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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
January 1, 1931     Golden Valley News
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January 1, 1931
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| TRE ~A,t~II, I~. D., ADVANCE Persons in the Current News [_- ................... = WEsT TRoTTERS broth his well OLLIE ! day. Chester Oasho was a Wednesday Mrs. C. H. Howard, Editor . Al|ce B. HaiJsman, Editor afternoon caller at the Art-Kam- "-"------ = = =- ....... ; i ..... ---- ............... meter home. "What d ~" " " Mrs. Albert Wang and infant son Art Kammerer and Albert John- ay. Why mother, she said, "It returned Tuesday from the Eliz- Miss Gasho, Ernest Barkland son made a trip to the county's was about our Lord being temp~d abeth hospital at Baker, and Ray Gasho took in the Xmas c~pital city last Saturday. by--by--by--thegentleman that Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shepherd and program at the Bonnie View school Chester ~asno made a brief call keeps hell." taught by Miss Natalie Horsman. at the Art Kammerer home last family and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. They report the program as deluxe. Sunday evening, due to unknown "Dear Clara," wrote the youn~ Shepherd and family were guests Christmas day at the home of their Raymond Powell. Robert Trol- reasons, man, "pardon me, but I am getting mother, Mrs. E. S. Shepherd, at lipe, Clarence Debilzen and Ray The Guy school pupils have put so forgetful. I proposed to you last :Baker, Gasho were Sunday afternoon via- up the January window ddcora- night, but really forgot whether Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berry, Mr. and ,torn at the home of Art Kam- lions, which picture a northland you said yes or no." "Deae Will," Mra Norman Rost and family were merer, scene of an eskimo boy on his dog she replied by note. "so glad to dinner guests at the Fay Shepherd Miss Hazel Vinquist, teacher of team sled ready to go out and hunt hear from you. I know I said 'no" home Christmas day. the Strahon school is spending her the animals (whales, walrus and to some one last night, but I had Xmas vacation at her parental seals) which are seen in the dis- forgotten who it was.'" Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Tatley and home. lqelene, Mr. and Mrs. Christ Rost. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spie]gelberg ~ance against the northern lights. The Guy school pupils have also Small Boy: "What is college bred, Arnold and Elmer were Christmas and family of Beach were Christ- begun their project work on the pop?" Pop (with son in college:) day guests at the Carl Rost home. ~mas day guests at the home of J. life of Benjamin Franklin. This "They make college bred, my son, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Pope of] i A. X]inquist. project takes up by picture and from tht flour of youth and the Bl~rck drove up Thursday and' Harry Spiegelberg, who attends story the chief events in the life dough of old age." visited until Sunday with their son the sixth grade in the Beach grade of this great man, who tauthi us ~no~e family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas, school was a pleasant visitor at much about thrlf~ N i hb " . , . . e g or: What would you do Mr.' ana Mr~ ~,,~ ~,,-~o- the Guy ~chool last Fmda~, for the Mr. Ctell Trollope(~ehvered ff you had to choose between your and so,,~-^;'-~;,,.:':~.:'.','.'-~'~'-~,"' all _hay sessmn. _ .... [suppliesto the Guy school last mother and a piece of cake~" John- man da . ~ .................. I wee~. me: ' How big zs the ,pmce of cake?" s^-- ~Y guests at the Oscar Er]ck- I merer, daughter Ruth Lucille, Mr.I "~'J~m~ne" - i and Mrs. Art Kammerer, sons I ~ -- - f~:L and Mrs. Percy Bryson and ]Wayne and Howard, Mr. and Mrs. [ ~ _= ..... _-- - ,,-~v were guc~s at the ~orenson I Fr~-t- .T~h.