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November 11, 2010     Golden Valley News
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November 11, 2010

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November 11, 2010 Page 5 " " :Y00gC XL R FD \\;00100.1R Im I,001 VET'F.00A00S NICE / 'Boor ,c.oss .... .... .... '; By Samantha Weaver 1 NYPDrank /eltlJ I:100 re.. 5 Rotating part 4 ,-, ,- r lnOSt'It was Kurt Vonnegut, one of the 182 Onu.s.in years ------ J  __ ' influential American writers of DAi.--? - "" the 20th century, who. made the fol-13 Hearty brew 18 i i i__[ll L 1   ,ow,ng.goob.erv,.t,on:-La.g,.ter -,4 unaccorn- IIIZL_00 and tears are both responses to frus- tration and exhanstion. I myself pre- panied fer to laugh, sincethere is less clean- 15 Indian wrap z4 125 128 i| i i 127 i ing up to do afterward." 16 Liquidity q Snakes are sometimes born with measure two heads, but they don't survive 18 Civil War ------- long. It seems the heads fight each battle site in Out on a Limb : other for food. Tennessee 40 Pregnant women might be particu-20 Almost not    larly interested in the following: The 21 Bric-a- - 42 #'/' animal that is pregnant the longest is the African elephant, with an average 23 Apiece gestation period of 660 days (though 24 Boxing ploy 49 some pregnancies can last up to I00 28 Uninteresting 52 days longer). The record for short- 31 Blackbird b  I .,,,,,, i , est gestation period is held jointly 32 Soft drinks by three marsupials, including the American opossum, which remain 34 Vast pregnant for only l 2 to l3 days. 37 expanse (tlgOndgnt 11M2Pnde :80iiiil During this season of excess, it 35 Emcee might be worthwhile to remember Late-night DOWN 17 h:n: n's that the typical holiday meal con- IV fare 1 Mama poetically "" " .....  ....................... tains more than 3,000 calories. It also might be worthwhile to remember that the suggested daily intake of calories for men is 2,500; for women irs 2,000. Americans' collective annual tab for dry-cleaning services comes to approximately $8 billion. r 1 1 * 39 Allow 41 Thin aperture - Elliot 19 Spheres 42 Bird with a 2 Asian nurse- 22 Songs' end fanlike crest maid ings 45 Removed 3 Actress 24 "Hum-bug!" the lid Gilpin 25 Lennon's 49 Strong 4 Svengali's Yoke current subject 26 Loosen 51 Ashen 5 Sperm whale 27 Re!led 52 "Eleni" 6 - carte around lazily author 7 Netting 29 Zodiac cat Nicholas 8 Hitchcock or 30 Legislation 53 Rd. Tennyson 33 Omit 54 Tablet 9 Yukon event 36 Reservation 55 Individuals 10 Carbon residences by Mike Marland by Gary Kopervas AT "nW FITNES CLUBSj IT ALL CO/g S b0WN To A ATTER = TE c.t.VEs AND qTJg CALVE I',,,bTS. 1. GEMSTONES: What color is lapis lazuli? 2. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the Pen- nines mountain range located? 3. SCIENCE: The order Hymenop- tern would encompass what types of insects? 4. RELIGION: Who founded the Christian Science Church? 5. FAMOUS PERSONALITIES: William H. BonneT was better known by what name? 6. HUMAN ANATOMY: Where is the mitral valve located? 7. LANGUAGE: In the United States, what is a more common term for "conscription"? 8. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What was the original function of the schipperke, a Belgian dog breed? 9. U.S. STATES: What is the capital of Michigan? 10. HISTORY: In English history, which monarch did Cavaliers sup- port? Answers l. Blue 2. Northern England and southern Scotland 3. Bees, wasps and ants 4. Mary Baker Eddy 5. Billy the Kid 6. The heart 7. The draft, a requirement that peo- ple of certain age serve in the military. 8. Barge watchdogs 9. Lansing 10. King Charles I in the English 42 Quasi- .mede's creator 43 - even keel 44 Greek vowels 46 Hammer's target 47 Right angles 48 Remove from the text 50 Eggs 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Answer on Page 7 BY HENRY BOLTI N OFF HOCUS -FOCUS 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Ju.00t Like & r.r00r00 Racing News Race Trivia Last Week's Race: AAA Texas 500 WHAT DOES a fully loaded 50,000-ton ontain( ship weigh just before leaving port?. Connect the dots and find out. "4oue sq.e 11 uasuv _c i $ v o o @ LAFF - A - DAY --.-_- .... -.'.'.:.:-x::: ::: :: 2 N,,// "/_{ 00i!i00j -== "My wife is the most wonderful wife in the whole by Charles Barry Townsend A FRUITS & VEGGIES PUZZLE! BC IIYNOML ' ROHjRTTAE g P YOIEOON N  O . K C IlL R A G T P P _;E RRO I i) GAMICAKYL H I RUCOE Yi LRTGPEAR HIDDEN ANIMALS! Can you find the three animals that are hidden in these three sentences? 1. The whippoorwill's song filled the night. 2. A tempura tsunami of terrific tastes. 3, Sumo lessons are from nine to one. 'SOlOl/I " 'sleH 'g 'odd.H L :se$u IT'S MAGICl Use the numbers 3 through 12 to fill in this . Magic Number Square. The numbers in each horizontal row and vertical column should total 44. We've filled in six of the squares. The rest is up to you. Use trial and error -- and a good eraser! "61. '9 'L 'gt, :to qno:l "8 '1.1. 