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January 1, 1931     Golden Valley News
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January 1, 1931
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VOLU xxn. ALL HOIVE PRINT BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY: NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY. JANUARY I, 1931 EIGHT PAGES r, NUMBER 35 TODAY MOST ARt ff[I.[CT[D ~OMMI~IONERS MEET TO OR- i GAN]~E TOMORROW--- TWO NEW MEMBERS I ~HERI~ SILL, DEPUTY FOR } FOIOUR YEARS, TAKES I CHIEF PLACE January second, tomorrow, the ~)Id board of county commission-i lers takes up their closing du- ~. ~ne outgoing commission- : s b,ehlg Lewis Odland, for sir- !tee.n ~ears a member of the board, ~nd for most of that time its chair- ! iman;, and A. M. Peterson who has: ~Iaithlully served the the people for pa t su years Both the re- ~Lrmg members have been devoted i~o the interests of the taxpayers ann made splendid executives, the iDo~Ple seem to think, and they go ~ ui office with the good will of nerr constituents as a whole. _ The new board meets next Mon- ~.~, *~s new dutie6. ..~.~'ne ~ew commissioners are A. J, v~eefe of the First district, and t~r. A. Wosepka of the Third, Char- ~les Klrkpatrick of the Second, be- [lz~ the holdover member. The new commissioners come to the board With a fine general knowldege of county COnditions. They have been mm~s~fUl in Zheix own buskness ihu~efirs, and there seems no doubt Y win Conduct the county's slness with equal care and suc- cess. All the members of the board announce a policy of econ- omy, Yet Progressive administra- tion. in which they deserve the ~upport of the people of the coun- ty and no doubt will have it. I All the county officers elect re- sume their duties Monday except the auditor and treasurer, whose new terms do not beg~n until spring. Curtis Sill the new shcr- to' "~'- "I~'e only new county officer ~a~e office, 'all the others hav- ing been so Well behaved that the l ~ sent 'era back for another two! ~s' Sheriff Sill announces that l Erickson wil lbecome his de- Duty. State c In Rooms Down Town; Legislature To Occupy Pine Desks in Memorial Building House Wing -- West View Original Building Senate Wing --Courtes} Southeast Front Capitol Building ---Com.:,~v o~ ~i=-q~rck Tribune Tribune Senate Chamber in Flames, Front View Capitol Buildlng, Front Approach World War 5[en-'.orial Euilding IRD CERE~NY PERFORMJ~D &'~ BI~[DE'S HOME HERE BY I~E~. ROSCOE YOUNG COUPLE WELL KNOWN; WILL LI~E ON GROOM'S FARM Margaret Edith. youngest daugh, ~er of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Den- ton and Nicholas A., son of Mrs. ~. A. Lundin. were quietly married Saturday noon. December 27th at the home of the bride's parentL R~v. Roscoe officiated, reading the ri~ service in the presence of the follOWing guests: Mr. and Mrs, Wn~Kremers and Mr. and Mr~ Russell Denton of Golva; Mr. and Mrs. CornelI Eide of Beach; and Mrs. C. E. McAdams of Minne- apolis, formerly Miss Marian, old, es~ daughter of Mr. and Mrs, & L Denton and Rev. Roscoe and wife, The bride wore a rose moire atlk formal, carrying deep cream r~, A luncheon was served after th~ ceremony, the family party spend. ing a jolly afternoon together, In the evening, the happy couple left for a short trip, to be at home in a week or ten days at the Ltm- din farm soutl~ of Sentinel Butte Both these young people are well known in the county and are high- ly esteemed ,by their friends, who will wish them many joys and a happy married life. 150 GU[STS PART [ 01: MASONIC HOSPIT- ALITY LAST [V[NING BANQUET TABLES SHINING WITH DECORATIONS AND SPARKLING SERVICE As deputy ~h,~rle ~^. ~ .... ~ North '~'S state capitol;the capitol building were construct-if -~Torritorv in the wln~er and surin~Under the t-rm= ~ *~o ~m +~o ~our Years t~ ..... t'~..