~..~ ~. ~.~ ~.~ ! : .-- - : --_ -- ------------ -- - )me ........."~"'~ ~. } once DeArton Dan Johnson arid V-: ...... ~" ~ M~r. and Mrs. Ed. Wang, Mr. and] i Mlss HaiJsman were all invited l ~[~: .Roy Holder, Mr. and Mrs. t i Christmas day guests at the home t I ~xm~pn Steen and son, Mr and l of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Campbell. ] ] ~ ] 1 M~._~}~re~ Steen, Mr. and" Mrs.I }All departed for their homes,I I ~ [ i ~ Steer,. and baby were I 1--Glass-b,ttom excursion boat Eureka which blew up and burned near Miami Beach., Fla., several lives ~ agreeing that. the Campbells werel i [ ] , a~ ~ne ~:imer wang home , , o th royal entertainers ' ' [ I Oil Chl~lq~S fla~, ' I being lost. 2--Edward Wingarten and Josel, h Jones, young New York aviators, who are flying to S u Y-~ - -- " ...... [ ] I ~.~ ~.. "$" .. .........[ America by easy stages in a powered glider. 3--Gilbert It. Beesemyer of IIollywood, Calif.,who confessed that I . mr. Amos oasno Chimp a: tnel I i ~ T T .~-x,,~ .~ t t ~,,= ~olva ana ulne Dasge~oan Art ~ammerer home last Monda 1 tea~ ela~*,--~ ............. he had embezzled $8 0000~) from a building and loan association and a bond and mortgage company. .... [ [ FOT~Ut Ta 171 IM.:il } ...._ ..,o-=~, -.s-~ ~ ' ' evening enroute from ~eacn ann| [ [ ] [ ~_u~e wnd Golva won by a 24 to 5~ ...... Glendive where he had spent the]] [ I ] ~re. This was the Ollie teams i ......... , , _ ....... day. ] ] ~ We at the Farmers& Merchants ! i arr~ ~ame of the -season and are t ....................... ~ ~bly spent in playing cards an~ ! HERE S r~ow '~ rUT Last Wednesday afternoon a ~ ~ ~ bank ho e t contr~but durin ] ] hoping for better luck next time. I rl~D/~rl~rl~l)O I dancing. At midnight refresh- [ POP INTO POP CORN handsome pair arrived at tbe home ] [ .... p . o . ~. __ e .g t i s r l~l more ex~enslvely ~nan ever ~o _,,_~al'. ~t~d ~Mrs. Blaine Bryson were ] II~JL JL Ir'~ !mont. were .so red to all. . ] of Art Kammerer. They will be I ] I - [ ! umne~ Mrs J F r Lumlle msnop spent Tuesday F flur o o known as Breeder and Chum who the financml well being and aa ~ guests at the Percy Bry- I . . . C ook, Editor I ...... P_ ..... ] a" e af pope rn to p p satls- ~ - , I [ ~ ' - " ~ ] ~nome Sunday. t imgn~ at me J. ~. me~caix nome..]factorily is usually due to a lack are fine hm~ting hounds, parches-1 ] I vancement of our customersand [ t ~a'. and Mrs. Bert Hudson and[ --"'--~'--'l The A._J. _Nellermoe iami~y ana[of moisture in the corn. By rain- ed from Mr. Amos Gasho. J ] ] our community ~ I a~l daughter spent Christmas / A fair sized crowd attended the I Mr. and Mrs. ~en Cleon were guests ] ing the moisture content, good Albert Johnson spent the week I ] [ ' ~" 1 ] say at th nf th~r m~h~ /r,~o, .......... 7-*-,-*- -~ ~,v of Mr and Mrs Norman Neller o m condition can be restored end at the home of Mr and Mrs Were re ared w~th cornlete ~ ~ home ............. , ........... v-,,~ ...... ~. w~. ~i-- " .... " . -~ P PP" g " .[ ~ [ ' P P ' ~ [ ] '-'~,~ ~tark ,moo on wnrm~mas pay When the corn m too dr to o Art Kammerer - l -~._~ra. ._.. . . ~en at the Powell 'school under the} C^~i ............. l .......... I ' Y P P I J ] and modern facilities, with ample ~ i = -~m~mn cnadderaon left Fri-/direction of Mr ]Ben, Pitonthe~ y c ~ jwc~c~n ~Ivn~. ~m~uay[well place some of the shelled ker- ] ] [ ............ ,~ ~ib^~ .......... ,~ ! t nay mornin for Sld 1 nlgn~ wl~n ~,uther noagln .~-...~o -.,~ .,~=.~..~=..