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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
January 12, 1939     Golden Valley News
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January 12, 1939
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~ THURSDAY, JAN. 12, 1939 THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS LOCALS From The Files I Washington in search of employment. See a wonderful drama, "Her Jungle MAY 16, 1917 Love," featuring Dorothy ][,amour, and ~ Ray Milland. This is in technicolor. Sidney Oordon returned home on t Friday from Wllmore, Kentucky whereI time on Tuesday enroute to Portland, Don't miss it at the School Theatre, he has been attending Asbury college. ~ Oregon, at which place Art has ae- Sentinel Butte, January 14th-15th. The people of Beach are to be con- cepted employment with the United gratulated for beautifying their prem-I States Department of the Interior. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Prociv went to ises and enlarging walks. Yes, they i They planned to stop at the home of Belfield Saturday to visit friends re- axe making the surroundings look as Mrs. Wetsch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. turning home the next day. though they liked Beach and hatendedi Dewey Rhyner and family at Colum- bus, Montana, until Wednesday and Miss Irene Hudson left Sunday for to We stay. ii from there continue to their destln-New Rockford at which place she is need rain. a~ member of the faculty of the pub- O.C. Attletweed received a new elec- atlon, lic schools, tric car the first of the week. Mrs. T. E. Hayward entertained the Mrs. A. Overstad who has been via-' The Social Hour Club met with cafeteria club on Monday of this tung here with her SOn Clarence, Mrs. Ted Wan on Tuesday. week. has been ill the past few days. I I Mrs. Ed Lievens returned from Bis-I A meeting of a number of our citi- The Woman's Club will meet Men- marck Saturday where she had beenizens was held at the Lincoln School day, January 16th at the home of visiting the past two and a half weeks building Monday evening of this week Mrs. E. D. Evans. with her daughters, Theresa and Mrs. looking towards further improvement of the high school building and the the parents of a baby girl, born J~- Hospital Notes Mr. and Mrs. Math Brown are the parents of a baby boy born Jar~uary 3rd. Mrs. Anna Sperry of Trotters enter- ed for ti%atment January 4th. Ben Thompson was treated from January 5th to January 7th. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Woodsend are uary 7th. ...... Mrs. T: J. Hill entered for treat- ment January 9th. ...... Mrs. Ben Hess underwent an emer-. gency appendectomy January 5th. M'.ss Marie Berg bad appendectomy January 6th. Dorothy Scott of Wlbaux was treat- ed for ear trouble January 5th. The Best In Motion Pictures At GLENDIVE, MONT. Dn /y R O S E ;at. Sun. Nites Every Sat. - Sun. 2p.m. Dolly OasvisitedfriendsatWibauxStal~yKwakOandfamily" , general school situation. THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Monday. Ralph Kuske, District Passenger Ag- John McNiece will go to Mandan on Frank E. Clark, M-year-old Eng. , , While in town on Tuesday, Miss ent for l~orthern Greyhound Lines, Friday where he will assist the W. O. lish-Ameriean sailor, docks in 8a, Janet Ferguson of Golva was a pleas- was in Beach on business Thursday W. ha securing members and in build-l vannah, Ga., after a thrilling solo J ant caller at the News office tv have and Friday from Fargo. up the local camp. Mr. McNiece IsI voyage from England in a second. ] - district manager for this organization. I hand 30-fo0t fishing boat. The voy, t A==--- ~a-- ---=i~ dasnm i age took three months, with SailorI flllI Ill[ ]u[ gMV her name added to~ the subserll~tion Mildred Kirst, who is employed at R.E. Tuttle, Harry Hubble Frank Clark /~nning through O|le hgtrrll.I ~U ]] ~" I ~]~-- ~ I i m it i list. - Dickinson spent the weekend at the Miller and Mr. Johnson of Golva leftI cane. [ ................ i Win. Swenne ofin Olendive visitedhme f her parents' Mr" and Mrs" L" Sunday afternoon byBeach on tsaturaay on tmmness, auto for GlaS-,afternoon, January 12. . 1 AND ~NT0 YOUR H~RT! ~ l~lends in Beach Saturday. A. Klrst. ROW, MontaP.a, in which vicinity they ~ex"oect to find a niece of ~overnmenti The Missionary Society will meet Mrs Albert Thein was in Wlbaux. ". -. ~ --~- - with Miss Ada Bovev on Tl~ursda- Misses Helen Jablonski and Mar J- :Y.__ ___ irene on wnmh they woum oe content - I~ erie Sokoloski were Saturday I to make their homes at least for three .afternoon in the interests of the Wi- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nelson of ~- t- ~ years. ' I An All-Church Ba]~ secl~ will be b~ux Junior play and while here paid tnel Butte were Beach visitors on Sat- ' Mrs. C. Christensen will leave today ' held in the parish house on Monday ~t ~ the News a pleasant call. urday afteroon. While in town Ernest for Harlan, Iowa, for a visit with:evenha-g, January 1~, ~t 7:30. Pro- U paid a pleasant call at the News of- friends. gram, games, au:2on of balls and eats Protect yourself with a membership the Golden Valley Mutual Aid So- rice. Mrs. Ed Madison was called to Great will be had at that time. The entire Falls Mo-*-na last week Th ...... church and friends are invlted. ~lety, a local organization under reg- ,Pete Teska of Wibaux was a shopper by the serious illness of her daughter, ~"~ ~tion of the State Insurance Depart- in our city Saturday and while here Mrs. Glenn Wallace, who has been Sunday School at 2:00 p. m. tnent, N. Klrst, SeC~r. 13-if. was in and renewed his subscription removed from her home in Joplin, Preaching at 3:00 p. m.; Men's Day a wonderful drama, "Her Jungle to the News. Montana, to a Great Falls hospital, services; the pastor will be assisted tile Irreatkleeo Love," featuring Dorothy Lamour, and Mrs. Wallace was operated on Sunday by a Male Quartet from the Beach Benny Thompson was taken to the for peritonitis, and we are pleased l Church. tto~ of m~ who' Ray Mllland. This is in teehnicalor, local hospital Thursday. After a fewltO report that she is improving. Wel _ ~ __ ~bk tSeit !1v9 Dmm*t miss it at the School Theatre, days treatment for the flu, Benny was trust her reta~vey will be rapid and BEACH LUTHERAN ~ t,, t~ e~tm~.., Sentinel Butte, Jmatmry 14th-LSth. released Suaday. I complete. Oliver Everette, Past~ Mrs. Myrtle Bicknell and Mrs. Fred Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Schmitz wereI Stacker from south of Sentinel Butte dinner guests of Mrs. A. J. OTeefe MAY ~, 1917 BEACH:-- spent the week end at the Ralph at her home ha Beach Monday. Sunday School, I0 a. m. Mrs. Cook Stacker home in Beach and while In George Oas and C. O. Carlson leftI June 5th, 1917, was designated as be in charge of the Bible Class in the called on friends. Friday morning for" St. Paul with slx[registratin day in Golden Valley for absence of the pastor. Dr. and Mrs.'0. R. Niece and MarJ- carloads of sheep, the Draft. The sheriff, county audi- Ladies Aid, Friday, at the Victor tor, and county physician acted as a Thompson home, Mrs. C. Overstad and ~ womea ~l~ erie were Sunday dinner guests at trait ~ tl~ the Charles Ruedlnger home east of Mrs. T. M. Leverson and family re- registration board. All men between Miss Mat~ie Thompson entertaining, turned to Beach on Friday from Val- the ages of 21 and 31 regardless of There will be no services in any of ~ tl~|~ ~mmi town. ley City and Fargo where .they had physical defects or citizenship were the congregations on Sunday, January John Kalkman left Monday for ]Par- spent the past couple of weeks with to register. Registration was made in ~th, due to the absence of the pastor. ,.-- ak,i....