~,~ ...'~'a^ building, ..~round which center:ed two wings, one in 1894 and the* The four most important of 1883 commission was require o meet . ~many friends~v~w an.? ........ ,~territorial and state history of near-;other in 1904 These wings felltlvaults of the state capitol build-I For som ....... ~ao.~ ho~ .... ,and organize in Yarktondora cm DANCING THEN BECAME OR~ esy and effic~nc~ ~nnorm cour~- ly a half century was destroyed by iprey to the f'lames together with lJing those of the treasurer the [I ca-ital remo~a~'movement"~n~men:s; t-~in da~e so the Yanktonians .)ro" DER UNTIL LATE HOUR y n 0II1Ce ans . ' . " ..... '. . ' ~:, .... , - hat his service -- ^~-: ..... U_ _. hre Sunday resulting in the loss of~ the old portion, built in 1883. |~udltor, insurance commissioner [[ mind- ^wiw- '~ +~'~ in~c-~s~ibil~+,,~ ce~ded to load uo wi*h court in THIS MORNING flee will be satisfa-'-~..^ ,.^valuable records and documents.. 25 Minutes--D~med i|~md land comm~ssmner, have [ of Yankton, away down in the i.lunctmns and what no.~ to prevent taken for ~ra...^-~c~-ry seer" ~? ~ The total loss is estimated at be-i ........ I lhave been found to have gone ,[ .... fh ,~,~ .,~ t~o t~..~ .... h,,~ ~ the oruanization in the h~,h,~ ~ ------- s u~u, arts a nos~ o., tween $1,000,000 and $3,000,000. .~zwenw-dve minutes after mel [through the fire" without" ~ dam- ]/ ...... ~" .......... ~ ~ ....... ~' " ..... ~ " ~ ' ~"~ "" well ~qshers are con,ra~,,,o~-- ~ ~'~ ........ ~ ~ ~- ~ ...... did not crvstalize until the le~is~a- eventually knocking OUt tl:e corn- The annua ci - ~;7:;:~::~ on . ~ .... ~,.s ....... _ ~:~.v~.~. ............. = ........... - ~ . . , . ~ ~ ~ .... 1 dan ng pa.ty given the promotmn. The state governmental macinnveloped the building and at 8 a m I |age to thmr contents: In these !1 t~ve sessmn of 1883, when Alexand-' m~sslon, and here comes m the by Sunset Lodge of Masons in thin .~ i~ / d placed aflairs happy and delightful. ~'~:;~/' 2L..,~'_aastien; Auditor, Charles' empW Sh~of four wa!ls o~ through the windows and on all i|an~ otne.r.papers m .lnesdmame I[ for .'emoval. The members of the flags at the eqv limk~; on ~he e~st Plates were laid at the banquet ~ ;:4 ~m.!suansen; Treasurer Mi~,ni~ E ~ was once ~pride of the two ua- ~ sides, but their efforts were futile. I|vame. rms vault ~s m~ne ~en- ] House from the south part of the' and at the Iimits on thc west and ;:w 150 guests and all seats were .......... torney,W. R. ~ ~ , ~. . - . | / ...... ] territory fa~ outnumbered thase ~ when that tram at full speed, pass- taken. The tables were beauti- i ~mltla, States At " " kotaS "~ C]ouds of ~moke and Dame could are wing ann no~ so wen ouil~ as . , " ' " , ~2"en, ann three county commis- [ $'/~L@00 Insurance i be seen in d~stant par~s of the cgy I |the :ovners, nor was l~ [{ from the north part, but was * ed the first flag the required mo- fully decorated with arches and smners~n mentioned above, t The_ ~at,~.~_ ........... bunt h~ la~3 as the and. . br)ught, thousands of persons t I for. the ~iremen,. oecause o~ ,~s ~ more brains in that little bunch of Uons... were made, the officer elect- flowers., pink. and ~hite, being the __. .e Beach Advance becomes the seat -~'~-'~=~'so.