=o, a,,~ 1 ..... g "ney to v'sit [teacher. A very'g~l~ m~ram was l " ' '. [nels into a fruit jar, add a little ~~~[ [ [ . .. '~ ..... ~. ] w~n his brother Loren Chadder "~'~" Mr an Mrs J F r k Wa r seal the ar with a rubbex *~,-,aaaaa~J a~J aa~a~oa wR, h ~ne ~eslre "co maintain tnls .... -/given which of c~ ~ greatly ] d .... C 00 , George ] te , J "" " I ] ] " | t ~n~d family. ~enjoyed and ap~ by the I Fakler and Marvil Nelson spent]ring, shake thoroly and allow the ~ I ] I year as in the past, close and help-............ [ ] b_,~a~ Chris. Sherva and infant ] crowd in attendance The Neller- ~ Christmas eve at the Omley home ] jar to stand unopened for ~wo days. ,.2" I ] ] ful contact with all our na~rorfs | I a~y returned Sunday evening}moo quartette rer~l a few sol-]Gifts which had formerly been plac-IThe amount of water required de- ,.....v--------- ~_ --- [ [ ~ .... ~ ..... | i ~rn~he Elizabeth hospital in Bak- t ections which he~ped to make tholed under a decorated tree were dis-/ponds ~pon the dryness of the : .--- ~ ~'--'- --. I I ] / Along with 0~(sh that 1931 [ ~er:~ ....... Iprogram a succesS' ~the pro-ltributed and all received a Christ-leorn. For corn that pops very - /~f~)" ~"r'~ I [ ] / may be a~a pleasant and pros- ~' I ___~r: ana Mrs. ~eo. ~'ope of Bin- gram ~ifts were ~ and all ! man treat which were furnished by lpoorly five twblespoonfuls of we- *'-~%,~ ~--~--~-~ .~--" ~ ~ ~ J . - - " rnarcg, Mr and Mrs Chas Pone[ .... ~.:~.+^.~ 4-~ "~w'-~-~*~ +~]~r and Mrs Omle~ I~, +~,'~o,h + ......... ~ ~ ~a~.~n _.._~_~_~'&,~-~-~.~'~ %,__ | i | / porcupine ior you, We ex~ena a ~ -u r~r. and Mrs. Alwn Hoverson.~ folks made ~t./ homeward [ Attendance at Sunday school last |corn will not be too much. ~~ ~--~b~ | | / / p~r'dial lnv~tatmn to you to make } ~ were guests at the C. H. Howard 1 journey" ' ~Sunday was 24. .This closes our/ The amount of water can be re-~ ~ "~&'~:~ ~ ~fl& I | | / //full use of cur services in tl~e year ! I ~mne Thursday evening. ! On Tuesday of last week Osc~-|S mdw .~chco] for three months |duced to theevident dryness of the 2] \tz,~4"( ~ " | ] |/ // ~h~,~d, : 1' Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Lutts and i Voyen departed for eastern 9c, ints { ,V~,rrcu Cl~.rke ~s spending hls/c0rn as shown by the way it pods, // ,/?: e,~'~'~ / | 1 i ~atm!ly and Mr. and Mrs, Grove[where he w~:ll visit his reL~tiveslChr%:ma,~ vacation witia the Law-lbut probably not less than two //__/Z ~,r-~lK t.. [ t I ..... i , ,,utt~ and daughter were guests he!for ~ time. We hope he bash very [head family. ~tablesooonfuls for each two pounds ~/~--~~ / | J ......... - ~ne W W. Luffs home Thursday " pleasant time but that he won't Lloyd Metcalf helped Arthur of shelled corn should be added to '~-~-'~ ~,~~ ~ | ~ Mr. and Mrs Chas Chadderdon forget to return to Trotters ~eI!ermoe repair the Whippet, on the jar ~ ~.]~ \\~ | t } ~ ....... D9 ~ Ar 1 _. _- T'~ . ~ : and Hamilton and Roscoe Faught Clarence Omley came to" Trot-iFriday. - a / t rurmers ercnams i were dinner guests at the the F. M. tern on. Wednesday to spend Christ-I _ ~iss Core Orunewald was ill on I It is all right to feed silage that ~" ~'~ ;k\\ ~ ~ i ] '~ hop r hom man with the n~rme I0]k8 ~a~uroay n r z r . I ~_~e e Christmas day. . . " ,. [" as been f o en to livestock, p o- ~ ~\ / Beach, - North Dakota ~ to Mr, and Mrs Nolan Will- CarI Meeds made a trip to Wi- A big Doxingma~cn was held at~ vided it is fed immediately after ~\\ | ~ i ii rams, at the Beach ho~--ital Sun baux to bring ~ daughter Lucille the Trotters school house on Fri-lthawi..~ ~ 3\% } ~ i .... i day m to be w~ h h r arent dur da e~enm Those who . orning a fine baby son No-home t e p' s -~ Y g. partici-I -- ~ ~--------:4 ! ..... lan and Mrs John Fos~ard lost no ing the holidays /~ated were Carlot Arthur Wesley| ........ He--I--'-"1- ..... ,, ....... | [--"--"~ J i ti " ~ " " ned " ' ' J "me .oes~ ~emporary nay pianta ~- u,~ w~w ~m~eous ................... me driving to Beach to meet the The George Tanker family, Met-J Orville Nellermoe,Clarence ....