~ ~o where he will enter the Veteran's relatives and friends. Walter Olson, the various townships and the follow- SENTINEL BUTTE:-- Wi Hospital for treatment. He plans to brother-in-law of the Leversons drove lng registrars were appointed: J. W. ~adies A~.d, Thursday noon, Jan- stay there for about a week. the car back for them returning to Wilson, John W. Wentland,J. H, I~w- uary 12th, at the church. Valley City Tuesday. Mrs. Eddie roy, B. J. McDanold, Curtis Mellis, J. Mrs. Vivian Osier gave a party on Dater and daughter returned from M. Still, S. I-Ialvorson. Constant Van ST. PAUL'S LlgTHER,~M Monday afternoon in honor of the Bismarck where she had spent some'Horn, J. P. Reeve, F. J. Hill, C. I~ V. !I- ~n, Pastor first birthday of her daughter. J~n time visitha$ her parents. ]Dawson, J. A. Kitchen, Oeo. Christen- " Ardelle. The four guests present were ~ sen, C. A. Lundin, H. H. Harpster, D. Divine Services, 10 a. m. Joyce Renee Wallace, the Leverson Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Alguire went R. Offley, George Wassmann and Sunday School after Services. twins, Nip and Tuck, and Phillis to Bismarck last Wednesday at whichlclaude Schouboe. Holy Communion Sunday, January Reese Owens. place Leonard entered a hospital for! A carload of Kimball pianos was 22nd. throat treatment, and is reported as received recently at Overstad & Hov- Young People's ~ociety meets Mon- Don Buell of Westerhehn left Mon- getting along fine. Mary Jane, who erson's, day eveningdanuary 16th, at eight day morning by bus for Portland, attends school at Dickinson spent the John Hartse from Carlyle was in o'clock. ..~egon where he ex~cta to find era- :week end with her parents at BIS- Beach on lmsine~s Saturday. I The National Lutheran Hour with ployment, marck. Mrs. Alguire plans to spendt O. W.'" Nutter went to Lambert, ~ Dr. Walter A. Mulet as the speaker some time at Bismarck with her hus- Montana, last Wednesday for a vislt[m~ be heard over ~ Bismarck .......... -- ........... o O.O. Halvorson went to Bismarck band. with his son, Chealey. every Sunday at 2:30 p. m., M~.T. Wednesday morning to be with his Extra Added! "Paramount News" Ferd Splegelburg is the proud pos- ' :':' wife who is seriously ill in a hospital Mr. and Mrs. P~t Birmingham of sessor of a new "Henry" purclmaed AT ~ M~HODIST CRUBC~ at that place, this city entertained Mr. and Mrs. A. here Monday. Gr~ $. ~, ~'~ MATINEE SAT. 2 P.M. SHOWS A'r 7-9 P. M, M. Schmitz and family at dinner on Ernest Sorensen returned to this Scnday. t Mrs. M. A. Rutherford returned to city from Belfield Monday night. ]her home at Gllby, North Dakota, to- Sunday School, 10 a. m. Mr. andMrs. John Ro~rtson and day after avisltwithherdaughter, Preaching Service, 11 a.m.--An- SUNDAY MOND4Y TUESDAY Mr. and Mrs..Henry Dahl returned Jergen Risdahi of Trotters were st~op-~Mrs. W. ~. ~ovell. them by choir. to Beach from Watford City where pers in the city Friday. Delo Logan returned from Chicago Zpworth League, 6:30 p. re.---Leader they were recently married and plan .Sunday evenin$ at which place he has Vara Gordon. There will be a social , .- , tO make their home here. Mr. Dahl Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Calnan of Bls- been attending ~lglneerin~ School ~ following I~m4~ue. a" oi can'e'ous'yr unnyu t noman'c is the I~SA supervisor here. marck spent the week end at the home these months past. Midweek Servlce~, Thttrsday, 7:30 of their daughter, Mrs. Maurice RO-~ Miss Mamey Pierzina will finish P. m. Ted Ir/ons of Fort Peck arrived in han and husband. They returned to her term as teacher of the Bunker Hill - :' ven'ure' Beach Sunday for a visit with his their home Monday morning. 'school on Friday of this week. The CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH brother G~i~; ai~d from here went term has been a most successful one W.A. Smith, Pastor to Cullem,'North D~kota, to visit his Vic Renstrom and Jim Hardy of and both Miss Pierzina and the pa- parents. Beach and M. A. Tovey, Paul Wag- trons were well satisfied. BEACH nor and R. C. Doyle of Sentinel Butte Mrs. M. L. Walker will entertain the returned Wednesday from Bismarck] Sunday School, 10 a.m. Bring your At The Churches Catholic Ladies Guild at St. Johns where they had attended the lnaugu-t Morning Worship, 11 a. m.