~.,,,,~,,~* .~r, Dakota . m mmdreds of cars .t the scene [ [ reside local}on,, to zeep,, s reams I northerners., than in the whole .leg- , ed and. all Iov'h, I s~cp~, taken~.., to mohf colors. Service was. by the oIIIcla Icounty newsp{tPer Monday I Territor~w.~: ~mgw~ .......... in~ur~f~ fur .~430,00~i Bv~ 11 a. m. the fire department. I i of water./playing on ~.~, as wa~ ~ ~slature put together, especially ~ corn.pieCe; . .. oro'auizat_ .... on w~,ie~ the Rainbow gu'ls and was a free feat- " I while ~ ~,~n~,,~ c-r-~-d insurance '. co-centrated water s, treams m the [ done m me case of.. the omer [ when the territorial governor stood train sped through tohe corporate urs.. '-t the end of tt~e banquet, ........... . ! of $29~ ~c'~-a"to~tal'o'f'~728"000 ac-i north wing of the structure in an~ [ vaults. Since the ~}re the so- l lin with the schemers. 'limits of the cit~; and an army i Rev.., C. Packer as toastmaster, b~ ~PY'~ ~P~| I cording to an estimate bv Governor tat,erupt to save the vaults in the!l cretarys vault .has been smog-]1 Alec knew it was going" to bel of sheriffs and court ofhcers gap-~ made a free talk on Copras kindred r ce de mg as tnougn nre naa P~netra ~ I HI||V| ~|ll, / .li,li|l|lI ]Geor~,e F Shafer ~ ' ',treasurer's and hail insu an" [ " " " Ilsome lob to ~et the bill throu h ped as i. dashed past the depot 'to the occasion and WorshtDfu| - Jqss i|MW~P | ~V||W~VgL-, ~ ' " ~z,' " ' I i " = g ~ '" " ' State officials esti~hat it~ partments. [ tedt. ] the lower body so most of the sea- the raz~way being a party to the Master Carl Peterson responded on ~would '- va ~'~ All electric wires leading to the %_ .... ~'' " " ki c~ i proceedings Back to Iowa and behalf of the lod e and the Mason T~ D~" U[:| [% ~t ~JJ~T~ cost. up~ rds 0 toI .... I stun was spent in wor no on n- . . ' t. g s I || hi[- Irlrl I I I|l /IIIIM|I re~nlac~___ e .......~,~ma _fn tl~./~*~~::!_~r~y~a -~-~v~ ouilding_ were severea oy,. warzme~4. " '" ,~:5 " ~ .......... " 7 " 1 dividual members, many of whom * Minnesota,, the , commission, . went. ', m general. The, banquet was | 15 UI. ||/LV M| ~J~l~|[ cords, many of whi~i ballot be : soon after, the blaze began:~lready approximately $700,090, de- ] when itwas suggested that the and never again, I beheve, dzd~ served by the ladms of the Easten:l ||~k|l~l~ siar..a ~.. ~..=. t duplicated. ~; c[ the officials:F,laming sticks m -~ooa rose.ou~ o~[ rived from land grants. I capital might be located in their i Yankton see it. i Star and of course was a delicious Jl|JJ|~J" |J~J||~ U~ |||J.J, described the ~ 0f records as irene flame ann struck: amlasvfine, ,.Governor Shafer had-planned to i home town, pri~ked uP their ears., Ait ~be legislators v,'bo voted for :treat. li~UOL ~/JJ: "irreparab19~ * crown. ~ ]urge a new building in his message Finally at the last ]noment, undera!the bill of course v,~nted the corn-: After the banquet, dancing was T e c ~ ~ a o Records when i c s ~ 11 as ~ r duced ~ ~ ~ enjoved to the musm oI the Sentin .... ! h 'fire has not i S ve S me , i to the legislature tonvene .] subterfuge the bi w nt o . mis,,im to visit their !ov.'n~ and . ~-. . " " - been d ~oseph Winkel , State Auditor John Steen and lThe governor said today he will] under unanimous consent, necess-'think capital-like of thmn so the el ~u~te orchestra until a late hour A Farm dfWna~!)i2ii2~U:v ~d:nnc:Utnm~ibsilmea~ Wn ::fen" ~r~. n~th~b~d~h lhe2~nihe~b~i nh rod suO n!!i:o/nYan b::cbt::ae thell l){ !uiie: eeOd?kmilm l school will be ~d ~d rags is ' " -Ikeeping Other officials did sire-, Memorial " " g, ' l woo e, e " -~ "s e_ ertainment of the c0m-' .... -. _- .." l~eld in the Court House on Friday state ~1.