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April 19, 2012     Golden Valley News
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April 19, 2012

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....... + Page 6 April 19, 2012 R.F.D. by Mike Marland F, NgN "3"UNE--WA'TC JN IgL,,. ON Tr4E MUD! I i- INT NaTU Y I " I I. GEOGRAPHY: ~; hat is Europe's Hello, longest river? Our family has never been a ~i 2. TELEVISION: What was the tic- good "naming'' family. Our family tional home state of "M A S H'" sur- names are pretty simple. On my geon Hawkeye Pierce'? side there is Dean, Gayle, Lynn, and 3. MOVIES: What was the name of Gary. I have uncles with names like the woodcarver and creator of 'Pinoc- Bill, Bob, and Jerry. You see, we chio" in the Disney film? don't walk on the wild Side when it Out on a Limb , by Gary Kopervas/ 4. LANGUAGE: What does comes to family names. "gesundheit" mean in German? A horse's name was pretty sim- ] 5. RELIGION: Who is the patron pie. A brown horse was Brown, or saint of dancers? 6. ROYALS: Who preceded QueenBrownie. A sorrel horse Red. ElizabethlIin the English throne'? Sometimes the name originated !~ ~t~.l~0~ [hi 7. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: from the person we bought the I ~ ,~a~;, ""'-'7~ [ ~ ] ~ ~)0~ ] What is the term for the pointed wheel horse from. The Hansen horse was !] [ at the end ofcowboyboots'spurs? called Alfred. I remember a glass [Co[qo/~A~/ 8. LITERATURE: In Ian Fleming's eyed horse name Albert, named spy novels, what agency did James after a guy in Mountrail County. Bond work fbr? " We did have to get pretty origi- 9. FOOD & DRINK: What fruit that nal in the seventies. We had several is commonly eaten today was widely buckskin saddle horses. You considered poisonous until the 18th I century? guessed it. The first one was named 10. INVENTIONS: What popular I3uck. Then came Wally Buckl We I 1 drink did druggist John Pemberton had purchased him from Wally up invent in1886? in the White Earth Valley. Then Answers Grandpa's Buck. The buckskin that Jllli~ldl~A#~-~ BOYZ WWW.MAMASBOYZ.COM JERRY 0.,RAF 1. Yhe Volga River Grandpa Herb rode. Then 1 got 2. Maine Roping Buck fi'om a cowboy over ~%)~ ytq0T AGAIK~)/PLE-I~5~ "lAKE. "~ND T~ II~ILR.SS.E.5.; $,5h*** TI.t~.'TI411465 / 51~h,..TI4~ q-kllN~5~ 3. Geppetto at Grassy Butte. b,,..__~f( ~E~iq 9q~? ~I "~? "/'~'---,-~'~ ll-lAq-140C~IE:-//"~'~xHNU I'd gkh~OU~ ('3UE DO~5 TO I~EEP k,-r" r-~ "r'o V~:I=D ,) 4. To your health My little brother's first horse OFF gOUR POLLOPVOOR?MEMISgRI~BLEa("~I~ ~A~7 ) 5. St. Vitus was Btackie. I suppose you can 6. Her father, Georee VI =Hess what color he was. o 7. Rowel "~ But cows you don't name. Oh 6~" MId (Military Intelligence Section maybe an occasional one. Friendly, the cow that eats cake out of your 9. Thetomatol0. Coca-Cola hand. Christmas, ,~ho, was born on...Right! Now you re getting the m't han ofit Evan, our five year old grandson likes naming animals as they are ~~l~ be rn. The first calf was Snob all, who is black. He gets a little mixed Amber Waves by Dave T. Phipps up sometimes. Then there was I I rIs ESH~N6 ANOTHER ONE'~ Blackie. Then Red. Then Red Boss. The colt with a white toot is Sock. I THE KEY TO FISHING TS TO I I I I I Io~ THOSE THINGS PARENTS Io , ~Chrisl~hcreek [BE VERYSTILLANDQUIET.] I II I/ INVENTED JUST TO GET / ~ The one with two white feet is Socks. The cat with a short tail is 5OME PEACE AND QUIET? } l l Who a as the first major-league Short Tail. Another cat is Black I player from the Dominican Repub- Ears. Last week I had to bring a calf lic? home to get it started nursing, l said 2. Whatmaior-leagueplayerhadthe we couldn't name another calf most at-bats as a designated hitter. i 3. Who was the first NFL running Blackie. Evan assured me he wasn t back to rush for consecutive 1.000- going to. This one was Black(). yard seasons? By the end of the week I had 4. Who was the last Harvard basket- three cows with calves home that I ball player before Jeremy Lin to play had to get nursing when I did ~ ~I [3~ ~ (~ [J::a ~~]~ ~ [~1 ~ ~ inthe NBA? chores. I had Blacko and his m0th- "~ 5. Who scored four goals to lead the er. Then I had to bring in the wing i'+~ " U.S. men's hockey team to the gold Nut (a wild cow from...Right! medal in the 1960 Olympics. 