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October 18, 2012     Golden Valley News
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October 18, 2012

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Page 8 October 18, 2012 Hat Tips By Dean Meyer W ekly DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * * Hello, Well, last week 1 delved a little into politics. I told you about my bike ride when I was campaigning. Now, since we are into politics, 1 think I'll touch lightly on one more political deal. Now hold on! l'ln not going to endorse Obanm or Romney. I am going to endorse Shirley, because she is reading over my shoulder. I'm going to touch on a measure I found amusing. Measure one on the North Dakota's upcoming ballot, changes an old constitutional paragraph that I guess needs changing. It allowed the guy running the polls to impose a $1.50 poll tax on voters. 1 sup- pose it was to pay for the coal to heat the polling place, fix up the hitching rail so you could tie up your team, pay the poll workers a bit for spending the day, and so forth. Here's the catch: you didn't have to charge "'paupers, idiots, insane persons, and Indians"! Now, picture if you will, that poor old poll worker having to sit there and sort these people out! I don't imagine a lot of people would claim to be insane, but I do know some. I can picture people claiming to be paupers, and beings so many are involved in agriculture or oil, you could be rich today and a pau- per tomorrow. Idiots are harder to depict, but I have many friends that I probably would not charge if 1 were the poll worker. And I am sure they ,would do the same for me. That's how close we are. Now, paupers. 1 imagine you could pick out. They would be unshaven, wear unkempt clothes, have straggly hair, and holes in their shoes. But of course, that could be a rancher calving heifers. Idiots, well it appears to me that most in Congress would be exempt fl'om the tax. Insane persons would be a little tricky. The first peciple that figured the earth was round were consid- ered idiots. As were the first people that imported Hereford cattle to replace the longhorns. And the peo- ple that bet on Twins this year would be untaxable. And the list could go on and on. All of this political talk reminds me of a story that Grandpa Jack used to tell. To enjoy it. read it in an h'ish brogue. "'Rasmus Jensen was a poll worker in Dunn County. Since a lot of the recent immigrants were of German or Norwegian descent and hadn't learned to read English yet, poll workers were assigned to assist in the voting. Well, Rasmus was helping this one fellow vote. Bill Connolly was on the ballot for County Commissioner. When Rasmus asked this fellow whom he wanted to vote for as commissioner, he replied, "Anybody but that s.o.b. Bill Connolly!" Well. Bill was a friend of Rasmus's. So Rasmus .just pro- claimed {this is where you need the accent), "'Veil, ve'll just x him out then!" Later, Dean Crossword ACROSS 1 "Monty Python" opener 4 Met melody 8 Raggedy Ann, e.g. 12 Calendar abbr. 13 Gangster's companion 14 Pennsyl- vania port 15 Pennsyl- vaaia. Dutch pork concoction 17 Appellation 18 With skill 19 Monarch 20 Comfortably inviting 22 Pebbles' papa 24 French cleric 25 Sit-ins and such 29 Part of AT&T 30 Water nymph 31 Greek X 32 Glittery cosmetic 34 Actor Pitt 35 Census stats 36 Cheer up 37 Inundated 40 Amorphous mass 41 Mail 42 Earn an F in penmanship 46 Satan's m m 1 2 12 15 20 21 24 29 32 37 38 m 41 m m 46 49 specialty 47 Owl's call 48 Shelter 49 Challenge 50 Oxen's burden 51 Corn spike DOWN 1 Picks out of a lineup 2 Sleuth 3 Mix up 4 Without stinting 5 Thickly fibrous 6 Under the weather 7 Hearty brew m m 6 7 22 23 4O m m 10 11 27 28 44 45 8 Strip those things 9 Exam format 28 22-Down, 10 Rickey e.g. flavoring 30 Approaching 11 Ogler's look 33 In conclusion 16 Busy as 34 Sci-fi villain 19 Emeritus 36 Upper-class (Abbr.) group 20 Loathe 37 Mimicked 21 Do as you're 38 Made on a told loom 22 McDonald's39 "Yeah, right!" offering 40 Understand, 23 Bellow slangily 25 Sheet of 42 Bashful glass 43 Dove's call 26 Where 44 Meadow 'TWELVE" is 45 Always, in worth 12 verse 27 Just one of 2012 King Features Synd lnc, Cat, & b9 Dave T. Phipp, ALRIGHT, YOUR FANCY PLACE HERE REQUIRES ME TO WEAR A TIE. WHY DO I GET THE FEELING ITS TO HANG MYSELF AFTER I SEE YOUR PRICES? The deadline for submitted copy and stories and all ad orders is noon on Fridays. Call 872-3755 or e-mail gvnews@midstate.net. Forest Service fire restrictions lifted BISMARCK - Fire restrictions* plan to have a campfire please have been lifted on the ,Little Missouri, Grand River arid Cedar River national grasslands, all part of the U.S. Forest Service, Dakota Prairie Grasslands. Although cooler temperatures and recent moisture have reduced the fire risk, fire officials ask that people continue to use caution with fire while on the grasslands. If you ensure it is completely out before you leave. The Bennett trail, Cottonwood trail, and the portion of the Maah Daah Hey trail from the junction of Forest Road No. 823 south to County Road No. 50 has also been opened. These trails located on the McKenzie Ranger District were close due to the Cottonwood fire. by Linda Thistle Solution on page 9 4 7 1 4 1 1 7 4 7 4 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9.box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. * Moderate -k. Challenging -*" ** HOO BOY! 2012 King Features Synd Inc. This weekly puzzle is brought to you by: T&A Seeds Beach, ND (701) 872-3248 I. AD SLOGANS: What candy bars were sold with the slogan. ~'Some- times you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't"? 