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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
January 2, 1941     Golden Valley News
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January 2, 1941
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JANUARY 2, 1941 " THE GOLDEN VALIA Y - %hei u. ..--7-- "T-------- ._ J.,....._.. ,..,,-.. r.,. , o ,cE OUl~ frc'm Bismarck to sp...--Xma: witha pna I ganDe I LIA: Ir lEO AOb t '*'= her little daughter Grace Emily and .............. ~ Verna Schefer arlived home Satur I ......... I NOTICE :IS HEREBY GIVEN T Mrs H B Lovell ann Mr - . .. ' ..... oonn v, nopp ann son z~lcnara were1 " " ]FOR SALE--1939 .plvm,.,,,~..,o [by virtue of a Judgment and De- .................~r~r~ ~v~ l~tt hr, ~"'~'~ ""~ Thompson.ner parents Mr. and ivlrs. 1. n. shol0Ders__ in Beach and Sentinel Butte ]day evening, from.. Opheim. , Montana] A .......... ~-'[cree in Foreclosure rendered and for Lena, Beach an,] Lot Monday [for a vacation visit with home folks. [ lso 1928 Chevrolettruck.Legan [given by the District Court of tits | " ] the County of (]olden W'alley and California where they plan . Last week Bud, H.algh of the Dma]~o=a Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Drewniak and/ Helen. G earey of Billings, Montana [ AutoService, Beach 14-tf]Sixth Judicial District in and for mpmmen~ Uo aeitverea a new oue~ d O s II~., + , ....,.. .,,.._ -, *~ ~'~*o~in~, ~qdren a-eve *- Dick ~an rl uearey of Grand ForKs, N. | F~~ ] State of North Dakota, and enter- i~,~ ~u ~=,~ *,~,~,-~ ,,~,, ,~u~ ,-, ..... ,_~_,~. +~ *h- ~"q~'ur ~ ........... s ...... - , ......... | U ~ALII~ IuIrlr.~/*----i ten ]~OOt gl~S5 I ed and docketed in the office of [show case. Also counter with slxl the Clerk of said Court on the l/fiends'- .. E. H. Lovell,.. wnaHee'U ~om, ~c=,~arm nome~X~c~U'nortn~ ox~-~-'w', Uwmau:,. inson~.:__ Monday to visit with Ed Fas- Ih0me [~'' arr lveazolks ~a~uraay io ra wslt wlm Istools l--uire .......... I 12th day of December A. D. 1940, l~ana riarry, is reportea . cmx~g ' " I J~l t~arl uavls, lJeaen 14-;go [ ill aa action wherein Marshall F. lr~ ,, r~,,~ =~-- I A. K. Car~on of Bozeman Mont., ~ ............ ,^.., ~ ....... ~{ Kenneth Scheffer who has spentI ................... I Miller was I'lain~iff and John l~Y _ _ _ . visited last week at the Oliver Ever- __ . --- t"--" d !the past year m Chmago arrived at l STRAYED--One registered black[ Brown, ~s Administrator of t~e rs (3 (9 carlson and son wnris~mas nay at toe paten at ~mu e .~rs. . . . ..... ette home here in Beach Mr. Carlson ......... [Beach Sunday for a visit with rela- Percheron stallion wet,,h* ~b,-,t ~enn [ Estate of Agnes Dunmgan, atso , a ...... ~,v,[known as Agnes Dunlgan, Deceased, t= [with halter, left my place last week.-I et al, were Defendants, wherein .foY~,oPs. Lovge n ~e~ .~atur~ay is the father of Mrs. Everette. ~cnouDoe none a~ ~me.. _ . !ices. He will return to Chicago ~at- n g .. l~os Angeles, cm:,.xor a "Chuck" Meredith has been ill a~t The Jerry Kou~a and Jonn ~ou~a !urday. IN * [ there was due and owing to Please notifv Chris $ohnson B*a~ it Was adjudged and decreed that the on ~rl.p: ann plan to v~sl~ rei- his home since Friday of last week familiies spent Xmas day with Mrs. I Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nagode and l Dak. 2tpt Plaintiff upon the notes and mort- ann zrienas tnere. ~with an attack of the llu and has Anna Swan and children. Itwo children of Fort Peck, Montana, I Igage therein described, together and Mrs. John Keohane return- bee unable to return to his work att Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Fasching