6. Name five of the nine NASCAR Wing, ND). Then, the worst case of by Hal Kaufman~ ~~,/~/~m,j~/t~// ~ Cup drivers to have won at least three all, MANEATER! SQUAREOFFlgouareaskedtoinsertmis$ingnumbersfroml-25.both ,..,,~ t~ er I ,/~'1 - /V',~o]// f~ ~ \,,I season titles. , Now Maneater is the worst cow inclus~ve, inblanksquaresofthediagramatnghtsothatmetotalofeach It"l IO I IO t V~~J'-_Ov// II [I~\ J"l .,horizontal and vertical (butnot I I,,.I I,,I I w,,'---~t~'~, ov ~_~ c~u, ~'~ ~ , t ~ 7. How many times, didJimmyCon- I ve owned. She will take a horse or I ~"~'~ / ~agonalIrowofflvesquares[ IZII 11131 t [~~I0-L~q~UJ' II ~J' I wilt add up tO 65. I c :A:rD / s+rooe:+ss' "o " 161 IB 117 I--_~-a' ~.Zx-~"~ ~/ H~x, ~ nors play in the men s singles final at a man or a grizzly bear at the drop ..... ++ .... 'till the Australian Open? ofahat. She will come out of a herd 1 ,. o~,. t[ Answers and run under your horse, l believe !, .or .... ..,y i. th= 7 I0 2 ,o+ ,on it to 9 19 p~.~ee,,tme a ...... 20 I 1 1. Ozzie Virgil played with the New if she got me down, all that would / Time limit: Five minutes. I "~\ ~'-.'.~.,/~ ~"~1711.. VI t (l k~ ) 1[ I3 t4l !11 l i 122/ .... York Giants in1956, be left would be a big spot of grease IXau :t'gk'l~glLE'~ I~au :~'EL'(~lgL'~-~ u~,'~op dol "~,OlOV Isllllllll ..... .... ,so, A I 2. HaroldBaines, with 5,806 at-bats where my denaise came. lactually 161 I I I 1 I I t /thefoUowmgstatos: I. TASEX. 2. SALAKA-3. VEbNelAoDwA..4. ~" ~ L\ t~/ ' \ R / /~I as a designated hitter during his 22- J DARFOIL. S. ARNTHOROILCAN. No fair peeking - I 9 ~ ,,~ ,.\ -"'~ ,ill C~T'S MEOW .=,o,.z.~N + .~,ou ~ .~.~. ~ "e,+~ z ~.,, ~ I - / .\ ~ I ? "~ ~1I J ~/d year major-league career. Srtg~qORD PLACE me wo,'d CA'r m I /~ 2"~/ -i /k ) LiJ 3. Joe Pen'y , ~e top row ai0ove, and ~en L ~ ~" 7 ~ 49ers, 1953-54. Hat Tips By Dean Meyer Stop in at Interstate Cenex in Beach and register for our April 30 giveaway! add a letter in each suc- Cl~$5ive step. rearranging WINNING KICKI What a thrill it is to win. Colors: 1---Red. 2.---Lt, letters as necessa~, to blue.3--Yellow.4--Lt.brown.5--Flesh.6--Green.7-.-Dk.brown, form new words in accor~ ~--=Puq~. 9---Dk. blue. lO---BlaCk. 11--Lavender. With the following defini- tions: 1 ' Meow," say~ =is.t I[~ (fill in--CAT). 2, playbill listing. 3. Golfer transpolar,. lSCORE IO points foe" usin9 all the 4. Roll-'era-wheel ~ I~tterS in tl~e word belOW to toIrm found o11 furniture. ~ two complete words: 5. imp ...... .nce. ,I' -~P,? level. Remember, one letter is = added in each step to toe- ~ "I THEN score 2 i:>oint~ each for all ate a new word. ~/ words of four letters or more Time limit for this exer- ~ Itounl among the letters. c~se is two minutes. "ls~ ' ~ ] Try tO SCOCe at least 50 points ~Jeos "O "s|saoa~ +S "JelseO 8 h~ tO "[ 'duaeo "u~,~S :i~oso~ aglm.~od "p speO " "|SBO "~ 'leo "t 3. Joe Pent of the San Francisco 9e's, 1 ~53-5z. 4. Ed Smith played with the New York Knicks in 1953-54. 5. Roger Christian. 6. Richard Petty (7), Dale Earnhardt (7), Jimmie Johnson (5), JeffGordon (4), Lee Petty (3), David Pearson (3), Tony Stewart (3), Darrell Waltrip 03) and Calf Yarborough (3). 7. Twice -- he won the title in 1974 and lost in 1975. Weekly by Linda Thistle 4 1 4 1 7 7 7 1 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * * * Moderate Challenging * * * HOd BOY I By Samantha Weaver It was British doctor and author Alec Bourne who made the follow- ing sage observation: "It is possible to store the mind with a million facts 1. Which singer-songwriter pro-and still be entirely uneducated." duced "Blue Bayou"? What was the b-side on the record'? In 2007, a world record was set 2. "'Ain't That Peculiar" was a hit for off the coast of Brazil when a single which artist? wave was caught by 84 surfers. 