~ to have cau,~ed spou- [ ~or~v :~i~ what records coul~ be I the supreme court state library ~ ducer nor the speaker mentioning ; mission and the army of ~ood fel ~ee in charge m ~ne ,~aoies of ~he January 9th from 10:30 a. m. to tune( ~ustion resulting in! rescued from the flames, land other offices but this struc-lthe character of thc measure. There l tows invited to go along or gather-iStar and the cordia~ co-operation 4:00 p. m. The purpose of the the ~ ~. ~itors had been clean-I Under the direcqo- of Insurance iture was not endangered. ]was no objection, The Yankton-ted from far and near After the of the. orgamzanons of the young- chool is to show farmers a method ing, ; ~ and repairing desksI Commissioner Oisness firemen~ Others Outside [ ians were caught napping, and, by 'southern part of the state had been i er social se~. ~f keeping simple farm accounts, o~ e~~.:preparatory to open- ,)la,,~a ~s~r~,~o ~ water into o-d ~.~ ..... ~ ~o~ ~. +~ .....~ uniting the ambitions of the south-:listened to the commission visited' --- --- - ~'Unless a farmer keeps records of~ g ~ N~smn and were using labo_ _ the i--ura'-ce de'-artment in~ ........ ic ............... ern members In behalf of thmr Bmmarck which offered$100000 Mms Ella Mattson, a teacher of Cur~ e . " ve n~ n p l;Ol DUll(nng ana wn n are varrym~ , ' . ' I his income and expenses it will bel P ~ -Hrmsh and rags m an effort to kee- the flames from .... he motor v hicle own to~ns the removal bunch got'cash and half a sectton of land as~Fallon, Mont. was a Beach visitor difficult for him to know which their ~7T ]beatin- a-ainst ~he vault on ousmess ~:ear~ment -am: and the bill through the house and it:the price it was willing to pay for for a week. She returned to her :-,~ ~ ~ l regls~ranon ep' ~ .... " ~ " S Projects pay and which do not, I ess Halted ] r'~'~mi~o~ ..... ~ a~ri~,,P,,re a-d ~: ...... ~-~ ........ ~ ....... ~ went kiting through the council and ~ the capital, one of the quarter sec-, duties unday. is argued by the proponents of rec- ~ Sta -- - -~ ..... ,, I r ~h~. T,-,~,.~ a ~+~h~, .... ~ ^- .~-^ ~ ................... to the wflhng signature of the gov- ~ tiGriS being that upon which the ~. ~,~,~ ,~ ~^- ~m~ ....~,..^ ~)r~~ ~ - ,. ~.4amess was prac,.~uana i ~: ............ , .................... un ~,~ ! e~ oanKs mlnmg u~b, vwur, regu*- - ....... ~..,~ u,,~.~..,. ~.~...,.....~ .~, +~.,.~ ; ..... " ....... a. weu. .,.~,,=., w,*u -'~'o ....... i naive~t~rtments which were! scene early, but his de0artment, on I atory, state health departments, ~'~.~ ~.m ..... +~a ..... ~=~. ,~: ~u .....~,,,~ .... ~ ............. i have been visiting at Kensal, N . et.zarm accoun~ scnom was ne~a i capitol building. Ar- t the second floor of the old part of and Bank of North Dakota. .* ..... _'_'.,~ ..... ~ ~. ~?_".?L"_'~'Y"~ffJ I Y~-. ........ ,,.~ ^_a ^^..~,~ .,--~ I Dak., the past week, returned to m the county nine years ago ano i - ' h , 1 ~ nine memoers m ].nvesbl~ttbe allU J-b WVtC, ullt~ W~*~ VtlIU VUIU~a~ tl***v ,, ...................... ~ have been made to t e building, was enveloped by~ ~ome state officials estimated ............................. ~. ~..~..~., .~.. ~. ..... ~o~,,.. Roach Sunday morning. sahool have kept records ever ~'~'~t~,o sta*o le~isiature an"thin~" from his offices He aid ~ .................. ,.