en- ivisited at the home of Mrs. Nagode's~[toCOAL-'DeliveredBe h ....... price $2(10. ._her .tnll dateWith coStSof judgmentand disbursementSand statutroyt Beach Friday night after hay- ,the J. C. Penney Co. tertained at Xmas dinner LeT Drew- !aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. !ac , ~enune~ lJu~e or~oiva attorney's fees the sum of Eight. mt Christmas with their daugh- I Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fasching, Sr. niak family, Andrew Kohler and Daisy !McDevttt on Monday. Mrs. Nagode~/Clarence____ _ _Wilsn' Beach. 13-4tp I ($~95.03):l~undred" Dollars,Nlne'tJ'-ftVewmcnandjut~gmen~@3"100 'rs. John Halbkat and family in Mrs Louis Hovland Mrs Ed Kreit- iWassman, Ed Elde, Robert Sonnek iwas formerly Ruth Bait. TAKEN UP One 3 "ear oI_, ="~-~- Iand Decree among other things, ~=r, S. Dak. inger Miss Margaret Kreitinger and and family, James White and family, t Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Vincelette andgrey. Came to --my place'~about tenU days..... Ieetatodirectedtherelnthe saleantl,bYhereinmo Ofdescrlbedthe real rney William Aldrich returned t.1 and Louis Fasehing were Dickinson (glarence and LeRoy Fasching, Mr. three children of Silver Gate Men-late. Owner may have same by paying[ to sat~fyhthetearmO~tOrfeoSa~dJud~ tch Friday night after having ivisitors last Thursday and while there land Mrs. S. L. White, and Art and ttana, arrived Monday evening to costs. Ray Brown, Beach, N.D. 3te cme~ of Usable, and by virtue of :t: a few days Christmas vacation 'visited with Edward Fasching who has Anna Mac White. ispend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. ~ Writ of Special ~j~e~*cutton to me FOR SALE.._I~o~ ~n~,~ ~ ~ ~.~ .... ~ issued out o~ the office of the fiS parents at. Hankinson N. D., ,'been a patient at the St Joseph hos-I Jerry Kouba's family were shopping ,L" R. Moline and. family. They plan tudor, with heater, ilso .22 ~rlfle folrI other points in the eastern part pital. They report Edward as feeling in Beach Friday. I to return to Silver Gate after New I, state, isome better I Mr. and Mrs. Ed Scherman and,Year's. sale. Arthur Clarin, Beach 13-21p sell said real property pursuant I~leanor Braun who is employed Several weeks ago Chris Johnsou family Mr and Mrs Peter Hagen Rudolph Lutts shipped a carload of to said Judgment and Decree, I, .... ] Glenn P Cook, Sheriff of Golden ~}olden Valley Hotel, returned .went to Miles City ~here he got a the Paul Thomas family and Wm cattle Friday mornmg and Douglas (~AKAGE FOR RENT---at the Zook~ Valley County, North Dakota, wll! O ' " ~ ' " ' '~ ' Lw rk on Friday mght after :No 60 Alhs Chalmers combine for ISzdura families of Beach were Xmas iVmcellette a carload of sheep, house. Julia Kalkman, Beach 13.2p~ sell the hercln~fte:r d e~cribed r~l estate tO tl~e nighest mactaer ~oc l~her Christmas vacation at IChas Heckamanwho lives southwest !-lests at the parental Chas Otremba ~ Claude Lund spent several days this ~ cash at public auction at the front. M in Mott. of ~Beach. Just several days before ~ome " {past week in Wibaux working with/ "=* ~z . p. Jonn Deers door of the Court House in the" engine Inquire at A Overstad & Son City of Beach, County of Golden ~[ Iorothy Doyle left last week- IChristmas MrHeckaman finished [ -- " - -" "" re"~ Ziebarth en ~the Soil Conservation officers discuss- " Valley and St~tte of North I)akota, Mr and Mrs. r~a m - ~Polson, Mont., where she ha~ combining an 80 acre field of corn {. " " ............. hn-on !ing plans for the ensuing year ---~~_ _--'Z=._.~~-'-~ (,n T~esday, the 14th ,lay of ,]an: " I termineo ~r .and ~rs. ~.... ,o ~ ,, ' ~.