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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
January 22, 1942     Golden Valley News
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January 22, 1942
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/ THURS.. JANUARY 22, 1942 THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS PAE i i UFll|||-*e &apos; and Mrs. Melvin Hartse were guests home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Eli Clff COUNCIL PRO Ing materials and labor 30.9S'; Mr. 'rid' Mq$.. ck 'atg o i Thnrsday afternoon at the home of[ Swartz got the $10.00 prize on Sat. TeXaSg.33; Vukelic'sC" Gas andCashOil andfr pickUPcrry, Csy re vitiD in  CI' , Mrs. Jim Onnon. J. J. Cassidy got three of the one " Lye .21; J. C. Penney Co., Material munty tlw last few days. Mrs. Bert Hudson and her mother, fr. and Mrs. Earl Minor and child-J dol2ar bills and Mrs. :Fessenden's for flag 1.21; City of Beach, Water Mrs. Ova Stark, accompanied Groper ren returned home Saturday night' name was also drawn. This feature Utilities Co., Power. Gas and lights --- :::=-- :==-::--=--:=:--! Lutts tO Beach Monday where they from a visit in New Mexico and Ok- put on by th merchants is drawing 95.12; Montana Dakota Utilities Co. , 00treet ,,00bts 120. Mootana Da Theatre visited Mrs. tufts at the Beach has- IRhoma. a good trade to town. ota Utilities Co. Valves for gas pital. A quite a few Carlyle men attends2! Mr. and Mrs. David Dick and son COVNCH, PROC/CEDING. range 6.00; Mr and E t0000ot- the whist 00arty Ooiva Thu00sd00.. Poin00 so, Mr and Mel- secondod00tin by'na0e00bom.soobY Halst00dtbat aodthe Calendar ed business in Beach Monday. They ew'ning. Carlyle won by 33 points. ' pin Pederson of Glendive visited r- ItEGULAR MEETING bills be al[owed as read and that also visited at ,the home of Mrs. Itve MrCann, Still Brothers, A1- ltives here SundRy. DECEMSESt 1st, 1941 warrants be drawn on the various . fuuds in payment thereof. Upou TJ] Minnie Sorenson. pin WoodMen and Claude Lund ship-- Friends of Miss Nora Jordan and roll bring called the vote was as In a recent letter from the F. M. ped out six carloads of sheep out of Miss Beatrice Spies, he lady / The City Council ,f Ieach, N. D. ean- follows, Cafferly, Dickinson. Fro- met in regular ssl(,n on Dec ese, Lovgren. Halstead and Thorn-p- ROSE Hepper amily Who live near Wood- Carly:e lriday and Claude Lurid and" gelists from California were sorry I ember 1st, 1941. Members Present son all voted "yes". Motion was burn, Oregon. they t:ell of preparing Bud Still Well to the citrics to sell, to hear tha it was necessary for were Mayor R. W. Johnson and declared carried. A,dermen Dan Cafferty, T, L. Dick- , A permit to move a frame build- GLENDIVE, MONTANA covers for poultry house windows as the sheep and visit rela,tives. I Miss Spies to undergo all emerg2ncy inson, M. E. Free:e H. It. Hal- lng 26' x 26', 1/., stories high from a blackout precaution. They were Mr. J. E. McDivitt was a Beach and operation recently. She can be reached stead. M. I'. L<vgren and H. R. Lot 3, Pik. 11 Hunter's 1st Addl- Thompson. Lion was granted to T. L. Dick- lapwing folvard to a visit from their Wibaux caller Friday. l a'c Coachella, Calif., in care of the The minutes of th regular meet- insos on motion by Halstead and .O Sh0win daughter Clara and son Otis and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rowe and wo{E. M. Jeflery, and we are sure many Ing of Nov. 3rd were read and seconded by Cafferty. approved on motion by Dickinson his lit, tl daughter of Billings. daughters returned from Illinom on of her friends will be glad to send and seconded by Freese. A permit to construct an addi- THURS.