+~ ....~, ..~,~o ~..~ here? [ ~ .......................... ~ew son and he~'r and ~randson~' , . calf fatally, Mr. and iVITs. Alvin Le- 1 and Pie Omley, George Fak- or m" a mixture with' some legume She---K never knew of a fellow be- I .............~[~ ~-'- C~:~wat~ll~tiul~. ]~nd ,~nd daughter. Leo~rd l_e-IIer and Ben Cleon. Some were such as field peas lng interested in tile view on hie, ~ ............... "" ....... ] Rev. and Mrs BrF,~s ~*~d c~il land Mr and Mrs Ben Cleon were pretty evenly matched while oth- ' " hone,,~,~-- ~ ............. ' .............. dren were Christmasday"" dinner invited guests of" the L. I~odgin {ers received quite a bit of punish- ~ ................................ gt}~.ts at theDenver "Williams family to a delicious turkey dinner iment. Some received bloody non- - - ~me. j anti suT.p,~r o~, Christmas day. es. It proved quite exciting for a ,, ~.~r. and Mrs L H West Frank, The o. K. ~n~l~y ~amfly and Mr. while we hear ~-~nald and 'Max "were ' d~nner!and Mrs. J. F, Crook were dinner] Ralph Moaner was a dinner guest guest~ at the ~ r~ ~.~o,, ~o ~uests of Mr. and Mm. Carl Mocks at the Om]ey home on Wednesday ]~tm~ay. - ................. ion Christmas day, A delicious! The Nellermoes attended Luth-" Mr. and Mw ~,,~,~ ~Xroo~, turkey with all the eats that go leran church services at the Wilson r~ guests at~" the~'~" ~'"~:::~,. with it, W~ ~ved which was 1 school house on Sunday. home, Thursday " " ~thoroughly enid b~ a~l How-, Carlot Nellermoe and Be~ Cleon Mr, and Mrs .~ a, =,,,t.~ ..... ~lever, we cant vouch for the corn- made a tr~p to Beach on F.:csy. daughter l~arlan-" dro,~"~'~'~'~'~:i fort enjoyed for sometime after the! Geo. Fakler and Mr. and Mrs. J. ma~h Thursday and were guests guests Part~ok of the bountiful F. Crook were Sunday droner a~ ~l~e Ed. Streible and Bob West f feast. It's mo doubt fortunate for' guests at the O. K. Omley home. home until SUnd-~, , our "tummies- that Christmas Mrs. Alvin Leland and daughter Mr. and Mrs-~Osco, ~, ..... .comes ~ut ~a year. ~re waiting at the Tanker home at were "listening to'their~rad~o'~on"I The Ed. ~klin and Joe Orr present hay evening D~c~m~o~ ~ ~alfamiliea enJoy~I a bountSful Xmasl Mr and Mrs. Chas. McC]enahan neard W. I. D. A. at Madison Win I droner at the Nels Nelson home on land sons Russell and Percy were announce that the ......... ,~::iChrist~mz~ d~y. ~Saturday evening callers at the ~ul~ the 1%x S~rand'~tl~eate~t A ~ ~ crowd attended tha~iSt~rn]neeYt S~voen: ahnO~ne~oe orr were .... Y $5 :for the letter received [ meetin$ ~M~.~the Willing Wo_kers t ~arcnerest from them on their the J, ~ ~aWhead home on Satur-Idlnner guests at the Campbell l~_og~*am. The Peterosns wrote and day. Mrs> &' A. Andre added her ] home on Friday. ~mber 28, received a check name to the list of members, so Rev. Roscoe will hold church ser- ~tl~ ~y air mail. The letter was our number is steadily increasing. I vices on January 4, at 3:00 p. m. .. ~ e~ a~ 4:20 p. m. December 24th, A rather brief business meeting I ' -- ---- ~au recelved at 9 a. m December was held as there seemed to be ......... " I nothng special to discuss. A veryI l~o~erL aged rex, araenuy aesir- ~ ~ D M @ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zeibarth and delicious dinner, such as Trotters ed a sister, and was told that if he new arrlval sPent Sunday at the ladies are capable if preparing was prayed for one a baby might come. ~car Peterson home. served; consisting of potatoes, [ 8o he added to his nightly prayers * Ethel Brysoil vlslted from Tues- gravy, roast ,beef, pickles, buns, san a petition for a baby sister. Re- sults not coming as soon as he ads of all kinds, cake, pie, cookies, #~I Saturday With Barbara doughnuts and so in. It was pret- wished, one night he added: "If FO' eve. the Mr. and'Mrs. John