*.':.~:~.X'.~.~.~.~:~~'" , tary A. D 194, at the h,ur o, -- Ha position in the court house ~Whlch his band of sheep have been / .............. ,. Mr -nd Mr. and Mrs. ~ussell Miller and E=,..u. u,:' tu~,uvL,,,','=vNten o'clock in the forenoon of sa d ~e has served as deputy county runnmg m for some treas. Even at ]~,,, ~+~, ~,~h,=n,~ ~n ~r-rnes and son and daughter were Baker visitors STATE OF NOlt~'~'H :I)Aw~ma, day, to s'atisfy said Judgment with ! er here since last fall, and her tthat the machme d~d a very nee ........... t ..... d and and drove around by the booster plant ( ....... ~ I in.terest and costs thereon, and . . . . ~,,,,o..~, ........, ........ , County of Golden Valle )ss ~ the coats ~tnd expenses (d sale, or n no ~ IMISS l~u~n t~larln ann nc au io r w will be taken by Miss ~Job of picking up shelling and clean ........ a ilieat an Xmas', n Satu day Monday they were visit- " ,~r~,,4 ,~ .~ "Y ~ ) ,~ [so much thereof as th~ proceeds of -~rF,~E ~F CvUNTY AU~,:I'rL~t~.I said sale applicablethereto will ' Leighton INUlinIm S - Anthony. Img the corn and Mr Heckaman is falnn~r !ors at the county seat. Beach, North DakotaIsatisfy Kurkowski returned Sunday nits lwell pleased with the results.' Richard I ..... . .... I Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Fisk entertained To Edith McLeod and George (L ~ " The "premises to b~ sold as afore- VCewh Jr. owners and I)ersons ia j said nursuant to said Judgment and nea lls with a f Mr and mrs A Gus~azson ann I[~ po ins new Knopp of Alpha also just finished . ' '_. . . ]Mr.and Mrs. Melvin Hartse and whose names the hereinafter des- l Decrge and to said Writ and to this I " ~son ~ewar~ were runner guests a~! . . crlbed property is assessed: | notice are described tn said Judg- DO dsmobile sedan. ]combmlng 170 acres of corn ......... a ,daughterJean, Mrs.JuliaFlsk and you are hereby notified that the rn~* Decree ~tgd ~rrit are known ,me hew McManlgal nomes on .xm s, . tract of land hereinafter described I and'"descrlh~ed'aa follows to-wit: i , [two children on Christmas Day a~ and assessed in the name (,f Edith '~=.,= :~.~.~=="-=~ ~narger' ~NEV.) " {day. i Dinner. ) , , ..................... Friday afternoon a large crowd _- , - . I' : { A number of Carlylttesattended McLe(d and. Ge )rge C. Welch Jrl ot ~e,.tla~ Fo~v'~n (14) an~ " for taxation for the year 1935 ~!~4~" l~o~k~t~$ ~er (NWV4) gathered at the AGustafson home II " - [ ] . . ]the school and church program given l wa.~ on the Sth day of December I ~e ~=o#loa 'lt~th~ee]m 113) all ia in eomphment to Mrs Renza Ham w ' ~r~ a w-~T~- ~ ~-,t~t-~ [ [ " . " ,in the U. B. church at ellis on Mon- A.D. 1936 duly sold, as l)rovided 1 7/Po~thio One ll]lumdred lPortlr ]by law for' the delinquent taxes of J .lao~ ~ortk at -Range One .~_t-- rAHk CAVE - : ,|lrdnd' The ladies enjoyed the .after- day evening ' the ,'ear 1935 and that the time , iln-n~l,a Slx'(~.)~eat. ot tke !ll k ~'~I' ]t~ ~ I InOOn visiting and at contests. Mrs. I Mrs. Charley FMlton entertained her for redemption fr-m said sale will [ Flttk Prl.elpa! Mev,dla. 1= expire ninety (90) day,~ from the I ~oldem Valll~Y ~unlY,: Nor/h Hammond received many lovely gifts [.