-F.-SAT.-f Mr. and Mrs. George Cox were in lSaturday where they had spen the lher a note or a cheery card during The following bills were read Lion o the present garage and Beach Monday. i holidays visiting with Mrs Rowe,s'her illness, and considered, store room on Lot 1, Blk. 3 or- "International Squadron" j H. W. Blair. Agt., Freight on lginal Townslte, same to be about 18' x 20' and covered with sheet starring lnald Reen, Olnpe Mis Yerra Ferguson of Baker spent I parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fowler. Ed Lynch came from Butte Sun- watermalns 57.37; H. W. Blair, Agt. iron, was granted to Geo. McClell- the week end at the Clin, ton Baker Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Martin verelday morning called here by the death Freight on meers, pipes and con- an on motlbn by Cafferty andL sec- Brands, WiBiam T,undigan, Jmtn home. ] Sunday guests at the H B. Fik home. of his father, John Lynch. nections 13.26; Nina Kirst, City onded by Dickinson. Treasurer. Sp. Assessment Pay. Perry and Reginald Denny. Their .Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bowen and son Velma Jakobson and Dorothy Jean{ Thehoir of the C. F. church under Warr. and Int. 1,385.97; Paving Moved b" Cafferty that suffi- 0OUTItZI are conque'ed .... bu not District No. 1. Transfer from Pay- cient space ro be determined by the went to Baker Tu'vsdav, t Waterland were visitors at the Dave the direction of Mrs. L. A. Westmore- lng Levy Fund. 776.64; James gel- Chtef of Police be met aside on t'leir courage! The small son of x. and Mrs, Lander home Saturday. land, have been doing some very ty, Work at dump grounds 10.00; the west side of the Corner Bar Beach Library, (?ontrlbutlon. I0.00; and on the south side of the Roger Sanford of Helena is seriously Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hammond left good singing and were invRed to go I,Sarl Jones, Janitor work, 2.50; Dickinson Creamery Co.'s Station ill wit, pneumonia. Thursday a. m. on a months visit t ! to Bloomfield for the evening service DIcklnsons Store Inc., Dust cloths for trucks and buses to park and [I},d o d[ONDAY TISDA Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stark and Mrs. the Pacific coast. Going rom here i Sunday evening 2Zhe choir, consisting 2.02; Golden Valley News, Puh- unload. Motion seconded by Freese. lishing proceedings 10.50; North- Following was the vote on roll O- SHOW--SAT, 11: Ohale Abrams were Baker callers to Billings {/hey drove to Basin, Wyo- of Misses Lllllan Scarnmon. Olive western Bell Tel. Co., Local set- being called, Cafferty Yes; Dick-   Wednesday. ruing on Friday where they were Welsh. Elaine Anderson, Dole DlcZ, vice 2.55; Globe Gazette Printing inson, No; Freese, Yes; Halstead. Co., Office supplies 5.78; A. M. No; Lovgren, Yes; Thompson. No. Wm ]yweH nd M y t MX. and Mrs. Claud Baker and[ Joined by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ham- Janet Stock,ell and Ila Baker and Hammond, Labor on streets and The vote being a tie, Mayor John- #Shlow of A ThiR S  mond. The four will visit a brother Mrs. Westmoreland and M. Leslie hall 55.00; M, L. Loyal[ November son voted Yes and the motion was Leslie were callers a the RwleYlEd at Fremont Nebraska and a sister Baird. Messrs. B. L. Sernn, Iwren salary 125.00: L. J. Erlekson spa- ] declared