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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
January 16, 1941     Golden Valley News
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January 16, 1941
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[TIRS.JANUARY, 16, 1941 THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS PAGE S S enter a Beauty school. 16, ] Bonnie View entinel ButteI Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hogoboom en- ~clfrey Pesha has been assistingI Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Yates were ~tertatned at dinner and cards Sunday brother Joe, during the past week I business callers in town Tuesday. Mr.eVening'and Mr.Mrs.andl~.edMrS.smithPaUl andWiSchW'Mr. le Putting up ice. I Fred Goebel returned from Farg3 and Mrs. Paul Wagner. i ]~ arold Abraham, who has been em- last week where he has I:een a pat- Iver Ness was the lucky wmner ell i JLL ied at Neihart Montsna during lent in the Veterans hospital for see-the first prize of seven dollars given Past two months, is spending a eral months. away in the Pot of Gold drawing on Nd'~lweeks at his home. Rhine Brieten- Mrs. Evelyn V/aldal entertained the Saturday afternoon. Nick Uetz won It]It, daughter Viola, and son Victor members of the W. B. A. at their second prize and Leonard Treater 3rd. m Harold accompanied to Beach, ousiness meetmg at her home Wed-, Quite a few from here attended the e returned to Niehart, ~,fter a few nesC~y af:erncon. After a short meet- basketball game between the Chinese PI" Tl~S Wibaux.Visit vith teL, tires at Beach ih~h:~ aning bridgerecdvit:gWaS playedf,.rntWitllpri:e,Mrs. MarYMrs. team and the Bismarck Phantonls at )LJ lihool was again resun~e~! at Bonnie iCi:,a %'aguer ,~,econd and ironer priz~ Wibaux on Sunday afternoon. : Mr. and Mrs. Art Folis ~:tnd ~is~ v on Monday morning, Januar3' iMrs. Margaret Boisen received cut-all Bertha Fakler were Sunday evening after a two weeks vacat;_cn ever I~nd Mrs. Laura Gilbert deuce. A de-callers at the Eric Busch home. holidays. ~ .... !licious lunch was served by the host- LOST---Metaled green & black Sheaffcr I ~hn Glower is staying at tn~ J. S. ess at the clos~ of the card playing, ipencil. Name "W. R. Campin" en- ]LU,K]uer home and assisting with the Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Reed and Cnar~,s i graved on band Return to Butte there, while Mr. Schauer is re-!lef~ by bus V/ednesday for Kansas' Drug for reward, ltp ~rating from a recent operation. ~ICity" where they .will visit Mrs. Reed's. i Miss Dorothy~ Wosepka was the in- ,mother before going on to West Vlr-spiration for a handi~erchief shower :veral from this vici,:i:y attende4 !groin to visit their daughter and her and farewell party Saturday evening. ~ll~Shows which were sponsored by the ~a2~ormick-Deering dealers and the I family They plan to be gone abou~ when a number of young folks from eta Implement Co. last Wednesday i two months. Carl Johnson is heping here drove out to the Wosepka home. Thursday respectively. ~rence Stedman. Ernie and He- 15C~ Schauer who have been staying leach while attending high school ~n resumed their school duties last ~Monday, after spending a two- ____, vacation at their respective tea . at the Service Stationduring Mr. Games were pl~tyed and lunch was Reed s absence, served after which they all left wish- The n,embers of the Get-Together ing her lots of good luck in school. Club were enterLained at their social~ m~-eting Friday afternoon at the hemal ~---~ ~ --~ of mS. Ethel Haugse. Five games ofi I;arlvle bridge