~ ~ I Sunday School class at her home onc,m~pleted service ,~f this , otlce D-ka.a ..... ]]from her friends At the close Of the Monda" afternoon Games were 1 " toTwlt:.On" ~p~jl 3 1941. . .. ' ] toffe'~her' with the heredifament~ ~L~ t: afternoon a delici6us lunch was served. {and Chri;tmas carols Sang Thep ?7 s,,,u ,an~ ,s aescr,oea as ro.ows: . and apnurtenances thereunto be- ~Pbe Nor~k_ea.t Quarter {N~V~) longing "or in anywise apperta~,, =1 - ~ ~ . ! I[ 1 / t Mr. : and Mrs. Ed ,, Sehermaii 'and idtes-exchanged gifts and each ree'd I or ~noa--rwemy (~o) I~ TOWn- Iin~ Itlest In MealS - Lunelles t Ifamily were Sunday dinner guests at a nice present from their teacher[I mhlll~(141}., Onellttaml~enundredone Vorty-onel~lundred I] thls~Jatedl2tb atday]Beaeh,of DecemberN0rth Dalkot~',A. D. ~~ . ......... . ..... l the A. J. Ziebarth home. IMr~. fulton. She al~o ~rved , ~ovely! r~,,, ,.1~. 1. ~.,,.n ,'.||., ] ,,i. ..... I The amount forwhich said land 1 Sheriff of Golden Valley r~ [l Karnes Johnson, Ruth Clarin and lurmh. [ (~em=tr. No~tkDaM~ta,' I -- " GLE'NN P. CO01~ " Itre~ltre ~ : It Mr and Mrs Harold Ziebarth attend-IMr.. and Mrs.Lays Evenson andtlwaSsubsequentsold"Wastaxes$:I~.48.for the years ]1 JOHN KEOHANI~.'CunI~t' North, Dakot~ I~P~=_J_ :_ _ __ ]1 ! i ! 1 II '~. 1 ] led the Wedding dance of Mr and ,,son Clarence were dinner guests at l 1936 and 1957 have been paid. The ]Attorney for Plantiff~ " " ana cool, ca nome.btvIe t IMrs I nald Nunn at the Medora hall th~ hdme of Mr. and Mrs Henry Lar-/ required' amount to be p~tl~l ,n ] Death North D.ilo,lt. " ,,' .... | ....... . ....... [ Isaturday night ,son ~l~l ~day al~d on Sund$ty at the [ order to m~ke redemptlon from s,ch , ]De'ee~*er.,19 - 9.~ 3an~&rz 2 | sale, exclusive of the costs ot pub- ] _ ' - ~ : I nd ans Haukaas home / lishlng and serving this ' notice, j ...... Mr and Mrs James White a= HClau.o Lurid r uro ,is on this the s,,m of ..l., ! "! ~lfl)o M~n~...J ~.,9~) t ]son Lewis of (3olva were Sunday vist~-/ n d from Mlnno In addition to the above amount I ~-- W, :" 11 " '. eapolis the last of the week driving yo, will be required to p~ty the ~ 1r31 ~1 . |___ ,, | ,lUSt D IlliCit dllU l'dlt | lots at the S. L. White home. [ " costs of the service of this notice I ~1,|~1~!~ ~'Cl~l~,, 1 ] ] Mr and Mrs.. Henry Smeby spent :a new Dodge. and Interest a~ provided by law. I ~d~l.b.ltitllt ,, ~.~s, ,' | |vm.~ rl.~ ~t tho me ' Mr and Mrs Jack Ballard of Bill | ....... ....... | , ........ ~ ...... Chas Bahn he . [. - nnd unless you redeem said ]and] ' ... ; from such sale before the expire- [ "lr~e ]1 . | b6H ..... "~T___ ~ .... rrl_ I ||~1~ I | Guests at the Carl Otremba home on lings were over night guests at the tion of the it,me for redemption ] .~ ][h,m~n(is linkers of C M Fulton home on Thursday Jack ! nam)v l~ew I ear 10 All" l lxmas day were the W~ t"-" . ..~ above stated, a ,leea ,hereof , v-,--a,, ..... i : " J ~ [l~ea~.h an an famil shipped a carload of hogs from Car.wil~ is.~ue to the holder of the tax | . . .~- .........d the Ralph Bussm Y. ' ~ale certificate as providedby } ]rlt'i'~l~:t i~l'~| ]~fN | I . ~1 '!~1 ~1 The A. F Irons, Carew and Brock- lyle Frlday morning, law. t l |J 1 115nn! Jb II /It I .lm# r I 1.*o I! ..... were Xmas euests tot" Four carloads of young Carlylltes WITSESS my hand and official I ~'~ t ll~ INJIIli~.~I~:~ III01~, ~ I"'''a ................. " .................. ueal this 171h (lay of December, ] _--.. ~k~ ~' .............. i ,.~.~ . o /a~enoed roller s~atmg atAlpna o11 I ..... ne. at the John Irons h me. . MINN, EE .~.~,~,,~"h"O! R,,tte V' i " ~ I MISs Freda Marquart of Bottineau. Saturday evening. 1940. ~" 1 _ ~ Ix~ rt~ arrived Sunday for a visit t Signs Evenson took care of the postAuditor, Golden Valley" 0ounts, ~ K l~IL~llLlll~t,/1 ,l~ll~Svlb ~ II ....... ' ~ North Dakota . [ ..,**. 1,,,,,. .~.a al~. Wouba :office aturday afternoon while Mr ~anc[ Mrs. J. E, Mc:lJevl~t were ~eacn Dec. 19 - 26 - Jan. 2 tand Wibaux callers. 1 Mike Olson of Be~ch ~pent the ~mas holiday at I)ze home of his aun~ - - ~ ............................ ... . -_ ..... ;a.~;d-~dc'~..~l-r. and Mrs. Jens Waarst. COME TO OUR POWER FARMING ENTERTAIN MENT [ Mr. and Mrs Vernise Lund of Wil- listen, N, D. were visitors at the home IN IT'S BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER Sound Motion Pictures.Educational Discussions Top-Flight Vaudeville Acts Presenting the Strongs and their Educated Ropes Featuring Donnie and Gary - America's foremost juvenile Rope Stars of Rodeo, Stage and Screen. Have appeared at the Madison Square Garden, Chicago Stadium, and in sixteen shows with Gene Autry's Rodeo. Hear the Harmonica Man- Mouth Organ Wizard A Day of Pleasure-Bring the Whole Family 1:30 REMEMBER THE TIME AND DATE M. January 8th M. and 7:30 At geach City Auditorium IMPLEMENT CO., Beach CO., Sentinel gutte Carlyle, Mont. of his parents Mr. and Mrs. M. A, M A. Lund on Sunday. Friends of the Nary family were 'pleased to know that Mrs. Nary was well enough to leave tt~e Glendivc hospital Sunday and re~urn home o~ Sunday afternoon Mrs Phillip Blair cared for the Nary home during Mrs. Nary's abset~ce. Mr. and Mrs Roosevelt Pederson and ~wo children of Fort Peck arrived Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Pederson's parents Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Fulton On Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Pederson and two children and Mr. and Mrs. Fulton were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Woodsend. Mr. and Mrs. John Hartse and the twins, Harry and Harriet. spent Tues- day and We.'lnesday at the home of Mr and Mrs. Ole Satern. Mrs. Hartse and Ole are brother and sister. M. and Mrs. Dalphon Virts enter- tained at Xmas dinner. Mr and Mrs. Conrad Pratt and daughter Darleen. Mr. and Mrs. Hilmer Lindstrom and twb children. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Justice and two daughters and Mr. land Mrs. Harry Blalock and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Frank H~mmond and son Dickey of Basin. Wyo.. arrived Saturday evening to spend a few days with his brother and fan ily here. Fritz ~chmitz of Hardin, Mont., came Saturday evening to ~et his wife who has been here the past two months ~s mtests ~f her parent~ 1~rs ~chmltz was formerly ~elen Knleger. They returned to Hardin on l~u~av wh~r~ he I~ e~n~In~,ed sod they ~o their bome~ on Frld~v. while th9 ,mother will s~end a few weeks here wtfh her son .~nd family A number ~f friends ~nd relative~ of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Lindstrom help- ed them celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary on Sunday by dropping n and "giving them a real surprise. McCormick-Deering dealers are combining on this show A lovely lunch was served and at! enjoyed a fine time Mr. and Mrs. make it bigger and better than anything we've ever had Lindstrom were presented with a in the past! lovely chair Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller visit- led Sunday afternoon at the home of IMr. and Mrs. Wm. Swanbro. Beach. North Dakota FRIDAY- SATURDAY JUSTICE" Cast: GEORGE O'BRIEN, VIRGINIA VALE PEGGY SHANNON, HARRY WOODS. A western melodrama that contains all the elements of an interesting out door picture Comedy- News Sunday- Monday- Tuesday MATINEE SUNDAY AT 2:30 P. M. SON, SON" Cast: MADELINE CARROLL, BRIAN A- HERNE, LOUISE HAYWARD, LORAINE DAY, HENRY HULL, JOSEPHINE HUTCHINSON. Outstanding entertain- ment and a 4-A picture. Comedy Wednesday - Tl.,rsday "ANGELS Cast: DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, RITA WORTH, THOMAS MITCHELL. Here is narrative with plenty of entertainment. Comedy