3. Which singer-songwriter released Have you ever heard of a book an album titled'%weet Baby James"? called "Never Again" by Doug 4. Name the singer-songwriter who Nufer? Probably not -- it's not on released "Sailing" and "'Never Be the any bestseller lists and hasn't been Same." reviewed by any notable critics. It's 5. What was Patti Smith's debutquite possibly unique in literary, his- single'? tory, however; in its entire 192 pages, 6. Debut album "Appetite tbr Destruction" was certified as plati- notasingleword--evenbasicwords num 20 years alter its release. Name such as a, an, the, of and tbr-- is used the group, twice. Answers If you were to stack up a million 1. Roy Orbison, in 1963. Oddly $1 bills, they would weigh about one enough, "Mean Woman :Blues" went ton. higher on the charts that the better The Twist dance craze in the known "'Blue Bayou." 1960s changed the culture in Ameri- 2. Marvin GaTe, "'The Prince elcaand spread around the world. Most Motown,"in 1965. The song was used people don't realize, though, that in the 2003 film "American Splen- the song "The Twist," which started dory the fad, wasn't originally sung by 3. James Taylor, in 1970. The album Chubby Checker, though he was the included "Fire and Rain," ~hichone who sent the single up the charts Taylor allegedly wrote about having and has since been irrevocably asso- shock therapy in a mental hospital. 4. Christopher Cross. in 1980. elated with the dance. The song was Both went to the top of the charts originally written and performed by and appeared on his self-titled debut an R&B singer named Hank Ballard. album. A deejay in Baltimore saw teenagers 5. "Hey Joe," in 1974. It didn't chart, dancing to Ballard's song m~d called but "Hey Joe" established Smith as a Dick Clark, host of"Americm] Band- rocker, stand." Clark loved it and invited 6. Guns N' P, oses. The group Ballard to perform the song on the released the album in 1987. Since show, but it didn't work out. Instead, then it's made numerous "best" lists, Clark found someone else to pertbrm including being ranked No. t6 on the song: Ernest Evans, who changed Rolling Stones magazine's 500 Great- his name to Chubby Checker. It made est A lbums of All Time. his career. Conla~ u~ Tlllm Y 11mlJ SAllJlU)AY kept her in to sell. But the trailer was full of dry cows so she lucked out: But I had her in with the bulls. And when the calf was born, seven- teen bulls gathered around to wit- ness the miracle of birth. Although Maneater had the calf pushed through the fence, in the ensuing battle between bulls, men, and mad cow, her calf injured a hind leg. So I have to help him nurse twice a day. Alfred, the Roper, helped me get the cow in. It's hard to chase a cow that chases you. And to make a long story short, whenever you approach the pen, she lets out a beller and attacks you. With the cow bellering at me, Shirley screaming at me, and the dogs barking, I guess I got a little excited. So I took a Morneau sized swing with a pitchfork. I need a new pitchfork handle. But I will guarantee you, I've got her so she'll blink now and head for the chute. And like Morneau, I'm not sure if she'll ever get over a slight con- cussion. I've renamed her Justin. Later, Dean 701 328"19911 or TTY 1 80036615888 The Billings County School District is accepting applications for the following positions: Preschool Teacher for Prairie School at Fairfield, ND-3 days per week. Job may possibly be combined with a two day a week po- sition as a K-8 Technology Skills Instructor for both Prairie and DeMores (Medora) schools. Elementary Teacher- Grades 1-2 for Prairie School at Fairfield,- ND Elem. Teaching Credential required. Elementary Teacher-Grades 7-8 for Prairie School at Fairfield- ND Elem. Teaching Credential required with Middle School Endorsement required within 2 years. For further information contact the District office at 623-4363. To apply, send a letter of application and resume, including experience, qualifications and references to: Billings County School District, Box 307, Medora, ND 58645, or e-mail to darlene.mitchell@sendit.nodak.edu. Applicants selected for an interview wilt be notified by telephone. Anticipated hiring date is May 10, 2012. These jobs do not qualify for veteran's preference. Equal Opportunity Employer