were, played at four tables, i ~---- J-- with Gigs Lardy holding high score Mrs. Charles Hoffmann retm-ned on and Mrs. Ruth CarLson second. Mrs. Wednesday from Burlington, Iowa, Haugse served a delicious lunch after after an extended visit at the home of the cards. The next business meeting her brother. Mrs Hoffman was also E_ will be held at the home ofMrs. a greats of Mr. Iloffman's sister and [o n -L-- Lenore Smith on Jan. 31st husband, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Devine ~a~ ,~ ta~|i~ John Brov, n was the guest of honor of Chicago. ]I~te 1 at a'party at his homeThursday eve Mrs. John Feragen was a Sunday ILl~l~ ~/~.~ when a number of relatives and fri- guests at the home of her daughter .~v.,.~.~., " " a " " i Krame ends dropped m to help him celebrate ' nd iamfly MI. and Mrs. B I1 r !,,__ his birthday The evening was en- of Golva. B|[~~ I[~D|I~TM joyed by card playing and social chat., Marian Ouale is now employed at , ~dJL J. [:3 1JKRU~]~ Those present were Mr. and Mrs. ithe Tom Gilman home in Beach . -- [W. F. Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs } Melvin ~artse, who is employed at ~~MrT thMrresH ;~; ~ %~l~~Y~s t : : I~ qmtgT STAm'~ ~--,-~ ^ ...... [Mr. and Mrs. Vic Johnson and family, I ' . s e ..... . W T Brown and William and Bjoren several ladies on Friday afternoon. Oolva in the ~"~-~t~ of North De- Vena~ IThose present were Mrs. C R. Stewart, eta at the close ofbusiness on i " ' . . |ember $1, 1940. Alice Knopp and Gertrude Fisher IMrs. J~m Gannon, Mrs. H. B. Fisk AS'~$ I were weekend guests of Mrs Cecil and Mrs. W. H. Swanbro. Bridge was -~ |. LOans and discounts ]Tangen at her farm home near Beach played and dainty refreshments were im ~lr:~l~ding $58.17 over- . ....... ] Mr and Mrs Bud Miller entertained 'served. L Ua'lted"Sm'tes"/~ovorn'~ .......... IMr. and Mrs. Paul Wagner at dinneri Saturday evening, January 18th, a Ill r~le~t obligations, dl- ~ [and cards Thursday evening, ldance will be held at Carlyle hall. _ ... ann guaranteed ..42 831. ,6 I .... .~ ,,._,, ~...~^ ~--- ..... ,-- Music will be furnished b the Dance __ v~insi~, Political subdi-,. trained several friends Saturday eve Demons oz Golva. E'Oi~:rs bonfa:'""n'o[~" 139..~2 }at the Gardner home: Whist was)Amng ..those w.~. attended tl~. na d~ben u I0 000 00 ~mmo~suatlon or me ~Ja~ernazonal |. ~ t res ........... : , . I played at eight tables with Mrs. Wm. ' ~otlt~~a;e l~tck~t~ol~ [Ueckert and Paul Wagner carrying Farm Machinery and show at .B~each Federal Reserve % first rtze weonesoay were mr ~ewar~ local m be-'-- [ way p' , Mrs. Paul Wagner l .. , E C~~ "c'":..................-. .... None !~tn,4 = r~ Nels .....a -r~ ....~ representative Otto Lln~s~rom and son -- i~h_er banks,~"lnclu~l- IMrs. John Jordan and Nick Uetz low William. reserve balan e Mr and Mrs W H Swanbro were " i . and cash lts~ ~riz. A delicious lunch was served} .... i41 in Process of collect- - [at mid-nits business caKers in OGles, Beach and '; on ~8 848 4, IWibaux on Wednesday -~ank"Drem-18es- o'wn- ....... "~ I Mrs. Laura Gilbert and Clifford were ~ e~l $1,0~0.00 furniture i6 o'clock dinner ~uest.~ of Mr sndt A number of Carlylites attended th9 Itr ~n4 f lxture~ $50000 ...... 1,500.00 1 ............... =..-I..-': ...... ~dance at the Eureka school and at are subject to-~Nono ;Golva on ,~'riday evening IV lien - $ Among those suffering with the flu l - J ban~,not assumed by last week were Fred Smith John I Mr and Mrs. Hubert Still and fata- l Real~ ' * Other estate owned Stoddard and Paul Wlschow. {fly were supper guests at ohe L. R. _ raises ~_aan ~anK pro- 1 400 00Mrs. John Berg entertained the ',Moline ncme Friday evening. Iv ~' Irnve~ments'"anc/"-o'ti~: ' " Lutheran Ladies Aid in thechurch~ Jim Oannon from north of Wibaux ets indirectly ............ visited his wife at the depot Thursda repress n tl n g b a n k oasemen~ "rnursnay noon ~ mr6c _ ....... Y" premises or other real I-iaa~lle t~ekson wno nas c~en em eat " crowd enjoyed the delicious dinner' " ... ~s~eo None ployed n Billings since last fall is ~ a:~'r~:" ...... "l'ia'b'ii'l[~, served by the hostess. After dinner the . : " . , ~tthiScebank on. ac- business meeting was called to order visi~Lng at the nome of her mother m'm"I I ng .............. ou.t..s.t.a.n..a: None and election of officers was held. All Mrs. Earl Higby and sister Mrs. Henry Other assets ................ None _ O1d officers were re-elected for another Jacobsen. 12. TOTAL A~ETS .... 155,450.75 year. Next aid meeting will be on Feb. Work graveling the road west of LLaB---~L~ 13th with Mrs. Oscar Gigstad enter- town nas oecn completed by the WPA 1-~ r~ .... QBILI~.iLI~S tainin- workers and the next shift of men L"~"mrlu Ueposlls o~ e~. 9 individuals, vartner- Mr and Mrs Harry Smith were will be employed in Wibaux graveling [ 3~aLPY an.d corporations 52,062.16 ..... ~ "* Mr and MrsfBen Maus on streets and roads Several from here ~Viduals 1)artnershir, s c,,nda- eveninc' will need to stay in Wibaux while 15. Dce;oPs] tlns iL:/,',:Li 54,949.30Miss Dorothy Wosepka left by bus on "me job. States Gee ~"~. ,~'~'~ ~,~,~ f~r ~ismarck where she will Grace Hammond. Signs Evenson .~ .', notuaing POstal sav- - zn s) ---. 16. Z;p o s it s --"~-----~; -~;, None 5t$' an~ oolltical suh~'~'~" (certified and officers [00 " unts, and other lie-" ,_ bilities for borrowed II" 211'noneyf~oeSne TniiYn,r't %?;~ None Premis~e and $ None ~h~ on other real estate .... None 2z. Acceptances execut- ed by or for account of this bank and out- Standing ........................ None 23. Other liabilities ........ 2,787.96 age 24. TOTAL LIARILI--- :ely TIES (not including Subordinating oblige- fig. tlons shown below .... 132,042.96 she ~" CAPrrA'~AOCOuN, r 2,~- Capital ....................... 15,000.00 e. Surplus ................... 7,500.00 ~i" ~ndivlded Profi.ts ....100.70 ~fle- ~ 0. ~e~erves and for dep _ o~ bonds ................ " 81309 C a P X L t~: ~,~OUNTS ...................... "23,413.79 tO. TOTAL L I A B I L I .'-'r----"----- Thl- - -~ .............. 155 456.75 $ ~ cane's capital consists of ,. one of capital notes and de- aentureo, first preferr_ed st~ck With total Par value of $. None, r~U_rahle a{ $ None" ann com- ~,,n stoc~ With to~al par value ..................................... $15,000.00 - uate of re ort the required le~ralP~ ,oaa~ was_ ~0,~03.56 (h) Assets reported lbl. [~,t:rt Were ells- amineS-regal reserve I:lYe ,J~led$. #.n~sc~ of the above- aei~ :hat the ab~- solemnly. swear tnd that It f'~. statement is true, t~e ~re~ents tu- u.y and eorrectl re O~ wal matters %~e .state of the sev- .~t forth, to thstein contained and :li best of my know- be-C " ~est: late F.W. Stevens J.L. TSCHIDA, B. E. Tschid~ bly. z.L. Tschida, I)irectors State of NO th I)akot [ tO ~olden Valley ss: --. County of Sworn to and tCt$o" this 9th d;y o-f"'~eribed before oanuary 1941 _ And I hereby certify th~ v '~- _~' ly a ~n officer or directer o~"tl~i'~,~an~t .o.seViLLe" |gMY commission expi~.te%r.v3Pnobll~,' Metal ~t~UI 118BOVO ... it starts "just No rdssn~', NO CUSSIN', you really get goin' in a Red Crown-poweEed ca~! 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