2. (;EO(iRAPHY: Where are the Maltese Islands located? 3. FAMOUS QUOTES: What Amer- icatl writer once said. "Analyzing humor is like dissecnng a frog. Few people are interested and the fiog dies of it"? 4. S('IENCE: What is a less-than- average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon'? 5. PHOBIAS: ltemophobia is an irrational [ear ofwhat? 6. (IAMES: What kind of game has variations that include "Cincimmti" and "'Omaha"? 7. HUMAN ANATOMY: What are the crescent-shaped white spots oa~ l]ngcmails called? ~. MYTHOLOGY: According to Greek mythology, what was Ihe name of the prophetic g9d who could change his form at will'? 9. LANGUAGE,: What is the Gaelic eq uivalent of James? 10. MATH: What is the lowest whole number (ill English) that includes the letter "~a" when it is spelled out'? Answers 1 Mounds and Almond Joy 2. Mediterranean Sea 3. E.13. White 4. Neap title 5. Blood 6. Poker 7. Lunula 8, [~roleus 9. Seamus or ShalrlUS i 10. 1,000 (thousand) uv .141:9 al 3 3 '' 7 IIA =I =I 7 8] IISI0 ,4 ll- Ell SIVIM V 3 1 Vl 0 V ~I7131A 3 I HO' I131 S I S =llflle V lll 3,~,o ~- ~l~ ~ I 3 W V VIHlO S 3 1 El OI3 0 7 70 911 I'- su!tu Zg :etu!l uop, nlos a, suv -- pzo so fi .m'.'.X ' Fall tree care: Tips for winterizing your tre The colorful autumn foliage is a pleasure to behold and marks thd end of the growing season, but is also a harbinger of the harsh North Dakota winter to come. To ensure another fantastic dis- play of color from your trees next fall, certain' steps should be taken now to help your trees make it through, t.he winter in good health, according to the N.D. Forest Service. Fall Watering: Since the past 12 months have been tutusually dry throughout North Dakota, watering your trees now is very importmtt. especially for trees planted within the past five years. The amount of water needed varies by site and pre- vious watering history. It is recom- mended to provide between five to ten gallons of water per week. per inch diameter of your tree (for example, a tree titat is three incites in diameter should get at least 15 gallons of water per week, or about five gallons every second day). Tree roots will continue to absorb water until soil temperatures drop below 40 degrees for a consistent time period, so watering after trees have dropped their leaves continues to be beneficial. Mulch: Additionally, spreading a four-inch-thick layer of organic mulch around the base of newer phmtings helps maintain soil mois- ture levels. Older established trees are typically able to obtain suffi- cient water fi'om their more exten- sive root systems, however, this year's dry conditions may warrant supplemental water for them as well. If you decide to water your larger trees, water further away from the trunk focusing on the dripline, the area below the outer circumference of the tree's branch- es. Raking arrd Pruning: Collecting and properly disposing of dead leaves, branches and other plant material in the fall is key to reduc- ing the severity of leaf diseases in your yard for the following year that can harm the aesthetics and health of your trees. By landfilling, tom- posting or burning (where possible) this year's leaves and twigs, the Put Your M, oney Where Your house Isl lOCal mdeDenOenl ~Y~e~=D strengthen our ousmeases are ~ commun/ty .coot ~ost value ano our economy sources of next year's infections are effectively removed from your yard. Dead wood can be pruned out of a tree at any time of the year. and reduces the amount of overwinter- ing sites for certain fungi and some harmful insects. Shade and Protect Your Trees: Preventing winter burn (drying out of fine branches and needles) in conifers and stmscald (bark crack- ing and injury [Yom intense sun- light) on the trunks of thin-barked trees is important for preserving tree health. Shade your conifers with a constructed burlap sun block on its south side or loosely wrap trees with burlap to prevent winter burn. Wrapping the trunk of younger trees with a light-colored tree guard not only prevents sunscald, but also protects trees from rodent feeding damaoe that can ,irdle and kill trees, t'rotectmg the bottom three feet, starting from the soil level, is often sufficient for protection from rabbit: and vole feeding. Remember, as snow dl:ifts pile around the trees in the winter, rabbits may be able to access higher areas el' your trees. Periodically monitor your trees in the winter as you would during tire g,'owing season. For Sale (Price Reduced) Beach Three Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms Kitchen/dining- Office Full basement with family room, woodburning stove & lots of storage. Deck off dining area 2 car attached garage and an 864 sq. ft. shop. Well for watering &a garden area, See our website: www.homeandlandcompany, tom Call Sally 701-260-5087 Questions? Comments'? Story Ideas? Let us know how we're doing. Your opinion is something we always want to hear. 'Call or contact us via phone or our email address. Golden Valley News Billings County Pioneer 1-701-872-3755 gvnews @ m idstate, net