'Og ' :o I.q.L "td. '6 'l, 'LL :tao puoo 3 "g 'eL 'E:I. '0t :m  uesue Jn 0 13 18 17 lq 2O ig [44 ] Hidden in the diagram above are the names of 26 fruits and vegetables. They can be found reading up or down, or side to side. You'll even find them diagonally going up or down. Letters can be used more than once. Listed below are the names you're looking for. APPLE GARLIC PARSNIP BANANA GRAPE PEA BEET GUAVA PEAR CABBAGE LENTIL PUMPKIN CARROT LETI'UCE QUINCE CELERY LIME RHUBARB CHERRY MANGO SHALLOT COCONUT OKRA SPINACH CORN ORANGE ". " " . " el. De II F Phoenix International Raceway :-7 .' .-."- . Race Information & Records Last Year's Winner: Jimmie Johnson Qualifying Record: Rusty Wallace 134.718 - 2000 Race Record: Tony Stewart 118.132 - 1999 Race Time: 3 pm ET, Nov. 14th Track Statistics & History Location: Phoenix, Ariz. Turns: 11 (1-2) & 9 (3-4) Distance: 1.0 miles Shape: Tri-Oval In 1964, when Phoenix International Raceway was carved out of the foothills of the Estrella Mountains, it was intend- ed to be a new jewel in the crown of American open wheel racing. Drivers like Maria Andretti, A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones and the Unsers soon came to love the one mile paved oval with the unique bend in the back- stretch. But it wasn't until 1988, when NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing came to PIR, that auto racing in Phoenix really became a major sporting attraction for the "Valley of the Sun." Today, Phoenix International Raceway has a tradition that is unmatched in the world of racing. Through Nov. 7, 2010 2010 Chase for the Cup Driver Points 1) Denny Hamlin 6325 2) Jimmie Johnson 6292 3) Kevin Harvick 6266 4) Carl Edwards 6008 5) Matt Kenseth 6000 6) Jeff Gordon 5994 7) Kyle Busch 5986 8) Tony Stewart 5962 9) Greg Biffle 5953 10) Clint Bowyer 5928 11) Kurt Busch 5890 12) Jeff Burton 5852 2010 Nationwide Series Driver Points 1) Brad Keselowski 5314 2) Cart Edwards 4849 3) Kyle Busch 4619 4) Justin Ailgaier 4402 5) Paul Menard 4205 6) Kevin Harvick 4044 7) Trevor Bayne 3765 8) Jason Leffler 3743 9) Joey Logano 3717 10) Steve Wallace 3688 Denny Hamlin Born: Nov. 18, 1980 Sponsor: FedEx Crew Chief: Mike Ford Car: Toyota Biography: Dumg the 2004 season, Denny  caught e eye of Jce Gibs Raring with a handful oTrud Ses races while co ful lime in Late Modets for Dean Molompo. Han rcade h Naomde Ser debL at Daringn. ASer s'g  27th pca. Ha'ran wared his way towards an 8th place firts/n, as well as a future at Jce C.bbs Raring. He mede ts Cup debut at  Speedway  2005 afler sgging dryer Jason  was released. He linished he Cup season wi three Top 10 fr'es in seven stars ned one pole at Phcenix Intemao Rsoay t-re berg named darer o{ e #11 FedEx Chevrolet for the 2006 C;up seasen. In 2006, t-lamlin ran his first ful season in the Cup Sedes. Hang drove double duty and v.n Roolde o( the Yser in the Cup Series while also driving the ful seeson in the  Seres. In 2007, Hamin won his third career Cup race and clinched the sixlh spot in the  for the Cup, b finished the season in 12th. In 2008, Hamin n eedy in the season at Marlinsvile and finished 81h in the  for the Cup. Last year, Harrtm caplured four wins in the CUp series, ktudmg the season finele Ford 400 to flStl 5th in Ihe Chest lor e Cup. Kyte Busch, angered that he had been called for a pit.lane speeding , violation, gave a NASCAR official a notorious single-finger gesture for several seconds during Sunday's AAA Texas 500. Busch was then given a two-lap penalty by NASCAR for the salute, which was shown live on ESPN. "1 lost my cool in what I was doing, and, at the time, I had no womes about a camera inside the car at that point," said Busch after the race. "You get spun out and wreck, you're net supposed to lose your cool. I mean, hello? I wasn't trying to speed, but apparentJy I must have been a couple lights over on my tachometer." Busch finished the race at Texas Motor Speedway in 32rid place, dropping him two spots to 11th in the Chase for the Cup. Driver Denny Hamlin 30 1 190/5 Matt Kenseth 19 2 175/5 Mark Martin 9 3 170/5 Joey Logano 20 4 16515 Greg Biffle 2 5 165110 Kevi n Harvick 26 6 155/5 Clint Bowyer 7 7 14610 David Ragan 5 8 142/0 Jimmie Johnson 17 9 143/5 Paul Menard 12 10 134/0 Sta Finish Points/Bonus Denny Hamlin won Sunday's AAA Texas 500 taking the points lead away from Jimmie Johnson. Denny now holds a 33-point advantage over Jimmie, who finished ninth. Hamlin's win was his seres-best eighth of the season, his second in a row at Texas Motor Speedway and the 16th of his career. Matt Kenseth held second, matching his best finish of the season, with Mark Martin finishing third. After the race Denny commented, "But like I said, I'm not going to be conservative having the lead. I'm going to want to stretch that out before we get to Homestead." Where was the first NASCAR race held? a) Dadington Raceway b) Indianapolis Raceway c) Chadotte Speedway d) Texas Motor Speedway "sx)lels snouna O'gE Aleleup(oJdde jo poo e jo 1uo u! 6t,61. '61. eunr up eU!lOe'O qoN u! Aepeds elluetlO pro oq le e.q p!p euo eoeld tcol enea 'VOS'I ,g ^ aq.l. (a : Stop by for all Belfield Auto Supply F your winterizing 505 6th and see us vehicle needs! st. NE (701) 575-4228