carried. home Sunday. cia police salary 85.00; C. O. Hal- It was agreed that $1.50 be oh- wth B2ry Neon, Delln Mr. and Mrs. Chat hepherd [Mrs. P. H. Mitchell at Denver from Wtkir, laymond Dick, Howard An- orson Aud/tor's salary 75.00; N., arged for use of the dining room a  Leelle. k $ up to h were[there going to points in California. derson. Orville Woodhoue, Glenn old.,.rm,md Nam by his kle [ Bker callers Friday. D. Workmens Comp. Bureau, Prem- for morning meetings, $1.50 for My. and Mrs. ly Ieqherd, Mrs. { A. Niece and ler husband from ium 123.61; Beacon Oil Co., Gas for ] afteroon meetings and $2.00 for il in "Jhao' o A   Scammon, L. A. Wstmoreland and pickup and patrol 8.08; Johnson [ evening meetings. Norman Rost and Mrs. Bert Hudson Baker are vlltin$ at the home o Rert Dick and their able pianist, Mator.Co.: Service to pickup 15.43; [ _Motion to adjourn w'aa_made bf Mrs " " ........ rau moge Mowlng streets 1"/.90" i -ovgren anu seconae oy rreese. attended the funeral of Mr. rl her uncle and tunt Mr. and Mr . a. nnon were accnpenlea Golden Valley Lumber Co Paint [ Carried. Bondll in Bekea" Wednesy, Dave Lunder. to IIoornfleld by Mrs E, B. Sherrn,/ etc., 1.4; Ben's Texaco "Service J Attest: ][)N]][)AJ OIT Mr I i". hem znd x ..... [ (s for pickup 4.$I; Neptune Meter [ C.O. Halvorson, A grotrp of lUes met Wednesday Friends of the Schrader, Bill Narum ..y. -Z. ".'-'::" _ .... m,, t Co., Meters and connections 3,5 | City Auditor. afternoon &t the Donald Blair home and Herb Carmicheal mllie extend , n vecgweu and ,Mr. and Mrs Crane Co., Watermalas 345.1 and R.W. JOHNSON, f,n Iurel and Oliver  In to planvit*$ ,lrY' to be held on sYmpathy to them in. the death of Rueben Amunrud and ehildn The! 57.77, 402.89; Olaus Rishovd Pluno- Mayor. "Great Gram" . , , ___ , .... Janltary 24th, at the IOO I1. Cards eir husband and faCher, Mr. Ed nly member of the choir unal to ......................... With _!ikt:lTL.;_D Ne]dN st[ and Chinese checkers will be played. chrader Who passed away at the Eli- go was Russell Welsh Who has been, Me Mrsh 'qere h.. nursing the mumps. The choir reports Theirs will also be a lncy work sale. abeth hospll in Baker on Friday a fine trip and enJoyle time at they're h--ill-eriotw .... fey'll [ e returns wlll  t the Red Crss" P" m' 00SED MACHINERY lr blUe. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Rawley have Mr. and Mrs. Hubert III from the meeting at which a large g2en- returned from Kansas where they Beach visited their datghter, Mrs. dance was present. lind spent the past two month-. Tommy Owens on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Art Bryce from the .... #NING  MrS. Belle qt, tley and Mrs. Wm. Edgehill country were business Visit- USED DRILLS--10 ft. to 14 ft. Any make .ho,00rs Wiba ors in town Monday. pri "Citizen Kaae" [IX Mr. ,nd A00ion red to fit any pocketbook rained relatlv at dinner Sunday. The show everyone Is wit Mr. P. E. Bryson mo+)red to (Men- 'Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Scott and , , , see. dive Tuescy. His grandchildren Ran- [rs. George Pevcon was nosms to Derothy Mrie autoed to Glendive e Woman's club at her lime Men- USED TRACTORS--Most any kind and and Luella Mantley returned Saturday. wlth him for an indefinite stay. Mr. ,Mr. and Mrs. M. B. larson and day afternoon. Refreshments were en- any size UPTOWN and Mrs. Olen Mantley were called son Richard of Wolf Polrtere guests joyed by all at the close of the meet- ing. '  ' ' .... z00a. WatSon beca00 of Mr and J