^~ ~....a~-~. the c~pltal of the territory. Thin I vimted the future capital for those One of the puzzhng ~hings in this ~Ince The present school was plan ....... ~ ......~ ~. ~.. I^a ...~.~ ~^~ ......... ~- ~- ........ ~n .......... ~..,~t~a T,~tlw commission was named by the old t~mers sure d~d know how to , eriod of alleged hard t~mes all ov- ~'Aed by the County Agricultural I *- "~-'-- 11-~ ^f the new t othe- de'~artments Attorne,, Gen I .......... , ..... ~. .........nftercomplaisant governor with Alec ] entertain in truly western grandeur, ~ er the countr.~ is the great increase .~ouncll at its annual meeting De- I ~---..~.~nn'~ev .......... w~r ~morD.] , oral. Ja~teoo ~"~...v..o .... ,,,~ ,.~- .. ~ "-~'~ I ---~^h~,m~_ -~,*~'~rn~nt" ............ nn ~n~ctfle~ttnn~. ...... .. ..... s McKlnzle as its chairman, and. Milo ~i and. it is said that Dennle, Hannifln 1 over last year of savings. accounts .~~.~s a part of the county t ~,~a ~he cit., auditorium ]ilar ~redicament with his de,~art I~-a -~--~*--.~*~ ..... t- ~ .... c~odScott and Burleigh Spalding of ieshmated two army ~agon loads of~in the oanks, it being estimated by am of work for the ~'?" -~-' on tl~e as'-eet of "alment'a mas of flames " "i~"~ ~'-"~'--~'~-"-,-~'.'~-.'~ ~.-v~ ~ Fargo as the only other members champaign corks could have been some there is more money in hid- Willard of the state -- t"- "lames flar-d I .... B ..... i-- ~ from the northern part of the or- picked up around the . .ore popu-, ng and n banks now than ever be- .. 'e as ne v I ~ew u*mu ~mg t " '" ave chaste of the .~.~ ~. o.~ .^,~,,,-.oa~ ~ ................ ~.~;,,~ ~.,, , ritory Alexander Hughes a young liar resorts not to mention other fore m the history of the countr -, ~ i1 ~* I J J I ,~rthf~ ~ ..... + ......... u .... ~'~eammpnd~d ~ n~wlHOW THE CAPITAL CAME TO lawyer of Yankton, drew the bill I refreshments that leave the bottle Of course there are laces where ~ ----- ,~ faced with brick I capitol buildi,~ but it was not un- BISMARCK and helped get it through. He was w~th much less nm~ but far more ~ thin does not obtain but as a Miss Ada Blencowe ex-ects so,~ .--~c~icallv nowerlessltil 1929 that the legislature enact-i also a member of the commission,t effectiveness, as it were. ! country-~ide proposition it is true to open her new tea room or ca~'afe. t~'t~e situatim'~ due to I ed a law to levy one'twentieth of a I Another recollection in the mind later moved to Bismarck and was1 Jamestown was the next stop and Most of the hard time talk over the in the former Golden Valley b~ a,~d lack of wa-imill tax fo~ 1930 and one-tenth for l of the Advance editor brought to attorney general. Ed. Hughes, the1 the writer "Joined the gang" there country comes from those who are room. The fixtures are nearly"~ c bat the blaze i the next six years the proceeds i the surface again by the burning of millionaire electric man of Bin- Then on to Fargo;" the last stop and I not at all effected by trade condi-| in place and are very attractive ~ department stood which it was estimated would even" the state capit~l at BismarckL is marck, and Will Hughes, who mr- that old town .did herself proud in ~ tions, being on the same old salary,~ the de.rations being up to the was not called. ] tually amount to $650 000, to go in- t that surrounding the placing on merly resided in Beach, are h,s ] the way of-e~fl~taining, but" never ~ and only affected by a "state )f ::erY latest in style and motif, of Jto a capitol fund in which there is[wheels" o fthe capital of Dakota sons, ~ ~~ to pa~e four) ~ mind. 7z