Fos~ard, Carl, ty near Ghristmas to enjoy such a you have a baby almost finished, Knmld and Harold and Jake Me- feast~ M~ 2qellermoe invited us to don't wait to put in her tonsils or m a J Genie L.Kt~ey were visitors at theIketmeet at her home on January 22. her appendix, as they usually have ~m~e home 8at~da~. Franklin accompanied to cut them out anyway, " of Alladi.'s [amp did not produce such ]5laine Bryson was a dinner guest O~ley to the Moore ranch " miracles as modern science has achieved with aft.he B, L, Beach home Tuesday evening. "What right have you to ask me =~utlolPh ~.~tts was a dlnne-~,~t extend our svmnath~, for a kiss? Leave this nouse ira- . ~ ..... tthe p. O. F_~nay home Friday. f family, who recent- medmtety and never speak to me natural gas. ~-*eorge Rusted accompanied word that Mr. J. E. again." "Before ~ leave, never to / ~la..lne Bryson to Valley View on )thor has had to have see you adam, may I ask, y..ou one / / ~naay on business, wed Howe,,~ w~ a~~favor?'' "What is wt" wm you ~" ........ Arise in the morn|.9 and your home is Mr..and Mrs. P. O. Esmay drove ~ that she is re~vering~ please take your arm away from ~ /~..~ . , , ~ff, ~ager, via Marmarth, Friday the operation. [my neckz' " "~ ~e~seWere_overnlght visitors at the erts spent a pleasmat' ~ /// warm and omfortabh. No need [or [urnace ....~ ~ nome. Tne~ma and day at the Els~ Orr~ AnVANCE ADS GET RESULTS // ~lcnard ~ay accompanied them' d ourse a .... J" tendins., a Thermostat does all the work nome Ior a few days Visit i ,, ..... : ~-- ' -- "" ' Mr ...... - ....... , .nns~mas ainU, ..... - ana ~ars. Art Tabor and. ~liermoe was ~ ~e ~, that's necessary. aanghter, and Mr. and Mrs. O C : ing for Mrs Re~ Cleon Tabor were dinner guests at "the~on Saturday. " ................. ~r8ntOwef~me S~esd?ir~t~n;n.g'igrOund.~feOm~e: it2: ee~fs L ,T CONTgACT Turn the faucet a.d there ,, all the hot water and Mrs. David Thwing and i ranch on Saturday..' C r~,~ ,~T~wg TiIltT family were dinner guests at the Mr. and Mrs, Els~ and FIIR Vl g W/M" you want. No Jishtins a heater and waiting Denver Williams home Sunday. t childreh anent ehrls ., tVl l Ua, [or an Inadequate supply. Mr. and Mrs. A. 3 Jessfield were Braddi~.~~ ~,,~" ~'~ ----.,~. ..... ,e s theC H. Hall home Sun- place under a tree , Ii[IM. ~been .umt to ~e :~ra~ -. .... zua., Go into the kitchen and prepare a meal on a . ~r. and Mrs. George Water[and Mrs. B~addiga~s da',zgh~ _ - and Children, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Later ta the e~ning the~ Plummer and family and Mr. and tributed to alL We will h~M~tbe faro- Sa| range that virtuaJly does the work for you, Mrs. Arnold Beach and family were Mr. and ~. Chas. S~ pus Bear / Creek Western Christ~as day guests at the Maude d~ughter, of Beach. Mr: Coal w~iob was so popular Bowen home. Barkland and son :ant ~-ear:: ~ ~ m m~[ over.., place your food in a sas Mr and Mrs F M. Hopper, Otto erbium, asho :: refrigerator which maintains- a constant even and orris and Roscoe Faught were IChe~ter, Ra$ and ~ ) / %~1% ~ ~ r ~ ! ~%j ~ k ~ ;rhome.gUests at the Chas. Shep- ofdaughterthe Mo~roe~te wereGashod , - ' temperature without any attention. Highest prlee~lml~ :~r{[ and Mrs. O. C. Tabor and Christmas clay. spent Christmas evening Miss Nell Nelson, , grain and a/square deal as- John Fosjard home. Wilson s ool, is. "-=rod And ,o throush the whole day. The home and Mrs. David Thwing and Christmas ~acation at family visited Thursday evening at the C. H. Hall home. BE CH GRAIN ..,., SO, b a home fu l of miracles, not "Pather," ~akl the small boy, visitors {lll ,urprisinj of which is its low cost. is a scientist? .... A scientist, C@IP~NY ~4What my son, is a man who tells you ~m~thing You already know in A.H. BECKLEY, Mgr. Such long words ,that you fail to home on it.~ evening