on GOOD USED COMBINES--Now is the the seriously Illness of the formers Sunday ITHEATRE mother Bonnie View . tie Cox visited at the Geo. Gene Welsh, was a business visitor time to order a new one Cox heine Wednesday. n ldney Wednesday ........... Mr. and Mrs. Wm Dick autoed "o RUSU Heltstetder, wo spent a FE  8AT, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cox motored Ymdlve Thursday where Mrs. Dick few days vlsltin8 at the home of his Act Now! Order to Baker Wednesday morning. '-rod den'tal work done. sister, Mrs. Joe Pasha, Jr. left Turs- 'rhe Pittsburgh Kid  MrS. DaVe McCann of Wibsux visi- Harley Beeler and Louis EVent were day nigrn by bus to return to Mil- ALL REPAIRS FOR SPRING'S WORK ed her sister, Mrs. A. F. Stater on business visitors in Beach Friday. waukee, Wlseo-sin where he h been () Tkursday. The girl's inaependent Ba :/e b'.i] Mrs. R. S. Elserbart entertained a employed. IMMEDIATELY dzya] l Mounted Patrol" team played the Carlyle H. S. glrl  birthday dinner for her husband Lydia. Jon and Paul Feldmann , wi lqyden and harh team at Carly'e "l'ursday evening ,tn,1 last week. spent Sundy afternoon at the Mr- 't"ett. to We',h was a b.00Ine= ,islt- C.key home Some Good Milk Cows Tom Colleran of Baker" was a 9ui- or in Olendlve Wednesday. 'red stull, from near Sentinel Butte .... ness caller in Olle Thursday. Frank Gertenson from Hodges spent was a guest of. Jerry Pasha Sunday. ng sun - Men -- -- - Mr.  Schraeder of rom- the week eod with his wife who .s Clifford Jendro returned to hIs Some Good You Grade Bulls "Bride Wore Crutchm" munky passed away Friday afternoo u teacher at the Hay Creek school, hone near Allm Satttrday after be ...... with Lynne Rbert and "re4  -,, at the Baker hospital. He had bee' Saturday hey pulped to Beach and ing employed at the Joe Pe:ha, Jr ........ iU about three weeks. T1T last rl, e, Sunday they spent wlth their daugh-and Harl, y Hill homes during the past Golden Valley Harvester Co ,, will be held Tuesday at the United tar In Olendive. month.  s Brought back by ppur denm Brethren churc in ellis. Burial will Mr. and Mrs. lhllip Van Cleave A number at friends and nelglx)rs C* C. Clark, Mar. Beach, N.D. "Thief of Bagdad" ]e in the Ollie cemetery, and children -autoed to Mis City]ffathered at the Bonnie View ool in magic thnicolor. Bert Hudson, assisted George Co': Saturday and spent the week end house Sunday ,evening for a perty honoring Bud, John and Joe Mr- -----= ..... -:-=- - -: several days during the past week. wiCh rein%toes. They returned Sunday Oaskey, beire their dparture for Mrs. Clara Dkert was a dinne- evening. '  gues at bhe C. C. Sherra hom. ,Mrs. Erl Baker has been On th? the army. John and Joe left C)len- Sunday. sick llSt the past week. dive, Monday afternoon for Fort Mis- CONSERVE TIRES-- /aturday evening the cars driven Judge Leiper was down from Glen- souls, Montana after Joining te Air by Hubert Abrams and Leo Hartse dive Wednesday when several cases Corps and Bud left for Fort Shelling, ENGINETRAN$M|SSION collided about a mile north of ellis. re tried by him. Minr::sota Tuesday morning having --EVERY VITAL PART The cars wer, badly damaged bu ZVIrs. :Francis Payne was hostess 3 been called to active duty as he orturmtely no one was hurt. the Sewing club at her home Wed- v;s released in N,enber. Chevrolot's new "Car Con- A farewell party was given Satuz.