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January 14, 2016     Golden Valley News
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January 14, 2016
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January 14, 2016 Golden Valley News Page 3 Inside TRMF's new building Above: A worker puts the finishing touches on sheetrock in what will be the Theodore Roo- sevelt Medora Foundation's board room in the Bill and Jane Marcil Life Skills Center in Medora. Below: This large room is the same dimensions as the stage of the Burning Hills Amphithe- ater, and it will provide an indoor practice facility for the Burning Hills singers. (Photos by Richard Volesky) In North D; kota, there's Q: I would like to get on the North Dakota Mixed Fighting Style Advi- sory Board. I have some good advice for new forms of boxing. Should I ask Governor Jack Dalrymple for an appointment or talk to local politi- cians? A: According to Marilyn Johnson, the Governor has no voice in tho ap- pointments. You will have to see the State Athletic Commissioner and Sec- retary of State AI Jaeger. He makes appointments to the boxing board. Q: The state has a beef commis- sion. Is that where I should take my complaints? A: Marilyn Johnson says that the North Dakota Beef Commission is a marketing program for promoting beef. If you have a beef, you could write a letter to the editor. Q: Which of the state boards, com- mittees and commissions is the old- est? A. Marilyn Johnson says that the North Dakota Historical Society Board can trace its roots back to the 1862 Old Settlers Historical Associa- tion. It became the Historical Society of Dakota in 1863. Q: Did we have any old settlers in 1862? I thought we had to wait for an aging process. A. You might check with the U. S. Census Bureau with that one. We did have a handful of trappers, traders and vagabonds going back to the early 1800s. Q: Didn't we have a North Dakota-Saskatchewan-Manitoba board for you use me? N. D. Matters By Lloyd Omdahl A: To answer that, Rose Laning in the governtr's office is the one to see. She's keeps track of the 142 boards re- quiring gubernatorial appointments. BoundaD, Advisory Board at one Her job really gets complicated by time? legislative prescriptions, retirements, A: Marilyn says that is true. It was resignations and staggered terms. created in 1983 and abolished in 1995 There are 42 state boards labeled as because it wasn't meeting. It seems "advisory" so there are openings for that none of them wanted to change people with good advice track boundaries although a merger of records. North Dakota with Manitoba makes a Q: Well, who is this Marilyn John- lot of sense. Then North Dakota son'? would be the southern part of some- A: After the State Library Corn- thing. It would improve our image in mission published a compendium of Alabama. state entities in 1982, Marilyn was Q: What is the Faith-Based and handed the assignment of updating the Community Initiatives Advisory portion relating to boards and corn- Board doing these days? I go to missions. church once in a while so I ought to She now knows 317 pages of qualify for an appointment? "Legislative History of North Dakota A: We lost track of that one. It Boards, Commissions, Councils, lacked sustainability. People without Committees,Bureaus and Task Forces faith probably demanded an equal Created by Statute." And that didn't number of appointments, even touch many administrative agen- Q: My barber just sheared me. Can cies, elected officials or institutions. I get on the Board of Barber Examin- It's democracy run amuck, ers to raise hair-cutting standards? The state Legislature has had three A: According to Marilyn, you need sessions since the 2010 update, pro- to be a licensed barber to be on that viding an opportunity for more updat- board. And don't ask about other li- ing by some aspiring graduate censing boards. Professionals in the student. In fact, Marilyn's statutory field get almost all of the appoint- update provides fodder for at least a ments, dozen master's papers. Q: The Bank of North Dakota has Marilyn retired and is now think- an advisory ..... ing about going back to school. A. Don't even ask. Maybe she will do one of those mas- Q: Isn't there some state board or ter's papers herself and we will know committee or commission that could even more about boards. ? Healthy Advice By Dr. Patricia Anderson Police report City of Medora police report for December: - Traffic: warnings, I ; motorist as- sists, 1; general police calls, 1: alarms, 3; animal control, 2; agency assists, 1 Please support your local merchants Van or Bus Service Billings County Golden Valley County Distance of 160 Miles CALL 701-872-3836 The High blood pressure can affect people of all ages How does high blood pressure cause heart disease? Many factors can contribute to heart disease. High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the primary medical factors that can be controlled or reversed with proper medical in- tervention, subsequently delaying or preventing development of heart dis- ease. High blood pressure can silently damage your body for years before you have life-threatening conse- quences such as heart disease or heart attack. Hypertension damages arterial cells and narrows arteries, leading to hardening of the arteries and walls. Eventually, blood flow is blocked to the heart and other body areas, result- ing in heart related disease such as heart attacks and heart failure. Un- a contributing factor in other medic conditions