--Instal- Hall Thrusday afternoon, January 12. ration of Coy. Moses. I lation of officers. The Valley Homemaker's Club willlCu skPe%%:eL2ys last- UNITED PotI'~dles Aid, Thursday of this week.Luck lunch. ~l~L I~ meet with Mrs. E. C. Nelson, Wed-IweeKb~ r BRETHREN CHURCH nesday noon, January 18th. HermanGrove, Mlm~ter Missionary Society, Thursday of WANT Mrs. George Raisler returned Sun- next week at Mogle's. Pot luck din- Miss Rose Nunberg from south of tday night from Chicago where she B~CFI her. Wibaux is now employed at the Park had been called by the death of her Unified Worship Service at 10:15. SENTINEL BUTTE Cafe, starting to work Sunday. Isister, Mrs, Anna Hausner. She was C.E. at 6:30; evening preaching at Sunday School. 2:15 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Anderson of gone about two weeks. ~7:30. Church Service, 3 p. m. Special music by the Male Quartet Mlnot, came Monday for a short visit Mr. and Mrs. Bob Zook gave a both morning and evening. Negro A worker Is not disqualified from With Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wall. Mr. whist party at their home south of spiritual song is to be used in the ev- receiving unemployment compensation Anderson left on Tuesday and Mrs. town last Wednesday night with about eing service, benefits by refusing to accept a job Anderson returned the following day. 18 neiglttmrs present. A tasty lunch Mid week services at the Parish created by a strike or other labor dis- Billy Burns Jr., of Wlbaux spent was served at midnight, house on Wednesday evenings, pttte. Sunday in Beach and from here took Dick Vlerlhag stopped in town yester-~ ~~r,~M~.~,M~M~w~liM~~~~~ the bus to Dickinson where he is at- day afternoon on his way back to Sid- tending college, they after spendingTwin Cities. three weeks in the ~ HAMBURGER Some very fine improvements have been made at the Occident ElevatorI The United Brethren Lutheran I.~- ~ t during the past week by the ,,comp-tdies Aid will be entertained by Mrs. any's carpenter, W.-N. 'Short, Neu-,Overstad and Mattie Thompson at the ~ $100,000 REWARD A deck. A new hard-wood floor hastvlctor Thompson home, Friday, Janu- ~ S ! been put in the floor house and other ary 13th. Try to be present as thL~ is PECIAL rearrangements made the annual meeting ALL AY SATURDAY " "" "'" "'" Lyle Martin returned from Minne-I Mrs. Watt Johnson entertained at~ D ~ laoUfy FREDRIC MARCH apolis the ftrst of the weekwhere he,a 7:00 dinner Monday night in honor ~ b?r ~:ln~ s~ ~. P.', rm dso madly had spent several weeks on business, of Misses Gladys Losinski, Una tar-I ~ /~ Icve wi~ ~er. .............. ]sen' Blanche Kirehmer and Mr" and' DeLllxe Ham Vernon waiters, xrom norm el ~eacn ,~rs Adin Miller After the dinner' ger ,,,, a cup ,~ our entered the CCC camp at Watford ;~o ~vPnin-wa~ suent olaying Chinese ',~ City on Tuesday of this week. He was i Check'er's. Adln and Watt say they i~ Dehclous Coffee [ltltk' taken to Watford by Eldon Longstretn won but Miss Loshaski and Miss tar-t holsm charge of the enrolIing for ~ A ~~~p~ WL~~ th" tson have proof that they are thei ts county. [champions [ 11 For Mrs Dorothy Grove went to B~s I , t comm~ss on . ~l~rc.K ~n,s ~unoay ~O a~encl a nurse's ers' Odland, Wosepka and Tescher 1eft ! ~l~ute ~hich was held there Monaay ~ rnl v her ' " I for Dickinson Tuesday mo ng : .e I ,wlth zor county nurses, i they, attended, a county, commis,;ioner'~d .~ ~ v~,~ '~ R&LP~I$$1~t~ Sttt~tL~ "BELLAM~/]tt~I~k$ t~tltRkt" &I~B t~l$011tERt4tttt~11 Miss Helen Roberston left Saturday ilCn:entln held the.e the 10, 11, a- ~ ,, raornm r r 12th g fo " Fo bes, N. ~I~k,, where~ - she teaches school, after spending theI ~ ~ The Home of Good Eats" Week el~d at the Pat Birmingham home ,,~,, ~ ~ ~.'~'~ and several days with her parents. Mr. _i-none . our COZY CAFE an~ .................. ;~o t ]~npmyers m making ou~ me~r re- ~ ;, Mr~ ~m,,, ~,~-~a u, ~,,,~.o or~s to the North Dakota Unemploy : -~ ~ ..... ' ., -~w~ ....... , .......... ~ ...... i IP a lon " PLU ;ppy" Howard Van Horn and Mrs. M. iment Compens t" D' lsion must re- ~a,,~,, and Reamer of Sentinel Butte were in iport casual or part t.l~ne labor. Work-.n~ "See You At The Cozey After the Show" ~=. town Monday of this week transacting!era over 65 and salaries over $3~00.00 , F "~* . aramount News"