- nesday and served dainty refresh- 'Mr..and Mrs. C_.vodfrey and Wayne day evening at the IOOF hall in ments to her guests before they veeut spert Sunday at the Joe Pasha, Jr. servotion Plan" is designed h onor of Verb Mon'ison who will be home. home. Joe F.2sha, St. has been there to help you keep your car leaving Monday for induction inco 1 Otto Mueller and Sig Pederson .'or several days doing carpenter serving faithfully for the , we work the army A large crowd attended imade a trip o Sidney last ek to durofion, and invites your and reported a fine time. I get re, ira for the counCy road math- Dick Keer, son Max and Harry cooperation on the follow- Olinton Baker returned Frid,ay from]lnery.  i Hill spent Monday evening at the Great FaDs where he had attended] There was a large shipment of cat- McCaskey home. ]ng points. (1) Observe the an AAA convention, tle and hogs left here Tursday for sime, fundamental, thrifty Mrs. Ed Sohraeder and Roland and the eastern market. Walter ,ratton of the News force rules of car care, such as Mr and Mrs. Everett Sleeth were Miss Jeannette Welh was down l returned to Beach 'Sunday nigt from keeping tires propody in- dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert rom lendlve and spent the week Chicago where e had ,gone to at- flared, checking battery, Hudson Saturday. end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. tnd the unera,l of 'his sister. While P,v. :F. N. Richert, Carence Halvor- Will Welsh. there he also had the opportunity of water, Oil, etc.... (2) Get a son and Henning Steen went to Fargo At the Pot of old drawing held going through a factory in :Indiar simple serv|ce "chock-up" Friday to attend a Sunday s0hool h,e each Saturday aternoon Mrs. w,hevz tanks are being made .for Uncle at your Chevrolet dealer's convention. Earl Thomason of erect Falls who Sam, and he reports that it was in- now, and avoid major trou- June Billington t0ok a load of with her husband is visiting at the deed an interesting sight, ties later .... (3) See your dressed turkeys to-Beach Saturday. Chevrolet dealer regularly. , Pat Iatterson accompanied him. "k I -- " Percy Bryson was a business caller accompaniedin Baker Saturday. 14rs. John Sliper.him. CAR CONSERVATION ,y,'--% .. ,-.. fr All Meke M Cam and Tmc rs. 'Melvin Hartse and rs. Tom- HEADQUARTERS my Owens and duughter Judy were rubber). supper guests with Mr. Melvin Hartse  RADIATOR ( safegrd at tester Peragen of Wibawc Monday .g /}. night. A delicious supper was served. . LUBRICATION 0o mw Eser Neary had a misfortune of ,motr,ds,is). cracking a bone in her arm Thursday 4.jS (to e , evening while playing on the ice. .. "She ws dken to Glendive by her $. MOTOR TUNE-gP (to mother where she received mediv, al eo). 6.'ARBUR|TOR AND FU|L aid.  PUMP (to  fu), The Crlyle boys and ghls team F. STEERIN ANDWHIK AUGN. played the Golva boys and girls m M|NT tk k/onger-- .t ool,,, n00h, .00ores of Oil Dealers have mobilized to the glrI /roam was 14 to 20 in favor . IL  AND FENON q" of G,,olva and bhe boys score was life make tires last longer '""'" 6 to 24 In favor of the Polos team.  RIIAR AXUL , Mrs. Tommy Owens and daughter and Mrs. Melvin Hartse were callers Start m m Comrvm  -up--a sysMm of at the arl Minor home Thusday af- m[ to help cam Xew ths/a il--Imm ro.r sber.o and ry Lou -and Tommy Woodsend ,gtdrly you haw , were week end guests at he home of on. Some I their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. F. J. lflton, mtin  are hnple. Othe A farewell dsnce ]tre thn ever "--- "I" ezpertl./v them ae is leaving for 4e the- db' map" rediy'om" _ Ltwrence WSkl left and Mm. !j,: .:  t tam Mes. p.