such as stroke, dementia and kidney failure. How would I know if I have high blood pressure? Regularly checking your blood pressure is the only way to know if you have hypertension. Most people don't have any noticeable symptoms even when blood pressure is danger- ously high. Some people do experi- ence dull headaches, dizziness, and nosebleeds. If you have no risk fac- tors and your blood pressure isn't el- evated, have your blood pressure checked at least every two years. If you are not regularly seeing a DEADLI deadline for submitted copy and stories and all ad orders is noon on Fridays. Call 872-3755 or e-mail doctor, many local pharmacies, clin- ics, health fairs and other health-re- lated events offer free blood pressure checks. Is medication the only treatment for high blood pressure? Being overweight, eating a poor diet with excess salt intake and not exercising all contribute to high blood pressure. When you make appropri- ate lifestyle changes, your blood pres- sure should go down. In cases where lifestyle changes aren't sufficient, your doctor may recommend medica- tion to lower your blood pressure. Do children have high blood pressure? While it's uncommon in children and hard to assess because what is considered normal changes as chil- dren grow, there are children who have high blood pressure. Beginning at age 3, your child should have a blood pressure check as part of a rou- tine appointment. If your child snores or has abnormal sleep patterns, these are signs that could be indicative of high blood pressure. In that case. talk to your pediatrician or primary care doctor about what you are observing. Childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles are contributing to more children exhibiting signs of high blood pressure. These children are also likely to become adults with ele- vated blood pressures. Is high blood pressure an emer- gency condition? Typically, it's a slow chronic con- dition that causes damage over the years. However, there are cases where blood pressure rises so quickly that immediate treatment and hospi- talization are necessary. These pa- tients usually experience major symptoms such as severe chest pain (angina), heart attack, stroke and/or seizures. Even though high blood pressure isn't generally an emergency condition, don't delay treatment if you learn you have high blood pres- sure. Doing so will only increase the internal damage that can result in a chronic illness or eve possible death from heart attack. If you are diag- nosed with heart disease, ask your doctor to refer you to a cardiologist for management of your heart dis- ease. (Patricia Anderson, M.D., is an internal medicine physician at San- ford Health Dickinson Clinic.) _ Annual Production Sale ::: Napoleon Livestock, Napoleon, N.D. 1 p.m. CST (~1~ ,~d~ Purebred 1A Red Angus Bulls ~d~ Registered 1A Red Anllus Open Heifers I,;~ Commercial Red Angus Open Heifers (Selling the 2015-born registered and DVAuCtiO 0m ,e, heifercrop) Free bull keep until May 1 g,.~-.,J~' Semen tested upon delivery ~;;)d~stlV.;e~,~ ~ ~'~ ~iL~l~keJa ,~f~-O~ ; Free delivery up to 150 miles Rick & Amber Rohrich ,..r~. ~,~,. , Bulls are developed to ensure 2838 Hwy. 3 Steele, ND 58482 ~ soundness and longevity. 701-391-1911 - "V"g.s~ ~m,~~: 110 "Insurance Inc. Term Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance Fixed Annuities Index Annuities IRAs Long-Term Care Ins. Bruce Ross Central Ave. South, Beach, ND (701) 872-446i (office) (Across from Bank of the West) (701) 872-3075 (home) HOW TO SHARE YOUR VIEWS We welcome letters to the editor concerning issues of area interest or regarding stories and editorials that have been published. Letters should be limited to 400 words. Guest columns or opinion-editorials longer in length are also welcome. A writer can have only one letter or column regarding the same subject published in a 30-day time period, unless the writer is responding to a new aspect of an issue that has been raised. Letters and columns are a way to encourage public discussion. Thank-you letters and invitations cannot be published as letters to the editor, but can be formatted as advertisements. Please include your name, address and phone number on your letter or column so that we can contact you. Your address and phone number will not be published. Golden Valley News/Billings County Pioneer, P.O. Box 156, Beach, N.D. 58621; ONGRATULATIONSv. to the kids who submitted letters for our annual holiday editions of Dec. 24. A random drawing of the letters was done for personal-size pizza or gift certificates from Beach and Belfield. The winners are: Faith Forrest - Belfield Emily Helsper- Beach Sawyer Noll - Golva Ronon Charlton - Medora Chance Kling Fairfield The Golden Valley News & Billings County Pioneer have the following positions open: - Beach varsity boys and girls basketball reporters, part-time, work from home, application deadline, 5 p.m., Jan. 29 - Heart River varsity boys and girls basketball reporters, part-time, work from home, application deadline, 5 p.m., Jan. 29 - Golva news columnist, part-time, work from home, application deadline 5 p.m., Jan. 22, 2016. - Beach news columnist, part-time, work from home, application deadline 5 p.m., Jan. 22, 2016 -Advertising and news assistant, part-time, located in Beach office, application deadline 5 p.m, Jan. 22, 2016 Call (701) 872-3755 for an application or send an e-mail request to, or send a resume to Golden Valley News & Billings County Pioneer, P.O. Box 156, Beach, ND 58621.