing, also instructions in regard to the terms, etc., under which these lands will be leased. The Board of University & School count~, tractor .................... 32.25 A. J. O Keefe, commissioner services ................................. 36.00 Lands reserves the right to reject Chas. Kirkpatrick, commis- an and 11 b'" stoner servlces .................... 32,80 Y a lus, Louise Beuson. care Hughes Dated at Bismarck~ N~ Dak this children and John Grog- 3f}th d~v of r~rn~r l~_q~ 60 "0 ................. ' ..... ory ........................................... v " H T. A ~Vosepka, commission- . [ LB. I~-~SON, er servlces . ~4 40 Sta~e land prom .............................. ~. tJ ~sioner. A L Martin, witnes.~ fees - 90 (Jan 4 11 18 "= "~ " " " "" "" " k 'witness " ~ - - -~ ~'-~u ~-o ~ ~] Albert Vosep a, I " " " " fees .......................................... 2,90 ' , ,- - , , Bly Hogoboom, witness fees 2.90 ~ ' ' Harry Brewer. witness Tees 3.20 It was moved by Kirkpatrtck, seconded by Wosepka that the Board pay a bill filed by the Farm- ers & Merchants Dank account of house located on Lot 3, Block 3 Near's First Add. rented by ,~id bank to John T. Pierzina ~rom Sept 1 1933 Io NOV. 1, 1953. amount $12.00. The vote upon roll call was as follows; Vosepka, yes; Kirk- patrick, yes; O'Keefe, No. Motion secure the service of such [rue and $12.68, ~leclared duly carried. The county auditor was Instructed The auditor was ordered to notify to advertise'for bridge lumber, the Farmers & Merchants Bank that 5:00 P. M. the Board adjourned to the County Board wou]d pay no more meet at 9:00 A. M January 5, 1934. rent. nor be bOUr~d for anytrent~on 9'00 A M January 5 1934 the sa~a anove peso ~ne(t Drop.'ty. , s. Board of" County Cominl~sionsrs met Pierzina appeared before the Board pursuant to adjournment with all and .said that she would pay the members resent, rent. . The il~llowlng bills were 'and- I Thefollowin~ bills.were laid.eve.r: ....... ited~ approved and ordered paid lMrs. l, red StacKer, $; ,~. P. lxy. rl~na~-{ ~ro~es aub~ect to personal property taxes Co.~ , $19,00; _J. Clayton ,.Russell, gt~ r~alm, t =x~eL It heals. It _~aymona l~aagl3erg, ekerK ~v.vv, ou*,n ~ H ' ~ ~ i " Auditor's office .................. $ 17.001,~5.00; I)r. V G,-/~Iorris, ~10.00 and t~]ftothOtltl~ads. Itwdldothcmmefor~oul Richard Moore- road work [ $10.00" W. A. Gerrish, $10.00; Jas. A, I Never u,_ ~.. t~.~,~,., ..... 144-103 " . .........................S.~/U/~zurpuy, .~v, ~. ~ ~u ~, ~ ,vt~, IL_, .... L_ ~ ...... r .... aff~',::'"~rvi~e snark . ' A tax deed was isSued to Otto ~r~uma)t.~perm0e. ~o~.eaa~ ~l)~g ~o~tr~tctor*-j..----~- ........ I~5 Hanson to all block 2;all block 3;~odaydth~nwlowpri~: Wh.l~l~gle Corp., ga~..f~ri~ f ~" ~11 bloesk 94j0a]l blo~k 154; Lols I 243. " FULL SlZE TUBE lf~f'alf ...................... 7~-1; 48 38 7 5 6 a ,, | ~_ | " Ar~n ~ard~r.j1ra~ad 1.00,_6; All. block 7; all block 8,{ (C~0.D. Oakn65) IDILilgl l~l[ J~ ~e,~agglng Orig. Townsite. L~01va, /~. 1~. i ~:iitd~ .=.dl~.~ ~ ............. " 4.80 Action to cancel land contracts ! ~ _~_._z__~- ........... -~a~'"d'~t":2"" u-on wblch "~-'ments were due orI a't~=avr.r0o~nr~~l~$W~'~eS~U~! L~I R a rag- v ~,r t: ............. GI~_.~.... ~.a..ra 3 60 delinquent were laid over until the t :'-~'--"-"-" "-""___"."-"~'.~"_"_" ................. ~;~'~s~""for ' next meetinK_FebruarY 5, 1934.. | ~I'IL~IVlO" L~. _KA'IOKII~ ~~:.;~.~:...: ...... 1.75 _ Moyeagy K~rxP.atrlek tlL~t Gglaen_I /~.watFicoBlv&,LosAnglcs, Cld~ ~ , m~.rton S,~l~iglo~poor re- ___ v aul~ey ~ountY, si ny ~ts ~#oaro of Eadol~lla~{~:/orhl]Itlze~aul~ _i~ ~ llef ..................... 800 12o ut uomm]s oners, oo make ap- "~ ............ li ~ to he i d H~MO-FREF. If n0~ ~ ! I~ ( B~ach Ho~p'ii:al. care of p cat on : t CIv I Works Admin- ] .,~ ~a. la~ ' {, Doris Coyle ....................... 16 O0 lstration for approval of a project{ -~Y._'2TM .Z 11 St. John's Orphanage, care [or palntlng the County Court 1 - " / ! Musll and Niehouse chil- House, and for a project for ~oad{Narae ........ [ ! dren ........................................ 100:00 Improvement In the unorganlsedl .................... /I Lewis Rooming House, township 136-105 and that the I Address ~! room for tra.nsiegt ....... : ..... 75 chairman of the Board of. County ~ " ...................... '. ~ ~aron Isnook, naullng tot Gommms~oners and tne county Aua. It~ItY ~^._ |[~ 7.00 itor be authorized to execute and J~'~ ................ ~ ......... I~ For to the I, poor ........................................ night Prtntlng Co., sup- plies ........................................ 52.50 C, E. Langberg, coal for C. H ......................................... 57.75 J. P. Thlll. supplies for C.H. 5.50 C. Bartholomew, hauling ashes for C. H ..................... 4,50 "~ Institution for Feeble Mlnd- ed, care of County vattents 315.00 Northwestern Bell Tel Co., servlc~s .................................. 41.18 MOY Is the Place GOOD of CAFE BIRI~ for sale. in business & Ave. S oils, Minn. 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